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I know you said you'd wait for Beth anytime she gets here and I totally agree. But on how you're feeling how sure are you that she might come back the finale? I'm like 65% sure. I'm not trying to get myself too hopeful because sometimes I feel like I'm crazy and she's never coming back. Also, who do you think we'll be the first to see her again?

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I am not comfortable making predictions in regards to time. Right now everyone is tense and nervous, and many of my followers are scared. I don’t want them to get their hopes up and then get too upset. The finale is ideal timing, as it will allow Beth to return at the start of the AOW arc, helping to balance the odds. And her return would kick-off the one hundredth episode, filled with her reunions. But nothing is set in stone in regards to timing. TPTB have their plan, and we’ll just have to abide by it. In regards to reunions, it’s hard to guess who from TF Beth will meet first. That depends on so many variables, though I think the likeliest ones are Morgan, C@rol, or Michonne, though Tara and Heath are also possibilities, going by parallels and who is out in the world.

For those of you who are nervous, I recommend that you take some time away from TD. Leave the fandom for a few days or weeks, give yourself some time off, and then come back. Review old metas and theories in my archive (X). It really does help.

Oh, she was so proud of her Padawan - she was.

Damian Wayne/Robin X Reader- What Do You Mean? (Part 3)

You sat in the bathroom of the shared bedroom of you and Damian, biting at your already short nails. It has been over five years since your feelings for each other were confessed, but you knew that this was too soon. You weren’t even married yet, and you might be wrong, but having a child at this age is problematic. You are supposed to join your father on patrol, kick some ass, and return home to patch up and go to sleep. Damian has almost finished preparing to take on the responsibility of Batman, but what would having a kid cause? Would you have it and give up vigilantism? Will you have to live in constant fear of the child losing his or her father? You knew that this would be a big change. Alfred and Dick would be ecstatic for sure. You really didn’t know what to expect from Bruce and Tim, but you were afraid of what your dad would do. You hope that he wouldn’t grab the nearest gun and point it to Damian’s face, but that is the most logical option. Would it be best to tell Damian first, or go to your dad and get some advice that might help? You went with the feeling in your gut and walked out of the bathroom, hoping that no one in the family will be killed as soon as you announce the news.


You quickly unlocked the door to your father’s apartment and attempted to tame your nerves. Sure, you told your dad that he could get his shotgun if Damian pissed you off. With the upcoming hormones coming up, that would be pretty easy.

“Hey, (Y/N/N),” Roy said while walking past you with a huge box of parts.

“Hi dad number two,” you joked. “Where’s dad number one?”

Roy laughed, “He’s still sleeping. I highly encourage you to not wake him up, especially with that new whip cream I bought last night.”

You smiled and walked over to the fridge and opened it. As Roy had said, a few cans of whip cream were calling your name. You pulled off the plastic and squirted some in your mouth before walking silently towards your father’s room. You cautiously opened the door and creeped over to your father’s side of the bed. You smiled maliciously before raising the can to his face.

“Put that on me and you won’t be invited for the next movie night,” your dad mumbled and pulled the blanket over his head.

“Fine,” you said while jumping over him onto the bed. “When did you become such a Richard?”

He chuckled, “When I got home from patrol last night, which was two in the morning. Where were you last night?”

“That’s what I came here to tell you about,” you stated nervously.

“What is it?”

“I may or may not be pregnant…..”

“What do you mean ‘may or may not be pregnant’? You’re either pregnant or you’re not. So are you?” Jason asked while sitting up.

You nodded and waited for him to start cussing up a storm and threaten Damian, but he didn’t say a word. You looked over to him and saw that he was still processing the information.

“I’m going to be a grandpa?”

You laughed and nodded again. He smiled and flung the blanket off of him. The bedroom door was ripped open and Jason’s shouts echoed throughout his apartment.

“I’m going to be a grandpa!!”

You laughed at his reaction and got out of his bed. Once you exited the room, Jason pulled you into a bear hug. Roy later joined said hug, but totally denies it. After your excited dad calmed down, he made pancakes and joined you at the couch. Harry Potter played in the background as the two of you continued your conversation.

“Does the demon know yet?”

You sighed, “Not yet. I decided that telling you first would be beneficial and you could give me some advise on how to tell him that I am pregnant and I will become a hormonal psycho in a few months.”

