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☾ - sleep headcanon for Inigo/Laslow

☾ - sleep headcanon

When Inigo was a child, he would sleep in the same bed as his parents from time to time.

And he would roll and kick around in his sleep. Olivia assumed it was because his body was urging more dance time. His father was just annoyed over getting either kicked in the groin or pushed off the bed.

He grew out of it when he was older and now sleeps like a log. He does, however, become restless when he is not entirely in a deep sleep. He would get less and less sleep as Xander’s retainer and the kicking would start again, much to his spouse’s displeasure.

WE MADE IT TO 1.5K!! This definitely helped kick start my morning! I just wanna say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!! You all have a special place in my heart <3

Thank you to my biggest fans @definitlynotu, @assassinsasha23, @goravenposts, and @fallenangeldanielle!!

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You can send it one word Prompts. I’ve done these before (Dean’s Blanket)

You can send in:

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  • Supernatural: Sam, Dean, Castiel, Gabriel, Lucifer, Balthazar, Samandriel, Crowley, Chuck, Benny, Michael (almost forgot this dude)
  • NCIS/NOLA: Pride, Gibbs, Tony, LaSalle, McGee
  • Star Trek Enterprise: Archer and Trip
  • Quantum Leap: Sam Beckett

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  • A color, a feeling, a place, an object, a food, an item in your room, basically anything can work! Just keep in mind that I have to write a drabble about it <3

I still have a bunch of drabbles from my previous celebration, so I might have to limit myself lol. But you can totally send them in <3 <3 Thank you again, to all of you. <3 <3

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so one of the things i’m doing to kick start this whole ~becoming a teacher~ thing is taking a grad class called “teaching social studies to young children” and i truly love it and also love the professor i have. he sent out a bunch of links to different educational resources for our lesson plans, including a couple that he labeled as being “more social history/less traditional/more focused on challenging status quo and getting kids to ask good historical questions” and includes articles such as

and my personal favorite

and i know there’s a lot of things to feel really shitty about right now re: america, and i am feeling them too, but it gives me small comfort to think that there are teachers out there who are willing to teach this kind of content and teach kids that they should challenge the whitewashing of history, and there are those at institutions training teachers to be the kinds of teachers that encourage students to challenge the status quo, and there are resources and a support system out there for teachers who want to teach these lessons. and i know it’s not much and for every teacher who does a lesson on george washington’s slaves there’s probably another who is teaching the cherry tree story as historical fact, but the idea that we have this power and ability to shape culture and there are people who are working to do that with elementary school kids gave me a lil bit of hope for the future

also he ended our assignment this week with this

a new family moved into the apartment below mine and they have the World’s Worst Child™ that just fucking SCREAMS whenever they want something/they’re denied something/they’re fucking bored.

what’s worse is that when the parent wants to teach that hell child a lesson they take them outside and LEAVE THEM THERE. they fucking LOCK the front door and let the child kick and scream in the middle of the apartment hallway.

the old lady down the way has called security on the family (twice) but they couldn’t do anything about the screeching wunderkind because 1) the child isn’t being abused (thank goodness) and 2) the child is never left out past 8pm so they’re not breaking any rules (okay that’s bullshit)

it’s gotten to the point where the kid has started kicking the doors of OTHER apartments and holy shit it’s all such a mess what the hell do i do???

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I apologise for confusing you earlier, what I meant is are you the leader of your group? Or the Second in Command? Or the Brains? Or the Brute force? If you don't know that's fine Miss :)

OH. Tier roles, so to speak. Often times I’d like to say I take a second in command type role. I’m the one that figures things out often times, helps people with some sagely advice, relays info, or kick starts things for us to do. I’m also empathetic as HELL and it’s usually my Achilles heel.

@doctor-stein SOMEHOW always ends up as the ringleader with our rag-tag groups, I have -yet- to figure out why. Everyone always seems intimidated by him when he’s really just a giant pushover fluffy kitty cat deep down.

I would say @theumbratumbla is our brute force bitch. (<33) Umbra rolls with anything and everything, but won’t hesitate to tell you like it is if need be. I like to bounce opinions off her to see what I get back in return. Good for a chat!

@raventuk Is our hardcore feelings advisor, peacemaker, screaming until midnight mofo. Quiet spoken and a goofball. Louis is often one of the first ones to crack a joke when the discord gets too quiet for too long, usually via images.

@hedjerps Seems to be the resident SPOOPY SCARY SKELETON. CODE RED.

@biologicallybreak Is what I’d call the ‘Deep Discussionist’. They very much like to chat about meaningful things or have big discussions. WIth a little silly on the side like amusing me with pokemon shenanigans.

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Eating 3 meals a day with snacks in between will make you lose weight so much faster love. You don't have to eat huge portions but you at least need to eat at a consistent rate. When you do this, your metabolism kicks up and you start to lose weight like that. Trust me. I just got out of a ward so I understand where you're coming from. But what you're doing will not help you in the long term. You're just gonna gain it all back, trust me. Go see a nutritionist okay? They'll help you so much 💕

Actually it helped me more to eat just one meal. 3 are too much for my stomach and my tummy starts hurting. I prefer to starve a bit but also to eat healthy and with a lot of good proteins.

so apparently femshep’s official height is 5′3″, and garrus’ is 7′. that’s a height difference of a whopping 21 inches. I’m honestly so disappointed that this isn’t addressed in-game because you just know he’d absolutely rip the piss out of her for it 

“hey shep I’m pretty sure alliance regulations say that anyone under 5′7″ has to use a booster seat in the mako…” 

garrus…kiss ur tiny angry girlfriend before she decks you…

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can you draw vanessa in her dress from The Club?

shes here to look good and kick ass, and she already looks good

Autistic Cassian with hyperempathy, who hates killing with every inch of his being but does it anyway because he believes it will help his cause, and because he has his orders and he has to follow them. Whose best friend is a droid because it’s less social rules to fuss about and because K2 gets him in a way that not many others do. 

Autistic Jyn whose facial expressions don’t always come across the way she wants them to and who gets shit for being uncaring but who just has a natural flat effect. Who has a hard time getting along with other people and she can’t tell if it’s just the way she is or if it’s a side effect from being left alone so many times in the past. 

Autistic Bodhi who is very prone to shut downs and who has an awful time with verbal communication because he stutters and slurs and has a general hard time getting words out. Who has a special interest in ships and piloting that becomes an even more predominate part of his identity after the Bor Gullet. 

Autistic Chirrut who stims with echolalia and his staff. Who has mastered biting sarcasm but who still has days where the only thing he can say is “I am one with the force; the force is with me”. Who likes to sit around and braid Baze’s hair and listen to the other man talk about different kinds of blasters, sometimes for hours at a time.  

Autistic Baze who gets Chirrut to sit on his lap for those good pressure stims. Who tends to speak as little as possible to conserve energy but who always has the words to talk to Chirrut. Who always has on his heavy armor and carries his blaster because they have a good weight and the reassurance of protection should the need arise


Your work has been a gift to mankind. You shaped the century.

  • Hyde: You have feelings for me??
  • Licht: Yeah... But it's kinda disrupting my whole heartless bitch vibe, so I dunno.