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Assistant to the Captain pt. 11

Prompt: Natasha convinced Steve he needs an assistant even though he’s convinced he can do it all himself. He gives in and that’s where you come in.

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1357

Warnings: slow burn, language, alcohol, cheating, sexual content (i mean sorta but not really? but i’ll put that here anyway.)

A/N: i know i posted a part of table for three today but i love you guys SO MUCH you can have this also (: tags are closed.
happy reading (:

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Part 10


You stood in the doorway, staring at Derek. He looked pathetic. Again, his hair wasn’t done. He wasn’t in a suit and tie. It was actually a little comical to you. There was no way he was serious. What else could he possibly have to say? You had said it all. There was nothing else you wanted from him. You had gotten your closure. You were in the process of moving on, a very hot and steamy process if you were honest. You wanted to get back to that. “You should leave.” You nodded as your jaw tensed.

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Better This Way (Chapter Seven)

Man this chapter is rough. Also, Trigger Warning– at the end of the chapter Wade mentions/implies past attempts at suicide. It’s nothing graphic, it’s like two lines just be careful, alright?

I am fully prepared for you guys to yell at me for this one.


Tissues, guys. Grab them.

Peter wasn’t waiting on their usual roof top for patrol the next night, but it only took Wade about half an hour to find him, tracking the hero down by following the sirens towards the other side of town.

“Spidey!” He yelled and dropped into the middle of what was basically a brawl as Spider Man tried to help the police corral what had started as a disagreement at a soccer game and spilled out onto the street as a full fledged riot. “Why didn’t you call me if you were having this much fun?’

Peter yelled something back that Wade didn’t quite catch, but he was too busy subduing rioters, complaining to himself about how much easier this had all been back when nobody cared if he killed people. But noooo if he wanted to be anything close to a hero, and not on Spideys or the Avengers shit list,  he had to use non-lethal methods, so Wade just started clocking people as they came at him, flattening them with a punch, then zip tieing them to whichever pole or chunk of fence or parking meter he came across.

Peter was throwing webs at people, their hands, their feet, whatever it took to get them down and out of the riot as the police eventually started making headway in rounding everyone up.

Finally it was just Wade and Peter left in front of the soccer arena, the last few police cruisers pulling away with their prisoners, news vans leaving the scene now that the excitement was over.

“Thank you!” Several police officers called as they headed out, honking their horns or flashing their lights in thanks and even though Wade waved back–always surprisingly thrilled when the law enforcement was cheering for him, not yelling at him– Peter didn’t wave at all.

In fact, the minute the parking lot was empty, the second Wade turned to Peter to say something–

–Peter shot a pile of webbing at him, knocking him into the wall and leaving him stuck, several inches of web plastered over his waist and up his chest, keeping him completely immobile.

“Uh Spidey—”

“Don’t fucking talk to me.” Peter snarled, and jerked around to leave, shooting away into the air and leaving Wade trussed up and helpless against the arena wall.

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Ties That Bind Us

Part 4:

It had been a week since Lance had learnt of his Altean heritage when the first marks arrived.
At first Lance assumed Pidge had drawn on his face while he slept because freckles that blue just didn’t exist.
“Ok Pidge very funny.” Lance laughed walking into the kitchen.
Everyone stared at him then Pidge who looked as confused as the rest of them.
“Lance I didn’t do that.”
Lance stared at her for a moment, thanks to growing up in a big family he knew when he was being lied to, and this was not the case.
“So who drew on my face then?” Lance asked picking up a spoon to examine his reflection.
There was about a dozen neon blue dots scattered across his nose ranging in size to a pin tip in smallest and the largest no bigger then a mole.
He rubbed at the marks as though he could wipe them away.
“No one drew on you Lance.” Allura said with a strange tone.
She had her hands clasped to her chest and was smiling like someone had just given her a puppy.
“Then what? Alien chicken pox?” Lance asked placing the spoon down.
“No… it is not a disease, it is something all young Alteans go through when they come of age. It is a signal that you are now 18 and there for an adult in Altean society.” Allura smiled at him “happy birthday Lance.”
Lance stared at her in surprise, he had known he had a birthday coming up, he just hadn’t realised they had been in space quite so long. He couldn’t help but wonder what his Mama was doing right now…
“Ah dude I completely forgot about your birthday!” Hunk scooped him up in a big bear hug that saved Lance from the downward spiral he was headed.
“So he turns 18 and he gets a few freckles?” Shiro asked already making a mental note to talk to the others about surprising Lance later with a party.
“Not exactly. See the marks are only start, I suspect you’ll take after your farther, his cheeks and nose were covered with the marks of the stars.”
“Coran mentioned them… something about destiny?” Lance asked.
“That’s true my boy. The marks of the stars mean your destined for adventure, to pilot. Essentially the marks mean you are a true paladin of voltron.
Lance smiled.
He was meant for blue and she was meant for him.
He was so busy that he almost missed what else he was in for.
“Of course your hair will change too.” Allura added.
“And your ears once shape shifting kicks in.” Coran smiled proudly.
“Wait what…” Lance blinked looking between to two.
“Oh and we can’t forget about the dizzies” Allura giggled.
“Wait WHAT!”

In The Night - (Newt Scamander x Reader)

(A/N: Here it is, the long awaited smut! Hopefully it isn’t too bad. :p)



Newt closed his notebook with a sigh, and stretched. Feeling his back pop, he allowed himself to slouch down and just rest for a moment. Outside, black and grey clouds sat overhead. A lone seagull flew by, heading inland, obviously sensing the incoming rainstorm. It had been sprinkling lightly earlier, and streams of rainwater trickled down the street below, illuminated only by the glowing yellow light of the streetlamps. Everything was quiet, both inside and out, and Newt glanced up at the clock. It’s finely crafted iron hands told him it was ten o’clock at night.

Slowly standing up from the chair and feeling the stiffness in his legs, Newt made his way to the bedroom that he shared with you. Trying hard to be quiet, he entered the room to find the light still on. Looking around, he didn’t see you. Before long his eyes fell on his slightly battered suitcase and he smiled. Unsnapping and opening the lid, he clambered down the stairs and emerged into the lopsided wooden shack that held all his belongings. There, curled up on his worn cot in the corner, was you. You had a peaceful smile on your sleeping face, and the Niffler was curled up in your arms.

Standing over you, and looking down at your face, Newt felt a smile creep onto his own lips. You looked so beautiful he found himself realizing as he knelt beside the cot. His eyes traced your features, only flicking down to the Niffler when it let out a rather loud snore and snuffle. Pursing his lips at it, he ran a hand through his messy hair and shook his head.

