kicked out the club
Liam Payne Was Very Diplomatic When Asked To Rank One Direction’s Solo Singles
Watch him answer hot questions while eating hot wings
By Madeline Roth


Madeline Roth
8h ago

If you’ve ever wanted to watch Liam Payne eat spicy wings for 22 straight minutes, you’re in luck!

The “Strip That Down” singer appears on the latest episode of Hot Ones, where he dishes on an array of topics while devouring pieces of chicken with increasing heat intensity. Among the highlights were Payne revealing which One Direction member cries the most (Harry Styles) and him telling stories of meeting Drake, Diddy, and Jay-Z (spoiler: he promptly got kicked out of a club after meeting Drizzy).

All the while, Payne sweats, curses, dabs, and says corny things like “we’re getting into heat town!” as he struggles with the wing-induced pain. But even with his mouth on fire, he retains his solid sensibility. When asked to rank four of his fellow 1D bandmates’ solo singles, Payne refused, giving a diplomatic answer about how “everybody made the best of what they wanted to make.” What a sweetie.

In Motion (M) | 01

Character: Jeon Jungkook x oc/reader (with POV switches)

Genre / words: Smut / 6,721 words

Summary: The rule is simple - you can look but you can’t touch. You’ve been attending the event for a few times but it was only when a certain boy arrives at one occasion did you feel the fire of lust burning inside

Warning: exhibitionism, public display of masturbations, graphic smut scenes, mutual masturbations, mentions/use of sex toys

Warning 2.0: this is only the beginning

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I see your anime club and raise you, Comic book club

Vriska: President of the club. Has a whole closet full of spiderman shirts but only because venom and carnage shirts are harder to find. WILL fight you if you try to argue over her opinions on comics. Likes Venom, Carnage, Punisher, and Deadpool like a damn fool. Also reads Johnny the Homicidal Maniac because its the only thing she and Rose can agree on

John: Brings in all the superhero movies. All of them. Gets made fun of for not just pirating them but he insists that having a physical collection is more impressive. Likes the basics, Deadpool, Avengers (Favorite is probably like, Cap), Spiderman, Batman.

Rose: Reads Sandman repeatedly. Is very gay for Death. Also reads a lot of indie shit and JtHM and no one is entirely sure if its a ruse or if she really is that Hot Topic. Read V for Vendetta and is very bitter that the person behind the mask was not the lesbian from the letter.

Dave: Also reads JtHM and Invader Zim but thinks its fucking hilarious how much Rose and Vriska can talk about it seriously. Makes SBaHJ on the chaperone’s computer and gives it a virus everytime he goes to upload the new page to his own website.

Jade: Spends more time in anime club, but likes indie comics because they tend to be more colorful and less jarring style. Reads SU and Adventure Time comics and stuff like that. Supports at least five different furry comics on Patreon.

Dirk: Is in a constant ongoing feud with Vriska’s club even though theres like a 90% overlap between who goes to what club. Anytime there’s a school event with the clubs they will inevitably try to turn it into an anime vs. comics war. Says Batman is “alright” tho.

Jake: Terrible. Canonically likes Spider woman, Hulk, and the Punisher. Also probably is the one who reads Star Wars comics for the alien girls. Vriska is consistently ready to fight him any time he offers his opinion. This finally settled itself when they had Secret Santa and he bought her the Bishoujo Spider Woman figure and she threw his backpack out the 2nd story window.

Jane: The only one in the club who likes Superman and is constantly defending him. Thinks Christopher Reeve was handsome and likes to watch those Superman movies with her dad.

Roxy: Also more into anime, shows up at both clubs in order to convince her friends to join her Retro Gaming Club. She brings snacks. Likes Spidergwen, Gwenpool, Supergirl, Wonderwoman, and all of the Robins.

Aradia: hardly shows up at meetings but is also gay for Death.

Tavros: is team Anime Club, mostly because Vriska won’t let him in the club room anymore after he said something about not thinking Punisher is cool. Likes to watch whatever superhero movies come out but is casual about it.

Sollux: Is just trying to use the charger in the back of the classroom while he waits for his dads to pick him up. His brother is into comics so sometimes he’ll correct someones lore.

Karkat: Is in a constant death battle debate over which superheroes would beat each other. Never wins because it always inevitably leads to a teacher breaking up Karkat and Vriska because they’re screaming so loud that you can hear it from across the school. Just watches the movies but joined the club because he got kicked out of debate club under similar circumstances.

