Girl who had been training Wing Chun for only two months (as of recording) executes a picture perfect oblique kick, countering a roundhouse kick by attacking the supporting leg.

Lin dum tek in Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do; Coup de pied bas or chassé oblique/italien in Savate; also called the Cross Stomp in Jeet Kune Do.

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New Years resolution? Been there. Done that. It was called August. In the fall when people are hibernating Nizal Khan joined our Muay Thai program at RCW. He just won our December contest for best attendance showing up for 24 classes in 20 days! Nizal has lost almost 20 lbs, he says his close fit better and more than anything he thanked us for creating a place he just loves to be at. Get started now folks, by March you could be crushing goals like my man here. #rcw #rivercitywarriors #muaythai #portland #kickboxing #fittofight #newyear #newyou (at River City Warriors)

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Muay Thai (Kick Boxing) is constantly evolving. For generations it has included the use of pugilistic strikes, knees, elbows, kicks, and clinching.

More recently there’s a strong influence of Western Boxing, along with a variety of footwork common in Southeast Asia. At RCW in Tigard we promote the art of Thai Boxing under the World Thai Boxing Association.

Whether your goal is self defense, fitness, MMA, or cross training, Muay Thai can add to your repertoire. It’s great to get in shape, meet a ton of incredible people, and learn something along the way.

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Muay Thai in Portland begins with fundamentals

At RCW in Tigard we had a HUGE group of beginners getting on board in our kickboxing program. It was great to have the energy in class and take them through the basics. In this clip we are covering the jab and cross exchange. This is a basic drill designed to illustrate range, build defense and timing while delivering clean straight punches. 

The advanced group in the class (you can kind of see to the left) are taking the drill further and adding the leg kick into the mix. Progressions like these are a great way to build competency in boxing and Muay Thai before jumping into sparring. They also lay the foundations for self defense. Someone who begins their training at River City Warriors in this manner can perform clean combinations in just a few classes. New people are always welcome in our classes and find quick supporters in our long term students who are there to help. You’d be surprised how fast you can catch on, anyone can jump right into training when it’s done the right way. 

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Who saw that coming?

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