You murmured something in your sleep, drawing his attention back to you. Slowly, he raised his hand and stroked your cheek. “You’re so beautiful.” He whispered, fascinated. He had known that you were a very close friend, but it was just now dawning on him what that funny feeling in his stomach that he always had when he thought of you was. Fingers still resting on your cheek, your eyes flickered open.

Newt froze, watching in dismay as you slowly realized what had happened. “Newt?” Your voice was quiet, still full of sleep. “What are you doing? I thought you were working on your book.”

“I-“ He swallowed. “I finished.” A light nervous sweat broke out on his forehead, and he tried to work up the courage to explain exactly why he was petting your face while you slept.

“Hm.” You hummed contentedly, leaning into his hand. Still too drowsy to grasp the gravity of the situation, you smiled up at him.

“Y/n, there’s something I need to tell you.” Newt didn’t even stumble over his words he was so focused, staring intently at the cracked wooden wall behind your head.

“Hm?” Looking into his eyes now, he could see a spark of curiosity in them.

“I love you.” He whispered, a flush spreading from his forehead down to his neck. Still he stared at the wall, unsure of what your reaction would be.

“Oh Newt…” You placed one of your hands over his own. “I love you too, you dork.” Reaching up with your other hand you grasped his shirt and pulled him down for a kiss. You could feel him leaning into the kiss, his other hand creeping up to hold your face gently, like it was a fragile piece of crystal. Shifting in the kiss so you were sitting up, Newt pulled back and you could see his eyes flick down to the low neck of your nightshirt. Blushing, you moved your hands up to his shoulders and massaged them softly.

Newt blushed, feeling as your wandering hands began to unbutton the front of his white shirt. “Are- Are you sure?” He asked, his own hands still on your face. Seeing your nod, he hesitantly leaned in and placed a kiss on your neck. It was short, more like a peck, but it still sent a thrill running through you.

Reaching the last button on his shirt, you slid it off his shoulders. “You never told me about your scars.” You whisper, gazing at the web of dark scars that lined his torso.

“I have to deal with creatures bigger than the Bowtruckles, love.” Newt returned, setting the shirt down on the floor beside the cot and (not so) subtly flexing his muscles while doing so. Catching this, you giggled and hung your head, trying not to embarrass him. With a sheepish smile, Newt straightened up and fingered the buttons on your own shirt.

“Have you done this before?” You blurted out before you could stop yourself, immediately turning a violent shade of red.

Newt cleared his throat loudly and continued to absently fiddle with your collar. “Ahem. Well, er- I mean- Yes.” It was his turn to turn red now, before he decided to change the subject by leaning in for another kiss. This was passionate, he nipped at your bottom lip as he began to unbutton your shirt. One of your hands fisted in his hair while the other danced over his chest, tracing swirls and intricate designs.

Humming at your touch, Newt broke the kiss. Gasping for air, your cheeks still flushed, you looked at him and let out a breathless laugh. “Hold on.” He wrapped an arm around you.

The world seemed to turn upside down, and you were lying on the grass under an enchanted night sky. “Are we still in the case?” You asked breathlessly, as he pulled you on top of him.

“Yes. Do you like it?” Another wave of uncertainty seemed to wash over Newt as he rested his hands on your hips.

“Oh, I love it!” You smiled, sitting up and bracing yourself with your hands on his chest.

His eyes drawn to your now exposed chest, Newt sat up, careful not to tip you off. Nestling his face into the crook of your neck, he bit down gently and immediately soothed the slight pain with a kiss. He continued this trail down your neck and collarbone to your chest. Letting out a whimper, you let your eyes close and your head fall back. Hands clutching at his bare back, you let the feelings consume you.

His fingers were fumbling with your bra now, and you had to reach behind and help him. “It’s alright, sometimes I can’t do it either.” You let out a breathy laugh and left a light kiss on his lips.

With a chuckle, Newt slid the article of clothing down your arms. It landed somewhere in the grass, and you bit your lip. Then he was cupping your breasts, and your breath hitched. Using his thumb to flick one of your nipples, his mouth was on the other. You tried to choke back a moan, tangling your fingers into his hair and pulling him back up to kiss you. “Your turn now.” You whispered against his lips.

Pushing him back so he was lying down, you rolled him over. Locking your lips against his once more, you could feel his moan when your hips brushed up against his erection. “Please.” He whispered, moving his hands down to frantically fumble with your skirt.

“Patience…” You whispered back, brushing your hand tantalizingly up against the obvious bulge in his pants. Hearing his strangled groan, you took mercy on him and fiddled with his belt. “Help?” You had to ask, much to your embarrassment.

With a smile, he obliged and guided your hands back down to the waistband of his trousers. Your hands froze when he pulled down your skirt, one long finger rubbing against your clit. Whimpering, you managed to pull down his pants. Kicking them off, Newt shifted on top off you so his knees were on either side of your hips. Cradling your head in his arms, he kissed up your neck. “Ready?” His voice was a hoarse shadow of its former self, pupils dilated.

You nodded, abandoning foreplay in the heat and excitement of the moment. Feeling him slowly slide into you, you braced yourself for the pain that never came. “Alright?” He asked against your lips.

“Perfect.” You tilted your head to the side and nipped the side of his neck. It felt… strange. But good. Reaching behind your neck, you grasped his wrist and led his hand down to your clit. “Please?” You whimpered, needing more.

Slowly drawing back out of you, Newt snapped his hips and moaned, head falling down onto your shoulder. “Merlin, you feel wonderful.”

The two of your bodies seemed to join into one in a fluid dance. Skin slid across skin, shining with sweat under the light of the enchanted stars above. Hours seemed to pass, filled with the haze of pleasure that is making love.

After it was all over, the two of you lay together in the grass, arms still wrapped around each other. “I love you.” Newt said for the second time that evening, kissing the top of your head tiredly.

“Love you too.” You murmured, resting your head on his chest.

Outside the case, the night went on. Inside, two people deep in love fell asleep side by side.

Deal (Optional Bias)

request: no request, my thoughts were just wandering

genre: fluff

word count: 337

author’s note: so i was daydreaming and i came up with this? idk it’s similar to other scenarios on tumblr, but i wanted to write my own version.

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Hunted {BTS Mafia!au}

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3

Pairing: Yoongi x reader
Genre: BTS mafia au
Warning: angst, smut (at some point), violence, mentions of prostitution/drugs, swearing, other dark themes I can’t think of right now

Writer: Bom

Word count: 1629

Originally posted by emmareader


Y/n wakes up in the head quarters of M.A.D, briefly confronting Jungkook. And finally coming face to face with the handsome leader of M.A.D, Min Yoongi. But can Y/n piece together why Yoongi wanted her so badly?

