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Unlike Him

With your brother Archie and dad out of the house, you invite over Jughead. Quickly you let out your feelings for him, which leads to sex. But afterwards it seems that Jughead had changed his mind. In the following weeks you realize something, something that may change both of your lives.

Part 2

Part 3

Warning: Smut

This is my first Riverdale imagine. Sorry if it’s bad I haven’t written in a long time. Let me know if you guys like it and if you want a part 2!


With the recent murders in my hometown of Riverdale I felt uncomfortable as I tried falling asleep with my brother, Archie, and dad gone, visiting my mom in Chicago (a trip with I happily opted out of).  So I called the only person I knew who would make me feel safe.

  Soon enough I heard a knock on the front door. Running down stairs, I opened up the door to Jughead. Pulling him into a hug, I thanked him for coming. We made our way up to my bedroom, both laying down on the bed, turning on the TV, to see what was on.

    After a while of trying to find something good on TV, I moved from my position with my head on Jugheads chest to siting up.

  “I am so bored,” I whined to him. “There is nothing on this stupid TV and there’s nothing to do.”

Jughead laughed, “Of course there isn’t, it’s 1 am.”

With that I let out a sigh, dramatically falling onto Jugheads, still laying body.  Finally an idea came to me. This might just be the perfect time to make my move. The move where I finally let Jughead know I’ve had a crush on him since the 3rd grade, when he told me I could play with Archie and him, even though Archie tried kicking me out… my knight in shining armor.  I tried getting over it, I really did. He was my brother’s best friend, and a matter of fact my best friend too, I couldn’t ruin I and make everything awkward. I made myself do all the things to try to get as far away from him as possible; I even went as far as to join the River Vixens Freshman year. But I guess it was hopeless. I could barely keep my eyes off him tonight, due to his shirtless body, his excuse being that it was “too hot”.  I just wanted to pounce.  

  I finally realized Jughead had been trying to get my attention, but I had just been staring of into space. Well I needed to tell him, I decided. However, I had my fingers crossed that he felt the same way.  

Still on top of him, I sat up, making it so that I was straddling him, then I began to speak, “Jughead, I, uh, I need to tell you something. Just let me talk and then you can tell me how you feel. I- I’ve been in love you since the 3rd grade. I’ve tried to push these feelings down, I really have, but I just can’t. I just couldn’t keep this from you any longer. I completely understand if you don’t feel that way. Just tell me and I’ll never mention it to you again. I-,” suddenly you were cut off.

Jughead had leaned up and kissed me. I basked in the feeling of his warm lips on mine, however it did not last as long as I would have liked.

“That’s a yes, I like you too,” he responded.

Smiling we kissed again, with Jughead suddenly flipping us over, making it so he was on top.  After that he put his hands on my waist, slowly raising them under my shirt, as mine made their way to his neck. Our kiss became more intense, our lips battling one another over dominance, but I already knew it was a losing battle. His lips slowing moved to my neck, sucking on it, leaving what I am sure would be clearly visible hickeys. Once he reached a certain spot, I couldn’t hold in the noises anymore, letting out a moan. I could feel Jughead smirking against my skin, and it seemed my noises pushed him further and he quickly, separated himself to take my shirt off, thankfully he was already shirtless.

As we began to kiss again, I realized that even though this was slightly awkward, Jughead clearly knew what he was doing and ourbodys seemed to fit perfectly together. I could feel his hard on against your leg growing, which just made me want him more, causing to begin to grind up into him, causing him to let a barely there moan. Quickly he began to take off my bra, and move his lips down to my nipples. He focus on sucking the right when, as his hand moved to the other. He made quick work of going back and forth until finally he seemed to have enough. Separating himself from me he began to talk of my pants, and I started to undo his belt buckle. He made quick work of my pants, standing up and pulling the all the way off my legs, along with my panties. Quickly doing the same to his jeans and boxers afterwards.

  Lying back on top of me, he began to kiss me again. Slowly his hands worked their way down my body. Once he reached my core he looked up into my eyes checking to see if I was okay with this. I quickly nodded; I was dying to feel something. Slowly he began to put one, then two in, moving the slowly in and out. I could tell he was teasing me, from the smug grin on his face, listening to my desperate moans.

Finally having enough of his teasing I begged him, “Please, faster.”

  Thankfully, having mercy on me he began to speed up. Keeping up the pace, I started getting close to my orgasm, but suddenly he stop. Despite my anger of not being allowed to cum, I knew what he was going to do which made it all better.