Jason chuckled, “Glad to know that I’m still your number one.”

“You’re my number one dad, but Roy is the pretty close number two,” you said.

“Hey! I’m hurt!” Roy shouted from the kitchen.

Jason laughed lightly, “I am the one who got a punch and kick from you the first time we met.”

“But who’s the one who grabbed her and prevented a kid from beating your ass?” Roy asked.

“Shut it, Roy!”


You climbed up the fire escape silently, hoping that your growling stomach won’t bring any attention to yourself. You looked in the windows to see if anyone wasn’t home and found two, but the first was locked. Deciding the obvious, you creeped over to the open window and slid it open cautiously. Once the window was open, you entered the dark and empty apartment. You quietly and quickly walked to the cabinets and searched for any cans that you could take with you. When you stuffed a couple cans in your bag, you opened the fridge slowly and searched for a quick snack you could eat on your way out.

“Roy, you better not eat the rest of that pie,” a tired male voice stated.

You froze and peeked over the end of the fridge door. A huge shirtless man was staring at you with wide eyes. You dropped the food you were holding and ran for the open window, but the man grabbed one of the straps on your bag and stopped you.

“Kid, wait a-”

You punched him in the face and watched as he staggered back a few steps. A shocked look appeared on his face, but was replaced with pain when you kicked him in the stomach for good measure. You turned back to the window, but you were stopped once again when a pair of arms wrapped around you and lifted you up. You thrashed around and tried to head butt and kick the person holding you, but it was all for nothing.

“I’m gone for thirty minutes and you get your ass kicked by a kid,” the person holding you, a man, laughed.

“She caught me by surprise,” the man you kicked wheezed out.

You continued to squirm in the man’s grip until the man you kicked held out the wrapped sandwich you were holding earlier.

“You can have it, but you have to promise to stop with the ninja shit and sit down,” he bargained.

You stared at him and nodded. The man put you down and you quickly snagged the sandwich from the man’s hand and sat down at the table that was a couple feet away from them. You quickly ate the sandwich while you watched them whisper about something which was definitely you. The black-haired man you punched walked over to the fridge and pulled out a slice of pie. He walked over to the table and slid the pie in front of you.

“How long have you been living on the streets?” he asked in a calm tone.

“About two years,” you mumbled while pulling the pie closer to you.

“My name is Jason,” he said while gesturing himself and pointed to the red-haired man, “and that’s Roy.”

You glanced at Roy and returned your attention to Jason.

“Would you like to stay here for awhile? You could have food and shelter if you stayed.”

“You’re not gonna send me to the hell house?” you asked with confusion written all over your face.

Roy laughed and Jason smiled.

“No, we just don’t want you to be on the streets.”

You smiled and nodded. You finally had a home again.


After visiting your dad, he insisted on driving you back to the manor. You couldn’t win that argument with that stubborn ass, so you sat in the passenger seat and discussed some possibilities for baby names.

“We are not naming it after a band,” you stated, “or after Roy’s weapon of choice.”

“What? Led Zeppelin is an awesome band, but I definitely disagree with Roy’s choice.”

“I really thought you were going to pull out the shotgun when I told you,” you confessed.

“Doesn’t mean I didn’t bring it,” he smiled.


“I didn’t say I was going to use it!” he reassured you.

“You better not do anything to make me regret telling you first,” you told him and exited the parked car.

You walked up to the door and unlocked it, knowing that Alfred is somewhere cleaning. Noises could be heard from the kitchen, and you could make out the voices of Dick and Damian. You gave your dad a questioning look when the sound of glass breaking interrupted their argument. He pulled you behind him and walked to the kitchen, where Dick was squeezing the life out of Damian.

“What the hell are you doing to Damian, Dickhead?” you asked Dick while prying his arms off of Damian.

“Well, Dami came in here asking for some advice about- oof!”

Damian elbowed his stomach, which caused Dick to back away from him and clutch his stomach.

“It is not your place to reveal that information, Grayson. What are you doing here, Todd?”

“Dropping off my daughter,” he responded.

“Damian, I have something to tell you, but I’d prefer to tell you alone,” you stated and tugged on Damian’s hand.

