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So I saw Dover Beach come up on a fic rec list, which was very welcome as it’s a favourite story of mine.  More to the point I have been trying to get the next chapter written in an attempt to kick-start my writing brain into gear.  It’s been slow-going, but I’m getting there!  

Here is a small preview of that chapter for anyone who’s vaguely interested (and can actually remember the story)!

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You may feel ok now, but it takes a hot minute for the adrenaline to wear off. Be careful. I'm glad you're ok. But keep an eye on your neck. Making out with the seat in front of you may have tweaked it without you realizing it. I've never made out with a seat, lol, but I've been in enough accidents to know that you feel fine at first. But in the days that come after you start to notice it may have done some damage. (It's been years but, oh God my back..) Again, so glad you're ok. ❤💛💚💙💜

Making out with the seat in front—TOTALLY NOT RECOMMENDED. Not how I imagined my first kiss to be like, but beggars can’t be choosers. XD

The thing is starting to kick in now actually. My head’s starting to hurt really bad now. My back’s been hurting for three weeks now so this is definitely not helping with my pain (i feel like i literally broke a bone in there somewhere)


Commissions are officially open for the time being in an attempt to earn some extra cash to cover some rather expensive but necessary upcoming appointments which I will be going no further into on social media other then ‘it’s not life threatening, but it’s still important’.

Commission List:

Also, to kick-start this, all additional “Little Worgen” Style commissions, after your first one, will get a discount of $5!

I have no idea how long these will stay open & there is no waiting / reserves list.

so I just finished the first Ever After High Book and I never thought I’d say this, but it’s even gayer than the cartoon.  Like maybe it’s being able to see into the character’s heads, but yeah it’s so much more.  Briar kisses Apple and the other girl’s cheeks several times, everyone gushes about each other’s looks, and Raven almost literally can’t stop calling Apple beautiful, or thinking about her curves, Hell the two of them go on a quest together and which really seems to kick start their best friend forever after two girl romance thing they’ve got going on

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I know you got into an accident today, and I know you walked away from it, but just make sure you didn't pull a muscle or hurt yourself because it'll definitely hurt tomorrow when you wake up (possibly, depending on any reaction you might've had to stop yourself). You might've had some adrenaline running through you, but people who get into accidents usually don't realize something is wrong until it's gone! Stay safe!

I know OTL I’m trying to contact my boss if I could leave and get myself checked up right now. slkdjfhksljdf Because damn things are starting to kick in now and I honestly don’t feel okay right now. 

And thank you!

Dear parents,

Nathan has been doing good in all his classes, except for VIDEOGAME CLASS! If he does not stay up all night playing video games, he will get kicked out of school!!! Start letting him stay up all night, & start tonight! He can play anything, computer, Wii, ipod, ipad, phone & any other elecktronick.


The school

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so apparently femshep’s official height is 5′3″, and garrus’ is 7′. that’s a height difference of a whopping 21 inches. I’m honestly so disappointed that this isn’t addressed in-game because you just know he’d absolutely rip the piss out of her for it 

“hey shep I’m pretty sure alliance regulations say that anyone under 5′7″ has to use a booster seat in the mako…” 

garrus…kiss ur tiny angry girlfriend before she decks you…

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can you draw vanessa in her dress from The Club?

shes here to look good and kick ass, and she already looks good

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Do you know any Drarry fics with Harry or Draco being an animagus?

Do I know any animagus fics? BOI I LIVE FOR THEM!! They’re my absolute favourite trope ever and I’m so excited and happy that you requested this because I can now unleash the mass of animagus stories I’ve been accumulating in my archive.


