Holy mantra carved into boulders around the sacred lake Yilhun Lhatso in Eastern Tibet. 

The whole circumference of the lake is covered in these carved boulders, some large and some small, some half underwater. There must be thousands of them altogether! 


Shoko Asahara was the head of the controversial buddhist group  Aum Shinrikyo, which was responsible for the 1995 sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway, which resulted in the deaths of 12 commuters.

The exact motivation for the attacks remain unknown, originally it was hypothesised that the attacks were either an attempt to start a prophecised apocalypse or were an attempt to install Asahara as king of japan, with the thought that the attack would somehow overthrow the government. Later, a different theory was put forward that the attacks were simply an attempt to divert police attention away from Aum Shinrikyo, as they had carried out previous attacks against judges which were presiding over a real-estate lawsuit involving the group. Asahara would later state that he did not know the motivation for the attack, and that it was independently organised by other members within the group.

Asahara would ultimately be convicted on murder charges and sentenced to death for his involvement. His execution was postponed in 2012 as a result of further arrests of Aum Shinrikyo members.

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