I’m just imaging an AU where Padme’s pregnancy didn’t have to be a secret and Anakin is trying to pick out names for the baby so he asks his men for ideas, and the clones, of course, throw out names like





Anakin is internally screaming, but he doesn’t want to insult them by saying those are terrible names so he’s just like, “…thanks, guys.”

FTM upper body workout tips.

12.5 pound dumbbells = 5 reps
10 pound dumbbells = 6 reps
8 pound dumbbells = 8 reps
5 pound dumbbells = 10 reps

Upper body Exercises to do: PAY ATTENTION TO THE CHART ^^^

Curls (8 sets, one/two minute break in between each set)
Cross Curls (8 sets, one/two minute break in between each set)
Shoulder Press/Seated Shoulder Press (8 sets, one/two minute break in between each set)
Kickbacks (8 sets, one/two minute break in between each set)
Bench Presses (8 sets, one/two minute break in between each set)
Kneeling One Arm Row (8 sets, one/two minute break in between each set)

Once you are done with this workout, eat something with protein (mandatory) and take a warm shower (optional). Do NOT work on upper body the next day, you need that day to recover. If you work out upper body on Monday, use Tuesday to recover (or work on legs idk), then work on upper body again Wednesday, rest Thursday, and so on. In two months tops, you will see an obvious difference in the size, definition, and volume of your arms.


And just like that requests are finished! Thank you to everyone who sent in a request, there where a couple I didn’t get to just do to time restraints. If I skipped your favorite character, I deeply apologize.

All of these where done in Prisma colored pencil  on grey toned paper and outlined in white Recollections marker/white Sakura Gelly Roll pen. You can click on the photos individually to read my dumb captions if you like :)

  • video game protagonist: i think before i went on this wild adventure i didn't really have any concept of good or evil and was simply amoral, since when i came here i had no reputation, and it seems i was placed perfectly neutrally on some abstract karmic scale as well
  • video game protagonist: but then i was hit with this progressive series of escalating, bifurcated choices, and i just picked the same kind of answer every time, hoping that i would get something out of it, like i'd get some kind of karmic kickback from never being neutral and never acting in a nuanced manner
  • video game protagonist: so i think i just have the same lack of morality as before, except everyone thinks of me as pure good or pure evil because of the choices i made, rather than the selfish thought processes behind them
  • video game sidekick: you should sublimate these worries into more healthy behaviors like helping people or killing people
Cancer & Leo
  • Cancer, calls out to Leo, fixing her hoodie: Hey!
  • Leo, turns around and smiles brightly at, runs a hand through his hair: Hey! Isn't that my hoodie? I would take it back from you, but you just look too adorable in it
  • Cancer, screaming on the inside as she hugs him:
  • Leo, spins her around while laughing, puts her down: Oh, before I forget- there is a kickback going on later on tonight, do you want to come with me?
  • Leo: I'll pick you up, don't worry. It will be like a date.
  • Cancer, screaming intensifies while Leo continues to ramble on about his plans for NYE: