Ready for Amulet 6: Escape From Lucien?! Here’s a sneak peek of one of the scenes from Kazu Kibuishi (boltcity) PLUS an explanation of how each page comes to be!

First Photo - Blue Line:  While many of the pages in Amulet begin with a very rough and scribbly version of the page, this is one of the examples where I let the art direct me where to go with the dialogue and story. I knew I wanted to draw the large panel of the Colossus being prepared for battle, so I went right ahead and began penciling the page with a blue pencil and added dialogue after the drawings were done.  I use a blue line so that when I go to ink the page, I can cancel out the blue color in the computer and leave only the clean black lines on the page.  This process feels a bit like I’m drawing with invisible ink or pencil.

Second Photo - Inked Page:  I call this the “inking” stage, but what I’m really doing here is using a regular graphite pencil and drawing over a large printed copy of the blue line image.  After the page is “inked”, I scan the image into the computer and adjust the contrast of the penciled linework to make it look more like ink.  Using a pencil is not only easier on my hand, but it creates a nice, flowing line that makes the image look a little bit like it’s moving. This is also the stage where most of the dialogue writing occurs.  The font is one that is based on my own hand lettering, and I just type drafts of dialogue on the inked pages until I feel the dialogue works.

 Third Photo - Colors:  Once the inks are scanned into the computer, cleaned up, and adjusted, we add colors digitally.  Working digitally allows us to paint a lot faster and adjust things much easier than if we painted everything on paper or canvas.  We use Adobe Photoshop to achieve a painted look and feel.  This stage is overseen by Jason Caffoe (jcaffoe), who works with me to establish the colors and settings in the books.  On this particular page, I simply gave Jason notes on what kind of setting I wanted to see, and he established the imagery in the background.  After working with me for so many years, Jason has a good sense of what I’m looking to achieve, and nearly always hits the mark.



JASON CAFFOE is coming to TCAF!

“Jason Caffoe graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2008 with a BFA in sequential art.  After working as a freelance artist for a short period he moved to Los Angeles to work with Kazu Kibuishi full-time as his production assistant…” - Full Bio at TCAF site

Artist’s Website:

TCAF is The Toronto Comic Arts Festival, taking place May 9-11, 2014, in Toronto, Canada. More at

Cleopatra goes to school

Despite being “the chosen one”–destined to save Ailuros, stop the Xerx invasion, defeat Octavian, and bring peace to the entire galaxy–young Cleopatra still has to deal with school. It’s seriously not fair, but there’s an upside: She gets to take Target Practice: a subject where Cleo can excel.

Recently read Amulet book 7, had a lunch break and whipped up some fanart for @boltcity of the elf prince Trellis, probably my favorite character in the series… I have a thing for character arcs like his. Kazu’s style at times reminds me of that old school 70s anime look (Galaxy Express 999, Captain Harlock, Space Battleship Yamato etc), which I tried referencing a bit here.

Drawn & colored in @procreateapp with @kyletwebster‘s “Earth” brushset. LOVE that Flourish tool for inking.


In May 2010, Sam Herr (pictured above, at the left) was an army veteran that had gone through a rough patch after coming back from Afghanistan. He was trying to get his life together, going to college and setting goals for the future, but his friends and family were still worried about his mental and emotional state.

The night of May 22nd, Steve Herr, Sam’s father, decided to go to his son’s apartment because he hadn’t been able to contact him in a few days. There he stumbled onto a gruesome sight: on Sam’s bed was a dead woman, who had been shot twice in the head. Her clothes were partially removed, a sign of possible sexual assault. Sam was nowhere to be found.

The young woman was Julie Kibuishi (23), a close friend of Sam’s. Her brother revealed that the day before she had got concerning and odd texts from Sam asking her to come to his apartment. That had been the last time anyone had heard of her.

Sam became the immediate and obvious suspect and a manhunt started. In their attempt to find the army veteran, police found a teenager that had used Sam’s card in an ATM. What the boy revealed, was strange. He claimed he had been paid by a man to withdraw the money. Said man was Daniel Wozniak, a community theatre actor that was Sam’s friend and neighbor.

After giving a bunch of confusing stories and trying to display all his acting skills, the pressure of the interrogation ended up breaking Wozniak. He confessed to the crime. He said that on May 21st, 2010, he had lured Sam to a field and killed him with a gun. The motive for the murder was stealing his savings, so he could pay for his upcoming wedding. Not happy with that, Wozniak thought he needed to cover up his crime but commiting another that would explain Sam’s disappearance. So he lured Julie to the aparment and killed her too. Then he went back to the field, where he dismembered Sam’s body and hid the parts in different locations of the Orange County area, in California.

Daniel Wozniak, now 32 years old, was convicted of the murders and the jury recommended the death penalty in January 2016. The formal sentencing was supposed to be on May 20th, but it’s been delayed because it was revealed that sheriff deputies have been hiding information coming from jail informants in several cases, including Wozniak’s. On June 10 there will be a hearing to determine a new date for the sentencing.

comiXology Unbound's #ComicsForYourKids
Amulet #1: The Stonekeeper by Kazu Kibuishi

#1 New York Times best-seller, Amulet, is a great series to introduce your kids to the fantastic world of comics as created by Kazu Kibuishi. 

After the tragic death of their father, Emily and Navin move with their mother to the home of her deceased great-grandfather, but the strange house proves to be dangerous. Before long, a sinister creature lures the kids’ mom through a door in the basement. Em and Navin, desperate not to lose her, follow her into an underground world inhabited by demons, robots, and talking animals.

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