Helen nodded with a big grin. “It sure is! It is only made of natural ingredients and it has lots of proteins and vitamins in it! I wanna test it outs so that I can make lots of it for my brothers!” She giggled with her little plan in the head which she hoped would work.

Air escaped his mouth as he breathed out. He picked it up from her as he looked at it, sniffed it before taking a sip. A certain person taught him to at least do that after a bit of poisoning.  “Tastes… strange… What is it..?” he asked as he looked at her.  


Helen backed away a bit as he bent down to pick up the puppy. In her eyes those things were cute as hell but she was just very terrified of them at the same time. “I-I am sorry… I am j-just scared by dogs terribly…”

“It’s fine,” he said, turning and walking away, now that it was in his arms, so he could set it down away from Helen.


He was angry, a little angry koala. He went to his dad, Donflamingo as he steamed off. He had gotten the gun in which he would murder the person who did this horror to him. He then searched for the person who did it. A person called Helen.

With a angry expression he searched the whole isle even using his devil fruit ability. Porting all over till he found her. Panting softly as he grinned. “Helen~” he spoke with a sweet tune. “I have a small gift for you~”