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the be more chill families

these are all headcanons i sorta have,,, they’re all about family life of each be more chill character. if you don’t like headcanons, you don;t have to read on but!! i think they’re pretty cool. (also if you draw them i love you)

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the real tragedy is why does sara pathfinder get that kickass leather jacket and scarf while scott pathfinder gets that dude mcbro “i played football in highschool” crapjacket


Outfit #168 “Actually, Mr. White…”

Breaking Bad S05x06 “Buyout”

J is wearing his kickass leather jacket from Outfit #148 “My Two Dads (5x01) and he’s paired blue sneakers with a black tee that has a hint of blue on it. Sadly, I couldn’t quite capture it, but trust me: babe has coordinated ever so slightly. Perhaps this is because his spirit is renewed at the prospect of ending things with Walter White?

But, honestly, his face goes from sad to scared to sheepish, and back again throughout this scene. Also, his posture in this entire episode is lowly and stooping. He’s not in a good place (or he has osteoporosis). Yet, he says those words: “Actually, Mr. White…I’m out, too.”

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What do you think of annabeth's general style? Like, hair, makeup, clothes, shoes, jewelry, bags? Daily and for occasion? Does she ever get around to dyeing her hair darker 😱

In her daily life, Annabeth prefers function over fashion. A lot of her wardrobe choices are probably going to be determined by the, “Can I fight a monster off in this?” factor first and “Do I look good in it?” second. Her make-up and hair will be much of the same; something simple and pretty that won’t easily get ruined by a monster attack. She always looks good, but she’s not going to be stopped and profiled for her street style. 

For work, it’s definitely going to be dress pants, suit jackets, cardigans and well-fitted sweaters, with flats or a low heeled boot. She always wears a watch - not too fancy, since they tend to get broken - and has a rotating collection of statement necklaces. She’s definitely not a pastel kind of girl, but bold colors attract a lot of attention, so she probably sticks with neutrals and darker purples, blues and greens. Annabeth does break out a dress or skirt for work occasionally, and she usually prefers something that allows her a lot of movement. So pencil skirts are out and shirt dresses are waaaay in. 

When she’s off work, her wardrobe consists of a mixture of athleisure and something comfy, like a well worn pair of skinny jeans and comfy sweaters. She’s got entire drawers full of compression pants, okay. If she’s lounging around the house, she’s probably wearing one of Percy’s shirts and/or his sweatpants. Again, she undoubtedly prefers flats and boots, with a pair of Chucks or Sperrys thrown in there for good measure. Her accessories are going to be simple or non-existent; maybe a pair of simple earrings or a necklace. She totally has a kickass leather jacket and biker boots she wears everywhere in the fall.

Annabeth saves her best looks for when she goes out with Percy or with her friends. She’s got a nice collection of shorter, tighter and more revealing items for those occasions. The girl’s got long legs, so she can rock high waist shorts and a crop top; Percy dies every time she breaks out a bodycon dress and actual heels. She’s not into showing off her cleavage as she is highlighting her butt and legs. For formal events, she’d avoid strapless and stick with a halter, spaghetti straps or high neck cut, and - again - something that’s neither too restrictive or flowy.

As far as her hair goes, Annabeth would never dye it. She would cut it shorter, going from shoulder length to a bob and then maybe to a pixie or an undercut for a while in her 20s. It’d all depend on how tired she is of throwing it into a pony or bun every day. Percy loves her long curls, but he’d get over the minute he saw her with short hair. 

Les Mis Group Watch: Pride

This week, something a bit special: the watch group will be watching the film Pride.

But wait! you say. That’s not a Les Mis adaptation! That’s the 2014 film in which a group of socialist gay men and lesbians decide to reach out in solidarity to striking miners in 1980s Britain, forming unlikely friendships and alliances!

Okay, but here’s the thing: this is definitely one of the best modern AUs ever, if like me your requirements for a Les Mis AU are:

  • Found families bound together through political conviction and bonds of friendship
  • A young leader who gives you devastating Enjolfeels
  • Doomed but inspiring political struggle
  • Gross sobbing from shellcollector

In addition, I just know that there exists a contingent who would like to see an AU Enjolras-figure who’s an out gay man and wears a kickass leather jacket (yes, that’s him holding the newspaper).

In all seriousness, this film has very pronounced crossover appeal for the Les Mis fanbase and it was agreed that there is much enjoyment to be had from watching it together. And maybe a story - a true story, I would like to point out - in which people struggling under a hateful homophobic nightmare of a right-wing government came together in solidarity and shared purpose is what we need right now, more than ever.

The essential stuff:

  • The group watch takes place on Saturdays at 5pm GMT
  • We’ll watch the whole film. It lasts about 2 hours and we’ll probably have a break in between; probably best to pencil in about 2 ½ hours, and some of us will probably stick around afterwards to have a bit of a natter.
  • We’ll watch it on our group watch Slack team (Team Shoujo Cosette) This is also where the videos will be uploaded
  • Contact me or @vapaus-ystavyys-tasaarvo if you want to join in. We’ll need an email address to invite you to the Slack group.
  • If you don’t have a copy of the film we will give you instructions in Slack for how to get hold of one.

