kiara: wishlist

// Fairytale AU / Reincarnated Fairytale AU featuring Yondu as the Big Bad Wolf. He’s constantly barging in on other people’s happily ever afters, eating all their food and trying to seduce the princesses. Gets thrown out of places for starting brawls with literally anyone. (The fairy godmother, the wise old mentor, the talking animals… no one is safe.)

Season 4a wishlist

I would love it if the first episode Barry was back there was this weirdness and tension between him and Iris, like they just don’t know how to be around each other. That tension where they’re constantly looking at each other but they can’t maintain eye contact. Or they touch each other timidly because it’s been so long and they’re not comfortable with each other’s bodies like they used to be.

I want to see Barry looking at Iris with wonder in his eyes as he watches her take charge at STAR Labs. I want to see him compliment her on her beautiful her new haircut looks and how well it suits her and for her to shrug shyly and say, “I needed a change.”

I want to see Iris diving headfirst into her work, regardless to the fact that Barry is back. I want to see her be headstrong and gutsy and not willing to back down once things get dangerous.

I want to see Barry worried about her and maybe even see them butt heads a little bit until he realizes that there is no use arguing with her and as the saying goes, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. I want to see them working on solving a case together–her with her journalistic skills and him with his CSI skills–while Wally handles fighting the meta of the week. I would love it even more if that investigation took them to another city, such as Starling City, and while they were there they got at little frisky seeing as though things are TV-14 around those parts.

And lastly, I want to see wedding planning, or dress and tux fittings, or something showing them preparing for their wedding. Extra points if they show bachelor/bachelorette parties. I want to see Barry and Iris scared, anxious, worried, terrified, happy, nervous, elated, stupid in love and about a million other emotions as they prepare to get married. I want sappy vows and even sappier speeches from those that love them. I want to see Joe 'The Original Westallen Shipper’ finally see his favorite ship get their happy ending. And I want to see Barry and Iris dancing their first dance with hearts in their eyes as they sing 'Running Home to You’ to each other.

anonymous asked:

what are some headcanons or predictions you have for season 3

  • Keith is gonna go through an “I bring misfortune” period especially w/ the spoiler of his ears getting furrier he probably thinks his galra heritage is going to bring doom to his friends. Might try to run away.
  • Lotor’s gonna try and sway Keith to their side which is only going to further add to Keith’s depression.
  • Keith will pilot black for only a short while. He will not be the black paladin. The lion switches are not going to be permanent.
  • Co leadership klance but Allura will still be the head. 
  • They won’t be able to form voltron because the connections are severed and with switching lions it’s only confused the lions.
  • Will only be able to form voltron successfully when Shiro’s back.
  • Lance will either sacrifice himself for Keith or the enemy will pretend to aim at Keith only to attack Lance. Obviously he isn’t gonna die die but he is going to get hurt, hence the “Lance dies” comment Jeremy made.
  • Keith and Allura are gonna bond and idfk probably find out they’re related or some shit. It’s not gonna be romantic.
  • I really believe that Ryou is Keith’s dad and Romelle is Keith’s mom so basically season 3 is going to be Keith’s family reunion season.
  • JK I actually don’t think we’ll physically meet his dad or mom until the end of the season and it ends there, teasing us with meeting his parents in season 4.
  • Shiro and Matt will reunite with the Paladins towards the end of s3.
  • The rebel group that rescued Matt are all women.
  • The Alteans are not innocent in the creation of voltron and are just as much at fault of what eventually happened to the universe because they cooperated with the galra willingly. I refuse to believe they aren’t to blame and I refuse to believe this intergalactic war is black and white.
  • There probably won’t be that many opportunities for any filler episodes tbh which makes me sad would have loved to see a birthday episode or a game show episode.
  • I don’t think they’re ever going to kill Shiro but I do hope he loses his Galra arm, or his other arm, only because I want altean arm Shiro so bad. He’ll probably be comatose, kidnapped, or missing again at the end of the season. His state will have been caused either directly or indirectly by Keith.
  • Idk it’s probably gonna have the most paranoia and anxiety inducing season finale yet.
  • No obvious romantic ship development but probably nods here and there. Lots of Keith and Lance interaction. Not necessarily romantic, but important for their overall relationship’s dynamic and development.
  • This has no backing but I really hope that the team finds an orphaned or abandoned baby alien who looks human but still has alien features until the baby sneezes only to reveal it was actually physically changing it’s appearance and is actually altean. I refuse to believe that an entire race of aliens was wiped out when a few had to have escaped to find refuge somewhere.
  • More Allura magic.
  • I don’t think we’ll get any Haggar backstory just yet but I do hope we get more Altea backstory. I want to learn everything about the Alteans and I get the feeling Allura barely knows anything about the darker side of Altea’s history herself. Maybe Coran might be hiding some things he’ll have to come clean about? 

idk I have a lot of headcanons but they’re more or so aimed for after whatever season 3 might bring us. My favorites are galra-garrison conspiracy theories and how team voltron’s gonna have to go back to earth to fight a final battle.

Things on my Yuri on Ice!!! wish list :

- more Yuuri in his junior years and his program costumes

- more Yuuri and his costumes from 2015 at Sochi

- Victor’s missing short program from 2016 (what did he wear? What music did he skate to? I NEED to know)

What are you guys wishing for desperately?? 💕⛸️