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Eddic Poem

Scully knows this is a dream, that she’s lying in a bed at Bethesda Naval Hospital and not the supply closet of the Icy Cape compound but it feels so real. It feels like Mulder is actually pushing her against the wall, his cold fingers undoing her fly before shoving her pants to her knees.

The date is March fourteenth, nineteen ninety-five but in her mind, it’s two years in the past. She’s known Mulder for a while now but he’s still a mystery to her. There’s a space between them, a professional boundary that her abduction smashed and despite the fact he’s parting the lips of her cunt, she feels it. He may be preparing her for a bruising fuck but this is not personal.

Or maybe it’s just the worm in his neck.
In reality, Mulder was never infected but in Scully’s dream, a worm has taken residence in his spinal cord, turning him aggressive, primal. He takes her from behind. How appropriately animalistic.

The noises he makes as he pounds into her are disturbing. They’re not the sounds of a man in throes of coitus but those of a dying creature. He alternates between grunts, whines and moans while he paws at her breasts. Scully stays silent.

The waking part of her brain realizes sex this way is impossible. Mulder is too tall, he can’t fuck standing up without the assistance of a stool. The part that created this fever dream notices how alike Fantasy Mulder and Daniel are.
Scully tries to wiggle free but his hands fall to her hips and slams her hard against the wall.

“Don’t. Move.”

Even his voice sounds like Daniel’s. Clear and loud unlike Mulder’s husky mumbling. Real life Mulder would say something Freudian. Daniel, worm-infested Mulder grabs her neck.

Like second nature, her training from the academy kicks in. She shifts her weight and swings her elbow back, breaking Mulder’s hold. He staggers and she kicks him in the knee, sending him to the floor in a flail of limbs.

Scully can finally see the worm in his neck. It crawls beneath his dermis, moving upwards to his head guided by the notches of Mulder’s spine. She watches it wiggle its way underneath the c1 vertebrae.

Mulder’s angry face relaxes in an instant. In fact, his whole body—including his sphincters—go limp and he sags to the ground. His eyes cloud over and Scully, the forensic pathologist knows that her partner has just died.

She kneels beside him, the cold making her naked legs shiver and touches his chest. The last gasp of air trapped in his lungs leaks free in a tortured groan.


Scully startles from her reverie and the closet morphs into a hospital room, the wooden planks to off-white tile and the howling arctic storm to the beeping of monitors.

Worm-infested Mulder to radically aged Mulder.

He’s sitting next to her bed, arguing with a nurse. An IV is attached to his arm and when Scully tries to sit up, she realizes she has one too. The needle pinches when she moves.

“Hey there, Sleeping Princess,” Mulder says with a kiss to her wrinkled hand. He looks good after only a day of treatment. A few more rounds of potassium iodine and Prussian Blue should get him back to his handsome self.

“Beauty,” the nurse’s snaps. “It’s Sleeping Beauty.”

“Who the hell cares, Karen?” He leans in closer and whispers, “she kinda hates me because I won’t stay in bed but a man needs his freedom, y’know?”

Karen huffs and throws her hands in the air. “Fine but don’t sue me if you pass out and get a concussion.”

After she leaves, Scully chuckles and touches his cheek. Aging skin loses its elasticity and grows thin because of a process called elastosis. She watched the laugh lines on her mother’s face grow over the course of thirty years. Now she has the same chance with Mulder.

Oh, who is she kidding? This man will lead her to an early grave but it’s better to die early than alone.

That thinking is what makes Scully pull Mulder closer so she can peck his lips.
He cups her face in response, intent on deepening the kiss but their IVs tangle and Scully stops him.

“Later,” she promises.

“We already grew old together. Why wait?”

“Maybe I’d like to actually grow old and if you take out my IV, Karen might make that impossible.”

She didn’t say she wanted to grow old with him but it’s implied. She’s more dedicated to their partnership than she was to any of her past relationships.

He kisses her again, so gentle it almost hurts.



Derek x Reader

“Derek—“ Chris began with a mocking tone as he opened the trunk of his car. “I completely understand why Scott and Isaac are here.” The alpha still looking oblivious back at him.

“They’re Y/N’s friends and goes to school with her.” He continued as Derek cocked his head in confusion.

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Hi guys! Well, here is a new little fic, I’m hoping to have it finished in a timely manner. but don’t quote me on it, lol. I hope you enjoy! 

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It’s a Match! Part 1

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i could teach you - taeyong scenario - part four

Lee Taeyong - NCT

words - 1.9k

genre - angst / heartbreaker!au

soundtrack - jaymes young, habits of my heart

parts: one / two / three / four

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

The silence was crushing. It hung hefty between the two of you, only punctuated by the occasional drumming of his fingertips against the timber table. You didn’t raise your eyes to meet the gaze that you could feel crawling over your skin. Every ounce of you attention was focused on the albicant piece of paper he’d placed before you. It’s jagged at the edges, probably torn from some note book and the black scrawl before you reveals his passably neat handwriting. However all that was a moot point when your brain began to read what he’d written.

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This is the first thing like this I’ve ever posted on a place so public, so please be kind! Yes, I find myself in the realm of fanfiction. It’s been a great outlet after a rough start to the year.

