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hey i was just wondering what type of engineer you are and what led you to choose it (i want to be a super kickass engineer/writer like you when i grow up)

Okay so what I got my degree in, what I tell people I do, and what I actually do are three different things so bear with me.

I got a bachelors in mechanical engineering with minors in biomedical engineering and applied mathematics. That basically qualifies me to go everything and anything. I chose that whole mess because I knew that I wanted to do something related to the medical field but wasn’t sure exactly what. The mechanical background sets you up to be the jack of all trades, which is a pro because you can do anything but there’s a thousand mechanical engineers and it’s not specialized.

That’s the point of the biomedical minor, to help me specialize and be a better candidate for medical jobs. The applied math minor is because I could.

I tell people that I’m a biomedical engineer because I pretty much am. I work for a medical company doing things on medical devices.

Now technically my job title is process engineer. Day to day I monitor and improve a manufacturing process. Now the stuff that is made goes into medical devices but really I’m responsible for the parts of the whole device. My company is really cool in that I get to work with the teams that actually design the final products. 

I got into process engineering because all of my coursework was very theoretical and not very hands on. So one summer I got an internship at this place that makes seals around doors and windows for airplanes and while I did not like the company I loved the work. 

Process engineering is very busy and at my company always interesting. We get to work on new products, improvements, design work, getting new equipment, and upgrading the stuff we have. 

I hope that kind of explains everything. If not you can always ask more questions!

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I'd like to add that in the original voltron/golion Coran had a wife and kid before everything went to shit. I'm really hoping they examine that in VLD. Srsly everyone is on about Lance and Hunk needing more screentime, but what about my man Coran? I mean just LOOK at this guys resume and skillset. The fandom can't tell me it doesnt want to know about his inevitable kickass past.

Honestly personally I have a bit of a thought of… re: my theory that Haggar was the first pilot of the Castleship, I have to wonder if part of why the writers are quiet about Coran’s history is… He was no paladin. He wasn’t the pilot of the castle, either- but he was the helmsman.

Basically the implication is strong that Coran had a front row seat to the paladins of old and their dissolution, even more than Allura did. Considering Coran is six hundred years old… we know he was there when Voltron was being forged, and an adult at that time.

So I wonder if the first generation “Team Voltron” had Coran as a stealthy seventh member- because there’s this interesting thing where the Galra empire is focused on Allura, and the paladins, because those are the quantities they know- but there’s this conspicuous dodging the subject of Coran. It’s ambiguous if the empire was made aware of him during his very brief capture in s1e5.

Coran’s history is quite possibly tied to most of the major players of ten thousand years ago, so basically, Coran’s history is more than a revelation of hidden issues- it might well be that this is something the writers are keeping close to their chest for a reason.

since im not sure when ill be getting a new tablet ill just go ahead and reveal my Big Plans for the little mermaid au

the next few comics would play out something like this.

after a few moments of bargaining, bing finally agrees to do the operation for 6 dollars and a piece of lint shaped vaguely like elvis

edd: cool! so how does this stuff work? am i gonna see any kickass looking magic?

bing: what? no! dont be an idiot. magic doesnt exist. besides you can get the same outcome with a pair of hedge clippers and a hot glue gun. now hold still.

the operations a success & bing casually asks edd what he wants the legs for, however by this point edds passed out from lack of oxygen since hes now human. tom mentions that edd has a fixation with beating up some ugly sea captain, and then he and matt go to help edd up to the surface. as they’re leaving bing shouts after them that they have three days to complete their task before edd gets gangrene and dies.

later on larry (a one eyed eel and bings right hand man) finds out the sea captain theyre after is tord. it ends​ up being a conflict of interest for bing, bc tords crew members get killed so often that theyre actually bings main supplier of spare body parts. he goes to stop edd and at the end they all face off on tords ship, but edds legs fall off and a bolt of lightning strikes the mast.

there are no survivors

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I just feel like in 2017 justin would be back to being a kickass protest artist because of trump and brian would secretly (or not secretly) make or finance snarky and witty and thought provoking ads against him. Idk this just makes me smile a little during this gloomy political landscape we are in

HELL YES HE ABSOLUTELY WOULD BE!!!! Seriously, everything Justin did to take down Stockwell would seem like child’s play compared to him in 2017. Justin would be very publicly protesting, but then also roping Brian into some stealth action from within. (Because, yes, Brian would probably still be apathetic at first, but when push comes to shove, he would be ALL IN taking the bastards down.) And since they’d both be even more powerful and influential than they were during the show, you know they’d be able to do it.


