kicked out of two fandoms now

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Why the fuck are you expending so much effort apologising to butthurt sheith shippers?? You tagged something sheith, who the fuck cares? Its just a tag, don't let them control what you post! Its only sheith shippers who have a problem with you using their tag, have you noticed? Never klance or shallura ones. If anything we should spam their tag, drive the crybabies out if that's how they're going to act. Sheith shippers act like they own this fandom and harrass anyone they disagree with.

Oh my godddd this kind of thing is exactly what I wanted to avoid if you’re gonna send shit like this to me at least have the balls to do it off anon 

I’m apologising bc given three people in the past two days have called me up for posting non-Sheith stuff in the Sheith tag I’m guessing something might’ve kicked off with others doing it maliciously or there’s maybe now a rule against it?? Like I said earlier there’s never been a problem when I’ve done it before but tbf it is pretty rude to add unrelated stuff to the tag so given I’ve done something to annoy people and it has a simple fix like removing the tag and apologising I’ll do it bc that’s the mature thing to do instead of picking fights????? Get a grip ‘we should spam their tag’ are you honestly for real

Do not go trying to goad people into a stupid ship war it just starts dumb fights that make people hate the fandom even more. Tbh I ship every otp you mentioned to some degree as well as others so?? I’m the last person who’s gonna be bothered about who becomes canon and who doesn’t just stop

And now, because I live to make posts about things that the rest of the fandom ignores, I give you:

The Emotional Buildup of Not What He Seems vs. The Disappointing Letdown of A Tale of Two Stans

“You’re gonna hear some bad things about me, and some of them are true” => “I…busted my brother’s science fair project and…my dad kicked me out. Then I tried to survive by scamming people. Which is what you’ve been watching me do all summer. So really nothing shocking here.”

“Everything I’ve worked for, everything I care about, it’s all for this family!” => “Everything I worked for was to bring my twin brother back. All for him. My brother. No one else.”

Dipper: “’Stan Pines Dead’?!”; Mabel: “Allow me to read from this article detailing the accident!” => “Yeah yeah whatever, I faked my death in a car crash, moving on.”

“Grunkle Stan, I don’t even know if you’re my Grunkle!” => “Oh psyche, I’m just your other Grunkle, LOL you should’ve seen the look on your face.”

“I don’t even know who you are!” => “I took my brother’s name. I’m Stanley, he’s the real Stanford. That’s it. Uhh…gotcha!”

And today, in this post-Glee haze, I am now imagining Rachel, always dramatic Rachel, keeping one ultimate secret from Kurt and Blaine during her pregnancy (besides that pint of Phish Food ice cream once a week because she needs it). And they’re welcomed into the delivery room after the birth to find Jesse mysteriously absent.

Then Kurt gets handed a baby.

And Blaine gets handed a baby.

And Rachel’s tired and sweaty and gross, but she’s a diva-actress so she keeps her pose and shouts, “Surprise! I told you I’d give you two times the trouble with my DNA. Oh, and by the way, I’ve got a list of which baby is which in all of those ultrasound pictures because I couldn’t just give you one with both of them–although I do have a bunch of them in a cute little photo album–and ruin the surprise, okay? Also, I’ve already ordered and had Jesse put together a second matching crib for my second godchild. He’s at your place right now fixing it up. And I told Burt and Carole to double order all the baby clothes. But don’t worry because I didn’t tell them first, I just told them about how much of a throw up diva I was as a baby and that you two were going to need lots of extras of every color and design.” And she grins and claps her hands. “Okay, happy fatherhood. I’m going to go take a nice, long, no rib kicking nap. Love you!”

Kurt and Blaine just stand there as she’s rolled out and then Kurt says, “See, this is why I insisted on gender netural names. I knew she would pull something. Now we get to use both of our choices.”

Fandom, friends, Klainers of all origins.

It is time to name those babies.

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What do you honestly think that it's gonna happen at the end of this season + s6?

We’ve been sitting on this one for a while, pondering what to say. And to be honest, I still don’t know how to approach your query, friend. Because you see, what’s OUaT’s biggest fault (and ultimately its downfall) is–that it takes itself WAY too seriously. You know, the elaborate opposite bi-directional narrative it started with, with a lot of characters entwined/explored (and then in later seasons regularly discarded) in each episode, all laden with a LOT of easter eggs, hints and nods (Lost-style, making it a participatory experience for the audience) and thus attracting intelligent and demanding audience. Which in itself wouldn’t have been bad (on the contrary) IF they’d managed to maintain that, no?

But alas. Four years later, the writing is laughably bad (how many times has Horrorwirtz had to apologize for glaring contradictions/omissions?), the target audience for their ‘mystery tour of the week’ storytelling (that adds/discards characters faster than I change my socks) seems to be 4-7yos with ADHD, and the core of their zealous audience seem to be under-educated preteens (aka. Tweens) and sad lonely women waiting for their Christian Grey (aka. Twimoms) drooling at Hook’s eyebrow quirk. And, the worst of all? It’s all been done without an iota of humour (let alone the one of a self-reflexive kind, because hubris and all) so literally everything they deliver is now extremely unpalatable (ie, I’m sure when they write for Hook they think he’s sarcastic and funny in some aloof way, unaware that he comes off as a total arsehole instead–which granted, often happens to Regina as well, making CSers’ hatred for her understandable as much as ironic and moronic), bland (what was once original got drowned in hysterically fast-paced storylines), uninspiring (when was the last time it made you chuckle, even?) and completely and utterly shallow (it seems like they don’t even give a fuck anymore). So when I say that it takes itself way too seriously, I mean that the writers take themselves too seriously, and… look where all that pretentiousness and arrogance got them.

So, as for what we think it’s going to happen… well. From the narrative perspective and what little regard they have for continuity and logic (all’s being thrown out of the window for the sake of fleeting “what iconic character do you want to see three minutes of, next?” superficial plot-du-semiseason, a bit less now they’re hellbent on keeping focus on Hook, but hey) it could be Mickey Mouse wielding a light saber for all we know. From char dev perspective, it’s evident that their ‘manpain anti/hero’ self-projection fantasy is being forced at the cost of assassination of all (once strong) female characters. And from the shipping perspective (because they don’t write them, HAHA) their path doesn’t seem to be set in stone because they apparently DO feel our displeasure, if them dumping the ForestLog really happens–and if three fucking years of Regina’s abasement is any indication? But do you have any hope left they’ll SEE what them turning once decent show into OnceUponAHookAtAnyCost–in time (because ForestDerp never took, but Hook was unfort seen as a handsome devil–and it propelled romantization of his vileness) and before the show gets the final axe after decimated ratings?

Now, I need to admit that I never started out as a f/f shipper, being cis white straight chick, and all. But then (like in my fandom of yore, BtVS) this ‘untold story’ started unraveling and it literally kicked me in the gut how deeply I felt it. The story about forgiveness, family, love and hope. The story of two seemingly different women being connected in something that went way deeper than being at odds in an ancient family feud, quest for vengeance, competition for their son’s affection and between numerous obstacles on their path/s to their happily ever after/s. It is a story about finding oneself, and a deep, organic sense of understanding and acceptance. So tbh, I was shocked at their audacity, to dare to try to tell a story like that–on a ‘family’ network and to an audience that considers a ‘family show’ to be exclusively heteronormative (see: borderline homophobic) drivel, churned out for the straight/white/brainwashed. I was shocked and amazed. I actually thought to myself “oh wow, this could be fucking groundbreaking!” But alas. Unlike in my old fandom (of yore), these assholes never accepted even possibility of this story ever happening (or even acknowledged it as subtext, because subtext is usually main tool of queerbaiting, and jolly gosh–their gaypanic knows no bounds) and proceeded violently butchering it with forced degaying/bff-ing and imposed random (but naturally straight, because #nohomo) love interests, with the same intensity they ignored/ostracized large part of us, the fans–despite our impressive numbers. You know, the consumers of their fucking product?

So now, at the point when they evidently put ALL of their eggs in Hook’s basket–and are pursuing their ‘vision’ of his ‘heroic’ story AT THE COST of assassinating their once main character–one formerly known as Emma Swan, the Saviour? And when all ‘positivity’ comes down to basic headcanons and wild speculations about what could and should happen and theories that are somewhere between hopeful fanwanking and elaborate fanfiction-type of re-imagining of the reality that is horrid canon we’re served every Sunday?

Tell me, friend. What do YOU think it’s going to happen at the end of this (and during the next) season? And then tell me…

Do you even care anymore?

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(The anon with the twins ask) Okay, but imagine Stan and Ford realizing this like heck. That's harsh And another (less sad) interesting thing is that if Shermie was an infant when Stan was kicked out, he's supposed to be forty-something, fifty at maximum, years old, and now I really wonder about how does one become a grandad of two twelve-year-olds at mid-forties

Believe me, the whole fandom has been wondering about that. But Alex refused to talk about the baby in ATOTS, so we just

lol, but my theory is that baby is Shermy, but the writers kinda messed up the timeline a bit, so look at the above gif again.

You know what I find interesting? If you were to watch a movie about superheroes, and in that movie a superhero was just getting started, nobody would care. Maybe they’d try to make a smooth dramatic entrance, and they’d fall over and maybe enter a bit clumsily. You would chuckle and then continue watching the movie. Maybe the new hero will try to take on something too big, and need an experienced hero to come help them out of the jam. New heroes make mistakes, and we, as viewers, just accept them. Because it makes sense. Not everything comes immediately, and heroes just starting out need some time to get going and to get their feet under them, and we as viewers understand.

With Laurel Lance, this is not the case.

She has followed a VERY typical path towards coming the Black Canary, and nothing really outrageous or out of the ordinary has happened in terms of the hero’s journey. However, an alarmingly large amount of Arrow’s fan base is calling for her head. For what reason you ask? Well simply because she’s new, and they don’t like her. People have been flinging venemous hate at both Laurel and Katie for about 1 and a half seasons now, with no signs of stopping. 

This is so fucking ridiculous. Oliciters feel SO fucking threatened by Laurel becoming who she’s meant to be, that they are literally asking the writers to kill off Laurel and bring back Sara. How fucked is that? You, me, and most sane human beings wouldn’t really think twice about Laurel joining the team and all of the story thus far, because it fucking makes sense. She’s been on this path for a while now. I don’t understand why Oliciters can’t handle the thought of having two strong women occupying the foundry, even though Sara being there was ok last year.

I’m just REALLY struggling to grasp why a large part of this fandom can’t seem to bring themselves to support the character who is ARGUABLY the most relatable character on the show. Laurel has been kicking ass for this ENTIRE show, and despite her falling hard in season 2, she’s rising the fuck back out of the ashes and fucking shit up (in a good way). HOW IS THAT UNAPPEALING?! I mean I get that Laurel “threatens your ship” but get the fuck over it. Laurel and Oliver haven’t been even a little bit romantic since like 1x16 or something (I’m not positive on the episode). I get that you love Olicity, and that’s ok, but you need to not let the fact that Laurel is another female cloud your judgement. Just sit back, and enjoy the really cool storytelling that’s going on with Laurel right now.

tldr; Fictional couples are irrelevant, so stop spewing toxic hate at actors and writers just because you have an unhealthy attachment to whether or not two fictional people screw.