Just finished season 19 of America's Next Top Model and...

I am so disappointed. Laura should not have won because she had a bad attitude the whole time. Seriously, it has nothing to do with her photos, it was the way she acted. I mean, at least her really snooty fake friend (…the blonde one who couldn’t really model at all and is so irrelevant I don’t even know her name lol) got sent home. But still, Laura wasn’t humble and obviously couldn’t think for herself because she fed off the blonde girl’s gross attitude (I’m so disgusted, I can’t even). 

Leila should have won based on photos or Kiara should have won based on her runway walk, Laura winning is completely wrong. LOL I’m just upset Natasia didn’t make it to the finals because she was my favorite AND she was humble the whole time. 

128. Down in the Dumps

Kiara was so proud that she had finally overcome a rough childhood and was “succeeding” by being on America’s Next Top Model… and then they tossed her in a dumpster. Girl, you’re in a dumpster. 

I know it’s close to the gross, dead pose from yesterday’s funny photo post, but I think noting the similarity is important. It’s like the art directors for this show are fans of snuff films or something.

The one thing this photo gets right is the placement of those shiny purple shorts - they do belong the garbage. Unlike the human wearing them. Again, girl, YOU’RE IN A DUMPSTER.

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