Nepeta: Is also team Anime Club but comes over to hang out with Jade or eat the cookies Roxy brought in. Likes cat animes, would appreciate Catwoman more if she were cuter instead of sexy.

Kanaya: Supports her girlfriend. Has read a single Wonder Woman comic in her life. Owns the Twilight graphic novels and tried to bring them in once but was to embarrassed to show them to anyone.

Terezi: Has The Hookup because Latula works at a comics store. Brings everyones subscriptions in in a huge box on Wednesday. Most of her wardrobe is free shirts Latula’s brought home from work. Likes Daredevil, Two-face, Punisher, and She-Hulk. Was conflicted when it it was decided that She-Hulk is a better lawyer than Daredevil.

Equius: Is banned from both clubs.

Eridan: Gets put on monthly suspensions because Vriska knows if she bans him entirely he’ll complain to the principal and might get the club disbanded. So instead she bans him for a month at a time in hopes that eventually he’ll just give up and go home. Likes the grizzlier Aquaman with a hook for a hand and a beard, and constantly tries to argue that the girl characters should date the supervillians instead of ending up with the heroes. He’s very obviously projecting and it makes everyone uncomfortable.

Feferi: Doesnt interact much with either club because shes got a lot of other after school activities. Thinks Supergirl and Wonder Woman are neat tho!!!!

how ayano aishi got kicked out of literally every club in school
  • cooking: the stove lit on fire bc she was stalking senpai on social media and didn't hear it beeping
  • drama: got way too into singing cell block tango
  • gardening: seemed unsettlingly interested in the power tools
  • gaming: lost the game, hadn't saved at all, had to go back to the beginning, flipped the table, broke computer
  • sports: not athletic doesn't even want to be here
  • photography: only took pics of senpai (plus one of the kitten)
  • light music: dropped the mic and broke it
  • art: only knows how to draw senpai
  • occult: actually summoned a demon which was cool until shin almost died
  • martial arts: again, not athletic (also a sore loser)
  • science: blew too much shit up
  • student council: killed someone
College AU Part 2

written by @krispetrimberly @luraelis @wondergays @wayhauhgt @catyz101 @penvision

-Billy makes them fake IDs after a lot of convincing from Zack

-Billy uses his to vote

-Even with the ID no one believes Trini is of age because of how smol she is.

-Zack always wants to use the fake ID but no one ever asks him so he just starts showing it off. “Ah yes my name is J. Scott Fitzgerald”

-In class a professor calls out “Zack Taylor” “Here”

-Some student who actually believed him “I thought your name was J Scott Fitzgerald the Third!”

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First off, a little context. You can skip this if you want.

So Chris from GetLazy recently posted a few very interesting pictures he had taken from the design documents that were made around 2001. Some of you might have already seen this, but since I assume that not everyone here on tumblr is active on GetLazy (me neither honestly) I decided to make a post about it for everyone to see. So as the title might suggest, the documents hold quite a bit of information about LazyTown prior to the TV series. Unfortunately however, we can’t see the whole thing. He was only able to make a few blurry and shaky pictures, but, trust me, it’s still worth reading.

I also decided to make a few notes in case it’s too hard for you to see or if you’re too lazy to read it yourself or whatever. If you can catch more information than I wrote down feel free to add. I also left out information that is already common knowledge.


For this one, I didn’t make notes but I will quote directly from what Chris remembers reading, as it is much more informative. But I will still post the pictures.

So, as an abandoned and unnamed child, Sportacus worked in mines under a man named Mr. Kicker. Since none of the kids in the mines had names, Kicker referred to the kids by numbers.. Sportacus being number 10. There wasn’t much fun to be had under the mines, so the kids spent a lot of time learning lots of different kinds of sports. At some point during mining, number 10 accidentally found a strange crystal that shone whenever someone was being hurt, and he kept it. After years of abuse, number 10 finally decided to revolt. In secret, he built a hot air balloon powered by pedals and one day, he flew it out of the mountain, taking some kids with him. Soon after, he came back and dropped down a ladder and started rescuing other kids. He eventually rescued all of the kids from Mr. Kicker, and was even able to take Kicker’s spyglass from him before leaving the mines forever. Also, the mustache comes from rubbing his face with coaly hands.