“Daryl! Run!” You shout, the enemy closing in behind you. You hear a bang and then you’re down on the ground, blood pouring from your shoulder.
“No! (Y/N)! Stay with me, please. Open your eyes, open them!” Daryl screams at you, tears falling down his face as he carries you to the waiting car.
“CUT! That’s great, let’s take a break and we’ll shoot the car scene after lunch.”
Norman stands there, still holding you in his arms.
“You can put me down now Norm,” you laugh.
“Oh I can? What if I don’t want to though?” He walks to the lunch tent with you draped across him, your hands now around his neck.
“No! Put me down!” You protest, not wanting to be carried into a room full of your cast mates.
He stops right outside the door.
“Fine, I’ll drop you here shall I?”
You nod, and he gently puts your legs down on solid ground. As he goes to straighten up, his hand brushes your hip, and you get butterflies in your stomach. His other hand still rests on your lower back and when he’s standing upright again he looks directly into your eyes. You stay there looking at each other in comfortable silence for what seemed like forever until he started leaning down towards your face. You leaned up slightly to meet him half way and just as your lips were about to connect, Andy came bursting out of the door behind you.
“You coming in yet guys?”
Norman looks up at him and sighs.
“Yeah, one minute man, I was just talking to (Y/N).”
“No worries, I’ll save you two a couple of plates.”
He retreats back inside, looking at you both through the door. Norman leans down again, kissing you quickly on the lips. He then moves round to your ear and whispers.
“I’m sorry, I just needed to do that. Talk properly later, yeah?”
“Yes, definitely.”
He guides you inside and you both sit down opposite one another to eat. Every time you look up at him his eyes are on you, and you both can’t help but smile through chewing. You accidentally kick him under the table as you cross your legs, and you mouth ‘sorry’ at him, then rub your foot on his leg to try and make up for the kick. He shifts uncomfortably in his seat and has to push your leg down for you to stop as he gets a little too excited by your gesture. You look at him questionably, and he widens his eyes and nods down to his crotch.
“Oh shit!” You say out loud.
“You okay (Y/N)?” Andy asks.
“Uh, yeah, I just remembered I have to ring someone. Sorry.” You ramble as you run out of the tent. Your day started off so normally, and now Norman has kissed you and it seems like he has feelings towards you that would suggest more than friendship. This is pretty much what you’ve been dreaming of since the day you started and now you have absolutely no idea what to do. You start walking towards set again to try and clear your head. You sit on the bonnet of the car you were going to be shooting in soon, and lean back against the windscreen.
“Hey, you okay?” Norman asks softly, standing next to the car.
“Yeah, fine. Just tired.”
He goes to say something else and reaches out his hand when he’s interrupted.
“Right, back at it guys! Norman, (Y/N), back in position please!”
You get up off the car, he picks you up, and one of the make up people adds more blood to your bullet wound and over Norman’s arm.
The scene starts and you go limp in his arms, your head lolling back and forth as he runs to the car door with you. He places you inside and climbs over you as Danai starts to drive off.
You have to keep pretending to be unconscious while Danai and Norman say their lines, but you start to feel slightly sick with the rhythm of the car making you rock sideways and you try and keep your head fairly still, but as it’s hanging off the edge of the seat that’s almost impossible. You suddenly retch, nothing coming up luckily, then again.
“Stop! Stop the car!” Norman shouts, lifting your head up and helping you to sit properly. “Are you okay (Y/N)? What’s wrong?”
Norman has his arm around you, the other tucking your hair behind your ear. One of the show’s runners passes him a bowl and he puts it on your lap, holding it in place. Danai runs around to your side and opens the car door letting air into the vehicle. You welcome the breeze, but retch again into the bowl a couple of times.
“Can we get a medic please?” Norman asks the runner. They nod and radio for a medic to come on set.
“I’m fine, feeling better after that last one, honest.” You mumble, the nausea finally passing.
“You need to get checked (Y/N). Look at me,” Norman says, panic in his voice. He lifts your head towards him. “You don’t look well, you look pale, and one of your eyes is bloodshot. Have you got a migraine again?”
“I had one yesterday, but it went. Only got a little throbbing today.”
The medic comes to your side of the car and asks if you can get out. You nod and swing your legs out of the car. As you go to get out your head spins slightly and you fall back into the car. Norman jumps out and runs round to hold onto you and help steady you.
“Jeez, I’m fine,” you mutter.
He sits you down on a chair and the medic take your blood pressure.
“It’s very low. Have you been drinking enough fluids? It’s very hot, and migraines need water. Lots of it.”
You look at him sheepishly.
“I’ll take that as a no then. Okay, you need to come with me and we’ll get you rehydrated.”
“Can I come too?” Norman asks the medic.
“If you want to, yes you can.”
You look up at him, wanting to protest, as this was embarrassing enough already, but when you saw his face it was contorted with worry, his hand rubbing his face anxiously. He looks down at you and catches your eye; his expression softens and he smiles.
“Come on sick girl, let’s get you better.” He lifts you up from the chair, puts a hand around your waist and takes your arm to wrap around his neck. You hobble to the first aid tent and he gets you on one of the comfy chairs. Another wave of nausea hits, and you put your arm out, trying to signal that you were going to retch again. Norman holds the bowl in front of you with one hand and gets your hair out of the way with the other. You gag, making a horrible sound, and your eyes start tearing up as a reaction. Once the feeling has gone you sit back up and nod to him thanking him. He passes you a tissue and you wipe your eyes and mouth.
The medic comes over and gives you an anti sickness tablet and some water, along with a drip to get you rehydrated quicker.
“You’ll be out in a couple of hours, don’t worry.” The medic says.
You give a thumbs up and rest your head back on the chair, now feeling very tired. You fall asleep very quickly, and when you wake up Norman’s fingers are interlinked with your own, and he’s fallen asleep as well. Your hand twitches and he slowly opens his eyes to see you looking at him with a soft smile.
“Hey, you okay? Feeling any better?”
“Yes, much better thanks.”
He keeps his hand in yours as he sits up and takes a close look at your face.
“Hmm, you do have more colour in your cheeks. I don’t think you should shoot anymore today though.”
“It’s not a long scene though, I can do it, honest!”
He moves closer, squeezes your hand and kisses you. You close your eyes and lean into him. He pulls back hesitantly.
“One condition,” he whispers, “you do not leave my side. And I mean you’re coming back to mine after filming so I can look after you.”
“I think I can live with that.”
You head back to set after being checked over once more and having a rehydration drink. When you arrive holding hands, Danai looks round at you both and gives a big smile.
“(Y/N)! How are you feeling now? Did Norman nurse you better?” She winks.
“I’m feeling much better thanks, and he did pass me a tissue when I needed it if that counts,” you joke.
“You should really see this photo actually.” She says, guiding you over to her seat and fishing around in a bag for her phone. Once it’s in her hand she gets a conversation with Tom up on her screen, and a photo of Norman sitting next to your chair in the first aid tent as you’re fast asleep. He’s got your hand clasped in both of his, leaning right next to you, kissing you on the forehead.
“He really does care for you, you know. Tom came to check on you and found Norman fussing around you, propping up your pillow, checking your temperature, making sure you had the fan on you. It’s not the first time though is it (Y/N)?”
You look at her, thinking back to all the moments before where Norman had looked after you, always been there when you needed someone to talk to, if you felt unwell, or were just missing home. Just as you go to say something, you’re called into position again. You nod at Danai and she smiles back.
“(Y/N), we’re going to keep in some of you being ill and pick up from there if that’s okay? I hate to say it, but it kind of worked.”
“Ha, that’s fine, no problem.”
You get into the back of the car again, Norman beside you, and he holds your head like he did before.
You complete the scene without any nausea this time and finally get to wrap up for the day. As you head toward your trailer to pick up your things, Norman catches up with you.
“Hey, what did I say about not leaving my side huh?”
“I was only going to get my things and head over to your trailer. You don’t need to worry about me so much, honestly.”
“But I do (Y/N), I can’t help it. How can you tell someone to stop worrying about the person they love?”
You both stop still and look at each other.
“Love?” You ask hesitantly.
“Yeah, I love you. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t.”
“I love you too.”
“You don’t have to say it just because I did you know.”
“I’m not. I would never do that to you. I love you Norman. Have done since I started here.”
“I never knew. I didn’t think.. I mean, the age gap. Might have put you off.”
“Never. That doesn’t matter to me. If anything I thought it might put you off me.”
“What? No way! I couldn’t give a shit about that stuff.”
“So, what now then?” You ask, moving towards him and closing the gap between you both. He leans down and kisses you lovingly, you hold on to each other to steady yourselves and explore each other’s mouths for a few minutes. You pull apart finally and he looks into your eyes.
“Well, I still think you need taking care of after what happened earlier, so it’s back to mine as planned and plenty of water for you.”
“Sounds good to me.”

