Striker is very charming and friendly which makes it easy for him to make people let their guards down. Typically he’s very outgoing and playful though he’s quick to assume a non-threatening and timid personality if he thinks it will lure certain targets in more easily. He enjoys eating people when he can but he also likes sickeningly sweet artificial candy and other meats that aren’t… citizens…

while striker lies frequently and easily to those around him, he reserves his honesty for maxwell (belongs to pho). After all, it wouldn’t do to have secrets being kept between murderers. Especially murderers who kiss and hold hands

I probably have a lot more stuff to post later but I wanted to post up chachem solo because I really like their design

the ends of their skirt and lance are sharp teeth. Keep your mouth shut or they might take yours

chachem is agender do not refer to them as a girl