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Updated Fics from November 15th to November 22nd

Hi Guysssss!!! I am sooooo sorry I couldn’t update yesterday!!!! (I was very into the AMA’s) but here we gooooo!!!! I hope you are all reading and reviewing!! It’s a very short week for me!!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all those who celebrate it!!!! I am very thankful for all of you!!!! We have an amazing list this week!!!!

Happy Reading and see you all next Sunday!

Warrior by @americanowrites Chapter 2

Pure Feeling - Harry’s POV drabble- by @hurrricanes

Quatervois by @escapistwrites Chapter 8-9-10 (Finished)

Every Moment Matters by @nofockingway Prologue – Chapter 1 (NEW) 

If you Ever Leave Me drabble by @inficwetrust

If You Ever Leave Me by @inficwetrust Chapter 13

Valley of the Dolls drabble by @onismanxiety

True Lies by @harrystyluhs Prologue (NEW)

Tone Deaf by @haubreyfeels Chapter 17

In Your Atmosphere (Prompts and Drabble) by @fromherlips

Disconnected (Prompts) by @afitzgeraldfic

An Exact Shade of Maroon (Prompts) by @afitzgeraldfic

Less Than Lovers (Prompts) by @ticketchanges

Down and Out by @inkoasis Chapter 7 (Part I & II)

Salute Drabble by @bioluminescentwriting

Pure Feeling by @hurrricanes Chapter 9

A League of Their Own by @alototalk Chapter 9

Journeyman by @littlebird006 Chapter 4

Evaporate by @standingfacingwest  Chapter 21

How you get the boy by @booksncoffee Chapter 11

The Nice Guy by @onismanxiety Chapter 28

Tennessee Teacakes by @justanchorandhope Epilogue

Black Dog by @thomaspynchoff Chapter 3

Let’s Pretend it’s Love by @daydreamsandafternoontea  @letspretenditslovefic Chapter 11 (New)

Crimson & Clover by @konstantine11-11 Chapter 5

Keeping Score by @ineffably-styles Chapter 3 (NEW)

Butterfly Boy by @rockmeot4 Chapter 21

Her by EmilylovesOneD (1dff)  Chapter 30

1D AUTUMN Fic Exchange

Kick drum beat in my head by @wordsbestforgotten

Space Oddity by @bioluminescentwriting

Fiat Lux by @kittnstyles

Come talk to me if you have any questions!!!! And have an amazing week!!!!

Isabel xx