Bachelorette Party

Trying this new thing where I give actual titles to the prompt requests I get instead of just using the prompts as the title.  Let me know what ya’ll think.

The room tilted on its axis as you tried to stumble free from your barstool.  Your best friend’s bachelorette party had worn on longer than you had anticipated.  In fact, it didn’t even seem like the bride-to-be had any intention of slowing down.  She was still slamming back shot after shot with what was left of her bridal party, the stripper you had hired to surprise her with, and a small group of guys who had been attracted by the shiny tiaras and sashes every girl in the party wore.

You, on the other hand, were really starting to feel the effects of the alcohol.  You’d been going strong up until about an hour and half ago.  That last Long Island Iced Tea had really done you in.  Bracing a hand against the wall you stumbled past the small party you were here with and towards the bathrooms in the back.  The bar was virtually empty besides you and your friends, the closing hour ticking closer and closer, everyone else deciding to wind down and head home.  Leaving you with no line to the woman’s room.  A first.

Splashing a handful of cold water on your face you sighed heavily, leaning against the countertop and fishing through your tiny purse for your cell phone.  It took you five tries to unlock the IPhone with your fingerprint, and another three tries to successfully pull up Tig’s phone number.  It took a few rings before a groggy voice answered, the sound of shuffling sheets pounding through your head so loudly you pulled the phone away from your ear.

“Y/N?  What’s wrong?”  His voice was raspy, words coming out slowly as he fought against the sleep you had woken him from.

“Can you come and pick me up?”  Your speech was slurred, almost beyond comprehension.  “I might have had a few shots.”  The giggle that escaped you took you by surprise.  The high pitched noise echoing against the tiled walls and reverberating loudly, making you flinch.

“I’ll be right there.  What bar are you at?”  It took you a beat to conjure up the name of the bar you were in.  You’d spent most of the night bar hopping, and somewhere along the line all the bars merged into one in your mind.  After giving Tig your address he hung up, directing you to sit at the bar until he got there.  Seven steps out of the bathroom and back to the bartop you stopped to take off your heels.  The feel of the cool wood against the soles of your feet was a welcome feeling after your feet had been painfully stuffed into heels for nearly seven hours straight.

Instead of trying to wrestle your way back onto a barstool, you opted to just stand beside the group you had come with.  The bachelorette was still going strong, taking yet another shot with the group of guys while the remaining bridesmaids giggled to each other over the way the strippers arm rippled while he slammed back the shot.

You had almost forgotten about your phone call to Tig until you felt a large hand at the small of your back.  Turning your head quickly a goofy grin spread across your face as you launched yourself forward, throwing your arms around Tig’s neck.  “Tiggy!”  He caught you as you stumbled, arms wrapping tightly around your waist to keep you upright.

“Come on.  I’m going to take care of you, okay?”  With one hand looped around your waist, he bent down to grab your discarded heels.  With quick ‘goodbye’s’ to everyone he lead you slowly out the front door.

“Where’s your motorcycle?”  You asked, trying to quicken your steps to keep pace with Tig but stumbling in the process.  Again, he caught you, leading you over to one of the Teller-Morrow tow trucks he had parked in a corner and helping you climb into it.

“Didn’t want you falling off the back of my bike.  Figured something with doors was safer.”  Placing your heels on the floor next to you Tig went around to the driver’s side and climbed in.  By the time he pulled out of the parking lot you were already dozing against the side of your car door, swimming in and out of consciousness all the way to your home.

He parked in your driveway, carefully navigating you out of the car and helping you to your front door while you rested your head sleepily against his shoulder.  “Where’s your house key?”  He asked, taking your outstretched purse and searching through it until he found what he was looking for.  Letting you into the house he dropped the heels to the floor while you dropped your bag beside it.  Navigating through the darkened house and to your back bedroom Tig unzipped the back of your dress, helping you to shimmy out of it before pulling a large t-shirt over your head.

“Time for bed.”  He hadn’t even finished his sentence before you were flopping back against your mattress.  It took a few tries to get the covers over your body.  Ensuring that you were comfortable in the bed, Tig ran a hand through your hair and leaned down to press a quick kiss against your forehead.  “Night, Y/N.”  As he turned to leave you shot a hand out to catch his wrist.

Stay the night.  Please.”  You mumbled, blinking sleepily up at him until he sat at the edge of your bed to kick off his shoes.  Shifting to make room for Tig to lay next to you you wound up with your head against his shoulder, one arm strewn across his stomach with your fist balled in his shirt.  “Thanks for coming to get me.”

“You’re welcome.  Now go to sleep.”  He murmured back, thumb brushing against your back as he held you until you both fell asleep.

Crossfire - 23

Chapter 22
Yoongi x Reader
Gang AU
Chapter 23 / Words: 2247

The hum of the engine was too loud in Yoongi’s ears as he glared outside the passenger window, subtly hoping there weren’t any police officers lurking about that would pull the car over for speeding. He supposed that was the only reason Namjoon wasn’t driving as fast as Yoongi wanted him to. He looked down at the phone in his lap and cursed the distance between them and the meeting point, chewing absentmindedly on his thumb nail. There were only about 23 miles between you and him, yet it seemed like an eternity.

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Escape ( Alex Summers x Reader)

Author’s note: First, I wanted to thank everyone who had read my previous imagine. I never expected it to have that much appreciation and it’s a big deal for me because it’s my very first work I share with the world so thank you so much again and I hope you’ll enjoy my other stories :)

This idea came to me in a dream and I thought it was worth to try and write it so here it is.