- “his mother is a very busy nutritionalist”
- his parents love him immensly
- but they are not very strict with what he eats
- I think it might be because his mother didn’t have candy when she was young
and doesn’t want to take it from him as well


- forgetful and easily distracted
- which “should not be confused with stupidity”
- makes sure everyone feels included
- from a very warm and loving family
- her father is an elementary scool teacher and her mother an ornithologist
- “they are frugal but not cheap”

(Honestly I couldn’t find much new information here, but you can look at it yourself of course)

- demands and sues money from everyone
- “lives in the biggest, most decadent villa in LazyTown”
- “Mr. Spoilero”


- “he may seem stupid, but”
- saves the day when Sportacus isn’t there
- “a hero who has no interest in being one”
- lives with his mother in a very narrow building
- his room is dirty and messy


- “She is completely uninterested in her outward appearance”
- new in town
- “her family has moved quite a lot”
- lives in a trailer
- parents work very hard so they can buy a house
- which is why she has to fend for herself most of the time
- has two older brothers
- they’re not very nice to her from what I can tell
- “her best friends are her books”

(this text is hard to figure out I’m sorry)

- his parents own the local TV and radio shop and are also very busy
- “… monitor instead of his own mother”
- “Crying violently whenever…”
- communicates with his parents through the intercom or e-mail
- “…his inability to speak normally”


- “would challenge anyone who said a bad word about her” (just curious who “her” is)
- his father was a prominent politician and his mother a compulsive gambler
- has younger siblings
- went to a private school
- was very active in both the drama and chess club
- was kicked out of chess club for cheating in the championship
- not sure but I think it says that he stole his catsuit from a play in drama club, ran off with it and disappeared for years
- when he returned he has become a skilled con-artist

Officer Obtuse/Lolli

- good friends with the mayor
- they’re compared to Laurel & Hardy and their friendship dates back to high school
- which is literally the only reason he is employed as a police officer
- doesn’t have his own home but instead stays in his office in case something happens at night
- the kids call him “Officer OB” and he thinks it’s fucking disrespectful
- is the youngest of nine (!) brothers who ALL joined the “SFLC, Special Forces for the Leader of Country” except him
- he tried to join 18 times but was never accepted
- good at sports though
- caught Robbie cheating in the chess championship

The Rooster/Cock-a-little-do/Haninn

- really doesn’t like Sportacus
- silently helps Robbie but doesn’t want to make it known
- has sisters or something
- used to take pride in waking up every morning until he discovered that being lazy is much more fun
- left the farm he used to reside to find the laziest place on earth so he could be lazy in peace
- is now the laziest inhabitant of all LazyTown

Alright, sorry for the long post but I felt like this was very necessary for all of you to know!!

day6 ー at the club

jae :
• he’s too pure for this he swears
• apparently his grandma baptizing him repeatedly in their bath when he was 6 wasn’t enough
• he shot gunned 2 beers
• j a e n o
• why is he doing this to himself
• when he’s drunk he either gets really crazy and won’t stop screaming
• or
• he gets really emotional and performs extremely emo poems while sipping on vodka
• is he ok
• keeps calling younghyun ‘bRiOn’ to piss him off

Young K :
• jae keeps touching him
• ‘get ur filthy hands off of me you piece of filth. a plebeian like you does not deserve to touch royalty like me’
• hes fucking talented okay he plays professional musical triangle
• he’s just in the back,, playing his damn triangle
• younghyun
• ur literally a bassist
• shows off his biceps too much
• t o o m u c h
• jae : chOke mE // brian : i will if u continue calling me ‘bRiOn’

sungjin :
• u c a n t s t o p h i m
• why would u want to tho
• wonpil, to brian : you want me to shut that down // brian : nah, i like it, let the little man dance
• jae just keeps encouraging him
• someone save him

wonpil :
• this flufffy ball of pureness doesn’t belong here
• omg he keeps winking at random ppl
• his ultimate goal for the night is to go up and kiss as many strangers on the cheek as possible
• got vEry shy bc someone actually attended to kiss his lips while he was cheek kissing
• ran to jae
• is lying face down on a table
• nobody’s noticed yet
• hes jsut waiting to get kicked out of the club

dowoon :
• mAKNae
• the rest of the members are trying their hardest to protect him
• jae keeps back hugging him
• he’s so u n c o m f o r t a b l e
• lowkey enjoys it tho
• wOt dOes oN thE rOcKs mEan
• is showing off his abs
• younghyun this is ur fault
• sungjin is desperately trying to get him to stop lifting his shirt
• he won’t stop
• w h y
• he’s so shitfaced at the end of the night
• nobody expected it tbh
• cute giggly drunk

One of my podcasting friends told me that he does stick up for women in challenging situations, like testosterone-soaked comedy green rooms, for instance, but complained, “I get mocked for it!”

