kickin' and screamin'

*I wrote another little Kitten&Bloodhound thing cuz after my last askblog post about them deciding to adopt, this wouldn’t leave me alone and now I have feels and I want to write stories, so…. here’s a little something for any Kitten & Bloodhound lovers out there*

Inuyasha fiddled with the button at his throat, glancing to the side to make sure Kagome was turned away before undoing it. He’d managed to talk her out of adding a tie to his ensemble, but the crazy woman had insisted that somehow having any part of his dress shirt unbuttoned would ruin everything. She didn’t seem to get that breathing was a requirement, and swatted his hands away every time he reached to relieve the pressure on his windpipe.

“I knew we should have come earlier…” Kagome mumbled, her fingers clutching her purse with the same anxiety that covered her face. “Or later even! Of course we had to come right during lunch.”

“Keep your shirt on, Kitten, it ain’t like they’re gonna send us away.” He leaned back in his chair, resting his head against the wall and dropping his hat over his face to block the light and any further conversation. It was quickly snatched off him though by his glowering wife, who leaned over to hiss in his face “Don’t play ‘Mr. Cool Cat’ with me right now, Inuyasha, I am NOT in the mood!”

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#239 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “a fic about Van having like crazy intense nightmares very often that wake him up in the middle of the night and the only thing he wants is to be held by his gf or whatever?”

Note: A fun coincidence. I wrote this fic at 2:30 am after waking up from a nightmare. Art imitates life.

Van’s nightmares were probably the reason you were together. There was a house party when you were younger. All night you’d been stalking each other through the rooms, across the makeshift carpeted dancefloor, through the uncut backyard grass. High on life and probably a lot of other things, Van had passed out on the floor of Milo’s bedroom around 2 am. You stood in the doorway with Milo.

“Can I get a blanket for him?” you asked.

“Yeah. You know where the spares are at. Who is he anyway?”

“He came with Bond. He’s the singer of that band he joined,” you answered. Milo nodded and walked away.

After wedging a pillow under his head and covering him with a blanket, you left Van to his drunken dreams. An hour later, you stumbled back into the bedroom and collapsed on the bed. Only twenty minutes into your own slumber and you woke at the sound of Van’s hand smacking into the bedside table. His rings hit with a force that should have made him wake. You sat up and turned the lamp on. He was dead to the world but quite clearly having a nightmare. A vivid, horrible nightmare.

For probably too long, you watched his face contort into expressions of worry and fear and maybe revulsion. His left hand continued to hit close-by objects as his arm waved around. His legs twitched and when his lips parted you could hear how fast his breathing was. Your drunk brain snapped into action at the sound. On your knees next to him, you tried to gently shake him awake. No response. He whimpered and scrunched his nose up.

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anonymous asked:

Curious minds wanna know why the otp tag for Ardyn and Avi is "updog" sdgsfad


its fondly nicknamed updog because this dumb exchange was the thing that not only kickstarted witchy and i talking to each other on the daily (#blessed) but also lead us kickin and screamin down the rabbit hole where we both admitted they have crushes on each other but are too dumb to realize it in canon quite yet LOL

Kickin’ & Screamin’ // Chapter 1

Title: Kickin’ & Screamin’
Fandom: The 100
Pairing: Kabby
Tag/Warnings: Modern AU Setting, Kicking and Screaming AU, Kid!Delinquents
Chapter(s): 1/?
Read on: AO3

Summary: Meet the Lifesavers, the worst team in Arkadia’s U12 soccer league. In last place, they haven’t won a single game. Coach Griffin has a colorful selection of words for anyone who underestimates her team.

Meet the Assassins, the second to worst team in Arkadia’s U12 soccer league. With one win every year, they sit right above the Lifesavers in the standings, the only team they ever win against. Coach Kane likes to brag at least he wins a game. 

But can the two coaches put aside their rivalry when the time calls for them to combine teams and take their ten delinquents to the top?

Fate says no, but Coach Griffin has a few specific words in response to that. And hell, if their only win of the season is against the infamous Mount Weather, then so be it. Coach Kane will brag about it to his grave.

And how can they defeat fate? By using the secret weapon they both possess more than any other team: hope.

CHAPTER 1: There’s nothing wrong with being a loser, it just depends on how good you are at it

Ah, summer.

The smell of the freshly cut grass, the sun shining brightly in a clear sky, and the sound of kids cheerfully playing outside. No more staying up late to pack the kid’s lunch for school the next day because you forgot to earlier because that afternoon nap was needed after a long day at work. It was time to sit outside, have a nice glass of lemonade, and enjoy the summer.

And maybe Coach Griffin could enjoy it, only if the Lifesavers could win one goddamn game, just one.

Is that really too much to ask for? Apparently, it was.