Also I’m sorry if my description of an escape game doesn’t sound like a real one, I’ve never been to an escape game, I jsut made some research and “ Coesio” is a name of an escape game in my country ( in case you wanted to know) .

Warning: Mention of death but nothing too detailed

I hope you’ll like it and feel free to give feedback or even request a fanfic if you like. Enjoy :)

You and your friends; Jean, Scott, Jubilee, Peter, Ororo, Warren, Kurt, Sean and Alex, decided to offer yourselves a day out of the mansion. This is why you were all currently entering an escape game place.

When you entered, you were instantly greeted by one of the employees.

- “ Hi guys, welcome to "Coesio”, I’m Malcolm. Are you ready to try to escape?!“

Some of you vocally agreed while the others just nodded ” yes" and Malcolm gestured for you guys to follow him. He stepped behind the counter and place himself behind a computer.

-“ Did you already teamed up?” he asked looking up at you all.

You all looked at each other and some of you started forming pairs, you on the other hand were waiting for one of your friends to choose you because you didn’t really mind who you would be paired with.

Suddenly you felt an arm drapped over your shoulders. You turn your head to the owner of the arm and your eyes met bright blue ones. The one and only Alex Summers was standing there with his charming smile directed to you.

-“ Ready partner?” he asked, a smirk plastered on his face

You smiled back at him. Damn he was cute and the fact that Alex, the man you were always thinking about , choosed you as his partner made your heart swell.

But it doesn’t stopped you to tease him; you raised you eyebrow.

- “ And when did you asked me if I wanted to be your partner, Summers?” you asked him.

He chuckled and tighten his hold on you.

- “ Because the idea of being trapped into a closed and dark place with my favorite girl is extremely appealing” he said before winking at you.

You look away, trying to hide your flushed cheeks from him.

-“ Okay guys if you’re ready we can start” Malcolm said while gesturing to a door behind him

You all followed him and stopped in front of the door.

- “ You have thirty minutes to escape. When you’ll pass that door, there will be five other doors and each team have to choose one. The door you’ll choose will lead you to a serie of enigmas that you have to resolve to exit.”

Malcolm opened the door and you and the others walked in before malcolm closed the door behind you. Each team planted themselves in front of a door.

“ We’re gonna kick all of your asses and be the first team out” claimed Scott who paired up with Jean.

“ And why’s that?” Alex retorqued turning to his brother

-“ Because I have a girlfriend who has telekinetic powers and I can shot a laser beam to go through the walls”

Alex scoffed

“ Well, just so you know, we have similar powers and my girl here” he put a hand on your shoulder.

“ Can control reality, now, who’s gonna kick whom ass?” he smirked

“ Uh…Guys, we aren’t supposed to use our powers out of the mansion and for everyone to see” interrupted Warren

“You only say that because you have wings and they’re useless here” answered Alex

-“ He’s right” you beamed “ We’re here as normal people” you took care to put brackets on “ normal people”  with your fingers. “ So no powers”

Alex looked at you slighly depicted but put his arm back over your shoulders, bringing himself closer to you.

“ We’re still gonna kick their asses” he whispered in your ear.

Everyone got back in front of their respectives door and the silence was interrupted by Malcolm voice coming from a speaker in the corner of the ceiling.

“Good Luck, guys”

A bell rang and all the doors opened simultaneously and each team ran into their rooms before the door slide back shut behind them.

You found yourself in a dark room only a bit lighten by two spotlight on the ceiling, but the room was still dark and you needed time to adjust.

Alex took his arm off of you and walked past you to the middle of the room, where a table was, he stooped in front of it and took something that was placed on the table.

He looked back at you and show you a piece of paper before focusing his attention back on it.

You decided to join him, his back was facing you.  You stood behind him and push on your tiptoes to look over his shoulder and put your hand on his shoulder for support. When your hand touched his shoulder he turned his head toward you and leaned his head back a little to press a kiss on your cheek. You blushed for the second time today and left your current position to go stand beside Alex.

“ So what is this?” you asked

Instead of answering, Alex hand you the piece of paper. You took it and look at it closely.

“What are you trapped like?” was written in black bold letters.

You look up at him

“ Like rats” you stated

“ What?” he frowned

“ We’re trapped like rats! That’s the answer!”

A smile spreaded on both of your faces, you put your hand in the air waiting for him to tap in it . He gave you a high five but instead of retreating his hand he intertwined his fingers with yours. He then tug on your hand to lead you to the second door, the one that should take you to your next enigma.

Alex grabbed the door handle and tried to open it but nothing happened. He tried again, but still nothing. He freed his hand from yours gently and gripped the handle with both hands and started to pull and push it.

“ What’s wrong with this door” he groaned.

“ Calm down. Let me try.”

He stepped aside and bowed lightly to let you access to the door.

You look at the door, imagining it changing into a pile of ashes. But  nothing happened. You then try to raise your hand and point your open palm to the door and try to make the door disappear again, but still, nothing happened. You put your hand down.

“ What’s wrong?” Alex asked

You ignored him and got closer to the door and get into a fighting position. You shifted and kicked the door with your foot with all the strength you had in you. When your foot came in contact with the door, it still didn’t move and you felt a sharp pain in your foot. You let out a high pitched squeak.

Alex ran toward you and slide his arm under your arms to help you stand, he then walked you to the table . When you got in front of it he turned you to face him, grabbed you by the waist and lifted you on the table. He dropped to his knees and gently took off your shoe to take a look at your foot. He lightly touched it, sometimes touching a place where it hurted you more, excusing himself each time it happened and then put your shoe back on.

“ I don’t think it’s broken but you might need a cast to help with the healing” he said while he got back up.

He sat next to you on the table and put his arm around your waist and pull you into him so you could rest your head on his collarbone. He kissed the top of your head before resting his cheek on your head. You could always count on Alex to comfort you, even if you just made a fool of yourself in front of him.

“ What are we going to do? We can’t break that damn door and we can’t use our powers.”

Alex opened his mouth to answer you but was interrupted by another voice.

“ That’s a good question, Y/N.” It was Malcolm’s voice “ As you said it, it’s impossible for you to use your powers and that room is made of an unbreakable metal. You can’t leave this place!” He then let out an evil laugh like bad characters do in cartoons.

“ What is your problem?!” shout Alex, getting his cheek off your head but gripping you tighter.

Then the door where you entered the room bursted open and Malcolm was standing in the  doorway.

Alex jumped off of the table, bringing you with him and placing you behind him to protect you.

“ You are my problem” Malcolm stated

He took out a gun from behind his back and point his to Alex and pulled the trigger.

The gunshot rang through your ears and you fell Alex’s grip on you loosen, then you saw him fall to the floor and land on it with a loud thud.