Yes, I know you do. Welcome. Getting yelled at and made fun of is where many of us live all the time. Speaking up costs us friends, jobs, credibility and invisible opportunities we’ll never even know enough about to regret.

I know there’s pressure not to be a dorky, try-hard male feminist stereotype; there’s always a looming implication that you could lose your spot in the club; if you seem opportunistic or performative in your support, if you suck up too much oxygen and demand praise, women will yell at you for that too. But I need you to absorb that risk. I need you to get yelled at and made fun of, a lot, and if you get kicked out of the club, I need you to be relieved, and I need you to help build a new one.
Lying From You - Stuart Twombly

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Stuart Twombly/Reader

Word Count: 4,212

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (female receiving), Public Sex, Car Sex, Mentions of Alcohol

Notes: This was actually a request >.> I hope ya’ll like it.

Request: Hi i was just wondering if you maybe could do imagine with stuart where him and reader are working in the google together and they had friends with benefits and reader got pregnant including smut sorry if this is too much and also sorry for my terrible english anyway thank you. :-)

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Riverdale Imagine: Odd One Out Part 2 - Soulmate AU (Jughead x Reader)

Summary: After you find out that your soulmate has been intentionally hiding you connection for six years, you assume it’s because he doesn’t want you. Running away from the trailer park in distress, you find yourself on the Southside of Riverdale, in the heart of Serpent territory.

Approx. 1930 words

Part 1 here
Part 3 here

“Ron…Ronnie? Pl… please can you come and pick me up?” you cried down the phone, your stammering the result of your erratic breathing. After your encounter with Jughead, your head had been clouded with too many emotions to focus on where you were running, you just wanted to get away from him, and now you found yourself wondering round a part of Riverdale that you had never set foot in before. You began to panic slightly as you guessed you were probably on the Southside, and consequently in Serpent territory.

“Y/N? What’s wrong? Of course I’ll come get you, where are you?” Veronica’s voice was laced with concern.

“I… I… I don’t know where I am” you wailed down the phone, the pitch of your voice rising in accordance with your panic. “I was at the trailer park and then… Ronnie I think I’m somewhere on the Southside.” Your voice wavered, you had the sudden sinking feeling that you might actually be in danger.

“Okay honey, look around and give me a street name, or the name of a shop and I’ll pop it into Google maps and be with you in no time.” Veronica’s voice was steady and calm, you almost laughed as you realised she sounded exactly like your mother. You looked around helplessly. The streetlamps were just beginning to glow as the darkness of evening etched across the sky like spilled ink. You shivered as you realised that you hadn’t seen the sun set and suddenly felt even more vulnerable in the ever-growing darkness.

“Uhh –” you narrowed your eyes as you tried to read the name of the bar across the street from you through the persistently pouring rain. “I’m next to a bar called the Whyte Wyrm.” You heard Veronica inhale sharply and correctly suspected that you were right in the heart of Serpent territory.

“Don’t go anywhere; I’m coming to get you right now.” Veronica’s calm tone faltered slightly. You heard the screech of tyres down the phone just before Veronica hung up and felt comforted knowing that, at the speed Veronica usually drove, she was probably only five minutes away in any direction.

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That coaches fic was brilliant buy it made me think. We've seen Chris and Victor being crazy and extra whereas phichit and yuuri are more subtle. How about a story where it's revealed that the two were arrested for like destruction of property or some other stupid prank while they were drunk and Celestine has to bail them out. And this comes to light when they run into the police officer at an event in detroit?

Innocent (Sequel to Ranting)

“Can you believe it? He wanted a live band to play while he skated. A LIVE ROCK BAND!” Alain groaned while rubbing his forehead, while the other three males at the table hid snickers of amusement behind their classes of beer.

