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please help a disabled trans boy

hello!! im an autistic, mentally ill, and physically disabled trans boy and i recently ran away from home and im without a phone and money. im looking for a job right now but i really need a phone. if its possible for you to get me whats on my wishlist that would be great but i understand if you cant! i please ask that you reblog if you can tho! thank you for reading!!


Orphan season has well and truly arrived and more patients are arriving every day!

With so many new arrivals, we are quickly running out of some much-needed supplies. Our Amazon Wishlist is constantly being updated and if anyone wants to help our new arrivals out we are in urgent need of the following:
- Cimicat milk to feed baby bunnies
- Thin paintbrushes to feed orphaned birds
- Teats (both regular and miracle nipples)
- Biolapis and Promodulate
- Colostrum for particularly new babies
- Rehydration support for sick patients

Our Wishlist can be found at the link below. If you can help out with anything then we (both people and patients!) will be extremely grateful!

Thank you :)



Sepotong tulisan yang sudah lama sekali ingin aku buat akhirnya selesai juga dan berhasil di-publish untuk dibaca oleh siapa saja yang berminat untuk tahu. Mudah-mudahan dapat bermanfaat. Ini adalah tulisan yang dibuat untuk menjawab berbagai pertanyaan “kak, bucket list itu apa? gimana cara bikinnya?” yang seringkali muncul di DM Instagram-ku. Sempat bingung juga gimana cara jawabnya karena sulit dijelaskan jika hanya sebatas reply. So, aku pikir cara terbaik adalah menulisnya di Tumblr.

Mari kita mulai.

Bucket List adalah sekumpulan mimpi dan cita-cita yang ingin dicapai serta hal yang ingin dialami, baik dari yang normal-normal saja sampai yang paling liar sekalipun. Aku mulai membuat Bucket List ini dari tanggal 1 Januari 2015. Yang awalnya iseng saja, lama-kelamaan jadi serius menggarapnya. Sampai sekarang, aku sudah menulis 720 impian yang ingin kucapai. Dari rentang waktu itu, sudah 122 impian yang aku ceklis.

Awal mulanya dari membaca postingan bang Alitt tentang Dream Note yang dia tulis lalu ternyata tercapai satu persatu. Dari sana aku mulai merasakan perasaan menuliskan mimpi, impian, dan cita-cita ke dalam sebuah buku itu benar-benar sangat-sangat-sangat menyenangkan. Dan perasaan saat menceklis sebagai tanda mimpi itu telah terwujud ternyata jauh lebih menyenangkan lagi.

Sejak saat itu, aku mulai menulis apa saja hal-hal hebat (versi diriku sendiri) yang sudah kualami, apa saja yang ingin aku capai bulan depan, tahun depan, 10 tahun lagi, 30 tahun lagi, dst. Memiliki bucket list membuat aku merasa jauh lebih hidup. Setiap momen yang terjadi, maknanya betul-betul terasa. Ini seperti pengingat kalau hal itu terjadi bukan kebetulan, tapi karena kita memang ingin mencapainya dengan perjuangan sendiri.

Ada satu impian yang menurutku susah dan tidak mungkin, tapi benar terjadi. Aku pernah menulis “be in 3 cities at one day”. Lantas, tanggal 31 Agustus 2016 aku sudah mewujudkannya. Saat itu, aku sedang berada di Batam, lalu secara impulsif, aku memesan tiket kapal untuk menyebrang ke Singapura, setelah itu sorenya–secara impulsif lagi, terbang ke Kuala Lumpur. Dengan demikian, aku sudah bisa menceklis impian “be in 3 cities at one day” tersebut.

Ketika kita punya mimpi, kita memang tidak pernah tahu kapan dan bagaimana caranya terwujud. Poin pentingnya adalah apakah kita benar-benar berusaha dan berjuang untuk mewujudkannya? Karena kalau kita fokus dan serius menginginkannya, semesta akan turut mendukung walau itu adalah impian paling gila.

Semoga kamu tidak hanya berhenti pada titik membaca saja, tetapi kamu juga mau membuatnya mulai dari sekarang. Dan jangan lupa beritahu aku jika kamu membuatnya, kita bisa saja berdiskusi, sharing, dan saling memberikan saran. Ditunggu ya bucket list versi kamu :)

okay so um i need a plot where this like young precious innocent lil cinnamon roll of a girl somehow stumbles upon some kinda sexy chatroom thing (that may or may not be prison/inmate related) and starts chatting with this older guy who’s in prison (bc he was in a gang or drug ring or something, nothing TOO crazy ok) and they spend like months chatting pretty soon he convinces her to send him pictures and he gives her like dirty little ‘missions’ (like wear vibrating panties to school and take nudes in public places and shit like that) and then he eventually gets out of prison and they meet but she’s still a virgin and he’s spent months not getting any and like CAN I PLEASE JUST HAVE THIS DEBAUCHERY

So I know this sounds like I’m being needy and shit and begging, but I’m in a bit of a hard place rn and I really need some stuff like masculine clothes and fidgets for my anxiety and ADHD. A lot of this I can’t afford and my parents refuse to buy me, so I don’t really have anywhere else to turn. I’ve set up an amazon wishlist: and I know a lot of you probably can’t help me out by buying any of this, but like… if you could please share this around, I really need some stuff since I just don’t have the money and my parents are extremely non-accepting and have been forcing me into feminine clothing. I feel like I’ve dropped lower than low that I’m doing the whole begging and asking for donations thing, but I really don’t know what else to do.

Wishlist for season 11 (part 2)

- I know I already gave some ideas for Ty, but I just had to steal this one after seeing it on IG: a story about Ty and Harley

The Baby
- The naming ceremony, of course
- I’d like to see the baby get “her own name”, as in I don’t really want her named after anyone AND Borden better be a part of her last name.
- Some milestones, like first solid food, learning to crawl, first smile, etc.

- More trick-riding
- More of her helping and learning from Amy
- Maybe another job shadow day, but where she goes on vet calls with Ty & sees the ups and downs of his job.
- Being friends with Adam, but not necessarily dating. If they do get back together I want to happen gradually and naturally, instead of being forced.
- A little bit of Georgie babysitting the new baby (but still, mainly having Ty & Amy parent their own child!)
- More Georgie & Katie scenes

- Katie and her new cousin. Maybe some jealousy and her trying to act like a baby, to get attention, but then Lou talks to her and reminds her of all the things she can do because she’s a big girl. One such thing being that she can help with the baby, then she starts to bond with her cousin.
- More of her learning to ride
- Seeing her on a play date with Abraham or another friend
- Have her bond with Ty & Amy more, while she bonds with her cousin

I can’t keep these short, lol