“Alex!” you shout, kneeling beside him

You put your hands on his face, his eyes were closed and you couldn’t feel his pulse. There wasn’t any sign of consciousness on him. You then looked at the wound on his chest and press on it to stop the bleeding and put your other hand on his cheek.

“ Please, Alex, don’t leave me. Please”

When you realized that it was too late you gave up on the wound and got back beside his face, you carressed his cheek gently, tears were running down your face and crashing down on his. You moved him so his head was now resting on your lap and you ran your hand through his hair while more tears rolled on your cheeks and Alex’s name fell from your lips multiple time, as if the simple mention of his name could bring him back to life.

Your vision start to blur and your surrounding became darker as the seconds passed, then you saw and felt nothing.

You woke up screaming Alex’s name at the top of your lungs. You sat up in your bed and looked around, only to realize that you still were in your room at the mansion and that it was all a dream.  Your cheeks were wet as well as your eyes, you took deep breathes trying to calm yourself down.

Suddenly your bedroom door burst open, making you jump and Alex came in running. He was shirtlessand his sandy blonde hair was disheveled and he was sporting a worried expression on his face. He was panting, he ran to your room the second after he heard you scream his name, without thinking twice. He looked at you and felt relieved that you weren’t being attacked, but he still speed walked to you and sat next on your bed, next to you. He took in your appearance and saw that your cheeks were stained with wet marks and that your eyes were glossy.

He pulled you into his arms and hugged you tight. You burried your face in his chest and wrapped your arms around his middle. Alex started caressing your hair and pressed kisses on your head from time to time.

“ I thought you were being attacked when I heard you calling for me” he whispered

You could feel his heart beating fast from the adrenaline.

“ I’m sorry, I woke you up, it was just a nightmare” you gripped him tighter.

“ Shh, it’s okay” he pressed another kiss to your head “ Do you want to talk about it ? ”

You shook your head no

“ To be honest, I’m flattered that you called me”

You let out a light chuckle

“ Don’t flatter yourself too much Summers, it was just because you were in my dream.”

“ It’s even better ” he stated “ My favorite girl is dreaming about me…”  he was smiling into your hair now.

“ You called me that too in my dream ”

He chuckled

“ Well, it’s true that you’re my favorite”

You took a deep breath and closed your eyes .

“ You’re my favorite too”

You could feel Alex’s heart, and also yours, starting to beat faster.

He pull away from you, enough so he could see your face and smiled down at you.

“ Good ” he said

He kissed your forehead and brought your back into his embrace holding you tighter than ever. At this moment you knew that Alex was always going to be there for you, because you were each other favorite.

daddys-motel  asked:

A batsboys reverse harem pleaseeeee


“You’re struggling.”

Raven stiffened as soon as she felt the heat from his body soak through her thin, oxford shirt. That was not what she needed right now - not at all. She needed to focus, at least a little bit. Her brain felt like it was swimming, each number of the equation and each data set practically storming through her head at break-neck speeds. Nothing was making sense anymore, and Raven began to question when the last time she had a break was.

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You Know Better - Part 21 - Up Against The Wall

-gif source-

Story Description: Peter and the reader develop a slow relationship.

Part Description: You struggle to focus during your next training session.

Warnings/Labels: The gif is all the warning you need @snipsnsnailsnwerewolftales

Approx. Word Count: 2,100

A/N: Hottest gif set of Ian Bohen ever right there. Just saying. Let me know what you think about this part. Is it worth it?

Story Masterpost

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kldkitkat  asked:

Mileven for the OTP?

Who accidentally falls off the bed in the middle of the night?
Mike Wheeler has accidentally fallen off the bed more times than he cares to admit. He always brings a glass of water to bed—just in case he or El wakes up thirsty in the middle of the night—but he keeps that glass at the far end of the night table, no where near his alarm clock or the latest novel he’s reading. As such, on the nights that he does wake up, groggy and clumsy, Mike tumbles out of bed with a clatter, reaching for that water. 

Who gives the other piggy back rides?
Mike loves giving El piggyback rides—he has since he grew tall and strong enough to carry her. And El absolutely adores Mike scooping her up and onto his back as they trod through Mirkwood in the autumn or search for something down the aisles of the grocery store. Mike even gives El a piggyback ride when they get lost in the corn maze at the Hawkins Harvest Festival.

Who tries to act tough but is really a giant sap?
Both of them, but mostly Mike. El doesn’t really have to act tough. She has a glare that will stop mean words in throats and bullies in their tracks. And every time Mike finds himself standing up for El—even though he knows she’s very capable of standing up for himself—he ends up feeling the need to apologize to her for his behaviour. 

Who almost burns down the kitchen trying to bake?
Definitely Mike, even though he’ll deny up and down El’s claims that she once saw an actual flame in the oven that day Mike tried to bake her a birthday cake. Still, Mike tends to stick to the toaster or the microwave when he’s in the kitchen alone. El is the baker of their happy little family, having inherited (and mastered) all of Karen’s best recipes.

Who sings lullabies to their kids?
Mike, who grew up with his mother singing him to sleep. Sometimes, he sings the same songs to his daughter that he used to sing for El over the phone to help her fall asleep. El listens fondly, cup of tea in hand, while she leans against the door frame with a content smile. 

Morning person vs dead until they get their coffee?
El is the morning person. She’s up early to go for a run, make herself breakfast, and shower. By the time Mike rolls out of bed, she’s curled up on the sofa with a mug of tea and a book of poetry. He joins her, eyes half-closed, with a cup of coffee—graciously prepared by El—and waits for the caffeine to kick in as he watches her read. 

Who initiates cuddling?
Mike, usually right after that morning caffeine kicks in. He’ll shift over, right next to El, and squirm until he’s managed to get her arm draped over his shoulders. Once he’s settled, El will look down at him over her glasses, smirk on her lips, and ask if he’s comfortable. He then proceeds to read that poetry along with her, pausing every so often to ask her interpretation of certain lines. 

Who cries during sappy movies?
Mike is far more likely to cry during sad movies and, if truth be told, not-so-sad movies as well. He’s a blubbering mess during The Lion King and has to leave the theatre when he and El go to see Titanic in their late twenties. The one movie that made them both cry equally as hard, polishing off an entire box of tissues? The Fox and the Hound. They watched it once at fifteen and have been unable to do so again since then. 

Who wears a billion layers because they get cold easily?
El—and most of those layers belong to Mike. Most often, El doubles up on socks; a pair of her own polka dot ankle socks underneath a pair of Mike’s striped crew socks. 