  Jughead looked up at me, while he lined himself up to my core and slowly began to push in. God, was he big, I wasn’t a virgin, but I had definitely never been with a guy who had as much as he did, causing it to slightly hurt as he pushed himself in. I grabbed onto his biceps, digging crevices with my nails as he finally was all the way in. After a second he slowly began moving in and out, creating a natural rhythm.

I could see he was restraining himself from going as fast as he wanted to, just so he could make sure I was comfortable first, “It’s ok, you can go faster.”

After my words he became ramping up his pace. As he began to hit just the spot I cried out, moving my hands to his scratch his back. He clearly got the message, he just that place as fast and hard as he could. He wanted to make sure I came before he did, so he moved his hand down to by clit, quickly rubbing it.

Before I knew it I was there, moaning out his name. A seconds after I came, he also did too.  As he pulled out, he rolled off, pulling me into his arms. It was already late, and with such a workout, we both quickly feel asleep.

I awoke to Jughead, getting out of bed and beginning to get dressed. I looked at my clock seeing that it was only 4 am, I wondered where he was going.

Sitting up I asked, “Leaving so soon, where are you going? It’s still dark out.”

  I seemed to have surprised him and he quickly turned to me, with a look on his face I couldn’t quite make out.

“I, um, I need to leave. Us… This was a mistake, it never should have happened. I’m sorry,” he quickly spoke, trying to avoid looking in my eyes.

Tears started coming to my eyes. How could he say that? I thought he felt the same way. This was Jughead, were talking about, he wasn’t one ot say something then take it back.

“Th-that’s not true. You said you liked me too,” I began.

“Yes it is, I completely regret this happening. Now I have to go. I’ll see you at school or something” he said and with that he was out the door.

How could this happen? I quickly called the only 2 people I could think of.

Soon enough Betty and Veronica arrived. I quickly told them what had happened through my tears. Veronica, being who she is threatened to make him regret every being born, making me laugh. For the rest of that night that was there goal, making me laugh and realize I am better without him.

At lunch a few weeks later, Veronica, Betty, Kevin, and me were all sitting outside the school at our usually picnic table. We had been talking about boys again. So of course Jughead came up. We were all still baffled by the fact that he acted the way he did.

“Well at least he wore a condom, so you can’t have his evil demon spawn,” Kevin said trying to lighten to mood.

Everyone burst out laughing, except for me. He did wear a condom… didn’t he?  I tried thinking back to that night. I quickly realized that I had no condoms, in my room and unless Jughead was just carrying one around with him, it meant that he hadn’t worn one. As soon as that realization came to me, I quickly sat up beginning to sprint into the school, running past both my brother and Jughead, who were headed to the table.

At the table everyone looked around, with Kevin saying, “I thought it was funny, I wasn’t trying to hurt her feeling.”

Quickly the two girls thought about it and realized there was a reason I was running, and it wasn’t because Kevin hurt my feeling. Suddenly they jumped up too, running after me.


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Joker Imagine - ‘Do it’



Hey, I was just wondering if you could do an imagine of the joker raiding someplace and having the reader there and instead of dropping to the ground when he starts shooting she just stands there. Eventually he would walk up to her while raising a gun to her head and she says “Do it”. Please and thank you!

A/N: Here it is. I hope you like it boo :)

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Your P.O.V.

The main bank in Gotham seemed to busy all the time! I sighed impatiently and shifted my position on the dark blue seat. I had a bag on my legs with important papers I had to talk about, but I knew the wait would be long. There was at least 10 people ahead of me in the number line so I just had to sit and wait. It was friday so it was extra packed. People wanted their money, some had to discuss their issues and so on. I looked at the white marble floor and saw dozens of feet, heels and boots and sneakers. Gotham was full of people and everyone was different.

The clock started to get closer to 9 p.m. which meant that I had been waiting for half an hour. Wonderful.As I got up to go and use the washroom, I felt the ground shaking. A split second later a loud bang interrupted everything. I lost my balance and fell on the ground, landing on my bum. I grunted in pain as my tailbone got a hard impact.

What the fuck is going on?

