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It’s been almost a month since our little Valentine’s Exchange ended. We hope that everyone who participated had a fun time during the whole shebang. For those interested, here is the masterlist of the fics included in the exchange! We don’t know if more are coming but it’s been…a month…. Remember to leave a kudos or a comment, maybe, to show your appreciation to the writers! ♡

Gods, Daddies and Fake Dicks by JungTaco for lostmyjungkook

Jimin comes to Earth in search for his idol, Thor, but unexpected things await for him here.

Will you be my Valentine? by CmiMiu for SugaTheTurtle

Everyone was always scared of Yoongi that he never thought he’d ever receive a Valentine.

But every year his locker is decorated with festive ornaments and a note stuck on Valentine’s Day asking him “Will you be my Valentine?”

The secret Valentine, however, never reveals himself.

take all of me (I just wanna be the boy you like) by dokidokiharahara (anewkindofthrill) for InfernalMCR

It is way too easy for Yoongi to deceive himself with how brightly Jimin smiles at him, with how Jimin sometimes just looks for comfort and warmth when he curls up next to Yoongi after being fucked for hours. In reality, the boy would probably pack his things and run as soon as Yoongi stopped paying.

“Okay. Do your job then,” Yoongi sneers and maybe there is a hurt look on Jimin’s face.

Unfortunate fortune by otpshots for onecupoftae

Jimin is an injured fisher. Yoongi is a kind shepherd.

Burning cold thief by otpshots for onecupoftae

Yoongi didn’t understand what was going on. All Jimin ever did was loving Yoongi.

love is vivid (no we’re not in love) by btsmemehoes for okaymin

when you drown, you don’t drown when you fall into the water, you drown by staying in.

and in retrospect, that’s probably how it all began.

after all, yoongi had never been great at staying afloat anyway.

i’ll be a gentleman (‘cause i’ll be your boyfriend) by yururin for offthebeat

Yoongi isn’t an easy man to surprise, but kisses out of the blue and sudden boyfriend proposals can do the job.

when i’m with you by sassyneki for sugabox

To Yoongi, the piano is a second home. He finds a third in Jimin.

say you’ll see me again, even if it’s just in your (wildest dreams) by skyshocksuga for coconutbutter

In a world where people dream of their soulmates in the eyes of their closest friend, it was safe to say that Min Yoongi never expected to dream about his soulmate in all his naked glory.

baby take my open heart (and all it offers) by jeogi for otpshots

Jimin didn’t know what to expect when he decided to take over Taehyung’s shift at the daycare for a month, but meeting his high school crush Min Yoongi definitely wasn’t one of them.


(or alternatively, 5 times Yoongi threw Jimin off guard, and one time the tables finally turned.)

It’s you (I need you) by Penjasin for skyshocksuga

Park Jimin wishes he wasn’t so fucking unlucky all the time. That way he’d never have ended up in class, getting his heat a week too early.

Cloudy with a chance of thunder by sayfever for ryeogi

Yoongi never believed in the marks anyways.

a long time coming by onecupoftae for parkjizzmin

Yoongi and Jimin announce that they’re getting married. Absolutely no one is surprised.

to me, you’re a masterpiece by softgot7 for realitygetsdestroyed

“van gogh who?” taehyung all but yells, throwing another overdramatic wink over his shoulder. “i only know park jimin.”
yoongi simply nods along in the background, grinning when jimin sends him a helpless look.
even as taehyung continues to shout declarations to the rest of the campus, jimin can’t help but think that if he ever became famous, he’d like for the world to remember yoongi as his muse.

And So Here We Go by Pretenditwasjustadream for babygotbaek

Jimin’s a matchmaker and Yoongi doesn’t need his help.


Say My Name by rosetintedhearts for sayfever

Jimin walks in on Yoongi moaning his name as he masturbates

rookie by realitygetsdestroyed for pandapressed

Yoongi looks up from where he’s been biting marks into Jimin’s skin. “How much do you want this?”