Damian followed you to the living room until you stopped.

“I’m pregnant,” you blurted.

Damian’s eyes widened and a smile appeared on his face, “This is wonderful news, Beloved!”

You smiled at his reaction and pulled him in for a hug. It was relieving that Damian wanted this, and that you will have his support.



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A snicker from the too-tall blonde seated at your side breaks you out of your open-mouthed reverie and turns your head in his direction. “You’re going to drown us all in drool if you don’t close your mouth,” Junhong laughs, his foot reaching out to tap at your shin.

“You’ll die from me choking you before that happens,” you retort with a huff as you shift on the couch to return the kick.

Junhong yelps when you put more force than he was expecting behind your swing and brings his hand to his shin. “You’re in all of the different stages of denial all at once. How is that possible?” he questions as he rubs his shin. “Jesus, you’re strong. And violent. I think it’s a good think Himchan’s so oblivious,” Junhong teases as he leans away from you.

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Fading (Soulmate AU)

Pairing: Tony x Reader

A/N: Let’s kick off my return with some angst, shall we? And I’m also working on the next part of TFE :)

@that-awkward-blonde-chick-xo @sergeantjamesbarnes107th @after-avenging-hours @casameanlock @dedicatedbff @rosaleebasicbtch @nicolejones412 @gillibean9 @dashingdetectivetimelady

Word Count: 1,820

***Warnings: Brief description of blood, death, general angst, Self-Loathing!Tony, no sequel

Soulmate AU where your heartbeat is in sync with your soulmate. They both speed up together, and slow down together. They share every big emotion, and sense of calm.

And both hearts stop together as well.

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Taehyung Scenario - ‘Secret? Santa?’

Requested by a lovely anon <3

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Taebaby

You were laughing gleefully, carrying your hot chocolate in one hand and your bag of freshly bought presents in the other. Hoseok waved goodbye from his car and you nodded in return, kicking the front door closed with your foot. You didn’t see Taehyung sitting at the table until he cleared his throat, almost making you drop your drink.

               “Oh, Tae-“ You started, but he interrupted you.

               “So, you’re best friends with Hoseok now too?” He said moodily, not looking at you. You paused at his tone and stood there, a bit put off. You kicked off your shoes and went to set your bag on the table, furrowing your brows at him.

               “Why are you so grumpy today?” You said, setting down your cup as well, “And did you mean when you said that?”

               “Nothing. Just that you seem to be getting pretty close to other men lately, is all.” He said flippantly, getting up from the table and walking into the living room. You stood there another moment, feeling a little blind-sided. Taehyung never got like this. You turned on your heel and followed after him into the living room.

               “What the hell do you mean by that exactly?” You threw your coat on the couch and put your hands to your hips. Taehyung spun on you and got his face real close to yours. He didn’t say anything at first, but his eyes never left yours. He gnawed on his lip for a bit, before words burst out of his mouth like rapid fire.

               “Why are you spending so much time with Yoongi lately, huh? What are you guys doing? You never invite me along. I thought I was your boyfriend?” He didn’t back away and the volume of his voice only got louder, making you back up a step. Your surprise didn’t stop you from firing back.

               “Yoongi? Your hyung?” You scoffed at your boyfriend, who didn’t seem to like that very much, “I really don’t appreciate what you’re trying to accuse me off. And if you’re so concerned with what I’m doing- It’s Christmas Taehyung, why don’t you take a guess.”

               He stood there, his face wiped of its angry expression, replaced by a genuinely concentrated one. He looked so funny, you would’ve laughed if you weren’t so angry. When you saw that he wasn’t getting it, you gave him a little hint.

               “What’ve we all been doing Taehyung? Secret Santa, remember?”

               When common sense finally hit him, his face lit up and his mouth fell into an ‘O’ shape. It shifted back into an indignant expression.

               “So what?” He said, still not completely understanding what you were getting at, “What’s that got to do with anything?”

               “I got Yoongi for Secret Santa, you idiot! I’ve been spending time with him because I’ve been trying to figure out what to get him!” You shouted, and the two of you froze, staring at each other. It was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop. Taehyung’s face got red and looked towards the floor, all around the room, then back at you. You could tell he was feeling a little shameful, but he didn’t want to be the first to say something. Your anger lost its energy and you let your hands drop to your sides. You walked over to him and put your hands on his shoulders, causing him to look at you.