“That isn’t allow,” Lilia said ever so softly while frowning at the destressed Canadian, “Right?”

“Exactly!” Alain shouted.

“It’s okay, Alain, we have all dealt with troublesome skaters,” Josef said while patting the upset Canadian shoulders.

“Everyone but Celestino,” Yakov mumbled.

“Hey!” Celestino said while raising an eyebrow, “Where did you get that impression?”

“Your ‘horror’ stories are mild at best,” Josef pointed out.

“Media scandals are your most common complain about your Thai Prince,” Alain pointed out.

“Phichit isn’t a prince. Don’t let him hear you say that,” Celestino said seriously before taking a large sip of his drink.

“I am interested to hear what type of complaints you have for your skaters that doesn’t involve social media,” Lilia spoke up, getting hums of agreement from the three other male coaches.

“Any of you ever had to bail any of your skaters out of jail?” Celestino questioned, causing the table to go quiet.

“Jail?” Alain questioned in surprise.

“Yep. When I was in America with Phichit and Yuuri, they got themselves arrested,” Celestino sighed deeply.

“Dare I ask why?” Lilia questioned with a frown.

Celestino opened his mouth, only to pause and let out a loud sigh.

“God, it is such a stupid story,” Celestino mumbled more to himself than his fellow.

“Now I really want to hear this,” Alain mumbled, earning a chuckle from Josef.

“Simply, it involved alcohol, spray cans and government property,” Celestino said with a sigh.

“That sounds,” Yakov started before trailing off, letting out a sigh and shaking his head.

“Boys will be boys,” Lilia pointed out, earning a deep sigh for Celestino.

“You say that, Miss Lilia, but my boys aren’t wild child’s unless alcohol is involved,” Celestino insisted while lifting up his beer and slamming it down onto the table again.

“Do explain,” the former prima ballerina said, waving her hand in a circular motion.

“Hold on a second,” Josef spoke up, “The drinking age in America is twenty-one.”

“That it is,” Celestino said with a nod.

“Thai Prince isn’t twenty-one,” Alain continued, earning a nod from Josef.

“I’m well aware,” Celestino groaned.

“Okay, I really need to hear this story now,” Alain said while catching a waitress as she hurried passed and ordered another round of drinks for the table.

“Yuuri had just turned twenty-one,” Celestino started before pausing to finish his beer which was half spilt across the table. “And gave them both a weekend off, let Yuuri experience adulthood, you know?”

Celestino paused and gave the other four coaches at the table a pleading look, clearly wanting them to agree with him.

“I did give Victor the weekend after his eighteen off,” Yakov mumbled.

“Do not remind me,” Josef mumbled with a sigh, “The current skating legend took my sweet, innocent Chris out clubbing. When he was underage!”

“Chris is far from sweet and innocent,” Alain snorted.

“I would have to agree. I feel like out of Victor and Chris, Victor is the more… innocent one,” Lilia piped up, earning a hum of agreement from Celestino and Alain.

“Okay, back to my story,” Celestino said as new drinks were brought to the table.

“So, gave the boys the weekend off, expecting Yuuri to go out with a few friends, experience alcohol and swear himself off the liquids for life. But no,” Celestino shook his head with a pained look on his face, “No, Phichit – somehow – gets his hands on a fake ID and convinces Yuuri to go out clubbing with him.”

“Doesn’t sound that bad yet,” Josef said while helping the waitress collect all the empty glasses.

“Did I mention that Yuuri is a horrible drunk?” Celestino asked while glancing around the table.

“I was at the banquet,” Yakov sighed.

“I’ve heard all about that banquet,” Alain pipped up.

“Do not remind me,” Josef sighed while shaking his head.

“What banquet?” Lilia questioned, earning a groan from Josef.

“Last years. Yuuri Katsuki got drunk, pole danced with Chris and somehow convinced Victor to be his coach, half naked might I point out,” Alain said with a bright smile.

“I… see,” Lilia said while slowly nodding her head.

“Yuuri isn’t a good drunk. It runs in the family,” Celestino explained with a weak smile, “Anyway, Phichit and Yuuri went out clubbing. Somehow, after getting kicked out of the club, for fighting, they somehow appeared sober enough to buy spray cans.”

“And then they vandalised some state propriety?” Alain guessed.