Who hogs the covers?
El loves blankets and routinely ends up pulling all five of the blankets she and Mike keep on their bed to herself. Mike routinely wakes up at 3 a.m., chilly, and glances over to see El, comfortably cocooned. Instead of disturbing her, Mike gently and quietly reaches over the side of the bed to grab the blanket he keeps folded there, hoping that El won’t manage to steal that one as well.  

Who would fall over their own feet while trying to seduce the other?
Mike, of course. He and El have agreed to never speak of that incident, though—mostly to save Mike the embarrassment of remembering that time he literally tripped over his own feet during that grand romantic gesture (that may or may not have been a proposal…) 

Thanks for the ask! Also for @deeplysunkissed who also requested MIleven (thank you!)


Sketching out the small, detailed design for your next client, you hummed a song that had been stuck in your head for the majority of the day. The shop would start to get crowded at around 10pm and you usually started to get the drunk customers at around 3am. Having the night shift, you kicked yourself for being nice to the new guy who had to take off for a concert he really wanted to attend. The tattoo shop had been open all day, but it was the night shift that always brought in the strangest crowds. And by strange, it was just the sheer mixture of the group.

There were the sorority girls, who would come in wanting matching infinity symbols on their wrists, the drunk guys who watched their one poor friend get a tattoo of a frog riding a lily pad like a surf board as part of some weird drunk bet, and then you had the lurkers, at least that’s what you started to call them. Lurkers were the type to come into the shop, only point at an image on the wall or in a booklet and then point to the area of their body that they wanted it. All of these crowds seemed to mix and mingle as the nights would go on and you would end up shaking your head as you slowly put the needle to the skin.

Yah! Y/N! Your boss, Aiden, yelled back to you and you lifted your gaze. I’ve been calling you for like 20 minutes! He exclaimed and you shrugged.

I’m working on a sketch, what’s up? You asked and he tsked.

I have a guy that wants a design, think you can help? He asked and you sighed. You were already working on about 15 different clients, each one had a different story, but there was a fire inside of you that couldn’t be satiated, so you nodded.

Send him in. You muttered and Aiden smiled widely.

Right back here. She’s one of the best. Aiden sugarcoated your introduction and you rolled your eyes.

Hey, Y/N. You stretched out your hand and looked up. His face was beautiful, something out of a magazine, and his smile was youthful, but he had darkness in his eyes.

Tae. He said simply and shook your hand. His gaze lingered and you let go of the grip walking back over to your station.

What can I do for you? Would you like to see any sketches? You asked and he pointed at your body, moving his finger up and down.

You don’t have any tattoos? He asked and you let out a laugh.

Good eye, I have horrible pain tolerance. You joked as he slowly walked up to your chair and sat down.

Is that so? He asked, skeptically staring at you, you nodded and opened up your sketchpad to a new page.

So what will it be? You asked. Tae chuckled and looked around, looking at him, you were already a bit worried by his quiet demeanor. From looking at him straight on, you knew that Tae had a couple of tattoos at least, along the neckline of his shirt, a couple lines seemed to peak out. Slowly he shed his shirt to reveal a myriad of different tattoos, there was a mixture of writing and imagery. Each tattoo had a different style, some were plain black lines, other bursts of colors. When clients came in with such a wide array of tattoos, you usually found the overall look to be unnerving and detached from one another, but Tae’s tattoos seemed to intertwine in a cohesive manner. You scanned his entire body, trying to figure out the area that he would even have room to fit another tattoo, but he pointed to one, a name swirled in cursive.

Raising your eyebrows, you looked at the name. Maybe it has a flaw, a quick touch up that I can just get out of the way? You seemed to banter with yourself as you looked at the cursive. It was faded, and it didn’t look to have been touched up in a while. Ah, that’s probably it. A simple touch up. Your mind was already making stories. But then he looked at you, there was a fire, an anger that you weren’t really prepared for, as he stared at you intently, he seemed to growl a simple phrase.

Cover it up.

Author’s Note: So I’m trying out writing a few series at once. I’m going to only do 2 right now, but then I’ll start Hobi/Soulmate afterwards. 

@hubris-but-no-writing this was supposed to be a nice fic to cheer you up when you posted abt needing some cheering up, but I’m lazy and terrible and didn’t finish it until now. I hope it still cheers you up though, even if it’s pretty late!

based on these posts (here and here) about how Burr used to get into fights but now doesn’t because he feels the need to be the responsible one. More under the readmore

“Hamilton? That guys such an asshole!” Aaron twitched at the sudden mention of his boyfriend’s name. Alexander wasn’t even there, no one Aaron knew was. He was only by himself, getting a quick bite and a drink to celebrate the late night submission of his final paper- tomorrow, it would be back to studying for exams, but for now, he was treating himself.

Somehow, it wasn’t even that surprising that Alexander managed to get talked about so frequently that Aaron could just stumble across it. He let it go- he loved Alexander, but they weren’t wrong.

The loud voice was quickly swallowed by the general noise of the bar, and Aaron assumed that would be the end of it. But then, “He was in class today, asking all these questions. Like what, you think you’re smart? Probably only passes classes under the table, you know?” The voice shouted, drowned out quickly by raucous laughter.

Yeah, Aaron wouldn’t be having that. For a moment, he waited for John to immediately jump into the fray, followed by Alexander himself, and then Lafayette and Hercules, just as raring to go but willing to fight a bit smarter. Aaron would sit back and call the campus police, try and secure an escape route, and convince them all to leave- they’d won already.

Then, Aaron remembered he was alone. For once, the knowledge made Aaron smile. He could feel the red-hot anger burning up his chest yet again, but this time he could do something about it instead of projecting the cool, calm responsibility he was known for. Aaron stood up.

“Hi, how are you?” Aaron greeted pleasantly, making his way to the crowded table and the Voice.

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Fight- JVR

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Ok so last nights game killed me. Literally. First period love of my life got into a fight. Third the same Sabres dude decided to take on the rookies. Ugh. Stress. So I might have squealed about not hitting the face, but I can’t deny JVR fighting was hot. So @drabblemesilly wanted me to write more so here’s this. This is the PG version of what I wanted to write XD Enjoy!

Warning: Cussing (it’s hockey dudes and dudettes)


             You sat on the couch, curled into a ball.

              Well, as much as your 7 month pregnant stomach would allow you to curl into a ball.

              You weren’t feeling so good so instead of watching James play live at home, you grabbed your Maple Leafs blanket and van Riemsdyk jersey and made yourself comfy on the couch. You felt bad that you weren’t there to support your fiancé, but James was more than happy to have you at home.

“You’re safer there” he said. You just rolled your eyes at him.

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