friends they are jewels

one thing i really like about my life is i have so many friendships that are so frickin old?? like so many of my friends i have known for at least 8 years and we have been thru so much together and have known so many different versions of each other and i think that is so special!!! like i can remember when we played 4 square together, and when we had braces and wore academy uniforms and cut-off gloves from hot topic!!! that’s nutty!!!

thanks friendos for sticking around for such a long time!! thanks for forgiving me my past selves and always allowing me to make new ones!! i can’t wait to be old ppl together sitting around in rocking chairs and complaining about the youths



my job is cutting my hours and isn’t looking too secure for the future. while i’m looking for a new job i need to make some money to save for upcoming rent and groceries, so commissions are open!!

further details:

  • +$5 dollars for each additional character
  • if you would like a background, please keep it simple!
  • i will NOT draw mechas
  • PAYMENT METHOD: via paypal

please send your commission requests to, not through tumblr–i don’t want your request to accidentally be eaten!

if you have any questions please feel free to shoot me an ask here or send an email to the above address.

thank you! ;w;