The next thing I knew was that people were screaming in fear. I opened my eyes and saw people dressed up as clowns, pandas and all kinds of things running inside through a hole they created on the wall. Some were already stealing money and others guarded the hostages, us. One of the bad guys with a batman mask shot a man in his stomach and so I witnessed how he fell fell on the ground, crying out in pain. My eyes froze to look at the situation. The bad guy shot the man again, this time in his head. The innocent man died, just like that. I saw it all happen. His blood was pooling around his body and his head looked really fucked up. The sight made me feel sick.

This day had been the worst so I was too angry to let fear make me obey. I got up and looked around better. The furniture around the hole was set on fire and everything grew into a huge mess. A bad feeling was obvious in my gut. This was obviously a robbery. My body froze a little bit and then reality sunk in. We could all die.

‘’You’’ A raspy voice barked from behind me and then I heard a gun loading. A woman on the ground next to me whimpered and hid her head. I sighed shakily and turned around to face the guy holding me at gunpoint. Instead of facing someone with a silly mask, I saw the deepest reality of a criminal clown. Behind me was the one and only Joker.

My eyes widened as I met his blue ones. He looked at me angrily, making the black make-up around his eyes seem darker. His green hair was put back nicely and he had red lips. I was too scared to pay attention to his clothes, but I saw that he was wearing something black and dark red. Then I saw the gun he held, a personalized pistol aimed straight at me. My breath hitched in my throat. I was this fucking close to the Joker!

‘’Get down princess’’ He growled angrily and tried to scare me by raising the gun closer to my face. I gulped at looked at the hole of the gun that could shoot a bullet any second. Joker’s finger lied dangerously on the trigger, but he didn’t pull it yet. ‘’No’’ I answered sternly, slightly worried about doing so, but I didn’t want to surrender.

I saw confusion wash across Joker’s face. I bet I was one of the few people who told him that. ‘’If I were you, I’d listen to me’’ He warned me with a raspy voice. People around us were staring at me in disbelief. yes I was scared, my heart was pounding in my chest and I felt lightheaded, but I was too self assured to kneel down. They’d kill us anyway.

‘’Well clownface you’re not me’’ I spat at him angrily and then expected to get shot, but nothing happened. Joker looked at me wickedly, his eyes moving from my left eye to my right. He gritted his teeth and then squinted those crazy eyes of his. ‘’Don’t talk to me like that or I’ll shoot you!’’ Joker yelled at me and hit my stomach with the gun. I swallowed the pained cry and kept my eyes focused on his.

I didn’t expect my life to end like this..

 ‘’Do it’’ I whispered quietly, but I knew he heard me. I felt tears stinging my eyes. I was so close to crying, but I tried to hold my tears back. I stood there, completely in display for Joker to shoot me and that’s what I waited for. He waited as well. I grew a little impatient again. Maybe my life wouldn’t have to end like this. As he took good time to think, for some reason I didn’t know, I decided to attack him.

I leaped towards the crazy man in front of me and legit jumped on his chest. Joker nearly stumbled, but he caught his balance with his leg. Then he turned us over so I was the one falling. I hit the ground with my back, but it didn’t stop me from getting up again. Tears ruined my makeup and I cried silently, yet I kept trying. I tried to slap Joker, but he grabbed my wrist and pinned it around so it hurt a little bit.Then he put the gun in front of my face again. 

Oh fuck. I thought quickly and kneed him, but I hit his leg which didn’t even hurt that much. ‘’You’re a naughty naughty girl’’ Joker hissed and then pushed me against the floor. He put his foot on my hips so i couldn’t get up. Then he pointed his gun towards me. ‘’Too bad I’ll have to kill you’’ He sighed and I watched his his pale finger hugged the trigger. ‘’Then do it’’ I encouraged this crazed criminal, facing the fact that I would die. It’s not like many people would miss me anyway.

I didn’t even bother to wipe away my tears. I just stared into Joker’s eyes and ignored the screams and gunshots in the background. What was he waiting for?  ‘’Do it!’’ I screamed at him, hating this feeling. I was scared and angry at the same time. Just lying on the ground and waiting for my painful death was disgustingly awful. But the bullet didn’t seem to come.

Joker leaned down and grabbed my black jacket so he could pull me up to my feet. I grunted in pain because his touch was harsh. Then he pulled my back close to his chest and put the cold gun against my head, holding his other arm around my waist. All of this was so confusing!

But it didn’t take long for me to know why he did this. In front of us stood Batman, in his dark knight suit. I was the hostage that Joker would kill if Batman would come closer. I could feel my heartbeat all the way in throat as I stood there. I had never been this scared in my life. There was nothing I could do.

