kibum's umma

K-Mothers' meeting

Victoria: Three children is so much work
Key: Have you tried raising four?
Suho: What do you know about life, really
Jeonghan: *laughs maniacally from the corner*

the lee family, from left the right: daughter taem, daughter jong, ex umma kibum, father jinki, smol minho 

father jinki: pretty much the most awkward person to ever exist. he wants the best for his three children but doesn’t actually know how. no one, not even his children (or himself as a matter of fact) knows who his wife is. it was as if she evaporated into thin air and left jinki to support his three equally interesting children. he’s the type of father to drive you to school even if he’s dead tired and call macaroni and cheese a gourmet meal. he does love his children and would take a bullet for them.

ex umma kibum: this lady started randomly showing up at the lee’s when jinki was at work and the kids were at school and discreetly began to eat their food. she was exposed when jinki walked into the house to see her sitting in the corner, snacking on grapes. being the kind man he is, he invited her to stay at their house and became the kids’ unofficial mother. she does have a son (hence the ex umma name) but he moved out when he was six, leaving her alone.

smol minho: the oldest of the lee children and the only boy, he is anything but athletic. he’s awkward like his father but anxious as well. he dislikes leaving the house for fear of social interaction. he likes to practice his ‘cool’ faces in the mirror and imagine a life where he was strong and active. he enjoys reading books but constantly has to look for them because daughter taem is always hiding them. 

daughter taem: the middle child whose personality pretty much parallels ex umma kibum’s. she is cynical, sarcastic and has a habit of roasting anyone at any given time. she likes to avoid daughter jong because she is too clingy and prefers to hang out behind the school in hopes jong will not find her. she is always mistaken for a dude so she avoids using bathrooms during the school days and cannot smile to save her life. on some occasions, she’ll lock herself in her room and write fanfiction for who knows what. 

daughter jong: the youngest and the most dependent on daughter taem. she is more awkward than smol minho and father jinki combined. she has a habit of doing peace signs when she is uncomfortable, which is usually all the time, so she pretty much just walks around flashing peace signs at everyone. she has an incredible singing voice but is so awkward around everyone, she can never perform. she only dreams of doing duets with daughter taem and making it past the vending machine without awkwardly giving it a peace sign 


Suho and Siwon: *went golfing to talk about rich people problems together*

Kyungsoo and Ryeowook: *vocal lessons while cooking together in the kitchen*

Kai and Eunhyuk: *went out to have a play date with their dogs after intense dance battle*

Xiumin and Sungmin (aka the Min couple): *manages to still look cute while practicing martial arts together*

Luhan and Heechul: *sits and share their secrets on ways to become manlier.*

Chen and Kyuhyun: * goes around trolling their members together*

Kris and Yesung: *shares their philosophies on aliens and galaxies* 

Sehun and Donghae: *runs off to take random pictures together and post them on instagram*

Tao and Zhou Mi: *went on a shopping spree together*

Chanyeol and Henry: *composes music together*

Baekhyun and Shindong and Kangin: *throws random party in the middle of the living room*

Lay and Hangeng: *talks to each other in broken korean*

Leeteuk: *has a mental breakdown because he has to take care of 26 kids*

Kibum: *silently comforts Umma Teuk, though he finds the whole situation entertaining*

i ship exo and super junior