Jimin rolls his eyes. “I was just on my knees for you, I think that’s enough to say hey, I want you to possibly put your dick in me.”

Jimin doesn’t expect it when he feels a slap against his ass, making his dick leak even more. “Don’t get mouthy with me.”

“Maybe you should get mouthy with me, right?”

Baby Fever by ThePurpleStarfish for Pretenditwasjustadream

Min Yoongi is happy. He’s married to the love of his life, he has his health, his friends, and he’s making his way into the music scene. There’s nothing more he wants.

And then Jimin forces him to walk in the cold for groceries.

screenshots of youth by florations for softgot7

Yoongi and Jimin grow old together and make a home in each other.

Compathy by MauveTarte for dokidokiharahara (anewkindofthrill)

The world had a problem, and Min Yoongi did not want to be part of the solution.

(AKA: an ArrangedMarriage!AU a little different from the norm.)

Are You Scared? by rosetintedhearts for sayfever

“Are you scared?”
“Scared of what?”
“That you’ll fall in love with me”

Yoongi and Jimin partake in a game of 'Gay Chicken’. Jimin is convinced he is going to win no questions asked, naturally Yoongi is determined to prove him wrong and wipe that smug smile off of his face.

Clumsy Love by okaymin for kemosabe

Maybe it’s the snow, or maybe it’s the cold, but something changes in the air, and Yoongi isn’t really complaining.

off the mark (i found your heart) by lostmyjungkook for JungTaco

jimin tortures himself by walking into a valentine’s day fair with a broken heart and counts how many used cans he kicks out of sheer frustration.
aka the valentine’s day au where jimin and yoongi meet for the first time and actually kind of fall in love already

Inspired by you by kemosabe for maxx

Yoongi was a piano prodigy as a child, but after an accident in their teens forced him to be hospitalized, all of their passion seemed to disappear. Now, working on a cruise liner as a pianist, he meets Park Jimin, a very wealthy (and very bored) person who promises that he knows how to get the fire back into Yoongi’s piano playing.

fall, everything (i’ll always catch you) by lovelivesinthedream for jeogi

Jimin and Yoongi were adopted in to the same family, but they were always more to each other in their hearts. Not that they’d ever admit it to anyone, including themselves.

see normal people (we’re not part of them) by ziontea for btsmemehoes

Q: where do you draw the line between good and evil, law and criminal?
A: you don’t.

(In other words, Yoongi and Jimin live the happy married life during the daytime and play cops and robbers at night.)

Fanboying Should Be a Full-Time Job by pandapressed for sassyneki

Yoongi did not expect his first encounter with his idol to turn out like this. Yet there Park Jimin stood in front of him: wearing a really flattering pair of tight black jeans, silver hair fluffed to perfection despite not being styled, and dripping wet with a horrified expression on his face as everyone was shocked into silence by what Yoongi had just done.

let’s kick the tires and light the fires by MauveTarte for ziontea

“What—" falls out of Jimin’s mouth as he watches the man whip out a marker from his sweater pocket and, oh my god, deface the back of Jimin’s ticket. The very ticket Jimin was planning to, like, frame or something when he got back home.

(AKA: Novice business man Jimin may not know who this August guy is, but he does know he’s a complete fucking dick.)

hold me tight by coconutbutter for CmiMiu

When Min Yoongi speaks, he knows what he’s saying and he means it.

And he’s saying he hates Kim Taehyung. A whole damn lot.

(Or Jimin is jealous and Taehyung is not helping. At all.)

You’re All I See by SugaTheTurtle for Penjasin

When men come to Jimin and ask him their fortune or what he sees, he’s never afraid to tell them the truth. However, when the crown prince comes seeking the identity of his bride, Jimin can’t understand why all he sees in his future is himself.

anonymous asked:

Do you know any businessman au? Like one of them is an heir to a big company/arranged marriage help a girl out Thank you!