  • Between A Tiger and A Stag - by Copper Vixen (65k)
    Can six illegal animagi survive the Forbidden Forest, Death Eater attacks, and each other?
    (This was the first animagus story I ever read and it brought upon my love for the whole trope! The writing and words are so mesmerising and beautiful. I think I fell more in love with the story because it wasn’t just one character that was an animagus, but 6 (Harry, Hermione, Ron, Draco, Pansy and Blaise). The fic was left on a bittersweet ending which I found marvellous. Honestly, my words can’t do it justice, this story was just fabulous)

  • Where’s Granger When You Need Her? - by playout (11k)
    Hogwarts’ Potions Master is working on an experimental brew. He really should know better than to turn his back on an unstable potion. Now if only there were someone in the castle who could help…
    (This fic was amazing because Draco is a FERRET! Yes, that’s right. A ferret. What more do I need to say? :D)

  • Secret Heart - by alaana_fair (4k)
    Draco had long ago admitted to himself that he’d fallen in love with the tiger, but he still refused to admit that he’d fallen in love with the man. That admission would simply cost too much.
    (Gahhh I adored this fic! Harry’s animagus form is a tiger, but he has difficulty changing back to a human. So each time Harry transforms, he is sent off to Draco Malfoy who happens to be the only other tiger animagi in the UK. But omg plot twist, when he turns back into a human Harry never remembers what happened when he stays over with Draco. or does he? You’ll have to read to find out! :D)

  • A Panther’s Heart - by Copper Vixen (80k)
    Harry gets caught while in his animagus form and is purchased to be a familiar to his worst enemy.
    (By his father’s wishes, Draco is bonded to a familiar…it ends up being Harry in his animagus form)

  • Fur and Feathers - by Lomonaaeren (4k)
    Lucius thinks Harry and Draco’s desires are as incompatible as their Animagus forms. It takes a momentary glimpse to change his mind
    (Narcissa is dying. Draco and Harry constantly fight and Lucius is confused about their temptestuous relationship)

  • The Kitten Prince of Slytherin - by thenerd1026 (10k)
    Draco’s animagus form is a Kneazle. A baby Kneazle. When he gets stuck in Kneazle form, guess who takes him in?
    (OMG SOOO cute and flufy! I loved how expressive and Draco-ish Draco was as a kneazle. I loved all the sweet moments Harry and kitten!Draco shared together. And I especially loved Harry calling Draco ‘Blondie’ while he was a kitten)

  • Hissy Fit - by dysonrules (28k)
    Harry is an under-utilized Auror and Draco is an auditor for Gringotts. He lives to torment the Ministry and, of course, Harry Potter. He is also a Registered Animagus.
    (Hilarious and fun! It’s where Draco helps Harry on one of his auror missions by transforming into his animagus form - a snake. The banter between Harry and Draco is amazing and you’ll probably suffer from a cuteness overload while reading this story)

  • Dragons With Silver Linings (or Harry Potter is a Treasure) - by megyal (9k)
    Harry is living a life most ordinary; maybe a dragon can shake things up.
    (Harry works at Gringotts in retribution for stealing the dragon during the war. He didn’t expect to see Malfoy, as a dragon, guarding vaults. Sexy times ensue)

  • Please, Not a Ferret - by Elfflame (0.8k)
    Draco’s about to find out what his animagus form is.
    (And he prays that his animagus form isn’t a ferret)

  • The Wolf Pack - by HowDracoGotHisGrooveBack (14k)
    Nobody said achieving your animagus form was easy. Draco could handle being a wolf pup for a while, right? How bad could it be?
    (A story where two wolves regularly meet in the Forbidden Forest, yet neither of them know that the other is an animagus. Love, love, loved reading this story!)

