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Long Distance Love Jars.

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So, this was requested by @moonieraver and it is something I had already had the workings of written in my Google Docs. 

This is something that hits very close to home for me. My wife and I spent years in an international LDR (we met on Tumblr years ago, actually!) so I know the ups and the downs, the ins and the outs of LDRs. So while I don’t normally do requests anymore, I had this one mostly written and I can’t say no to something so close to my heart.

This can either be done when you are together physically, or over Skype (bc I know you live on FaceTime), whatever is best for the two of you! 

  • lavender - happiness
  • rosemary - love 
  • chamomile - balance 
  • thyme - courage
  • cedar chips/shavings - confidence in each other

Starting out, light a candle that you want to seal your jar with (if you want to seal it– you can use anything you can close up and wont spill these things out) and stating your intent. Imagine the flame and the heat spreading the intent through the candle.

Layer your ingredients, even maybe take time to talk to each other about how you see each layer manifesting itself in your relationship. You are welcome to include something of the other person’s as well in the jar, even if it is something that reminds you of them.

Close up your jar, seal it up if you are going to (I have an easy tutorial here if you need help!) You can also carve sigils into the wax or draw it on the jar if you would like to! 

If you feel like it ever needs a kick, don’t hesitate to stick in in the full moon light, I try to do this with any jars I am working with currently or want to keep using. 

Wishing you the best in this really tough situation– I know it sucks, it’s a long process and can definitely test any relationship. But I will say that any LDR I know that has worked out are the strongest couples I know. Magic is no replacement for commitment and hard work in a relationship, this just helps boost you along a bit easier. 

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Fem!Mint Yoongi feat. Unnecessary Space Background

* that’s toby.
* our lord and savior.

i wanted to recreate the toby worship “scene” from this monstrosity which i still think is funny i know im horrible

How to tell if I'm angry: age regression edition

*I’m mumbling under my breath
*Soft grrr’s
*Refusing to talk to you
*Loud No’s
*Crossing my arms and frowning
*Furious head shaking
*Angry crying
*Playful but harsh hitting
*Angry feet kicking
*Stomping my feet
*Sticking my tongue out at you
*I’m sucking on my pacifier harshly
*Harsh but cute glares
*I won’t let you touch me
*I’m whining excessively
*My hands are curled up into fists
*I call you things like “meanie” or “poopy”

//So my original plan fell through (as expected really, but points for trying) buuuuuut as you can see dearies, I AM BACK ONLINE AT LONG FUCKIN’ LAST.

I shall be hitting the inbox since old memes are lurking there & following that, taking a look at drafts/replies. Checking messages. Might do a fresh starter call for new followers. In the meantime I just wanted to do a very smol bias list; I’ve hit another amazing milestone & though methinks all of you got lost & really shouldn’t be here, you are. So thank you all so much & I love youuuuuse.

Okay, bias list commencing in no particular order - these precious amazing lil’ freakie-deakies are my forever loves & y’all seriously need to follow them right now. Quality right here, no joke. Here are my usual suspects, the ones I always come back to cuz they’re my babies. If I’ve forgotten anyone, blame me being too excited to be back on here to think straight atm

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@hexidecimal asked for the tabs for my version of Crystal Kingdom! I got my version by transposing the song down 5 semitones and then adjusting the progression a little to better fit the tone I wanted. I think these are the correct chords, but tbh I don’t play guitar and am used to picking out chords by ear. I actually didn’t realize until I tabbed this how much I unwittingly veered from the original progression. Oops. Pobody’s nerfect, etc.

Pulled from my home inside a cloud

Lost to the dark I drift alone

Now I’ve returned beyond the shroud

Ever to reign upon my throne

Here in my crystal kingdom (final “kingdom” is in B)

(For a straight up rendition of Griffin’s original, chordify has the correct chords, I believe)

“I hate when people don’t get Sangwoo and Yoonbum’s characters right in fanfiction. Sangwoo isn’t playful, he’s manipulative and a bully. Yoonbum isn’t a talkative smartass either; Bum is wary and talks when spoken to because he knows if he says something out of turn he’s going to get his ass kicked. If you can’t stick to this, label it as OOC before you post it, or get some die-hard fan to beta it.”

- Anonymous

NOT READY FOR BIRTH {Peter Quill X Reader}

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Fandom: Marvel,Guardians Of The Galaxy

Characters: Peter Quill,Gamora,Rocket Raccoon,Groot

Word Count: 258

Drabble friday: One where the reader is nine months pregnant and her water breaks during and Peter(Starlord/dad to baby) freaks out because they are in the middle of space and only Gamora doesn’t seem phased by it.

“BABY!” Rocket screams in surprise.