Why can’t they be real?


Outfit #168 “Actually, Mr. White…”

Breaking Bad S05x06 “Buyout”

J is wearing his kickass leather jacket from Outfit #148 “My Two Dads (5x01) and he’s paired blue sneakers with a black tee that has a hint of blue on it. Sadly, I couldn’t quite capture it, but trust me: babe has coordinated ever so slightly. Perhaps this is because his spirit is renewed at the prospect of ending things with Walter White?

But, honestly, his face goes from sad to scared to sheepish, and back again throughout this scene. Also, his posture in this entire episode is lowly and stooping. He’s not in a good place (or he has osteoporosis). Yet, he says those words: “Actually, Mr. White…I’m out, too.”

you know who’s awesome? trans men, trans women, and nonbinary people, in every way. you are kickass and powerful and will absolutely find a person/people to share your life with and who accept you as you are, whatever form you would prefer that relationship to take

you know who’s not awesome? people who choose to invalidate transgender people’s experiences or existence because they personally don’t understand it

Every so often, I think of this book and smile. It’s not that it’s a perfect book by any means. It has it’s pitfalls. But for what it is, Long May She Reign is a delightful, charming read. The biggest thing that charmed me was the protagonist. Fraya is refreshingly different from the YA fantasy heroine trope. She’s not kickass. She’s not girly. But she’s also not a damsel in distress. Instead, she’s smart and resourceful and fit to take important matters to task. And she’s not afraid to speak her mind and stand up for what is right.

I should, perhaps, preface this with the plot. Right from the first chapter, Thomas places her readers in this lavish, beautiful royal feast. Everyone’s gorgeously dressed in elaborate court outfits, acrobats and contortionists are performing between tables, and doves fly out of a pie. It’s big and bold and she’s making a flashy statement from the get go. What I love about this set up is that it perfectly reflects the greedy conspicuous consumption of this corrupt king and really creates the tone for the remainder of the novel.

Just when you think we’re getting this beautiful, over the top royal aesthetic for the rest of the narrative, the entire court dies of poisoning. And in one fell swoop, Fraya becomes next in line for the throne. What remains is a twisty, turny murder mystery on a large scale, paired with some admirable character development on Fraya’s part. There’s a certain quiet dose of classic Sherlock Holmes in this. Unlike many fantasy novels these days, Long May She Reign is far from action packed. Instead, Thomas brings the excitement back to a more cerebral level as we watch Fraya use her science smarts and cunning to unravel the whodunnit.  Effectively, she’s Watson and Holmes all rolled into one and I love that in a female protagonist.

Although this novel is essentially set in a medieval fantasy plot, there’s something about it that feels very Victorian. Fraya’s scientific reasoning harkens back to the early days of forensic science, when doctors were still trying to discover how to detect arsenic in everyday matter. Rarely ever do I see female characters engaging in science in young adult novels and it brings me so much joy to see Fraya really excelling at it and revelling in her work. She’s not ashamed of being a scientist, nor does she bow to anyone’s will if ever they tell her it’s not her place to do such investigations. Her scientific curiosity makes her a very different kind of fantasy queen, and a much needed one at that.

Fraya is not a girl who ever expected to become queen. About a dozen down the line to inherit the throne, she was not meant to become queen. Yet it happens, and at first, she’s reluctant. She has grand plans to make the next great scientific discovery and invent something useful enough so she can gain notoriety and get out of her greedy town. She’s got aspirations beyond the kingdom. She wants to make something of herself.

 And at first, becoming queen isn’t going to grant her that.

Of course, in time, she comes to realise how corrupt the court truly is and she starts to realise that she has a voice, and she’s in control. She calls the shots and no one else. People will try to pull her strings and manipulate her into doing what they want, but she wants none of it. The minute she has that epiphany, it’s her way or the highway. No more lavish spending, the poor are going to get their due, she really pulls it together despite the odds.

This is exactly what I need out of female characters! I need girls who get shit done! Because that’s exactly the type of role model young girls need right now more than ever! We need to be teaching them that they can do science. They can be effective leaders.

They have a voice!

I am beyond thrilled to see Rhiannon Thomas sharing such a message, and I’m excited to see what she does in the future because true, self-aware, feminist YA authors are few and far between. And they deserve all the attention we can give them.

  • Ministry of Magic: Did you kill this man?
  • Slytherin: No, a bullet killed him. Bullets are made of lead, which comes from the ground. The ground is part of nature. He died of natural causes. Case closed.