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Look at that Gamzee. Show me the Gamzee.
Gimme the Gamzee. I want the Gamzee.
Back up tha Gamzee. I need tha Gamzee.
I like the Gamzee. Oh, what a Gamzee.
Shakin’ that Gamzee. I saw tha Gamzee.
I want the Gamzee. Lord, what a Gamzee.
Bring on tha Gamzee. Give up tha Gamzee.
Lovin’ tha Gamzee. Round Gamzee.
Down for tha Gamzee. I want tha Gamzee.
Huntin’ tha Gamzee. Chasin’ tha Gamzee.
Casing tha Gamzee. Gettin’ tha Gamzee.
Beautiful Gamzee. Smokin’ Gamzee.
Talk to tha Gamzee. More Gamzee.
Fine Gamzee.
All about tha Gamzee. Big ol’ Gamzee.
Serious Gamzee. Amazin’ Gamzee.
I’ll take tha Gamzee. Where is tha Gamzee?
Stare at tha Gamzee. Walk in tha Gamzee.
Touchin’ tha Gamzee. Whose got tha Gamzee?
Grabbin’ tha Gamzee. Rubbin’ tha Gamzee.
Lovin’ tha Gamzee. Huggin’ tha Gamzee.
Kissin’ tha Gamzee. Holdin’ tha Gamzee.
Watchin’ tha Gamzee. Kickin’ tha Gamzee.

Sleepin’ Gamzee. Screamin’ Gamzee.
Harder Gamzee. Softer Gamzee.
Sweeter Gamzee. Sour Gamzee.
Nude Gamzee. Used Gamzee.
Whose Gamzee? Sista’s Gamzee.
Yo momma’s Gamzee. Cookin’ Gamzee.
Mean Gamzee. Good luck with tha Gamzee.
Farm Gamzee. Home Gamzee.
Road Gamzee. Found Gamzee.
Covered Gamzee. Bare Gamzee.
Sweated Gamzee. Patted that Gamzee.
Bad Gamzee. Sadder Gamzee.
Wide Gamzee. Wider Gamzee.
Double wide Gamzee.

Live for tha Gamzee. Yell at tha Gamzee.
Suein’ tha Gamzee. Scared of tha Gamzee.
Expensive Gamzee. Cheap Gamzee.
Discount Gamzee. Rented Gamzee.
Leashed Gamzee. Sellin’ tha Gamzee.
Workin’ Gamzee. Easy Gamzee.
Sleezy Gamzee. Greasy Gamzee.
Need a lot more Gamzee.
Wet Gamzee. Dry Gamzee.
I hope that one’s my Gamzee.
Pretty Gamzee. Pity Gamzee.
Little bitty Gamzee. Beautiful Gamzee.
Curessin’ tha Gamzee. Dissin’ tha Gamzee.
Missin’ tha Gamzee. Messin’ with tha Gamzee.
Ooooh what a wonderful Gamzee.
Powerful Gamzee. Findin’ tha Gamzee.
Gimme tha Gamzee. Wake up Gamzee.
Breakfast Gamzee. Lunch Gamzee.
Supper Gamzee. Dinner Gamzee.
Expensive Gamzee. Cheap Gamzee.
Buffet Gamzee. Hot Gamzee.
Cold Gamzee. Take-out Gamzee.
Delivery Gamzee. All Gamzee.

Fiddauthor Week Day 4

Angst: Remember me.

“I love you Fiddleford.”, Stanford reminded him as he nuzzled the side of the engineer’s face.

They shared sweet kisses. Hands intertwined, fingers laced so beautifully, it made Fiddleford feel all so special to have his hands held in those six fingers.

“I’ll always love you..”, Ford promised, curling up close to his body in the cold dark nights. “I’ll never let you go..”

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Krizz Kaliko Ft. Tech N9ne - Hello Walls (HD)

Author: limitlessmonster
Title: Chances Are
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: AsaNoya
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Chapter Word Count: 6600
Total Word Count: 23K
Summary: Mind-boggled” is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how Nishinoya feels in the aftermath of Asahi’s post-graduation parting gift. But after a few mishaps, he begins to wonder if he’s missed the opportunity to find out the what ifs or if there’s really such a thing as second chances.
Chapter Summary: Asahi surprises Noya with a last minute invitation, but it’s Noya who ends up being full of surprises.
A/N: Yay for updates! I was a little slower with this one because of other projects and RL things I had to deal with, but hopefully the next one won’t leave quite as much time in between. :D Happy reading!  ♡

Multichapter - Previous Chapters || CH4

On AO3

Oi, sleeping beauty. Get up.”

“G’way,” Noya mumbles into his pillow, swatting the air above him to get rid of the bad dream in the form of whoever the hell is trying to force him into the waking world. 

“Not gonna happen, bro. I got reamed by Chikara the last time you made us late. Extra dive receives are not on my to-do list before classes, so you better get your ass up or I’ll be forced to drag you kickin’ and screamin’.”

Noya grumbles something unintelligible before managing a barely audible, “’m tremblin’ with fear.”

“Try me.”

Something wet digs into his ear and Noya yelps before flinching away. He groans something that sounds like ‘ugh gross!’, exaggerated and petulant like a child, and makes to get out of bed only to fall off the futon face first on to the tatami mat. “You’re the fuckin’ devil incarnate,” he mutters, still mostly asleep and trying to ignore the way his forehead throbs from where it smacked the floor. 

Tanaka grabs the crook of his arm and yanks him up. He grunts from the exertion and lays on the wheezing, extra thick. “The hell, man. How do you weigh so much when you’re, like, the size of a Keebler elf?”

“That was one Halloween, okay? And I was five. Let it go, Ryuu.” 

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