kick it like a boss~

All I’m saying is great job Teen Wolf.

You got rid of one of the best female characters you’ve ever had. (One of ethnicity at that)

A female character who kicks butt like a boss.

One of Malia’s closest friends.

The main character’s love interest (again!)

And an overall amazing main lady played by an outstanding actress who dedicated all of her talent to you.

And for what?

Because she has no more “use” has “no more value”? You can’t find anywhere for her?

All of the further potential Kira could’ve had and the amazing development that was given.


Hey guys! Just recently started guild wars 2! Add me, Luxia.4356 or Kerpymon.

It’s been pretty fun lately but I can’t really get into map completion after around 4 maps completed (it feels so strenuous). Dungeons are funny sometimes and only rarely have I met someone exceedingly rude during dungeons (like trying to kick you out of the party at the last boss, etc.) The legendaries look AMAZING but I don’t think I’ll bother with them since they require so much $$$, but I’m sure they will be fun to draw. 

revengeance also ties with w101 for having my favorite use of music in a game.

revengeance uses instrumental versions of its themes for the general boss fight, and then when something major happens, the lyrics kick in.

like with the first boss, you are just running around slicing at its legs, dodging missiles and reflecting gunfire and the instrumental for rules of nature is playing.

but then you reach the point where you block the metal gears giant sword arm with your own sword and toss that thing and the second the swords clash “RULES OF NATUUUURE” gets belted out in the background.  

just amazing.

  • Tumblr: We want dynamic bad ass females that actually has back stories, and get scared and show emotion
  • Joss Whedon: Here is a character that is the most powerfull out of the cast, and has times where she is scared, and questions her self and has guilt for what she has done, but takes all that pain and still kicks ass like a BOSS
  • Tumblr: Ugh, fuck you Joss Whedon, why does that female character question herself and have emotions. Stop writing female characters you suck at it.

I wanted to draw Blue and Tammy’s Whinter together for quite some time! This is what I imagine if Blue and Whinter meet in Turf Wars, get stuck on the same team, AND after the events of Mating Facts.  Blue’s gonna be kicking bossing him around most likely, heh.  I can actually see Blue acting as an appropriate big bro for Whinter.  That is, once their relationship improves.

Then again, Whinter can just go Kraken on Blue if he wants revenge haha.

Hope ya like it, Tammy!

Whinter belongs to @tamarinfrog