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The Party

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The Party

Pietro Maximoff x reader

Notes: I could not really find a good title for this one guys but it is better than no title at all. :) 

Warnings: minimal swearing & some sexy stuff 

Its was around noon time and you were still working out in avengers towers gym which was equipped with a large assortment of weights and machines. Nat and Steve were there for around three hours this at around six in the morning but you came at nine and you wanted to stay longer to keep your mind off of some thoughts of yours.

Sweat dripped from your face as you kicked the punching back in front of you. You quickly kicked the bag again and again until your feet got sore which made you decide you change to your weapon to your fists. Quickly you ran over to where your water bottle, shirt, and kickboxing gloves and put the on and whipped the sweat from your forehand and started to walk back from where you can from. Once you got to the punching bag you started to punch it again but stopped once you saw Pietro walk around the corner.

“Hey Pietro, what do you want.” you asked as you walked over to where Pietro was standing

“Nothing, But you should want something. Have you checked the date (y/n) it’s Tony’s birthday and you know what that mean a huge party.” He said with a smirk. You had totally forgotten about Tony’s party, you haven’t bought him a gift yet or even a dress to wear today.

“Shit, I completely forgot.” you put your head in your hands and Pietro gave you a smile.

“Well lucky you, it seems that I have gotten you a dress today.” He handed you white box and a tall grey box and put it in your arms. You put the boxes on a chair next to you and opened one of the boxes. You pulled out a beautiful pale white backless pantsuit with a halter top neckline.

“Oh my god Pietro you….you have outdone yourself, this is beautiful.” and you gave him a big hug and a peck on the cheek. “This is amazing, can I pay you back in any way for this?”

“No need beautiful you can repay me at the party.” Pietro smirked and ran off leaving a trail of silver behind him.

“Damn Pietro, you really can get the girls can’t you,” you muttered to yourself and grabbed the boxes that he gave you. Golding your things you ran up to your room to get ready for the Party.


You looked at yourself in the mirror, you truly haven’t seen yourself more beautiful. You were draped in white fabric and tall blue and silver heels and your hair was curled at the ends on your hair. Your nails were painted red and you had red lipstick on your lips while your eyes was lined with liner and touched by mascara.

Quickly you looked at the clock on your bedroom wall and realized the time so you grabbed your necklace and walked out of the room. You could hear a door closing not so far from you and you could see Steve walking out of his room door. Once Steve closed his door and looked up at you his eyes started to you.

“(y/n) you… you look amazing.” Steve said as he finally started to walk down the hall toward you.

“You look good to Steve.” Steve was wearing a white colored shirt and a black blazer and pants. 

You and Steve walked down to the main area of Avengers tower which was already filled with about thirty people. You sighed a long sigh and started to walk down the modern stairs and to meet the many people had befriended over the years.


It was already midnight and it had felt like you had talked to every single person at the party. Thankfully some of the many people started to leave the party so that it left around one hundred people around the tower.

You looked to the balcony from your seat at the bar and saw Pietro looking outside into the starry night. You laughed a little and got up from your seat and walked over to where Pietro stood. Pietro was wearing black pants and a white button-down shirt and was holding a folded black blazer in his arm. You walked over to where Pietro was and rested your hands on the guardrail.  

“You look stunning in that (y/n), I guess I do have good fashion sense.”  Pietro said as he turned your head toward you.

“Thank you Pietro and you do have great fashion sense but did you really have to go with the open back.” You said while smirking

“What (y/n), you afraid of showing a little skin.” He suddenly grabbed your hands and swung you into his arms.

“Gosh Pietro, what are you doing?” Your eyes widening as his face became close to your and you could feel his hand on your back.

“I said you could repay me at the party and this is how you can do it.” He said breathing his minty breath on top your soft cheek.

“It is better than paying you money.” and you grabbed his head and brought his lips to yours. Pietro was first shocked by this sudden change in your character but he quickly kissed you back plentifully. He  brought you back up to your feet and he brought you in closer by wrapping his arms around you bareback. Your hand tangled in his hair as you kissed him passionately until you finally broke from your kiss.

“That was nice.” you told him still holding him close.

“Yep, it definitely was. You want to do it again.” Pietro said with a mischievous smile and his hand drifted down to your butt as he grasped it. You quickly grabbed his hand and brought it back up to where is was on your back.

“Yes I would love to, but if you do that again without asking I will kick your ass.” He smiled and kissed you again.