“What?” Peter peers round the corner to find what’s all the fuss about.

He sees you lying down on the floor,surrounded by blankets.”What is going on!?” He screams in sheer surprise.

“THE BABY!” You shriek at him whilst trying to maintain a breathing pace.

“WHAT?” Peter jumps in surprise.

Groot leans over to Peter for reassurance. “I am Groot!” Only to get pushed away by Peter.

“We are not ready for this! We are in the middle of frickin space!” Peter begins to panic.

“Well tough, it’s happening” Gamora walks past him,handing him more blankets.

Rocket bolts out of the room.”NO THE LITTLE RATS ON IT’S WAY!” The sound of glass smashing can be heard from the next room.

“I am Groot!” Groot hands Gamora a hot water bottle.

“WE ARE NOT READY!” Peter jumps around in a hurried panic.

“HONEY PLEASE!” You scream in pain as the baby contracts.

He runs over close to you.”What do I need to do?” You grab his hand and begin to squeeze to avert attention from the pain you’re in .

“Stay there.” You and Gamora say in unison, giggling after it being said.

“Just push.” Gamora instructs you,which you follow.

“Peter look away,and focus on the squeezing.” She tilts his head away from you.

“Hey I’ve saw that region you know,how do you think that baby was conceived?” Peter tries to turn back around,just to get a face kick from Gamora.

“Fine,I’ll stick to the squeezing.”

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I know Subaki is getting his butt kicked by Minerva but I don't care! I'll stay by his side and give him all the points I can give him so he can beat Minerva and... inevitably get his butt kicked by Camilla... I'LL STICK WITH HIM THOUGH DAMNIT!

Tsubaki’s army, please stick with this beautiful man till the end ;v; Put up a fight. Die standing up.

[day 21] i’m not dead yet!

with the end of the semester rapidly approaching, my classes have all turned up the heat and pressure. so! i promise that i will finish roinktober, even if it takes me another month. thank you all for your patience, and thanks for the birthday wishes as well!

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Can I please request something for friends Wally and Batsis with the line, "Kiss me once, for luck?" Also, how are you doing today?

Hi, sweets! Sorry if this took a while to post! It’s a tad bit short, methinks but nevertheless, hope you enjoy it regardless! Thank you for requesting! Also, I am feeling alright today! Finally going to work on the masterlist’s page~

“Kiss me once, for luck?” Wally asks you cheekily and you roll your eyes before pushing his face away from you, returning all of your attention back to the book you had been reading before Wally decides to conveniently disturb you.

He scoffs before lifting your legs from the sofa and sitting beside you, placing your legs on his lap instead. “seriously though, Y/N. You are one tough cookie.” He glances at you and you simply shrug your shoulders. “Just one kiss though, please?” Wally tries again, blinking his eyes a few times – he has seen Iris doing this to Barry and he used to think it was sad how Barry fell for it every single time but to think he has to stoop this low to try and get a kiss from you.

You shake your head once more. “Wally, we have been through this multiple times – I will not kiss you.” You tell him, peeking over your book to look at his down-trodden expression. You almost want to laugh out loud but you really did not want to rub salt over his injury. You lightly kick his hip and Wally sticks his tongue out at you. “Stop being annoying, Wally.”

Wally smacks your calf, causing you to kick his thigh. “You’re so mean, Y/N.”

You chuckle before going back to your book. You were almost finished with the book and you really cannot wait to find out what happened to the heroine. Wally switches on the television and gets comfortable on the sofa. The two of you have been best friends for the longest time, this isn’t really something new. The banter between the two of you always leave the two of you laughing and it’s just one of the ways of getting close.

The moment you finish the book, you set it aside and stare at Wally. “When is your event?” You ask him – you know Wally is pretty involved with his school’s sports’ festival and he has mentioned a couple of times how his class is relying on him to score some points in their basketball and street hockey matches. “Tomorrow right?” You ask for confirmation.

Wally groans at the reminder. “Yeah, tomorrow – are you going to come because you totally should.” He tells you and you shrug your shoulders once more. “Dick said he was going to drop by too so maybe you can go with him.”

You smile at the mention of your little brother. You let out a yawn before pulling your legs away from Wally’s and getting off the sofa. You stretch and drop your book beside Wally. He glances at you. You grin at him before quickly pressing a kiss on his cheek.

“That will have to do for tonight – I’m going to bed, Wally, lock the door when you leave later alright? I’ll give you a proper kiss tomorrow.” You say to him, enjoying the surprise look he has on his face and pat him on the head a few times before heading towards your bedroom, looking forward to tomorrow.

Outside, Wally is staring at your bedroom door before punching the air with his fist. “Yes!”

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