  • Flight of the Draco Malfoy - by zionsstarfish (2k)
    The seventh years try their hands at Animagus Transfiguration.
    (Such a charming story! I loved how Harry is a Snidget because it’s just so unconventional and unique (if ya’ll don’t know what a Snidget is, it’s basically a a puffy little golden bird that was used in Quidditch, but they replaced it with the Snitch)) 

  • Unexpected, A Holiday Tail of Mistaken Identity - by amightypenguin (25k)
    After an accident involving a two year old and a wand, Harry much to his dismay is sent to Draco, who believes he’s caring for a pet. A large pet with a bad attitude.
    (DRACO IS THE MOST PRECIOUS AND LOVELY HUMAN BEING IN THIS STORY!!!! Like oh my god guys he’s the absolute sweetest, caring for injured horses (magical and non-magical) and goofing around with a Newfoundland and falling in love with its bumbling and adorable antics (but little does Draco know that the Newfoundland is actually Harry. shhhh))

  • The Kneazle Who Came for Christmas - by enchanted_jae (7k)
    Banished from his home during the holiday season with only his wand and the clothes he’s wearing, Draco has no choice but to take on his Animagus form and hope someone will take him in.
    (I was squeeling at how adorable Kneazle!Draco is. The little domestic snapshots between Kneazle!Draco and Harry were lovely and it was just such a fun story to read!)

  • The Owl Who Came for Christmas - by dracogotgame (17k)
    Draco has a debt to pay off, no matter what Potter thinks. And he has a Very Good Idea to go along with it. Things don’t go as planned.
    (A really nice, feel good story! Draco is definitely my favourite owl (soz Hedwig) and I love how happy Draco made Harry while he was in owl form)

  • Things That Seem - by Maeglin Yedi
    A potion gone wrong. A desperate wish. A new future. And a…horse?
    (A potions accident causes Harry to wake up in an alternate reality where he’s a horse animagus and currently dating Draco Malfoy?? And the ending, oh god the ending is what made me love this story even more because it just ties everything together)

  • The Haumiaroa Magical Society for the Conservation of Indigenous Wildlife - by  musamihi (15k)
    Harry escapes to New Zealand in search of privacy and relaxation, only to find himself caring for an injured (and ungrateful) kiwi chick. After releasing the bird into the wild, he’s more than a little surprised to find it waiting for him when he arrives in Peru for the second part of his vacation – and to discover that it can spell. Poorly.
    (Tired of being in the spotlight, Harry escapes to NZ and stumbles across (lol, he more collided than stumbled) a kiwi. I couldn’t help but grin at Kiwi!Draco’s poor attempt at spelling :D Lovely fic!)

  • He Was He and I Was Bunny - by bryoneybrynn (37k)
    The war is over and “eighth year” is about to begin at Hogwarts. But for Harry and Draco, nothing is quite the same. Harry’s looking for an escape, Draco’s looking for a friend. Does a little black bunny hold the answers for both of our boys?
    (Ahh this fic is one of my all time favourites! Bunny!Harry is so adorable, and I loved how Draco was able to relax and be himself around Bunny!Harry. But then the drama starts kicking in when Draco realises that the little Bunny he’s been caring for his Harry all along and arrggh, I won’t spoil anything more but this story is a must read!)

  • all you ever did was wreck me - by SailorChibi (10k)
    After the war, the Ministry decides to make a clean go of it and sentences all Death Eaters to death. After a year spent imprisoned beneath the Ministry, with his mother safely in France, his father dead and only the Aurors who hate him for “company”, Draco is waiting for his time to die.Harry gets to him first.
    (I burst into hysterics when I read that Harry was a ferret animagus - honestly, that’s the most ironic thing I’ve ever seen. A lovely story and definitely wants me wishing for more!)

