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Next time you criticize Pressley ask yourself, could I catch up with the forward? If not, keep your criticism to yourself! #logic

Darling, Pressley was never good lol but sure

that’s my baby over there

For the anon who asked: Fic request set after Barry fixes the timeline from flashpoint and has just started really dating Iris. He sees her at the crime scene trying to get the scoop and approaches her and does whatever couples do when they meet. And he kind of goes into a daze because he can’t believe he’s actually with Iris West.

Just in time for these new spoilers :)

She’s not here for him. Though some part of him wants to believe she is.

Even though she’s a kickass reporter who’s helping CCPD on this case. Even though she’s a professional and wants the inside scoop, wants to finesse her article  to perfection, wants the words to be as honest as their story.

Still. Maybe he can indulge a little. And maybe he can be a little selfish to believe that at least part of the reason she’s here is for him.

Him. Barry Allen, CSI, with his forensic kit dangling loose in one hand and his now-cold cup of coffee in the other, some of which has spilled onto his cardigan, a testament to the predictable lateness of his arrival at the scene.

In contrast to her, Iris West, the best investigative journalist in all of town, with a pen neatly tucked behind her ear to compliment the notepad tucked under her arm and the tape recorder in her hand. She’s all put together, glowing with radiance, exuding poise and confidence. She’s got every cop on the scene staring at her, like she’s the one running the show, like she’s the one in charge, and she’s got determination in her eyes and a look of business on her face…but still.

A guy can dream.

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OMG FAVE!!! \(^.^)/ It's been such a long time, how have you been?! I hope everything has been going well for you. I see your blog is as cute and energetic as always! :D

TRENT, HI!!!!!! =D

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And everything’s gone GREAT for me! I’ve just been busy with school and what-not but I HOPE you’ve been well! ^_^ I was JUST thinking about you before you sent me this ask, believe it or not! =D

And of course!! I’m STILL posting about and loving SasuKarin!!! ;D LONG LIVE SK! ^_^

I’m SO HAPPY to hear from you, Trent! ^_^

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I’m all about female empowerment, and having badass ladies on screen, but honestly the bitchy “I don’t need anyone to help me. I am an angry person out to prove to y’all that I don’t need you” trope is reaaaally starting to get old, particularly since the latter always provides us with the male co-star being super friendly and nice and attacked with mean comments (from the “badasss” girl) for no reason when THAT IS NOT WHAT HAPPENS IN REAL LIFE. AT ALL. EVER. 

Like, yes, we need ladies that are strong and take no shit, but what about strong women that know the value of teamwork? What about those ladies that still work ten times harder than men but can still be sensitive and happy and giggly and then kickass? 

No woman I have ever met is either one or the other. You can be a maid in need of rescuing and still be strong. You can be strong af and still be vulnerable and soft. 

I am done with the macho version men write of a woman. Why can’t we just have real women that have a range of emotions and characteristics instead of the same trope every time there is one on TV? WOMEN ARE DIFFERENT YO, AND WE DESERVE TO BE TREATED LIKE THREE DIMENSIONAL CHARACTERS. 


when i was in 7th grade i had to go to a “poverty simulation” with my churches youth group which sucked but we were in a kickass lookin mosque and got free gyros so it wasn’t too bad

the simulation was supposed to present the difficulties of poverty for the average person but i fucking decimated. you were SUPPOSED to miss your payments and run out of money but i made it through the entire thing rich as hell fuck that thing


As promised @manalophoto got Norm playing that original 1960 @fender #JazzBass here at #NormansRareGuitars! Full video on our #YouTube Channel, link on our bio. So what do you guys think of Norm playing this kickass #bass? (at Norman’s Rare Guitars)

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namewithak replied to your photoset:“The black kid and the deaf guy” - Van Helsing…

Christopher Heyerdal is such a SyFy channel mainstay. Is the show good?

Well I just watched the first two episodes because I know TomCav’s guesting on it later.

Basically it clearly has a teensy-tiny budget and the stuntwork is pretty unimpressive for a show marketed as being about a super kickass lead. Also I doubt there’s going to be too much original that you can’t see in Walking Dead or The 100 or any other vampire/zombie/apocalyptic show.

BUT I really liked several of the cast (Deaf Guy, Black Kid, Doc, Axel) even though Van Helsing herself is a bit of a disappointment so far. I’m hoping that’s because there’ll be a “going from regular mom to super badass chick” arc.

So I’ll keep watching. Definitely something that has the potential to be entertaining, if you keep your expectations low. Plus TOM eventually.

Blocked so many people this morning who responded to my Jenny Slate post with irrationality, misogyny, and downright cruelty. Grow up ladies, Chris Evans is not your’s and will never be your’s. He’s happy, be happy for him.

Don’t take out our 8th grade-level jealousy on a woman who is successful and kickass by her own hard work and merit, and who doesn’t need your validation to be happy and thriving in her personal life. People who find laughter, solace and happiness with each other should be celebrated, not picked apart. And if you still can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.