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Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart!! You have no idea how good this made me feel about myself, I’m so thankful 💘 I’m absolutely loving myself in red lately. As soon as I saw it I raced home to put it on and I just walked around like this for hours, I didn’t want to take it off 😩🤤😍 it was honestly so exciting taking photos for you in it, I had a lot of fun 🙊 @eightyfivepence

may my heart be your shelter, (and my arms be your home)

Betty and love were both very foreign concepts; she loved love, more than most. With the high demand of her job though; seeking love itself, wasn’t on her immediate radar. But, If it happened to come along, she’d embrace it. With open arms.
Mr Jughead-marriage-and-love-are-utter-bullshit-Jones turns up as a fellow supplier to her newest client; Betty knows that the next few months are going to a test on not only her professionalism but her own personal feelings.

(special shout-out to @a92vm for being a freaking gem and creating the aesthetic, and just being an all round amazing person in general, mwah!)

Imagine you go to the beach with colby and everyone from the house and their girl friends for a fun over night video but things turn for the worse. Some guy runs up to you and slaps your ass and kisses you in from of colby.

Colby: what the f*ck man did u just do that to my girlfriend.

Stranger: so what if I did it’s not like you r giving her any attention. ( turns to you) hey sweet heart how about you and me leave these losers and have some fun with my friends.

Y/N:(laughs) if you think I would go with you in any way shape or form u r just stupid.( goes up to colby and Whispers) kick his ass.

Colby: will do baby girl (kisses you) this can go only one way and that is were I kick your ass for even thing u had a chance with her.

He ends up knocking the guy unconscious but gets a couple of bruises out of it. Even after every thing that happened you all still finish the video and the day you guy post it there are a lot of comments about how colby did the right thing.

Unpopular opinion: I really couldn’t care less if the Fitz/Simmons wedding is anytime soon or in the distant future, whether it is off or onscreen. 

Also, don’t want really any wedding planning on the show - that sounds about as exciting as watching someone putting together an excel sheet. (Yep, I’ve planned a wedding before, and it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.)

Give me moments of them working and solving things together, then for fluff, I’ll take the bantering and just being together. They really don’t strike me as the types who would go into the whole wedding obsession.


ETA: If there is a wedding - I only care about Hunter drunk shenanigans at the reception.

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So since velociraptors are out of the picture... is there any carnivorous dino you'd suggest for being a pet? I was thinking microraptors, but... the whole gliding thing...

As a general rule, I’d be cautious about keeping any ‘pet’ that is capable of eating you. but I have to admit I’m rather sweet on Mosasaurus, but I think my aquarium is just a little small to keep one.

If you don’t want little fluffy beasts with lots of sharp claws to climb all over you and reach every available surface in the house, then microraptors are probably not for you.

(I would love to do more dinosaur and ‘exotic pet’ care videos, but I don’t have a microraptor, or any other raptors, available to me. I have made an Amazon Wishlist for those that were interested in sending in other dinosaurs and things though, otherwise I will keep working through what I have.)

Muse A is a daughter of a well-known mob boss but as she grew up, she didn’t want to be a part of it. After graduating high school she ran from home, changed her last name and lives a normal life, working as a waitress and enjoying every day that comes. The rival family is becoming stronger and war is at it’s peak; Muse B, oldest son of the rival mob is set out to find her, knowing that if they had her, it would turn the battle in their favor. It takes him some time, but eventually Muse B locates Muse A, and he stays in the little town, not letting her know who he really is - he has to watch over her, gain her trust, so that when the time comes, he brings her back to his family. And as the two get to know each other, Muse B starts to fall for her, hard, and Muse A is having a huge crush on him. Muse B tries to fight it, knowing what’s his mission but she’s so pure and full of life and he gives in. They become a thing and Muse A finally believes she’s happy. That is until one day Muse B gets a call to bring her in as things are getting quite hectic, so he takes her for a ‘road trip’ where they end up at his household, and she ends up being a captive. Realizing what is going on and that she was his mission, Muse A is hurt, broken and disappointed; Muse B tries to explain himself, but she won’t listen. What will happen next??

Plot twist #1 Muse A escapes and joins her family, deciding to help them fight this war but when she comes face to face with Muse B, she can’t pull the trigger.

Plot twist #2 Muse B escapes with Muse A and the two of them run far away, knowing Muses B family will go after him because he betrayed them.

Plot twist #3 One of them or both die in the first or second twist.