kiara & kovu


You can hate the Disney sequels all you like

But I will defend the sequel characters with my life.

Ok but imagine Bucky watching the Lion King II and being like: “who modeled a fucking lion after me!?”

The Signs as Lion King Characters (1 & 2)
  • Aries: Kovu (passionate, courageous, arrogant)
  • Taurus: Sarabi (independent, devoted, elegant)
  • Gemini: Timon (happy-go-lucky, humorous, talkative)
  • Cancer: Zira (temperamental, loyal, pessimistic)
  • Leo: Simba (headstrong, enthusiastic, brave)
  • Virgo: Zazu (dignified, organized, nervous)
  • Libra: Nala (fair, romantic, elegant)
  • Scorpio: Scar (vengeful, envious, controlling)
  • Sagittarius: Kiara (playful, competitive, rebellious)
  • Capricorn: Mufasa (powerful, wise, regal)
  • Aquarius: Rafiki (friendly, eccentric, witty)
  • Pisces: Pumbaa (emotional, compassionate, self-indulgent)

Kovu wanted to see Kiara again. He wanted to go back to the Pridelands to see Kiara again. Wonderful. 

Be still my heart. 

Also, we finally learned why Zira and her group got kicked out of the Pridelands. And it wasn’t because she killed any of Simba’s loved ones (which I believe has been a popular fan theory since well… forever).

Also me when Zira was like “Scar and I were close. Very close.”: “Did you fuck him?” 

Who fathered your children, Zira? We’ve been wondering for 18 years and we still don’t know. 

“In a perfect world,”

“One I’ve never know,”

“We would never have to face the world alone.” 

“They can have the world, we’ll create our own.”

“I may not be brave or strong or smart, but somewhere in my secret heart,” 

“I know that love will find a way,” 

“Anywhere I go, I’m home if you’re beside me. Like dark turning into day,”

“Somehow we’ll come through.” 

“Now that I’ve found you love will find a way.” 

“I was so afraid,” 

“Now I realize,” 

“Love is never wrong and so it never dies.” 

“There’s a perfect world shining in your eyes. If only they could feel it too the happiness I feel for you,”

“They’d know that love will find a way,” 

“Anywhere we go, we’re home if we’re together.” 

“Like dark turning into day somehow we’ll come through. Now that I’ve found you.” 

“Love will find a way. I know love will find a way.”