Joker’s goons were gone. Some were lying on the ground in pain, but most of them had escaped already. So it was Joker vs Batman with me in the middle. Yay. This felt like some kind of nightmare. ‘’Let her go Joker’’ Batman spoke with his deep voice. He could probably see my quivering body. ‘’Why would I? You don’t think I’m that fucking stupid do you?’’ Joker laughed darkly and caressed my cheek with the cold metal. Batman didn’t answer immediately. He seemed to be in deep thoughts.

‘’She doesn’t have anything to do with this’’ Batman tried again. He stepped closer, but Joker didn’t approve that. The next thing I knew was the Joker shot the ceiling and then put the gun back towards my head. Batman froze and didn’t come closer. The shot was a clear warning that I’d be next.

‘’Just go away Batsy. You can’t save her, just like you couldn’t save Rachel’’ Joker spoke darkly. Everyone knew about Rachel. Joker had set up a trap a few years ago which led Harvey Dent to lose his mind and half of his face. Then Rachel had died. Not that I liked what happened, but Rachel was my former co-worker and we never got along. When she died, I wasn’t that sad about it. But what Joker did was still wrong. Even tho he kinda did me a favour, I couldn’t say I wished for her death.

I noticed how Batman got angry by Joker’s rude comment.   ‘’Now pretty how about we go out of here together and leave Batsy alone,hm?’’ Joker purred into my ear and tried to walk sideways to the entrance. A car had pulled over and a goon was driving. Batman hadn’t noticed, but I could tell him. Did I want to? This was all messing with my mind and I was way too confused to think straight.

Batman leaped closer to us. I startled so bad that I screamed and kicked the dark knight. Why? I didn’t want to get shot. ‘’Leave me alone!’’ I sobbed out loud to Batman, partly feeling guilty for kicking him. Batman seemed surprised and he stepped a few steps back. He tried to grab one of his weapons, but Joker was quicker. The next thing I knew was that he pushed me inside the car. Joker’s goons shot at Batman who had to seek shield. That gave Joker plenty of time to get in the car and so we escaped the scene.

‘’You did so well kitten’’ Joker laughed evilly and sat next to me. I was on my back and I was too scared to sit up straight. I had kicked the only person who could have saved me and now I was heading to ..who knows where with fucking Joker! I really fucked up.

‘’I didn’t mean to do that’’ I whimpered with a small voice. I was letting reality replace my shock and I got really scared. But a part of me found Joker really interesting. I knew I should hate him, but after thinking about the crazy clown prince of crime for a few years, my thoughts had formed a big mess. I had mixed feelings about this man. 

‘’But you did it’’ Joker answered me and then took a deep breath. He wasn’t holding me at gunpoint anymore. ‘’There’s bad in you and I’ll promise to get it through baby’’ He added mysteriously. My eyes widened. Bad in me? ‘’I’m nothing like you’’ I hissed and then sat up a little better. So I’d either die or become like him? I knew I could try to escape, but we were in a car that drove so fast I bet the driver broke all the laws he could.If I’d jump out, I’d die.

‘’Don’t be so negative. You’re feisty, I like that’’ Joker admitted and seemed like a whole new person. Earlier he was more scary, now he was just plain crazy and a little flirty. I kept an angry glare on my face. ‘’Hey, drive us to the X4 hideout!’’ Joker growled angrily at the driver. His tone was really scary, something you wouldn’t want to make worse.

Then he turned to face me again. That’s when I paid attention to details. He had ‘damaged’ ‘J’ and a star tattooed on his white face. He had some scars from heists and his blue eyes were actually pretty. I felt like I could study his features and tattoos for ages, but I was too scared to. Also he was a bad guy. I shouldn’t be thinking like this. I should be more scared and more angry.

‘’I can see through your anger’’ Joker giggled and then grabbed something from his pocket. I followed his moves silently and then saw a cigar that he lit up and put the thick stick on his lips. He inhaled the toxins and after a few seconds breathed the smoke out. I tried to show him that I was disgusted, just because I wanted to go away. I put my hand on my nose and squinted my eyes.

‘’Want some?’’ He looked at me and offered me the cigar. I looked at it, then at Joker who seemed more relaxed around me and then I looked out of the window. We drove so fast that I couldn’t focus on anything. All I knew was that I was stuck with the Joker and it stressed me out. So I grabbed the cigar and inhaled it deeply. The smoke entered my body and made me feel both disgusted but relaxed. I breathed it out in the car and then gave it back to Joker. 

