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You didn't really miss much on Smackdown to be honest the only good thing about Smackdown yesterday was the match between Sheamus and Chris Jericho which btw you can watch Smackdown the whole show on Youtube if you want :]

I will, thank you! :)

I heard Zackdown was disappointing anyway… :( It’s a shame; it’s not even Ryder’s fault. WWE is wasting talent.

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You See I said they were gonna interrupt the match somehow and CM Punk would remain the Champion xD Now we shall truly see if Punk has turned completely heel but either way people will still chant his name xD A Rock and Punk match will be great to see which makes me think they will make a Punk and Austin match :D Either way awesome outcomes of today's raw :D Did you enjoy it o.O

I’m terrible and I’m watching Raw much later than I expected. Hopefully I can have a review up by tomorrow afternoon. xD

But from what I’ve gathered, it was a good Raw tonight…<3

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I don't believe CM Punk will lose his title to Cena on the 1000th episode of Raw if anything I believe someone will interrupt that match which will then begin beef between Cena and that person which will probably lead towards Summerslam and if CM Punk does lose his title it will be at SummerSlam just not sure against who, or the person who interrupted has the beef with Punk instead, it was just a prediction I came up with is all wanted to share xD Your thoughts?

It would obviously be ideal for many people if someone cost Cena the match so that Punk could retain. But I think the chances of that happening is very small, only because Cena’s booked to win everything. It just makes the most sense with the Rock’s return next week.

I honestly don’t know how they’re going to book it by this point, really. Just wait and see I suppose…sighs.