Good Friends and Best Friends Kindred Spirits

I just thought it interesting to note that Dylan remembers Zach Heckler’s birthday in his day planner, enough to mention it - but seemingly not Eric’s.

Dylan writes about Zach Heckler in his journal 7/23/97:

“My best friend ever: the friend who shared, experimented, laughed, took chances with & appreciated me more than any friend ever did has been ordained … “passed on” … in my book. Ever since (Devon) (who I wouldn’t mind killing) has loved him … that’s the only place he’s been with her …if any- one had any idea how sad I am … I mean we were the TEAM. When him & I were friends, well I finally found someone who was like me: who appreciated me & shared very common interests.”.

Dylan writes about Eric Harris in his Diversion Questionnaire Jan ‘98:

“Friends for about 4 years, (scribbled out ? was he considering the word ‘best’ and decided against it?) very good friends.”

Cocktail; starring Reb & VoDkA

“After each mission we get drunk. Not with wimpy beer, we only use hard liquor. Aftershock, Irish Cream, Tequila, Vodka, Whiskey, Rum, and sometimes a few shots of EVERCLEAR. We also sometimes make up our own shooters. And sample others (never try a prarie fire, its killer!)… Soon I will be putting our directions for mixing drinks that we make up. We will put up any good shooter or other drink that we try. So check this place out often.”

From Reb’s website, in which he describes his drinking missions with VoDkA and KiBBz. Quite the mixologists, the three bad boys were consumers of HARD LIQUOR - such as cinnamon flavoured booze and sweet Irish cream liqueurs - ONLY.

Since they never got around to posting their recipes, maybe we should come up with some in their honour?


VooDooM   The fine HaXoR

Note that Dyl had plans for a t-shirt with his and Zack’s hacker nick handles:



Another instance of these nick signatures in a alignment is here in which authorities inconsistently chose to redact Zack’s handle name for some ridiculous reason. There is apparently no t-shirt design for REB with VoDkA in any of his brainstorming doodles. At least, that we know of any way.   To me, this underscores Dylan’s preferences for and strong identification with Zack.

Btw, Dylan was not at all big on emailing friends.  He ignored e-mails pretty much as evinced in Nate Dykeman’s comments that he and Dylan never had email exchanges.  Only Eric used email with friends.  Dylan was more into ICQ, instant messaging and chat rooms.

klewolf-reb  asked:

Who do you think were Famine and Pestilence that Eric mentioned among his friends in the survey he answered?

I speculated about this on a Columbine forum a while back.  Here’s essentially what I said:

On an internet survey that Eric took he answered:

2. Nicknames: REB, reverend, indigo, WAR

17. Best Buds: the 4 horsemen. me (war), vodka (death) , {redacted} (famine), {redacted} (pestilence)

War, Death, Famine and Pestilence are In obvious reference to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

If Eric/REB was “War” and Dylan/VoDkA was “Death”  who was the redacted “Famine” and “Pestilence”?  

My initial guess was that Zack Heckler might be ‘Famine’ since he was nicknamed Kibble (the nick eventually shortened to ‘Kibbz’) for always being hungry and snacking all the time. 

Who was ‘Pestilence’?   Chris Morris?

In observation, it seems like such an natural choice that Eric would dub himself the Horseman War and Dylan as the Horseman Death (I wonder if VoDkA chose it or REB dubbed him with it).  Perfect embodiment of Eric with his fascination of weapons and battle and Dylan’s morbid longing for death.

Another clue in Eric’s survey is.  

5. Where do you live now?   Hell. A few days ago people called it Littleton (Denver)

It seems likely that Eric took the survey in April not too far off - or right before NBK given his little ‘clue’.  Or, then again, he might’ve taken the quiz a while ago and decided to answer it with a bit of dramatic ~foreshadowing~ .

But if you assume the timeframe was right before 4/20, then Zack probably was not Famine.  Since, Eric and Zack had a falling out quite some time ago with the locker combination debacle plus Devon breaking up their triade posse (Eric, Dylan and Zack).  It would seem that Eric and Zack were never on the same page with rekindling their friendship the way things had been during the Rebel Missions time period. 

If we can speculate that Eric took that survey right before 4/20, he might have been referring to Nate Dykeman and Chris Morris.   Simply because Eric mentions both in the Basement Tapes:  “Morris, Nate, if you guys live, I want you guys to have whatever you want from my room and the computer room.”   

We know that Eric also had a power struggle over Nate taking up with Kristi Epling but apparently, the two must have patched things up since Eric wills his computer equipment to Nate in the BTs.  Eric also attempted to kinda-sorta recruit Chris Morris into their NBK plot at various points.  Eric identified with Chris who was angry, aggressive and war-like in demeanor like himself. Whereas Nate seemed more easy going and probably unwittingly helped the two with their pipe bomb building. Pestilence is essentially an epidemic infectious disease.  Famine means scarcity of food and suffering. Chris might’ve been Pestilence (originally, in the Book of Revelations, it was referred to as ‘Conquest’ not Pestilence). Zack may have originally been Famine as part of their unholy trio (Eric, Dylan and Zack) but then Eric opted him out for Nate “Devil Man” Dykeman instead.

Of course, all of this is my best guess/speculation given the evidence we
have using Eric’s survey and the timelines in regards to his fickle friendships.  :)