‘’You didn’t mean it when you told me to do it didn’t you?’’ Joker asked me with a raspy voice. I felt a little numb, because this all happened so suddenly. I wasn’t sure what I should feel. Fear? Anger? Sadness? I was too baffled to know. I looked at Joker who had a smirk plastered on his face. ‘’You’ll find out’’ I replied shortly and then shut my eyes.

How could this be real?

Could you beat this 'classical' writer in a fight?

Homer: 30%
Roving bards sound dangerous. It’s also still unclear if he was one person or multiple people, so you may, mid-fight, be jumped by a dozen randos. Sure, you’d feel vindicated for all those fucking epithets but in the end he’s remembered for millennia and you’ve beaten up an old man. Pass

Virgil: 90%
Scrawny nerd who wrote historical fiction. Had a hard on for Mark Antony, but who doesn’t? P sure if you accuse him of ripping off the Odessey, he’ll go into one of those flaily nerd rages and you can just punch him out. Please do

Marie de France: 10%
Hahaha you think you can beat her? A woman whose career was making fun of her own fans and writing about werewolves and lesbian weasels? She will get a knight to kick your ass while she watches from the sidelines, sipping from a drink with a little umbrella.

John Milton: 80%
END HIM. He invented the idea of turning your problematic faves into a woobie. His family will thank you. No one needs his bible fanfic

Ben Jonson: 30%
This man is bitter that everyone reads Shakespeare even though he was WAY more popular. You do not want to be there when he let’s out his frustration. Also he wrote a play in which someone makes a deal with the devil for knowledge - we don’t have proof he didn’t do the same. risky

Christopher Marlowe: n/a
He’s already been assassinated again. Don’t bother

Horace Walpole: 90%
This dude made a fake gothic home and wrote fucking ‘Castle of Otranto’. Don’t let his shit talking distract you and you can get this one easy. Get wreked son. Just beware of possible giant armored helmets falling from the sky

George Elliot: -1000%
i cannot believe you even asked. what the hell - you think you can take a woman who learned chemistry and medicine and all this shit just to show she’s cooler than men? you challenge her to a fight, she’ll hike up her skirt and kick your 

Charles Dickens: 30%
You might think that this is an easy one, but he wrote bazillion word novels, ran a newspaper, and went on book tours his entire life: he might not be strong, but he has stamina. Like damn. You might win if you remind him of his tragic childhood, but i wouldn’t risk going 800 rounds with a wordy englishman

Arthur Conan Doyle: 60%
This man believes in fairies. that’s not relevant, I’m just upset about it. he was a doctor, which i usually take to mean he wasn’t so good at the fighting bit. if you ask houdini, he’ll come and fuck him up for free so i’d do that. 

Edgar Allan Poe: stop
leave him alone. he had such a shit life, no one loved his books, and fucking arthur cd up there basically stole the idea of sherlock holmes from something he’d written. I bet you didn’t know that - it’s bc no one remembers poe except emo kids and people who think it’s impressive to know the raven. buy him a coffee and give him bus fare to go home

anonymous asked:

A Chloe x Alya fic where they love each other as volpina and the bee thing (I'm tired and brain dead rn so I'm bad at articulating things but I hope you know what I'm talking about) but despise each other as their real selves? And make it a reveal fic? This could be a chapter fic or one shot I don't care but please :D

Bless you, praise you anon.

Okay, so ehre we go! Did someone ask for Dark Cupid but with Queen Bee and Vixen? Too bad, cause this is pretty much what I did/ Bonus points if any of you get where I got Queen Bee’s attack from.

Part 2(coming soon)(cause no way in hell I’m leaving this as it is lmao what are you taking me for, someone who can write angst and leave it as it is?)

Alya had one day from hell because of one and only Chloé Bourgeois. She had never been more grateful for an akuma, it gave her the chance to blow some steam. True, she was using her flute more like Chat was using his staff, rather than make some illusions, but she was in the mood to hit something. And the new akuma gave her the perfect opportunity. She didn’t pay much attention to the name but it was turning people in fairytale characters. Why was Hawkmoth akumatizing little kids again? Right, because he was an asshole.

“What got you so riled up, foxy?”

“Nothing you should worry about, your highness.” Alya replied playfully while kicking another knight over the head.