Here some  businessman/office AUs for you anon


UPDATED 4/24/16! (Links are officially broken thanks to Tumblr, please message me if you need to find something before I have time to sit down and redo everything, or try searching my blog by tag)


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why yes, yes i do! @ravenbird15


  • he!!! loves!!! ear scritches!!! and chin scritches and just every form of petting imaginable
  • he flat out refuses to play fetch. anybody that tries just gets an exasperated look
  • he really likes the feeling of chewing on things! usually chicken bones or a piece of rubber
  • he does the exaggerated dog yawn, right down to the little tongue waggle
  • his senses of hearing and smell make it absolutely impossible to sneak up on him!
  • no, he doesn’t chase his tail what are you talking about what no he’s just… his tail was just itchy ok


  • he straight up HOARDES shiny things. odds are, if you recently lost something shiny, it’s in hanzo’s room. good luck finding it though
  • he really enjoys the feeling of getting the base of his horns rubbed
  • he uses his claws as a toothpick, then immediately turns around and denies it, even if he’s caught red handed
  • he’s been kicked out of about 12 stores to date because of his habit of taking shiny things
  • even though he gets incredibly tired of people asking, he’ll still light their cigar/ettes for them with a lil tiny puff of fire
Spending a Week with the Suicide Squad

Originally posted by fatalitum

  • You being woken up at 11:30 at night by Rick Flag knocking at your door - and promptly being told that your residence will be used for a week-long stake-out (and eventual assassination) mission the Squad is currently on and you really don’t have a choice in the matter, not unless you want to get on Amanda Waller’s bad side 
  • You don’t have nearly enough room for that many people to sleep other than a guest room (which June and Rick quickly claim) so everyone else is left to crowd in the living room (leading to several awkward situations that you swear by your life you won’t tell …. ) 
  • Having to hear Digger’s many complaints about your empty fridge the next day and going out (along with June and Tatsu) to buy more groceries - almost a couple of hundred dollars worth, including (but not limited to): lots and lots of meat, frozen dinners, sweets and deserts, alcohol, etc
  • Making breakfast with Chato early in the morning and relishing the quiet and just talking about nothing, really, secretly enjoying watching him cook
  • Also doing early morning yoga with Tatsu and Harley outside by the pool (and ignoring Digger’s lewd comments, if/when he ever happens to wake up that early)
  • Not being surprised to find Waylon in your pool at any given hour 
  • Harley insisting on “make-overs” and “girl talk” 
  • The squad bickering over what tv shows to watch
  • Rick trying to get them to focus on their mission - they end up spending only about half an hour each day searching for their target 
  • “Okay my neighbors are NOT used to having bad guys living next door so can you keep the threats and killing to a minimum please?? Or at least try???”
  • Talking to Floyd about his daughter - watching his eyes light up and smiling to yourself and simply listening 
  • Sitting on the couch with your feet propped in Waylon’s lap reading books
  • Coming home to find the house smoking and the fire alarm blaring and Digger swearing up and down that it “wasn’t my fault, damn it”
  • Catching Harley sneaking into your bed - groaning and rolling over because you’re too tired to kick her out 
  • Dreading the day Joker finds out Harley’s here because he’s the last person you want coming to your home
  • Also finding yourself dreading the day the mission comes to an end - but you know something like this won’t last forever and it’s not like it’s a vacation for them but….at the same time…it’s kinda nice, in a weird, bizarre, macabre way

Been doing a bunch of different art exercises lately, trying to ease back in to things after a pretty long stint of life being a dumpster fire. I devised a tool to generate more or less random palettes to be used with Copic markers. This particular piece was done using one of the palettes I’ve created. It kicks out five colors with a range of values, so I have have light to dark options. 

In later pieces, I’ve allowed some wiggle room (bendy blendy colors, as I called them while really fucking tired one day), just so blending is easier, should I decide I want to shade more gently. 