  • Love Isn’t Easy - by Bam4Me (5k)
    The thing about letting someone find their animagus so early in life, is that it’s no longer an extension of yourself, it’s like telling your child to choose between human, and not.
    (This was awesome! Kitten!Harry is adorable and it’ll leave you smiling for days. And I loved that Harry communicated to Draco through legilimency while he was in this form)

  • Ain’t No Friend Of Mine - by (lettered) (33k)
    Draco has to face the truth of who he is. The truth has long hair and slobbers.
    (A captivating piece of work! I lived for snarky Draco and and his portrayal as a dog. The non-linear timeline worked really well. And the inner turmoil within Harry was so realistic and credible)

  • Endangered Familiar - by ravenpan (8k)
    After the war, all he wanted was some peace and quiet. What he got, was a penguin that brought the exact opposite
    (One of the most beautifully written fanfictions I have ever read! I loved how despite being a very cute and, in general, lighthearted fic, there was also a more emotional and serious side to it as well)

  • Wascally - by dysonrules (6k)
    Draco finds an ickle wounded birdy in the forest…
    (Sweet, funny and sexy! In which Draco finds a white dove in the Forbidden Forest and names it Harry…Oh if only Draco knew how ironic that name was)

  • Blind Faith - by SunseticMonster (21k)
    Don’t think of it as losing your sight. Think of it as gaining an Animagus who never quite learned the meaning of the word ‘boundaries’.
    (This story can never get enough hearts <333 Draco has been temporarily blinded from an attack in Diagon Alley. It’s now up to a friendly dog *cough*Harry*cough* to help guide him and investigate into the attack)

Autistic Cassian with hyperempathy, who hates killing with every inch of his being but does it anyway because he believes it will help his cause, and because he has his orders and he has to follow them. Whose best friend is a droid because it’s less social rules to fuss about and because K2 gets him in a way that not many others do. 

Autistic Jyn whose facial expressions don’t always come across the way she wants them to and who gets shit for being uncaring but who just has a natural flat effect. Who has a hard time getting along with other people and she can’t tell if it’s just the way she is or if it’s a side effect from being left alone so many times in the past. 

Autistic Bodhi who is very prone to shut downs and who has an awful time with verbal communication because he stutters and slurs and has a general hard time getting words out. Who has a special interest in ships and piloting that becomes an even more predominate part of his identity after the Bor Gullet. 

Autistic Chirrut who stims with echolalia and his staff. Who has mastered biting sarcasm but who still has days where the only thing he can say is “I am one with the force; the force is with me”. Who likes to sit around and braid Baze’s hair and listen to the other man talk about different kinds of blasters, sometimes for hours at a time.  

Autistic Baze who gets Chirrut to sit on his lap for those good pressure stims. Who tends to speak as little as possible to conserve energy but who always has the words to talk to Chirrut. Who always has on his heavy armor and carries his blaster because they have a good weight and the reassurance of protection should the need arise

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what are ur top 5 myan moments brah

I tried to narrow it down to five… couldn’t, so here lmao it’s a top ten instead (though they’re not necessarily in any particular order anyway so whatever):

  1. Play Pals - Badland (the whole game and commentary is super cute and relaxing which is what i love about team crazy mad let’s plays)
  2. The Peach Moonshine Incident
  3. “Fuck you. Did I pronounce that right?” (actual clip from Cloudberry Kingdom part 8) - Michael being Ryan’s hype man to shit on Gavin is so fucking funny. 
  4. Immersion: Space Invaders (good Immersion episode in general but more importantly they were both radiantly beautiful and i have a thing for jumpsuits okay let me live)
  5. and of course:  “I have absolutely been to lunch with Ryan”
  6. The OG Play Pals - Capsized (again - i love how much calmer michael is when he plays games with ryan compared to other people. even when ryan puts them into situations that you know michael would have yelled at gavin or geoff for he’s so gentle with ryan?? i live for that)
  7. Also the let’s play Star Trek series… I can just name the whole series right? Again, very chill, very spacey, very Kirk-Spock-Spock-Kirk.
  8. Also that one Off Topic episode where Michael and Ryan went off into some in-depth conversation about anime and left Geoff and Gavin in the dust lmao
  9. Also that one time Michael and Ryan (well mostly Michael) did a Facebook livestream because there was no one else in the office which I in turn provided livestream commentary for here.
  10. And finally, any time Michael screams “RY-YAN” because that’s hilarious he sounds so angry and i love them both so much.