kiba is such a teenage boy

i lov all the posts yall r makin abt shino n kiba bein shitty male feminists mostly bc it is cute in a way that they try. u dont see any other teams w both of the boys intensely supporting the girls. neji sasuke and shikamaru wud sooner Die. kankuro has a hentai blog and thinks temari is oppressing him specifically for a solid four of his teenage years. good on kiba n shino for supportin hinata even if they suck at it

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a/n: i love teacher/student so much! can’t get enough. :) this time i’ll deviate from my favorite scenario of teacher Sasuke student Sakura and make Sakura the teacher ~

…this was much longer than i expected to make it >.>


When doing the math, Naruto realizes that Sakura-chan (Haruno-sensei, she always corrects, with her delicate face contorted into an expression she thinks is serious) is only five years older than him and the rest of his classmates. And each time he thinks about the age gap and how the only thing stopping sensei from engaging in a romantic relationship is the fact that she is their teacher.

“What are you doing?” Sasuke asks. He raises an eyebrow as he snatches the paper of calculations, many of them incorrectly adding eighteen and five together to produce numbers ranging from thirteen to thirty. Sasuke casts another look at his blond friend and wonders how he managed to even stay in the same grade.

“Don’t lie; you think of it too!” Naruto growls. His tanned hands reach for the paper, which Sasuke casually holds up in the air and smirks as he watches Naruto attempt to wrestle for it back.

“Are you guys talking about Haruno-sensei?” Lee interrupts, placing a hand on Sasuke and Naruto’s shoulders. “A darling display of youth, am I right?”

“I would love to draw her like one of those French girls,” Sai adds, his words accompanied by a smirk that Sasuke knows has a mischievous undertone to it. Naruto likes to believe that Sai draws naked women instead of looking at porn to get himself off, and even tried to buy a sketch off him.

The rest of the class slowly circle around the main group now that they hear the topic of conversation has drifted off to their beautiful teacher. Sasuke folds his arms and sits on a vacant desk as he adds nothing, ears perking up whenever he hears the sexually fueled chatter of male deprivation in this all-boys’ hell he’s in.

Speaking of which, he wonders; why, of all places, did a young woman fresh out of college decide to teach at a single sex school? Sasuke is sure that the all-girls sister school would loved to have her, perhaps offering even more pay and the comfort of being around other females, and yet she is here, attempting to teach teenage boys English while all they’re interested in is her.

And the worst part is, he’s one of them.

“Fun’s over,” Sakura yells as she opens the door to her classroom with her elbow, her hands occupied with a stack of textbooks. Lee goes over to carry half, and Kiba the other, and Sasuke is sure that if he hadn’t stopped Naruto, the loser would have offered to carry her on his back. The attention they shower on Sakura doesn’t make him jealous; in fact, he couldn’t care less, knowing that she sees them as her students and nothing more. Yet, that same thought irks him, as he knows there can be nothing between them since he’s just a student, too.

He slides into the vacant desk and slouches, eyes following Haruno-sensei’s hand as she writes sentences in both Japanese and English in feminine strokes, until his vision moves to the nice curve of her waist before settling on her bottom.

Looking around at his fellow classmates, he notices that they’re focused on the same thing, too.

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The Princess' Stone

(SasuHina Fantasy AU)

The Princess’ Stone

“Now, son, you know what to do.”

“Yes, Father.”

“This is your chance to prove your worth. Don’t waste it.”

And so Fugaku Uchiha left his son, Sasuke, alone in the hall.

His eldest son, a young genius called Itachi, had died to discover the secret of the leading family’s power. It was a necklace, made of silk, gold and a powerful stone that was believed to have special powers. There was a rumor that the gentle Princess Hinata was the one carrying it, as it was a symbol of power and grandeur.

Fugaku was really pleased when his younger son, Sasuke, came in with the news of getting a place in the Princess personal guard. It was a high honor, since she was the heiress, and future queen.

The Uchiha was a military clan that served the Noble Family and the government of the Fire Country. But even having this power and prestige, Fugaku, the leader of the clan, wanted more.

He wanted control, he wanted to rule. And to do that, he would do anything.

Sasuke’s new position was perfect.


Hinata was very sad when she heard her guards were going to change. She was anxious, because she didn’t like changes. She really liked Kurenai and Asuma, her previous maid and bodyguard. But  since their marriage, she needed new ones.

The new girl name was Ino, and she was a beautiful blonde about her age.  There were also two teenage boys Shino and Kiba, this one accompanied by a huge dog, Akamaru.

The fourth new member was a mystery. She had not met him yet, but he was said to be a great warrior. She knew he was from the Uchiha clan, and that alone said that he was a very good one.

She met him the next day.

Her father advised caution in dealing with him. There were rumors about a coup d’état and the Uchihas. So, she had to be on alert. Hinata didn’t like this situation, but went with it anyway.

When she met Sasuke, her opinions about him were mixed.

His face was settled in a constant frown. Oh, he was handsome, very much so; his eyes were dark and mysterious, and his hair was very unusual: short and spiky at the back, long and straight at the front. He wore dark clothes blue pants and black boots, a black tunic with the Uchiha clan symbol at the back.

He seemed very serious; he was meticulous at his job. He was strong also, even if his lean body said otherwise. Of the new team, he and Ino were supposed to accompany her the most. Hinata was very pleased with him, even if he was a little off.


Sasuke didn’t know what to expect of the princess. But he certainly wasn’t expecting that.

She was kind and gentle. Her voice was low and soft. Her eyes were pure and innocent. She was very beautiful.

Her hair was long and straight, a rare indigo color that he’s never seen before. Her eyes, were the unique Hyuuga eyes, but instead of gray, they were a pearly lilac. Her smile was like the firsts rays of sun in the morning, the warmth that gave everybody around her hope.