Monsters of Undertale Learn to Drive

Originally, I put this up on Reddit. To my amazement, a few people liked it. So…I figured I may as well present you, the driving instructor notes from the monsters of Undertale (they gotta get their license somehow after venturing onto the surface!) Obviously, post true-pacifist.
Toriel: The lesson started off well. Driver was polite, very attentive, and seemed to remember the bookwork well. Instructor was a bit curious at why driver wanted to first fasten pillows to the car’s bumper to make it ‘safer’, but took little time to assure her pillows were not necessary as long as she drove safely. Started the car and backed out well. Driving the first two residential blocks went well. Problems arose when driver noticed a child fall off a scooter and apparently skin his knee. Driver then unfastened her seatbelt and threw herself from the car. Unknown what she did next, instructor was too busy trying to grab the wheel and applying emergency brakes. Hit streetlight. Instructor came to and noticed driver now out of the vehicle and cradling the previously mentioned child in her lap, appeared to be rocking it. Child’s parents were not pleased with this development and managed to get the child away from the driver after a brief tug-of-war. Was going to fail driver, but driver appeared too emotionally distraught. Recommend counseling before trying lesson again.

Sans: Inspected car, started car, backed out, and handled residential driving well. Initially, handled traffic well. First problem arose when driver fell asleep during monotonous driving. Note: recommend no-doze. Driver awoke upon hearing instructor screaming. Handled well afterwards, however, when passing by a diner, driver apparently decided it was 'ketchup time’ and promptly teleported out of vehicle. Instructor tried to take control, before again hitting streetlamp. Verdict: fail. Driver only qualified to drive a tricycle.

Alphys: Driver appeared very nervous. Took four attempts to back out of driveway. Only moved at 5 mph through residential area. The constant reassuring hums of J-pop are risk of distraction. Once driver entered traffic, all hell broke loose. Driver began to shriek uncontrollably as the 'psychos all around her’ passed her at the speed limit. Lesson stopped after driver began to hyperventilate upon drifting into oncoming traffic after veering to avoid a minivan changing lanes in front of her. Driver insisted she could find a place to park as instructor attempted to wrestle control of vehicle away from her. Ultimately, driver didn’t see the street lamp in the tussle. Verdict: fail, recommend for professional help. Instructor’s note: one more street lamp, and I am DONE.

Undyne: Driver was highly enthusiastic. Knew book work well, but broke the car’s ignition after she tried to start the car with a bit too much gusto. Claimed she knew how how cars worked, and proceeded to tear the hood off. Claim of knowing car maintenance quickly debunked after driver tore out engine in a move to reach the ignition system. Broke the ignition again trying to fix it. Driver threw some duct tape on it, slammed the engine back in the car, shattering the engine. Engine obviously failed to start on second attempt to turn the car on. Driver flew into a fit of rage, ran down the driveway, uprooted a street lamp, ran back up the drive way, and proceeded to beat the hood of the car with it while instructor was still inside. Can not write in report the obscenities being said during this time period. Verdict: driver successfully managed to destroy the car with a streetlamp without even moving the car. Obvious fail, recommend emergency anger management. Instructor’s note: THAT’S IT, I’VE HAD IT! SOMEONE ELSE CAN DEAL WITH THIS CRAP! I’M DONE! D-O-N-E DONE!

—Two weeks later—

Instructor’s note: Swore I was done after the angry fish-woman. But, apparently, after reading my reports, the other instructors refused to take on some of the other monster students. Was offered a 200% raise to come back due to my experience.

