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SHINee reaction to after sex ;)

Minho: “You’re sore? I guess I was pretty efficient then,” he says, giving you a sly wink.

Onew: “Now, let’s indulge!” he pulls out a bag of food, setting between you two.

Taemin: “Round three?” he sighs, laying his head down on the pillow tiredly. “But ______, let’s take a break.

Jonghyun: “What can I say, God added a little something to my hips.” he shrugs, earning a playful slap on the arm from you.

Key: “I’m not done yet,” he whispers huskily in your ear, trailing kisses from your neck, all the way down…



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jjong is consistent calling him "jinki"? that's so cute omg. when has he called him jinki? i've only seen it a couple of times tbh. and do you know if the others use his real name too? i'd prefer it, because he has such a lovely name, and it feels way more genuine than calling him "onew".

here’s a post listing all the times i’ve found them calling him ‘jinki’ in public.

every time jonghyun thanked his members during “base” promotions he called him “jinki-hyung” or “lee jinki-ssi”.  every time.  i thought that was absolutely lovely.  ^u^ 

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LOVE YOUR BLOG! Could you do a shinee reaction to you getting drunk and doing a lot of aegyo?

I love these…

(You’re the girl.)

Minho: “Buy me food!” you demand sluggishly , giving him puppy eyes.

“Can’t take you to drink anymore,” he mumbles, grabbing you by the arm and pulling you into the car.

Taemin: “Rawr, I’m a hungry bear.” you growl, wrapping yourself around him uncomfortable.

“This is the last time your’re drinking,” he mumbles, irritated.

Onew: “Smile for the camera,” you say, directing your phone so both of you are in the picture. He just sits there, staring at the food commercial. “I said do it with me!” you say threateningly, making him jump.

He obediently follows thinking how he’s never going to let you near the alcohol again.

Key: “O-oppa look at me…” you hiccup, tugging on his arm. You pout, tilting your head to get his attention.

“Well I know who’s not drinking again,” he whispers, rolling his eyes while going through his camera role. One hundred pictures of your aegyo.

Jonghyun: You begin singing a song , rolling onto the floor and kicking your legs in the air. “Jjongie oppa!”

Yup, totally going on twitter, he thinks with a big smile.

 Featuring Sunny, the Aegyo Queen.


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Hey! Love ur blog! Could you do a shinee reaction to you wanting to try out some of the stuff you saw on fifty shades of grey?

Minho: “Yes please,” he says gruffly, pushing you against the wall, instantly attacking your lips.

Taemin: “B-but he hurt her in the end didn’t he? I don’t wanna do that to you.” he pouts, completely dismissing your advance.

Onew: “I think you’ve been hanging out with your lady friends a little too much.” he tunes out of your conversation.

Jonghyun: “Yeah, I’m listening,” he lies, just wanting you already.

Key: “Oh… I don’t think so, you pervert.” he pushes your face away from his, making you frown.

Not today sir.