“That angry scowl on your gorgeous face always gets me worried.” she declared wrapping the string of her spinning top around two knight before slamming them against a tree.

“Well, I’d hate if my small problems would ruin that bright smile off your face.”

Queen Bee kept smiling, ready to flirt back, when Ladybug shouted for her. “B! I could really use your help right now.”

The blonde turned towards the akuma that was momentarily being kept in place by Ladybug’s yoyo. Alya moved to cover her as she called for her signature move.

“Poison Sting!” she called out moving her spinning top towards the akuma

Alya didn’t quite catch what happened next. The akuma managed to escape Ladybug’s grip, dodging the spinning top and at the same time sending an attack towards Queen Bee. The next thing Alya saw was her teammate lying unconscious on the ground. And one of the gems in her comb began to flicker. Alya’s heart sunk.

“Get her out!” Chat screamed at her while dodging another attack. “Secret identity. We got this. Go!”

Without hesitation, Alya picked Queen Bee up and began to run. She did her best to avoid the crowd as she sprung on a lamp post then on a lower roof, then a higher one. By the time they reached what she considered a secluded enough corner two of the gems on her comb already flickered off.

“B,” Alya called out gently shaking her shoulder. “Come on Queenie, don’t do this.”

She was desperate. Queen Bee was close to detransform and knocked out by whatever the akuma did to them. Okay, think Alya, think. The akuma knocked only her out, right? She turned some people into knights and she even saw some frogs. The akuma was fairytale based and… of course! Alya snapped her fingers, finally finding the solution.

Looking down at Queen Bee, slipping peacefully with her head in Alya’s lap. She was never the biggest fan of those tropes from the fairy tales she used to read to her sisters, but they were in a desperate need right now. So desperate to even use a true love’s kiss.

(She tried to ignore the weird sensation in her stomach at the thought of it not working.)

Stroking her cheek gently, Alya leaned over, capturing Queen Bee’s lips in a kiss. Ironically, her lips really tasted like honey. She can’t wait to tease her for this later. And maybe kiss her again.

After what Alya thought was enough to break the spell, she broke the kiss, looking down at her partner. Queen Bee frowned and began opening her eyes.

“Huh? What happened?” her eyes squinted around, confused. Then she noticed who was looking down at her, her lips curling in a smile. “Well, hello there beautiful. ” she stood up, allowing them to be on the same eye level. “Care to tell me what happened after the akuma hit me?”

Alya felt relief flood her. It worked! Queenie was safe and sound. And she was apparently her true love, but they’ll discuss that later. Alya was beaming. But before she could answer a golden light appeared, making her shield her eyes. Oh, no. So had forgotten entirely about the detransformation. And while Alya knew she should have looked away and protect the identity of her partner, but she was frozen in place. And as the light vanished in Queen Bee’s place stood one and only Chloé Bourgeois. Alya gasped.

“This… was unexpected.” the blonde remarked as her kwami hid with a snicker. Looking at Alya she gave her a smile, almost shy smile that wasn’t characteristic for either her personas. “Hey, foxy, I know I’m sexy, but close your mouth, you’ll catch flies.”

Alya did that. She wasn’t sure what to feel in that moment. It was too much. A wave of all kinds of feelings hit her and almost knocked her off her feet. She couldn’t do this. Not now. She got on her shakily before beginning to back off.

“Vixen?” Chloé called her superhero name in what felt like forever. “Look, I know we aren’t supposed to know, but the bright part.”

“Just… don’t.” Alya managed to say turning her back. She couldn’t do this. For once in her life, Alya felt like running away.

Chloé stood on the rooftop looking at the orange figure disappearing over the rooftops. And for the first time in years, her heart was shattering again.


Request: can you do an arkham knight x reader where you are helping bruce take down the arkham knight but when you get there to find the arkham knight he ends up hurting you without knowing and you drop the ring he gave you and he realizes it’s him and then you can decide the rest

Relationship: Arkham Knight (Jason Todd) X Reader

Warnings: angst, fluff, crappy ending, but yeah



“Y/N where are you now?” Bruce asks you as he continues to fire missiles from the batmobile at the vehicle that carried Gotham’s latest villain. The Arkham Knight, in one night his militia had taken over the entire city, making him a real pain in your ass. ‘If only Jason were still alive, he’d probably have some choice words to say.’ You think to yourself touching the ring Jason gave you almost 6 years ago to the day. You brought it with you on every mission and it rarely left your side.