Asgore: Note: Had to use full-size pickup truck considering driver could not fit in standard driving school hatchback. Had minor issues settling into his seat, but was excellent in inspection, start up, re-versing, and initial neighborhood driving. Minor issue with staring at the flowerbeds as we passed by houses, but was quick to return attention to road. Things went wrong after we entered traffic on the highway and instructor mentioned a quick 'tutorial on lane effective lane changing’. Evidently, some-thing in that sentence was a trigger. Driver began to rant about his ex-wife. Driver began getting emotional. Driver applied more pressure to accelerator. Driver applied so much pressure to accelerator that instructor tried to apply the brakes on their side. Instructor then realized they didn’t have brakes on their side because occupants were in a non-driving school truck. Instructor bailed. Truck and driver remains missing. Verdict: Likely fail. Instructor’s note: If anyone sees a blue four-door F-150, license plate number EFD 101, please call me at 555-4736

Mettaton: Driver was neither human, nor monster. Instructor initially refused, but, learned the nervous driver from a few lessons ago programmed the android to be sentient. Obviously, the lesson went perfect up until driver entered the residential section again. Driver noticed a self-driving car and asked instructor about it. Instructor explained self-driving car was the future. Driver, being an AI driver itself, took offense. Driver began broadcasting in binary, which the instructor learned was challenging the AI in the self-driving car to a race. Both cars lined up and began to accelerate rapidly down the street. Instructor tried to apply their brakes, only to realize the driver has somehow hacked into the car and disabled them. By this point, both cars were driving too fast for the instructor to safely bail out. Instructor’s note: Yes, there is a urine stain on the seat thanks to this. No, I am not paying to get it cleaned up. YOU put me in this situation. Race declared a draw after both vehicles failed to negotiate the turn at the end of the street and smashed into the elementary school. No injuries, car totaled, school teacher yelled at for allowing the children in the classroom to become traumatized by two vehicles smashing through the wall. Instructor’s note: teacher who did the yelling was the same driver who bailed from vehicle and sent me into the streetlight over a skinned knee. Still refused to apologize for that, saying 'and now I have all these children to comfort now thanks to your carelessness’. Changed her verdict from 'in progress’ to 'failed’.

Papyrus: Driver was extremely friendly and enthusiastic. Claimed to have studied the bookwork cov-er-to-cover at least six times. Backed out well, drove residential well, handled traffic far better than expected. Driver had a tendency to ramble on about puzzles and spaghetti, but somehow, managed to completely keep his focus. Out of all the monsters instructor had tested so far, this one appeared to be the one most DETERMINED to get his license. Instructor feels confident this one will do well in future tests. Instructor’s note: No, I do not. Turns out, I was speaking too soon. In the second lesson, I was actually feeling upbeat, and told the driver to 'kick the tires and light the fires’ as an expression to 'let’s go’. Driver took me too literally. Fining him the full cost of a new vehicle.

Muffet: Driver insisted upon bringing a box, which she called 'dimensional’. Said her 'pet’ was inside it, and she had to bring it wherever she went. Box was small and fit in back seat, instructor saw no problem. Spider’s multiple limbs proved useful in backing out and turning, making the moves crisp and smooth. Very good merge into traffic. Lane changes were incredibly smooth. About an hour in, she made a request of the instructor, to play with her pet for a few minutes to keep it from getting too lonely. Instructor agreed because student was doing so well. Upon lifting the lid of the box, car’s interior was quickly full of spider. Instructor then realized why the box was called 'dimensional’. Instructor tried to ask driver what they should do, but couldn’t think of words because someone in the car was loudly screaming. Instructor’s note: I now realize IT WAS ME. Driver’s pet began to bear down on instructor, instructor started to smack the pet’s mantables with the clipboard as the car continued to drive. Driver showed excellent control despite distractions of a massive spider filling the interior and the instructor shrieking into her ear. Driver recalled pet into the box before pulling into the driveway. Verdict: Pass. Instructor’s note: I think. The second half of the lesson is very fuzzy. But, we didn’t crash.