“Three police cars, a state library, the seventh floor of a popular hotel,” Celestino listed off, only to pause when Yakov held up a hand.

“Whoa, what? Seventh floor?” Yakov questioned confused.

“Yep, outside walls,” Celestino sighed sadly.

“Outside walls?” Alain gasped in surprise.

“I’m not even done,” Celestino said blankly.

“When did they get caught?” Lilia questioned with a frown on her face.

“They didn’t, they turned themselves in,” Celestino groaned.

“This… doesn’t surprise me,” Josef admitted.

“How much was it to bail them out?” Yakov questioned with a raised eyebrow.

Celestino gave all the other coaches are sorrowful look, “The police didn’t believe Phichit and Yuuri were the culprits because they were… too sweet.”

Alain started to laugh loudly at Celestino comment, laughing so hard that the table shook.

“Both boys do come off as rather… innocent,” Lilia said while giving Celestino a small smile.

“Neither of them are innocent, trust me,” Celestino mumbled before taking a large sip of his drink.

“Okay, so what have we learnt?” Josef asked, a smirk on his lips.

“That Celestino has the most innocent skaters?” Yakov said, the corner of his lip turned upright slightly.

“Over twenty-thousand dollars’ worth of government property damage!” Celestino declared loudly.

“Innocent,” Lilia agreed with a nod of her head.

“They beheaded the college statue!” Celestino groaned.

“At least your skaters don’t have a stamp tramp,” Alain groaned.

“Not again with the stamp tramp, Alain,” Yakov mumbled while sending the Canadian a bored look.

“They sent three people to the hospital with broken bones!” Celestino almost sobbed as he leant forwards and rested his forehead against the table.

“It’s okay now,” Lilia said while ever so awkwardly patting the long-haired man’s back.

“MY OWN SON HAS A STAMP TRAMP!” Alain yelled loudly while glaring at Yakov, “I have lost my pride!”

“At least you don’t have to dry clean your skaters costume after every use.”

The table grew silent at Josef’s words and the bald man nodded his head sadly.

“Gross,” Alain mumbled while shaking his head.

“I… have to agree,” Lilia said with a disgusted look on her face.

“They broke into a pet store and stole thirty-two hamsters,” Celestino ever so quietly mumbled into the table.


Clinton Correctional Facility (CCF) is a maximum security state penitentiary for men, located in the village of Dannemora, Clinton County, New York. Sometimes referred to simply as “Dannemora”, CCF is the largest maximum security prison in the state, with an inmate population of about 3,000, and is the 2nd oldest, having been in continuous operation since 1845. Prior to 2008, CCF housed New York’s death row inmates. New York was the first state to use the electric chair as a primary means of execution over hanging, which had previously been the standard. Between 1892 and 1913, a total of twenty-six men were executed by electric chair at CCF. The last execution to have taken place in New York was that of Eddie Mays, who was electrocuted in 1963 at Sing Sing.

In June of 2015, two inmates escaped from CCF. Richard Matt and David Sweat, who were both serving lengthy sentences for murder, escaped from the facility with the help of two prison employees, who were later charged for aiding an escape. The two men were fugitives for over 20 days before Matt was shot to death by a Vermont border patrol agent in Malone, New York, about an hour away from the prison. Sweat was shot by a New York state trooper two days later, and was taken into custody alive.

Notable inmates at Clinton Correctional Facility have included:

Michael Alig - A figurehead of the “Club Kids” phenomenon in 1990’s New York City, Alig was a club and party promoter who threw wildly successful events at The Limelight, The Paladium, Tunnel, and Club USA. In 1996, Alig and his roommate murdered and dismembered Andre “Angel” Melendez, a drug dealer who had been staying at their apartment, and later disposed of his remains in the Hudson River. Alig later pled guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to 10-20 years. He was paroled in 2014. Alig is the subject of the 2003 film Party Monster, starring Macauley Culkin.