“On top of the building at your left.” You said as the wind blew your cape. You brought up the missile launcher and aimed it at the vehicle. Only someone stopped you by knocking the large weapon out of your arms.

“Nice try, but I’m right here.” The Arkham Knight’s robotic voice said behind you. You turn around in shock facing the person in the suit. You throw a smoke bomb onto the ground and try to grapple away but the Knight grabs your foot pulling you back down.

“Y/H/N, what’s going on?” The Batman yells into your ear. “Why isn’t the weapon down?”

“My positions a little compromised at the moment bats!” You say kicking the Knight back with your free foot and throwing a bat-a-rang at the one that holds your foot. You end up landing on your back but you quickly roll over and start to run the other way. You know you can’t beat him on your own so why try when it’s just going to get you killed.

The Knight starts to shoot at you so you duck behind a column. You yelp a little as a bullet chips away at the column and you decide you’re not going to die without a fight. You come out of your hiding place and through a bat-a-rang into the barrel of the gun. You punch the Knight and he blocks all of them. You hear a crack and realize you probably just broke a rib. Gasping and trying to change your fight pattern you kick him only he swings his leg out tripping you and making you fall. Your ring fell out of your pocket and you gasped struggling to reach it. The Knight picked it up and looked at it  long enough for you to get up and tackle him punching his mask, figuring if you blind him he can’t fight back. The mask cracks slightly and you see a ‘J’ imprinted on the Knight’s cheek. You gasp and take off his mask revealing the slightly older face of your lover Jason Todd.

“Jason?” You ask scrambling to take off your cowl. You set it to the side and pick up Jason’s beaten face.

“Y/N?” He asks as if in a daze. His nose is bleeding and his voice is hoarse.

“Jason, I’m here,” You cradle his head in your lap and brush his hair back. “How are you here, you’re supposed to be dead.”

“Surprise.” He coughs sarcastically and reaches up to touch your face brushing slightly over your lips with his gloved hands. Next he reaches for your hand and pulls off the glove of your suit before sliding the ring he gave you so long ago onto your finger. “You forgot something.”

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Hello! I'm glad you're back! Hope your trip was good! I was wondering: How would suitors react if princess a badass?

Hey thanks! My trip was very productive! I’m sorry this is like a week old, I’ve been working through asks and I had to let this one simmer for inspiration, lol.

-Say Princess is practicing her swordsmanship skills with random knight and kicking his ass. All of the suitors see her.

Sid - *wolf whistles* immediately turned on, because he wants and needs a you in his life.

Byron - “I see,“ outside he’s calm, but inside he’s smiling. You know he’s calculating everything in that brain of his.

Louis - “She is scary,” he prefers something a little more predictable.

Albert - “She is a liability,” he says as his glasses fog over.

Leo - “Spicy,” (he wants you).

Giles - *facepalm* “This is a disaster,” but really, he’s so proud of you.

Alyn - “Dibs.”

Rayvis - “Mine.”

Nico - “YEEAAASS” *googly heart eyes*

Robert - “Oh she’s so precious,” he’s just tickled with you.

Let Me Clear Something Up Then...(Theo Raeken Imagine)

I feel like I say this a lot buuuut… I’m so sorry that I have not uploaded anything for the past week… I tried to be as active as possible but at times that proves to be difficult since school is seriously every day for five days in a row. Not to mention, in between all of that I get loads of homework and I need time to study since I’m in advanced placement classes.

I hope you guys understand why I’m not as active as I’d like to be.

This imagine was inspired by this imagine from @vividimagines


I hope you guys enjoy! (Please tell me! I need feedback so I can deliver you guys what you want in my writing!)

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Growing up, you never really pictured yourself to be flirted with in the halls of a school. Throughout first and secondary school, you didn’t exactly have an abundance of suitors but once high school rolled around, the line piled up. It all started when you got caught in the crossfires of a war between the Alpha pack and the McCall pack. You were bitten by Deucalion all because you seemed to be close to Scott and the others, thus turning you into a werewolf. The pack saw you turn into a quite, young lady into a woman that all boys craved. Stiles would even refer to you as Erica 2.0. just minus the devious part. You were still a complete angel. 

You were stuffing items into your locker when you felt a hard slap around your bum area. You felt your eyes flash its beta gold color before closing your eyes to take a deep breath. You turned around to see a smirky little freshman that you recognized to be part of the lacrosse team. Just as you were about to yell at him for laying his hands on you, someone else beat you to it.

