(hody —> 15 years)

It is now 4 weeks after helens try to kill herself wich luckily doesn’t worked and helen is still alive. Hody went back in the town after all this and hasn’t seen her in the last weeks but is happy to know that she is alive and healthy. The teenager had still in his mind that she died nearly because of him and couldn’t risk that something like this happens again with the one he loved more as his own life so he stayed away from her, her brothers, her father and the ship, hoping that she wouldn’t look for him and just hates him.

Little Hadly and her parents (ADULT Helen)


Two weeks after helen could go with hadly and hody back in their home

Its late at night and all were asleep. Hodys and helens baby, hadly is sleeping with her parents in the same room. At some point hadly wakes up in the middle of the night and begins to scream. Hody wakes up from this and walked over to the baby bed, taking the girl in his arms to calm her down to not wake up his wife too.