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Les Mis Group Watch: Pride

This week, something a bit special: the watch group will be watching the film Pride.

But wait! you say. That’s not a Les Mis adaptation! That’s the 2014 film in which a group of socialist gay men and lesbians decide to reach out in solidarity to striking miners in 1980s Britain, forming unlikely friendships and alliances!

Okay, but here’s the thing: this is definitely one of the best modern AUs ever, if like me your requirements for a Les Mis AU are:

  • Found families bound together through political conviction and bonds of friendship
  • A young leader who gives you devastating Enjolfeels
  • Doomed but inspiring political struggle
  • Gross sobbing from shellcollector

In addition, I just know that there exists a contingent who would like to see an AU Enjolras-figure who’s an out gay man and wears a kickass leather jacket (yes, that’s him holding the newspaper).

In all seriousness, this film has very pronounced crossover appeal for the Les Mis fanbase and it was agreed that there is much enjoyment to be had from watching it together. And maybe a story - a true story, I would like to point out - in which people struggling under a hateful homophobic nightmare of a right-wing government came together in solidarity and shared purpose is what we need right now, more than ever.

The essential stuff:

  • The group watch takes place on Saturdays at 5pm GMT
  • We’ll watch the whole film. It lasts about 2 hours and we’ll probably have a break in between; probably best to pencil in about 2 ½ hours, and some of us will probably stick around afterwards to have a bit of a natter.
  • We’ll watch it on our group watch Slack team (Team Shoujo Cosette) This is also where the videos will be uploaded
  • Contact me or @vapaus-ystavyys-tasaarvo if you want to join in. We’ll need an email address to invite you to the Slack group.
  • If you don’t have a copy of the film we will give you instructions in Slack for how to get hold of one.

And most importantly:


including, nay, especially, people who’ve not been in the groupwatch before. This is a one-off and we’d be thrilled to bits to see some new faces (er, Slack icons. YKWIM).

Oh, by the way, you can find trailers online, but I’m not linking to one just because I… I feel like they all try really hard to sell it as an oddball comedy film, and while it has plenty of moments of humour, that’s… that’s not really what the film is, first and foremost. At least not to me.

poketin  asked:

assumptions: youd look really kickass in a leather jacket, you like earl grey tea, you like pears!!!

I’d like to think I’d look kickass in a leather jacket, so let’s say that’s true.
I’ve never actually tried earl grey tea before! I need to make a list of all the teas I want to try. :o
And I don’t really like pears, so that one isn’t true. :^)

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