Nabstablook: Driver possessed the car and spoke to instructor through the stereo. Driver’s mood was almost unbearable with constant droning and complaining. But, driving was impressive. If you could call it driving, considering the driver became the car. Literally. Interestingly enough, driver seemed to be able to 'talk’ to the other cars they passed on the road. Most of them came to hate the driver. A few even wrestled control away from their drivers and accelerated into the nearest solid object. Driver appeared able to multitask, as it continued to be able to drone on to the instructor about how sorry it was to get everyone down and be in everyone’s way. Instructor’s note: And it darn well should be. You know, it takes a special talent to force an inanimate object to seppuku itself! Ultimately, fail. Driver did the tasks well enough. But, for the good of monsters and humanity…chaos will reign if this driver is allowed freely on the road.

Temmie: Instructor pre-lesson note: After the last encounter, I decided to go out and buy myself a flask. In this flask, is booze. It’s for me. I’m taking it with me on these lessons. And no one is going to stop me, because -I- am not the one driving.
Driver had some trouble getting into the car due to their size. Very small, but was able to reach the pedals with some effort. Was very cautious on backing out and residential driving, kept rambling about not wanting to hurt any of the 'cute’ humans. Now the driver is starting to talk about how rich their history is as we merge into traffic, but god damnit this alcohol was the missing ingredient in these lessons. Lane change was good…maybe. Instructor is starting to get wobbily, so it’s hard to tell. Instructor must admit, the driver’s situatinal situati…awareness must be great with four ears. It’s so 'kyoot’. Two of them are like cat ears, and the other two are so floppy. They are fun to flap. Flap flap falp. Driver asked me to stop flapping their ears. They want to know what I want them to do next. get their cute bootah in my lap so I can snuzzle the stuffing out of them is what I want.
Instructor’s post-lesson note: Pulling the student driver into your lap to drunkenly snuggle them does not go over well. Not for the driver, nor for the overly angry driver of the semi-truck in the oncoming lane. Temmie passed the course, and is holding me liable for emotional distress.

NB Fic Exchange Masterlist

good in dreams; better in real life (yoonmin soulmate!au by @an-exotic-writer for @forthosewhoship)

running in place (yoonmin artist!au by @jonghyunslisterine for @mysugalump)

The Two Billion Songs On Love (yoonseok by @mini-yngi for @hajinma)

Nighthawk (sugaxreader hunger games!au by @seleneaugerwritings for @an-exotic-writer)

Bangarang (vmin college rave!au by @bulletproof-bad-writing for @lordtaequaad)

Within The Blistering Heat (yoonmin beach!au by @forthosewhoship for @mini-yngi)

let me save you (yoonmin fallen angel!au by @beonjeon for @verydaebak)

A Real Hero (jiminxreader spidermin!au by @dreamy-papillon for @thisurlisjimine)

Every 3:45AM (yoonmin radio dj!au by @sonyeondan for @syubbie)

there is a light that never goes out (vhope punk!au by @lordtaequaad for @bcngtan)

Life Saver (vhope lifeguard!au by @seokjhn for @j-uliana)

Keep Me Warm (taekook camp! au by @your-miss-right for @seungcheol-official)

A Chapter Into Kim Namjoon’s Awkward Existence feat. Park Jimin (minjoon tattoo artist!au by @bcngtan for @yoongillest)

A Beautiful Night (jungkookxreader by @bts-exo-reactions for @gentlejeon)

Entries and Daydreams (vmin by @bangtanhustlelife for @taequks)

he’s running from his sanity (jikook & sugakookie by @yoongillest for @seungria)

Lost in Wonderland (jungkook alice in wonderland!au by @thisurlisjimine for @beonjeon)

In Between the Lines (yoonjin by @sugasbride for @sonyeondan)

anything? anything. (taekook mailman!au by @taequks for @taehygs)

Making the Cut (jiminxreader hairdresser!au by @j-uliana for @bts-exo-reactions)

heaven blooms (vmin spirited away!au by @taehygs for @taeberi)

Sleep on it (taekook by @gym-min for @jeon-day)

last seen (minjoon sports!au by @verydaebak for @dangnamja)

I don’t believe in god (I believe in us) (taegi by @syubbie for @gym-min)