Oh yes, she perfectly matched her name.


When she got to know him better, Hinata could say that she really liked him. He wasn’t a man of many words, but when he talked she could see truth and honesty in his words. He was harsh (and sometimes downright rude) but she knew inside he was gentle and caring. He always treated her with gentleness. She liked him very much.


He liked her. Not like but… like. It was strange. It seemed she had hypnotized him or something. He couldn’t stop thinking about her. The way her hair (she always wore it loose) billowed in the wind, or her beautiful singing voice, or how her small hands moved expertly on the piano.

Everything about her was… perfect.


“Sasuke,” she said, as he approached her “I’d loke to go for a walk now. Would you accompany me?”

“Yes, My Lady.” He offered her his arm, and soon they were pacing the paths of the beautiful Hyuuga castle.

“The weather is lovely today, right, Sasuke?”

He liked when she said his name. It made him feel close to her. It made him feel like she actually liked his presence.

The part of his days that Sasuke liked the most was this. By the sunset, she’d call him for a walk around the gardens. The smell of the flowers filled the air, and  the orange rays of the setting sun made her glow like a fairy.

On that day, especially, she was more beautiful than ever. Her blue dress glowed purble because of the light, her hair shone beautifully and her eyes were totally lovely. The necklace she always wore shone like the sun itself, the stone glowing red, and orange, and impossibly purple in the next second.


Hinata blushed when she noticed he was staring. He didn’t seem to notice that he was. Her special necklace, given by her when she was born, was very important to her. It had special powers, and without it, she would die.

For her, it was like a second heart, the source of her life force. Everybody thought that she was given it because she was the princess, the heiress. But she knew better.

Five minutes.

Five minutes without it and she would die.


“You know, Sasuke,” she said as they came back. “The necklace was a gift from my father.It represents the power and nobility of our family.”

It’s also my ultimate mission, he thought to himself.

 “I have been wearing this since I was three months old.”  She hesitated, as if pondering if she should or should not continue this conversation. Sasuke put his hand over hers, in a comforting manner.

“I shouldn’t tell you this but… But I trust you.”

She trusted him.

“People say it has a special ability. That it will give the owner great power to rule over others.” She laughed, softly. “They are wrong. But also, incredibly right.”

Sasuke felt his eyes widen at this. So it was true. It actually had powers. She waited him recover from his shock before continuing.

“But the powers it has are not like what the people say. It can’t turn anyone into a powerful leader, nor does it have the power to control minds.”

She made a pause to reveal the great secret.

“When I was born, I was very frail. The winter that year was very cold, it rained and snowed constantly. I got sick. When I was about to die, the healers said that that the Hyuuga had this artifact, that was a symbol of leadership between the nobles; and it actually had powers.”

He watched as she held her breath for a few seconds releasing it with a long, painful sigh.

“The only power it has is to sustain my life. Without it, I can survive for only five minutes.”

Sasuke’s emotions went wild. So this is what his father id after. If he did take the necklace from her… he didn’t even want to think of that.  


Hinata watched as Sasuke’s emotions waved. He was confused, then shocked, then he closed off. She knew that this secret was too much to deal with, but she needed to tell him. She needed, because she loved him.

Hinata didn’t know what to do when Sasuke suddently hugged her.

It was a heavy hug, full of emotion and confusion and turmoil. She wanted to comfort him, so she hugged him too.


“As long as I have it with me I’ll be fine. As long as you stay with me I’ll be fine.”

Said she as she broke his heart.

On that very morning, his father had talked to him. About how he had made a mistake, going soft for the princess, deceived by her innocent looks.

Sasuke knew that was not true.

He was in love with her. And very painfully so.

He couldn’t bring himself to steal the necklace from her, even if it cost his whole clan. He loved her too much.


That night during dinner Hinata’s father told her about Sasuke’s plans and purpose. She couldn’t believe it. Sasuke would never do that to her. She wanted to cry. She tried to talk to his father but it was no use. He told her about how Itachi, Sasuke’s older brother, betrayed his clan to keep the secret safe. And how Fugaku had sent Sasuke to finish the task.


She was beautiful when she slept.

She is always beautiful.

The full moon illuminated her room, and her. Her face was so serene, pink lips paled by the light, long lashes fanning against her cheeks. He knew all of her features by heart.

He entered her room, observing how she breathed. Her sleep must have been peaceful, and for that he was thankful. He was about to disturb her horribly. The man knelt beside her.

Sasuke touched her cheek gently. Her skin was so soft. He was surprised when her eyes shot open.

“Lady Hinata… I cam-” He started, his voice heavy with emotion. He had to tell her.

“I know, Sasuke. I know everything.” She said as she reached for something about her neck.  Hinata had already taken off the necklace and was handing it to him.

No. She can’t.

“I know what happened to your brother. If you fail, your father will… he will kill you. I don’t want it to happen.”

Sasuke knew that. He had talked to the king about it, before coming to Hinata. It was one of the things that made his decision about this firmer.

“Lady Hinata… I can’t… you need this.” He said, covering her small hands with his larger ones. “And I… I need you.”

Her eyes moved to him, wide and shocked. She felt like a singing, laughing and crying at the same time.

“You…you…” She was having a hard time controlling her emotions. “I love you, Sasuke.”

His heart had gone wild, and his hands apparently had created a mind of their own. Quickly, he put the necklace back on its place – where it promptly hidden itself between Hinata’s clothes – and kissed her.

The kiss, chaste and intense, was like a promise.

A promise to keep her safe.

A promise to keep him safe.

A promise of love.

“I love you too, My Lady.”