“Did you just slap my girlfriend’s ass?” You were still tense as you looked over to the source, Theo Raeken. You tilted your head, trying to figure out his angle, but nevertheless you were in need of a knight to kick this little troll away. 

“N-no.” The tiny little freshman cowered in fear as he sped off down the hall.

Theo gave you a smug look as you slammed your locker shut. “I had that, Raeken.” You muttered, pushing past him. 

Instead of getting the message and leaving you alone, he easily caught up to you. “I’m sure you wouldn’t have torn that poor kid’s head off.” Theo looked over to a group of chatty little sophomores and smirked. “I wouldn’t want people touching my girlfriend.” A girl heard him instantly, her eyes going wide as she began to whisper to her friends.

“You did that on purpose.” You whispered harshly to Theo. 

He placed his hand on the small of your back as he demanded offered to walk you to your class. When the pair of you arrived at the doorway of your class, you felt many stare as Theo planted a soft kiss that surely left a blush on your cheeks. You quickly rushed to your seat next to Lydia. She gave a knowing smirk before saying, “No wonder you kept turning down all these boys.” You gave her a shy smile before turning your attention to the teacher as soon as the bell rang. 

Throughout the morning, you found that the boys who gave you unwanted attention in the past would shy away from you. In fact, you swear that you saw a boy jump off the stairs as soon as you stepped foot onto them. Even your flirty lab partner seemed to cower in fear as you discussed the assignment. But his eyes were not glued to you as they used to be. His eyes were glued past your skull and when you turned, you met Theo’s glare at the boy. 

“Why didn’t you tell us that you were dating Theo?” Liam, who used to flirt with you nonstop before finding about the supernatural world, questioned you at lunch. 

Stiles spit out his milk all over Scott who gave his friend an annoyed look. You shrugged, “It didn’t seem important.” 

“When did this happen?” Stiles asked, flabbergasted by the news. 

“I’m surprised you haven’t heard about it.” Malia said. 

Kira gave you a sad look. “Why did you keep it a secret? It kind of hurts finding out this vital piece of information from someone else, ya know…”

You felt a wave a guilt that Malia must’ve smelt. You thought that she would’ve questioned it, but she assumed that you were guilty that you didn’t confide in your pack about your personal life. Before you could confess that Theo just made it up because of a freshman that slapped your butt, the devil himself sat down next to you, Lydia scooting away so that he could squeeze in.

“Hey baby.” Theo flirted. 

“Hi Babe. Can I talk with you for a moment… Alone?” Theo nodded as you pulled him up and dragged him into an empty girls’ bathroom. You turned on all the faucets, in hopes that the running water would drown out your conversation so that the others wouldn’t listen in. “You’re taking it way too far.” 

“What?” Theo scoffed. “My bad for trying to help you out, (Y/N).” 

“I get it. You wanted to be a hero for once. But Theo, it’s unfair to the both of us and the people we’re interested in and who might be interested in us.” You said, running a hand through your hair. 

“I mean, it seems like the whole school’s interested in you. My bad for stealing you away.” But then his infamous smirk crept back on his devious handsome face. “Wait… who are you interested in?” 

You felt your cheeks heat up. “It doesn’t matter. Either way, it’s unfair to everyone to claim we’re dating but we aren’t. It sends mixed signals-”

“To who? To people who want to date you? Or to you?” Theo asked, his grin making your stomach erupt with butterflies. “I can hear your heart beating fast, (Y/N). This is sending mixed signals… to you… isn’t it?” He slowly made his way over to you.

“And if it is?” You questioned as you backed away until your back hit the wall, his arms trapping you to the bricks. 

Let Me Clear Something Up Then…” Theo said in a low voice and you felt your palms getting sweatier and your heart was beating against your rib cage, so hard that you thought it would break out. “I’m not faking anything.” 

You asked him what did he mean in a nearly inaudible, hushed voice. “It’s annoying to see the girl I like fighting off all these boys. It’s annoying to hear them say things to you. It’s annoying to smell their hormones raging as you walk past them in the hallway. It’s annoying to me that they’re touching something that’s mine.”

“Jealous much, Raeken?” You asked, slightly taunting him. He nodded, his jaw clenched. “Then make me yours.” Theo didn’t have to think twice before kissing you, something the both of you dreamed of doing for a long time.