YA! What are you doing…I’m eating here…

please make note…THERE IS NO CHAIR    ~ Weekly Idol 130403


Twirling Minkey😍JAT Fukui 160206 #shinee #key #kibum #minho #minkey #2016jat #JAT2016

Intro to: U-KISS

Weekly Nugu Groups is a blog which features a new kpop rookie/nugu group every week! Our goal is to introduce our followers to new groups and to share our love for underrated groups with everyone. Please send us groups you’d like us to feature! 

This week we are featuring U-KISS, as requested by anonymous!

U-KISS is a 7-membered group that debuted in 2008 and are under NH Media. Their most recent comeback was Playground. Please keep reading for the members’ profiles and the groups’ singles!

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