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Nice redraws on these comic covers. I have issues, though. I agree that looking like you have no internal organs, or that your back bone is made of rubber is pretty bad, but comic book artists have to ensure that covers are as appealing as possible to entice new readers to pickup their issues. The problem I have with some of your redraws is that, for some of them, everything looks too static and undynamic. Sure, they're anatomically correct, but sometimes, you have to skew bodies to sell.

Yes, but. 

An enticing cover doesn’t have to be sexualised to be enticing. There are plenty of artists that make kickass covers with great women looking awesome. This blog is a repository of the ones that are twisting for the sake of T&A, and I do agree some of my redraws are much weaker than they could have been, and that’s because 1- I’m not perfect, 2- I’m always learning and 3- redrawing over another existing drawing stiffens up everything. I’m trying to keep roughly the same pose as what was originally drawn and showing you don’t have to thrust out her ass or arch her chest out to make something appealing. 

Listen, I do this blog partly as an educational thing. I want people to develop a critical eye, question what they see, shift the status quo, and if they are artists, pick up a few tips along the way. There’s a reason I keep these sketches loose and unfinished. I’m not trying to comment on people’s style, I’m commenting on their posing choices, and urging people to rethink how they approach art of female characters. I’m not saying “my way or the highway”, I’m saying “it could be better and here’s a suggestion”.

In the recent redraw I did, I fixed Greg Land’s cover because the art wasn’t well composed, but it wasn’t a sexualised cover. As soon as I fixed the legs on SW, I realised the composition would now be crap because the legs would be in front of Silk. I still plodded on. The Manara cover I fixed because the posing WAS sexualised, the pose made me feel uncomfortable, and I wasn’t the only one who felt that way about it. I have nothing against the man as an artist or against his skills. I have nothing against erotic art. The rendering was very nice (if the costume was meant as body paint). I just argued that his posing choice was inappropriate for this cover. 

I’ll lead you to my post about style for more discussion on the matter. Look in particular at my comments on Joe Mad to get what I’m saying.

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covers vol. 1: some kickass covers that will give you eargasm (LISTEN)

locked out of heaven - bastille // diamonds - josef salvat // of the night - bastille // young blood - birdy // nothing compares 2 u - capital cities // get lucky - daughter // empire state of mind - ed sheeran // hold on, we’re going home - arctic monkeys // pumped up kicks - breath of life // wherever you will go - charlene soraia // problem - hozier // wicked game - james vincent mcmorrow // sing - kodaline // halo - ane brun // radioactive - ane brun // maps - madiley bailey


Kickass Cover: Ólafur Arnalds & Arnór Dan - Say My Name (Destiny’s Child Cover)

When we say kickass cover, we mean really, really kickass cover. Watch as these these talented chaps take on Destiny’s Child, turning the hit song into a magical meshing of a cello, piano, violin, and some lovely voices.


I’m like obsessed with them now. For realz.


Mree - Walking on a Dream (Empire of the Sun cover)

One of our favourite YouTube artists are back with the classic Empire of the Sun track. Her creative takes on all her covers are always alluring and fun. Enjoy! 


sum 41 - for whom the bell tolls

pretty kickass cover. especially for a non-metal band

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I just wanted to say that the Cover Letter Guide was really helpful and helped me write a kickass cover letter that was described as "superb" (not by me)!!!! So, thank you! Thank you! A million times: Thank you! I never would've been able to write as near a quality cover letter if it hadn't been for this resource! :DD

Yay! I’m going to take the superb compliment for myself to show off at my next jobs committee meeting at work.


One of the first people I met in Chicago, known to the masses as Dida Ritz, just did this kickass cover of Beyonce, which includes “Ghost” and “Flawless.” Watch her murder some dance moves and some scarf choreo.