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OMG *nosebleeds* I played this sub story a while back? I think I almost bought all the routes for all the characters from Dreamy Days, it’s so beautiful *__* but now that I’ve played most of it, I DO really hope a season 3 is coming out. Anyways this cute side story is about napping together with our boys hehehe

I just don’t understand Ricchan’s hand gesture lol
Im totally over tagging aren’t i?! Meh haha


This is a Dreamy Days ~3 years later~ sub story. They’ve released sub stories where it’s still set in high school and a few that are 3 Years later. This one is about you reminiscing about the first time you drank alcohol~
Haruki: saving you from this guy who was hitting on you before you guys go drink together~
Ryu-ni: his drunkness goes up in levels lol and he’s on level 3 where you kisses u everywhere on your face XD
Ichigo: prepares a nice dinner for you at the place he works at~
Takeshi: bwaha he’s drunk and he’s pretending to be a cat - nyan~~=^^=
Ricchan: since he’s one year younger than everyone he wasn’t suppose to drink but accidentally drank juice with some alcohol in it and your just taking care of him ^^


吉祥寺 恋色デイズ Kichijoji Days of Love


Extra #2: Camp of Love / Koiro Kyanpu

Hatsune Rihito 初音理人




And here are my last CGs for Dreamy Days S2 ~3 Years Later route~ for Rihito Hatsune. All I’ve been doing is posting Voltage CGs and only Dreamy Days. I will start posting different stuff and more DMMd when I get a chance.

First CG: he pushes you down on the bed and he’s stripping OMG my heart can’t handle it lol

Quick overview of route: You and Ricchan actually attends the same university (: but because he is torn between being a professional piano player or being the kindergarten teacher ( was this what he wanted to be?) he struggles to choose. Ricchan’s so cute~


吉祥寺 恋色デイズ Kichijoji Days of Love


Extra #2: Camp of Love / Koiro Kyanpu

Sato Ichigo 佐東一護




Voltage’s Dreamy Days in West Tokyo: Ryuzo Hatta’s ~Cohabitation Route~ (I like calling it the Living Together route more ;-;) Look at those abs!!!! I plan to post all the CGs for all characters in the Cohabitation routes eventually, slowly. I am a blogging newb so I have no idea how to categorize Voltage CGs into a diff page >< anyways all the Cohabitation routes are super cute so I definitely recommend them when the translation comes out if you have the money to spare (:

Quick overview of route: I kind of forgot cause his route came out first so I played it a while back - BUT I think Kurofune is under renovation? And Master found a place for you to stay for the time-being. It so happens that the place you’re staying at - a creepy guy is wandering around harassing girls and Ryu-ni decides to stay over to protect you from this creep hehe ^^

Kichijoji Days of Love and Brothers Conflict books

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UPDATE: Voltage fanbooks translations are on hold until I can rescan everything to make it more clear. 

IN NEED OF JAPANESE TRANSLATORS for Voltage fanbooks and maybe for Brothers Conflict books too. *someone with facebook would be greatly appreciated for easier communication*

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Last but not least, Dreamy Days, Takeshi Yuno’s ~Cohabitation Route~ As usual, Takeshi is still enjoying his manga ^^ all in all I enjoyed everyone’s route. Hopefully the new character Kou will get more releases soon so stayed tuned!

Quick Overview of route: Takeshi won a chance to stay at his favorite childhood character: Ninja-man’s (I don’t remember, I think that’s the name) house (set they used to film the show) for a month and he invites you to stay with him for the one month~ but he left you for an entire week to do training O__O