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can you draw vanessa in her dress from The Club?

shes here to look good and kick ass, and she already looks good

So I’ve binged through all SU seasons...

…and despite not liking some of the episodes I’m really glad I’ve waited till now to watch it all. Some shows you can appreciate only at a certain life stage and for me it was now - short before my 30th birthday. I lack balance in some situations - situations that shouldn’t shake me up much at my “adult age”…. this show was all about balance and peace. Especially episode “Mindful Education” rang a mighty bell… I’ve used to live my life in constant guilt about pretty much anything, it was so tiresome, so stressful…seeing Stevonie tackle it while the show wrapping the solution up in one sentence (“I’m here”) made me cry some real mantears.
And the characters are so lovable ♥ (my ultimate fav is probably Garnet)… The show might not be everyone’s cup of coffee, but I’ve personally enjoyed it lot.

Take good care and happy woman’s day ya all!

(pix drawn without reference so some mistakes included)


friendly PSA reminding everyone to go hug their local sewer demon

or not

sorry for my radio silence!! but!! i saw moana the night before opening day and it WAS AMAZING and i cried like four times including (especially) when lin manuel miranda started singing

it’s so gorgeous and i can’t praise it highly enough, please go see moana!!

((MAN TUMBLR RESOLUTIONS. AM I RIGHT?!! sorry i’ve just been trying to put this into a nice format for a while but i guess this is good enough.

here’s my pride and joy OC, Daisy the Demon in a full reference! <33))