Don’t Take My Sunshine Away (jiminxreader by @gentlejeon for @seleneaugerwritings)

Extra Sugar (yoonmin by @dangnamja for @jonghyunslisterine)

a shipwreck between your ribs (vhope merpeople/college au by @taeberi for @your-miss-right)

Kick the Tires and Light the Fires (jikook by @bulletproof-bad-writing for @dreamy-papillon)

(yoonjin by @seleneaugerwritings for @seokjhn)

Where are your pants?  J-Hope

You tiredly made your way up your flight of stairs and into your apartment. You had to work double shifts since your friend had gotten sick during the middle of hers. Unlocking your door you let out a sigh of relief.

“Finally,” You mumbled while kicking off your shoes. You turned and relocked your door heading to your bedroom. You were too tired to turn on the lights, causing yourself to trip over multiple objects strewn across your bedroom floor.

 “I’ll have to clean this mess tomorrow.” You said while flopping down onto your bed. You closed your eyes with a smile finally feeling at peace to be awoken by a piercing beeping noise. You jolted up trying to find the sound of the horrid beeping keeping you from your sweet, sweet, sleep. You looked onto your ceiling seeing that it was your fire alarm going off.

“Why!” You yelled while making your way out of your apartment successfully dodging everything you fell over earlier. You closed your door to turn and be blinded by flashing lights and an even louder blaring sound. You had to choose between covering your eyes or your ears and seeing as you didn’t want to fall down the stairs you chose the latter. You opened the door to your apartment complex seeing a flood of people waiting outside. Most of them were wearing annoyed and tired faces. You found a spot on the sidewalk that was remotely void of people and sat. You were too exhausted to deal with this and everyone else seemed like they were too. You closed your eyes trying to rest a little bit because you knew it would be a while for the fire truck to get here and declare the building clear. You were close to being asleep only to hear yelling at the top of their lungs. You pinched the bridge of your nose annoyed but you decided to ignore the person. You were doing a fairly good job at ignoring it until it decided to get louder and louder. At first you thought it was the person screaming louder but you soon realized it was actually them getting closer. You wanted to get up and move away but it was too late, as the figure had plopped down next to you.

“Ah I forgot my shoes.” The person had said. You looked at them about to ask them why they were screaming so late at night but just stared at him instead. He caught you looking at him and began to wipe his face.

“Is there something on my face?” He asked as he wiped his face even more vigorously. You shook your head and felt your face heat up from embarrassment. He cocked his head to the side confused. You pointed at his chest and his legs. He looked down and quickly covered himself as you turned away from him. He wasn’t wearing any pants or a shirt, just boxers. You realized that you still had your work jacket on and shrugged it off. You stared at it before turning back around and thrusting it at the person. He gladly took it and smiled at you.

“Thank you.” He said. You smiled at him shyly about to turn back around.

“I’m Hoseok.” He started “My friends call me J-Hope, but you can call me your hope.” He finished.

You couldn’t help but laugh at how ridiculous this situation was. “All I am hoping to do right now is go back to sleep.”

“Well here,” he folded up your jacket nicely and placed it on his lap. “Take a nap, I’ll wake you up when they us back inside.”

The notion was quite odd; he was nearly naked after all. But you were so tired. You pondered your decision for a moment before looking at his kind eyes. He seemed harmless. “I’ll just rest my eyes, just for a minute though.” You rested your head in his lap. It only took a few seconds before you drifted off to sleep.

You woke up and everyone had already gone in, and the sun was peaking up from behind the building. “How long was I sleeping?” You sat up, your back aching a little from the concrete.

“A couple hours,” he spoke softly. He looked quite tired himself.

“When did everyone go back inside?” You asked.

“About ten minutes after you went to sleep.” He yawned.

Your eyes widened. “You could have woken me up,” you said as you stood up.

