UGHHH I LOVE HINATA ON GOD SO SO SO MUCH I really just ugh she’s an angELLL

Favorite thing about them:  

Her literal “weakness” is love. When Hiashi is testing her to be head of the clan she ends up losing to Hanabi because she just can’t harm her sister. She let Hanabi win because she loved her. She loves her teammates like she realizes she’s over-depending on them so she Gets Good not to get her clan title back but to protect Kiba and Shino…..….she forgave Neji after he quite literally almost killed her like…bc she knew why he did it and couldn’t hold a grudge bc that’s her fam and She Never Stopped Loving Him…..she fought Pein alone full knowledge she’d lose to protect Naruto…to TRY….like because she always always loved him….. :*))))) I CANT WITH HER I’mgonna start crying fuck like who else??? Who else is motivated this soley on love alone? Love for their friends their family their like……ANGELLL!!! When boruto askes her why she became a ninja and she said back in those days A Hyuga was just expected to be a ninja but he and Himawari could be whatever they want her dream is just for them to be happy :**))))))))))) FUCK SO SWEET AND NOW IN BORUTO WHEN SHE FUCKING TRIES TO FIGHT AN ALIEN GOD ON HER OWN BC HER HUSBAND IS BEING TAKEN THIS IS A WOMAN WHO JUST WAS LIKE “GUESS ILL DIE” RATHER THAN NOT FIGHT FOR THE PERSON SHE LOVED SHE WOULD DIE FOR HER LOVED ONES SO QUICK AND SHES SO V A L I D :*))

least favorite thing about them:

She deserved more of her own arc w/o Naruto. I love love love NaruHina so much it’s so pure and so good but like I’d like them to really take the time to address the Bullshit like when Hiashi is like “oh ur actually a bad bitch u can be clan head again” and “shes like nah thanks let Hanabi” C O O L I love how she’s totally separated herself from the Hyugas like queen of leaving her abuser(s) behind and all like fwneuoerfivjdsf when boruto thinks he awoke the byagukan  AND SHE’S LIKE “youll have to go see father on the Hyuga Compound” and she sends NARUTO TO HAVE DINNER WITH EM SHE REALLYT CALLED UP THE HOKAGE OFFICE AND WAS LIKE…Look…..You gotta take a day off I cannot spend a day with my Dad…….hell to the no….EWIDFVAESEFV GBDFDFVF ICON but like I refuse to believe she didn’t sit her father and sister down at some point and be like “this fuckshit? This literal actual factual slavery has got to fucking end. If not appealing to your general decency im unsure you have (she looks at Hiashi here) then for Neji.” and her and her sister end it like we need that we need to Know That This Happened bc if it didn’t IT’S A P R O B L E M.

BrOTP: Ugh I love team 8s friendship and dynamic they all seem to just really like and get each other and Kurenai is such a good sensei to them, like when Hinata was insecure and felt like she was never gonna grow who focused on her achievements instead of her failures….Queen Kurenai….(good thinking about Gai or Kurenai as sensai and then thinking about Asuma and Kakashi oedcsnfvs OOF THOSE 6 GOT GIPPED KURENAI AND GAI ARE SUCH GOOD SENSEI) anyway…..also I love the dynamic they all kinda watch after Mirai and then as time goes by Shino and Kiba become like weird fun uncles to Boruto and Himawari…..I just love that team their a fourway brotp also loveeee the headcanon they’re fucking stoners like that is so valid!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OTP:  I love the sunshine family. Like I really really do. They seem so happy and good and pure. Like I just love the pein arc that really solidified it for me where everyone else is just…..letting Him Do It and she’s like… you know what idc if its selfish idc if its dumb Naruto deserves a shooter out here and she is so quick to die for him like I love her selfless sacrificial love for Naruto she truly wants him to be happy even if he hadn’t ended up with her she would have been content if he was happy and that is Truly Beautiful. AND Their family is just….goals like Boruto needs an ass kicking from one of them but they’re both too nice that’s why we thank King Kakashi for stepping In with a can of whoopass but besides THAT Ughhh THEY’RE SO CUTE like the seen we’re Naruto is drunk and she’s like holding and patting Him stop AND THE LATE BIRTHDAY FOR HIMIWARI AND BORUTO AGHHH THAT WHOLE DAMN SCENE ANNNNDDDDD When Naruto is going Through It like questioning if he’s a good enough father to Boruto and he’s like “I never had a dad, am I a good dad?’ and HINATA REASSURES HIM LIKE YES U ARE LIKE UR DOING UR BEST HELL UNDERSTAND ONE DAY HOW MUCH YOU LOVE HIM AND :*((( UGH THEY’RE BEAUTIFUL I LOVE THEM.

nOTP: NeJIHina…..they’re first cousins. And not to call out the Straights but SasuHina is the most CRACKSHIP EVER like ojuwekdnlwaisnfeds Sasuke don’t know her name broooo It just blows my mind how popular that ship is jhdfgksvs….also any with a large age gap as per usual.

random headcanon: lemme throw a concept at you as Hinata got older she quit smoking as much bc she didn’t wanna do it Around the Kids but Kiba brings her edibles and shes like “bless up” like listen I love her but she a lil stupid all her friends are Stupid like…..she’s so valid though and she hides them in her room thinking no one would find them and then they’re all gone and she’s like OH FUCK NO IM A BAD MOM AND shes like tearing through the house like questioning Boruto and Himawari and they’re like lol we’re fine mom wtf are you talking about brownies and cookies behind your closet??? And then she sees Naruto literally voided laying on the couch (he don’t smoke he Cant Handle It) and he’s like “call 911 ive been poisoned im really dying hinata” and she like has to shove him into their bedroom and take care of him ALL NIGHT.

Another 1: she times exactly how long she’s been with Hiashi the second it goes over an Hour she’s like “our time is up have Hanabi send any other important information over to me if needed ill see you in another 6 to 12 months”

unpopular opinion: I’m gonna recycle what I said for Sakura because it is true for her too. people need to stop rabidly hating her like I’ve read 5 paragraph dissertation on why someof yall hate Hinata and they’re literally so dumb when (I love em but) way moremajorly flawed characters like Obito, (my baby but) Itachi, Gaara, never getthat kind of hate like im shooketh she really doesn’t Deserve That shit.

song i associate with them:

 New Balance - Jhene Aiko Ughhh this song is soooo sweet and romantic and….its very her.

favorite picture of them:

i mean she’s always been so so cute but my favorite design of her was in the last that was sooo pretty. (though i also love baby hinata. and momma hinata.and shippuden hinata. and wedding day hinata and all hinatas) 

…me too nardo…me too….