               “It’s ok, Taehyung, I forgive you.” You hummed quietly, gently combing your hand through his hair. He gave you a small smile, he wrapped his arms around you.

               “I probably should’ve guessed.” He said, still looking a little ashamed of himself, “Do you wanna know who I got for Secret Santa?”

               “Hmm? Who’s that?” You asked, smiling, starting to rock back and forth in his arms. He gave you a big, true smile.

               “You.” He laughed, ducking down to steal a kiss.

A Timeline for a Smear Campaign

The Potemkin one returns and kicks off 2017 with an intense smear campaign. What exactly has happened since Jan 9th?

Jan 8th - The Lying Detective aired.

Jan 9th - People started getting up to speed and most had watched it within a 24 hr timeframe. Results and reviews are extremely positive at this time. 

Jan 10th - Enty reveals a blind that Sophie was trying to adopt Ben’s last name. 

Jan 11th - Rumblings from various factions and corners of the Sherlock fandom warning of boycotting the shows writers and the show itself, begin. 

Jan 12th - Article in the DM as Andrew Lazar was hired to be the body double for Ben in the upcoming Infinity Wars (Avengers) 
Jan 12th - Warnings of boycotting Sherlock gain momentum. 

Jan 13th - Enty posts a new blind item about Ben’s body double for the upcoming Avengers movie. 
Jan 13th - The prospect of replacing Ben as Doctor Strange is stoked by trolls. (Sophie’s crew. We’ve seen this pattern before. It’s been in place for 3 years.) 

Jan 14th - The Final Problem is leaked online from Russia’s Channel One 

Jan 15th - The Final Problem aired 

Jan 16th - A new wave of backlash aimed at the producers of Sherlock, most unhappy with the ending. 

Jan 17th - Evidence of all corners of the fandom being stoked and trolled becomes clear. (Again, we’ve seen this pattern before.) 

Jan 18th - Enty posts a new blind about Martin and Ben, and Sherlock being doomed because of Ben. Essentially, blaming Ben. And dragging Martin into it again. 

Jan 19th - A new article in the DM about Martin and Amanda’s split with a ‘source’ providing a number of allegations. 

Jan 20th - A new wave of antis put in place to attack @Gatorfisch comes to the fore. 

What does this look like to you? 

This is what a smear campaign looks like. 

None of this is natural or fluid. None of this coincidence. None of this ‘just happened’. *gestures like Sherlock* 

This is a narcissist going berserk and she has taken it to a whole new level. The recipient of these attacks is clearly Ben. And Sherlock. The very thing that made him famous. The very show that he excels in. Another role he excelled in was as Doctor Strange. A role he owned and broke Marvel’s own internal box office records for the highest revenue earned on an opening weekend. It beat Iron Man. His performance was stellar. Why would Marvel even dream of replacing Ben? They wouldn’t. There’s only one person here who wants to see Ben ruined. Maybe two. The second one is another racist bigot and didn’t earn Ben’s interest, or the keys to his social media management. For good reasons. 

Both roles have been attacked to try and ruin Ben and this was done in the media. We can sieve the genuine criticism from the inflated attempts to overwhelm and subdue. Following Ben himself, she has gone after Martin and Amanda and Mofftiss. This is straight out of a narcissists playbook. They attack the people who support their target to once again isolate and ruin them. Where they cannot excel, they seek to demean the talented and hardworking. Where they cannot win, they destroy. 

Narcissists are excellent gossip mongers. Reason, rationality and facts are the sworn enemies of malignant narcissists, for that requires work and some dedication. One has to work hard to be good at what they do. And we have a fame hungry Potemkin on our hands. 

Look at the timeline again. Look at that onslaught in the media and put yourself in Ben’s place for 5 minutes and just imagine how toxic it is.

Oh, I forgot to mention something. On Jan 13th, a number of skeptics observed that pictures of Sophie’s baby and pram pics (that she photoshopped together from the DS set in NY) ’taken’ back in late March early April had started disappearing from their websites. A lot more has gone missing. Look at the timeline again. This one isn’t Ben cleaning up. 

Edit : The Potemkin one = Sophie Hunter