“I know, but you looked so peaceful, and it seemed like you needed the rest.” He got up and stretched, forgetting he was only wearing his boxers. He didn’t notice. “Thanks for the jacket, I’m gonna go to sleep myself. I hope we can run into each other again, maybe I’ll remember to put on some clothes next time.” He handed you the jacket, smiled, and walked towards the building.

You were kind of cold, so you put the jacket on and started walking towards the building too. It sort of smelled like his cologne. How could he remember to put on cologne but not pants? You laughed a little at the thought. You were still pretty tired and decided to go back to bed, with the sun barely coming through the window it was still too dark to see the mess you had left, so you tripped on a small round object. You grunted, got up and jumped into bed. It seemed weird, but you were more comfortable outside on his lap. You blamed it on the sleep deprivation and slowly went back to sleep.

Admin Skates & Admin Snapback

Cool news

“Kick the Tires and Light the Fires”, previously “Danger Zone” on AO3, aka SpaceTan, has been plotted and outlined. We’re doing this, y'all. Thanks to everyone who asked me to make it into a Thing rather than a one shot, it’s a-happenin’. Coming soon! x


Daniel Arsham’s “Kick The Tires & Light The Fires” Opening Reception.

This was really a last minute trip or lets just say I was planning on making it out to the opening reception, and got lucky to catch the last 45 minutes of it. An artist of the modern times, but really belongs in the future. Arsham’s work really blew my mind away, the quality & detail in his work is really phenomenal. A lot of the people who were there, were people who inspire me on a daily basis. It was an amazing to be in the same room as them & being able to exchange words with these creative people was what made this event special. If you have the time & are based out of LA or dont mind driving out to Oh-Wow Gallery I suggest you do. The Exhibit runs until May 3, enjoy.   

[ NCT 127 Comeback ] (i hope it's true)
  • Me outside: wow I'm so excited for this! I'm sure it's gonna be lit
  • *sighs* I hope everyone's going to stan this talented group
Independence Day Starters
  • Y'know, this was supposed to be my weekend off.
  • You gotta come down here with an attitude, actin' all big and bad.
  • And what the hell is that smell?!
  • I could've been at a barbecue! But I ain't mad.
  • Now that's what I call a close encounter.
  • You did not shoot that green shit at me!
  • Didn't I promise you fireworks?
  • It's the White House, for crying out loud. You can't just drive up and ring the bell.
  • All I'm saying is that they have people to handle these things. They want HBO, they'll call you.
  • If I knew I was going to meet the President, I would have worn a tie. I mean look at me, I-I look like a schlemiel!
  • In less than an hour, aircraft from here will join others from around the world, and you will be launching the largest aerial battle in the history of mankind.
  • Mankind. That word should have new meaning for all of us today.
  • We can't be consumed by our petty differences anymore. We will be united in our common interests
  • Perhaps it's fate that today is the Fourth of July, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom. Not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution… but from annihilation. We're fighting for our right to live. To exist. And should we win the day, the Fourth of July will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as the day when the world declared in one voice 'We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on! We're going to survive! Today we celebrate our Independence Day!'
  • Sir, I'm really anxious to get back to El Toro.
  • Hasn't anyone told you? El Toro has been completely destroyed.
  • I have a confession to make. I'm sleeping next to a beautiful young brunette.
  • You didn't let her stay up all night watching TV, did you?
  • Now what do we do?
  • Address the nation. There's gonna be a lot of frightened people out there
  • Just try and stay calm!
  • I'm just a little anxious to get up there and whup E.T.'s ass. That's all.
  • Let's kick the tires and light the fires, big daddy!
  • None of you did anything to prevent this!
  • There was nothing we could do! We were totally unprepared for this.
  • Regardless of what you may have read in the tabloids, there has never been any spacecraft recovered by our government. Take my word for it. There's no Area 51. There's no recovered spaceship
  • I don't understand, where does all this come from? How do you get funding for something like this?
  • I know there is much we can learn from each other, if we can negotiate a truce. We can find a way to co-exist.
  • Can there be a peace between us?