Maksim Gelman - In February of 2011 in New York City, Gelman killed four people and injured three over a period of 28 hours. His victims included his stepfather - Aleksandr Kuznetsov, Yelena Bulchenko - a former friend, and Anna Bulchenko, Yelena’s mother, who refused to tell Maksim where her daughter was, even to save her own life. Stephen Tanenbaum, (62) was run over in the street as Gelman fled the scene, and he later died of his injuries. At least five others were injured during Gelman’s crime spree, all of them simply innocent bystanders who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Gelman was profiled in an episode of A&E’s, The Killer Speaks, which you can watch {here}

Julio Gonzalez - Perpetrator of the 1990 arson of a social club in the Bronx, referred to as “The Happy Land Fire”, which killed 87 people. Gonzalez had recently been dumped by his girlfriend, Lydia Feliciano, who worked at Happy Land as a coat check girl. On March 25th, Happy Land was packed with customers, most of them Hondurans celebrating Carnival. Gonzalez was kicked out of the club by a bouncer, and was heard drunkenly shouting in the street that he would “shut the place down”. He walked to a nearby gas station, bought $1 worth of gas in a can, went back to Happy Land and sprayed the stairs - which were the only entrance and exit to the club - with gasoline, and lit a match. After setting the fire, Gonzalez went back home and went to bed, and was arrested the next day. He was sentenced to 25 years to life, and was denied parole in 2015. He died of a heart attack in September of 2016, two months before he would have been given another parole hearing.

John Jamelske - A serial rapist and kidnapper, Jamelske abducted at least five women between 1988 and 2003, and kept them prisoner in a concrete bunker underneath his home in the suburbs of Syracuse, New York, forcing them to perform sexual acts and menial tasks for him. He released his victims after long periods of time, some of whom attempted to report their abduction to the authorities, but weren’t taken seriously by law enforcement. Jamelske targeted women who were immigrants or refugees and didn’t know the language, or women who struggled with drug addiction. Jamelske’s first victim walked out of his bunker and never attempted to contact the authorities. His final victim was able to sneak away for long enough to call her sister, who was able to track her down. Jamelske was sentenced to 18 years to life, and is serving time at CCF.

Joel Rifkin - A serial killer suspected to be responsible for murdering and dismembering up to 17 women, many of whom were prostitutes. Rifkin was sentenced to 203 years in prison and will be eligible for parole in February of 2197.

Altemio Sanchez - Known as “The Bike Path Rapist” and “The Bike Path Killer”, Sanchez raped and murdered at least four women, and raped at least 9-15 women over the course of 25 years in Buffalo, New York. Most of his crimes took place in secluded areas near Amtrak rails or secluded bike paths. Prior to Sanchez’s arrest, a man named Anthony Capozzi had been serving time at CCF after being wrongfully convicted of two rapes that Sanchez had committed. Capozzi, who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, served 22 years in prison before being exonerated by DNA evidence.

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it's refreshing to see that someone believes in the yoonbooty as much as I do. keep spreading the good news my friend. Min Yoongi has a Cute Ass 2k17.

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Two Men, Three Angels, And A Baby, part 6

Part 5

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Lucifer’s announcement weighed on Sam’s mind, but he kept it to himself. He spent long nights continually searching for a cure, looking at the same sites and books that he’d already trekked through.

Time continued to pass and soon, the air turned crisp and the nights grew spooky. You’d always liked Halloween, and Sam wanted to celebrate the holiday with you, even if you were a baby.

One day, he walked in to find you and Dean in the living room. You were standing on his lap, your fingers gripped tightly around two of his.

“Look, Sammy! She’s weight-bearing now.”

“Look at you, Y/N!” Sam said with a smile, earning a giggle from you. He sat down next to his brother, finally noting what was on the TV. “Dude, what the hell are you watching?”

Friday the 13th. It’s some awful remake, but Y/N seems to really fancy that one guy.”

“Dean, she’s going to have nightmares!”

“Calm down, Sam. Y/N loved horror movies when she was normal. Why would that change now?”

Sam kept his mouth shut. He didn’t want to worry his brother.


Sam smiled and reached over, carefully taking you from Dean. “So, you can stand now, huh? Do you think you can walk?”


Sam carefully stood you on the floor, his fingers in your grasp. He stood, bent over; he realized how much taller he was than you. Slowly, Sam helped you take a few steps, earning another giggle from you.

Sam heard a click behind him. Turning, he saw Dean holding his phone up. “Dean, what are you doing?”

“Nothing,” Dean said, sliding the phone back in his pocket. “Definitely not getting blackmail photos.”

Sam scowled but felt himself being pulled away as you continued to try and walk.

“Hey! Go grab me a beer while you’re up.”