And most importantly:


including, nay, especially, people who’ve not been in the groupwatch before. This is a one-off and we’d be thrilled to bits to see some new faces (er, Slack icons. YKWIM).

Oh, by the way, you can find trailers online, but I’m not linking to one just because I… I feel like they all try really hard to sell it as an oddball comedy film, and while it has plenty of moments of humour, that’s… that’s not really what the film is, first and foremost. At least not to me.

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Summer Nights from Grease with Jehan as Sandy and Les Amis as the Pink Ladies and Montparnasse as Danny and Patron Minette as the T-Birds

Popopo did someone say French Jehanparnasse Grease AU?

Ok so Jehan and Montparnasse meet during the holidays on the French Riviera and they spend the summer doing cute things together. One time Montparnasse broke into the nearest historical location just so that Jehan could visit it at night (everything is better at night. Plus the thrill). They are super sad when they part and promise each other to text all the time. They don’t want to admit it, but they’re both scared it’s just a summer fling and that the other doesn’t care as much.

School starts and Jehan moves to Paris and they’re the new kid in school. It’s kind of terrifying, but a group of friendly people soon takes them under their wings. They’re open minded, kind, funny… what could go wrong? Except one day, as Jehan is reading their book for French lit, they get bothered by two Terminale (Year 12) guys. They’re sadly used to it and just pick up the book they’ve smacked on the ground, ready to respond to stupidity with indifference. But one of the guys shouts :

“Hey! Parnasse, look what we’ve got!”

Jehan freezes. Parnasse. As in Montparnasse? Surely it’s not THAT common, even in Paris. But here comes Montparnasse, looking all cool and sporting a kickass leather jacket like he was born with it. Of course his swagger fells when he recognises Jehan. He’s conflicted as hell because on the one hand, he really loves them, but on the other he has that reputation of bad guy he clings to. He convinces Babet and Gueulemer to leave Jehan alone, but doesn’t make a move towards them either.

In short : Jehan is left heartbroken and extremely disappointed

Later, Montparnasse finds a moment to talk to Jehan alone. He doesn’t even receive a cold shoulder, he gets an entire fucking cold EVERYTHING because jesus fuck man you act like you didn’t know me at all??? Their worst fear is confirmed, Montparnasse doesn’t feel the same as they do. They’re not even sure of what they feel anymore cause wow what an asshole

Montparnasse is mortified because he never wanted to hurt Jehan in the first place, he’s just torn. He tries to explain the situation but Jehan doesn’t get why acting tough and leading Patron Minette is so thrilling. They give Parnasse a second chance though, and they have a lovely date in the Jardin des Tuileries. Montparnasse takes their hand tentatively and Jehan squeezes in response. It’s a shy start, but a start.

There is still some Patron Minette drama, mostly a “why are you dating them” kind of attitude. Montparnasse stands up for his relationship this time and shut their jeers up for good in a whoop ass fashion

Long story short, Montparnasse shows up very VERY badly dressed one day, in a very Jehan kind of way, just to prove that he can put his pride aside for the person he loves. Jehan is touched beyond belief and they kiss in front of the whole school, Jehan initiating it by tugging Parnasse’s collar down

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So lately I've been having a lot of thoughts of Killian discovering modern music. He's such a romantic soul that I cannot fathom him NOT loving and connecting deeply with music. Also sailors and sea shanties and so on. But I sit and wonder about his initial discovery, what would hook him (lollllzzzzzz I'm hilarious!!!) and how he would just be so overwhelmed and in awe and basically like Ron Swanson when Tom gave him the iPod. And I die.

Ok, but seriously, this is a majorly intense head canon of mine (Killian + music?? Shocking, I know.)

He totally runs the gambit and definitely listens to intensely emotional things, like, one time, Emma had to put a moratorium on The National (“Though the water’s a-rising, there’s still no surprising you…Man, it’s all been forgiven, swans are a-swimmin’”) because even she was feeling depressed. And sure, he went through his Smiths phase… 

But it all really began when he’d had enough of David’s country music when riding in his truck while patrolling the town line. (“What the blazes is this?”) And he had desperately pressed buttons on the device he had seen both Swan and David using in their vessels, and suddenly he heard the opening electric guitar riff of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Fortunate Son,” and, well, it was all over. (Annoyed, David makes a motion to change from the Oldies station: “Don’t you dare touch that, mate. I will cut off your hand.”)

I present: 

Hell Yes, Killian → rock n’ roll mix. Because freaking 70s rock is total pirate jam material. Melodic but kickass and leather jacket required.

[i. ac/dc - gone shootin’ ii. creedence clearwater revival - fortunate son iii. david bowie - rebel rebel iv. led zeppelin - black dog v. mountain - mississippi queen vi. neil young - rockin’ in the free world vii. the guess who - no sugar tonight/new mother nature viii. the rolling stones - sympathy for the devil ix. the clash - clampdown x. cream - born under a bad sign xi. the yardbirds - train kept a rollin’ xii. traffic - dear mr. fantasy]