You were able to make a teetering way out of the room, but Sam’s back began to ache slightly. He swooped you up, which made you giggle, and made his way into the kitchen. He grabbed a beer for Dean and one for himself.

“Are you hungry, Y/N? You want a snack?”


Sam opened the cabinet and let you examine the snacks, finally pulling the package of Goldfish out when you pointed at it. He handed it to you, watching as you tried to unfurl the top, as he filled your bottle with water.

“Sammy! Just the man I was looking for.”

“Gabriel? What are you doing here? Have you finally found the cure?”

“Not yet, but we’re looking. Promise. But I do have a question for you.”

“What’s that?”

“Ahh!” You shook the package of crackers, still unable to open it.

Gabriel smiled and took the package from you, easily opening it and shaking a few of the fish into his palm. He held it out to you and you carefully took one, slipping it (and your fingers) into your mouth. “I was wondering what your plans for Halloween were.”

“Uh, I hadn’t really thought through that.”

“You taking Y/N out to trick-or-treat?”

Sam looked down at you. “Well, she might actually like that…”

“Of course she will! Kids love candy and dressing up. So, what’s her costume gonna be?”

“I… I don’t know, Gabriel. I’ll probably pick up some princess dress or something.”

“That’s no fun! And we’re not gonna rake in beaucoup candy if we can’t all coordinate.”

“Coordinate? All? What–”

“You don’t honestly think we’re going to miss her first Halloween, do you?”

“It’s not her first,” Sam pointed out. “And who’s ‘we’?”

“Me, Luci, and Cas, of course.”

“You… want to go trick-or-treating with us?”

“Duh. Well, I don’t know if Luci wants to, but he will. But we’ve got to go as a group, costume-wise.” Gabriel studied you and Sam. “Hmmm… you said you’re gonna dress her up as a princess?”

“I don’t know, Gabriel.”

“I can work with that.” Gabriel smirked up at Sam. “Has anyone ever told you you look like a young Judd Nelson?”


“I can’t believe we’re doing this.”

“Shut up, Dean. It’s just one night.”

“But… look at this.”

Sam tried to hide his smirk as he looked at Dean in the blue tanktop. “I don’t see a problem with it.”

“Don’t give me that. Your costume is basically normal clothes!”

Sam had to admit, he’d lucked out. Gabriel’s costume for him was just a long-sleeved white shirt, covered with a red flannel, matched with jeans and boots. Sure, there were fingerless gloves and a bandana around the ankle, but Sam didn’t mind.


“Oh, you’re just loving this, too, aren’t you?” Dean asked, picking you up from the crib. He would never admit it out loud, but he thought you looked pretty cute in your sparkly pink dress.

“Come on, Mr. Jock. We’re supposed to meet the angels in ten minutes.”


Dean parked the Impala and got out, unbuckling you from the car seat. Sam buckled the baby carrier over his shoulders, tugging on it to make sure it was secure. Then he took you from Dean and slipped you inside.

“There you are.”

The Winchesters turned, finding the angels behind them. Dean started to laugh but covered it with a cough.

“I don’t understand why I’m dressed like this,” Cas said, fingers brushing aside part of the dark wig. He was dressed in all black, looking very confused indeed.

“I hate you,” Lucifer said to Gabriel. He was dressed in jeans and a green sweater.

“Come on! This is the best group costume ever!” Gabriel was dressed in his janitor’s jumpsuit from the first encounter he’d had with Dean. “Everyone loves The Breakfast Club.”

“Ah!” You kicked your legs out, intrigued by how it felt to be held up on Sam’s chest, but still have your limbs free.

“That’s right!” Gabriel said with a laugh. He handed you a small pumpkin bucket. “You ready to go get alllll the candy because you’re just the cutest member of the best 80s movie?”

House of Cards | one

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“I don’t like it when there’s no feeling

When I get the feeling, it’s right away” ~ How’s This, HyunA

Pairing: jung hoseok x reader

Genre:  college!au, playboy!hoseok, angst, smut, friends with benefits

Word Count: 5k+

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I thought I would add lyrics to songs for each part because the playlist I made for the story is a huge inspiration for where the story goes to be honest. This is probably terrible smut btw, I haven’t written it in a while *sigh* ~ Moon xxx

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“Juliet, our love can never be…..your father collects cigarette packets, while mine collects computer game packaging.”

– Romeo & Juliet, Act II, scene I (first draft)