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I'm so thankful for you and this blog. as someone who suffers from Anorexia, as someone who has puked up blood, as someone who has gotten to the point where I have to force feed myself bread and apples and water, as someone who gets hunger pains that make me press my knees into my stomach because it's the only way to help calm them until the next wave of pain, as someone who suffers and I'm sure you're aware, THANK you for shutting down these.. pro Ana/forced ED pages or accounts.

Oh sweetheart, I am so sorry that you too have experienced the horrors of living with anorexia. I truly hope you are getting the support and help that you need and deserve to fight back against this cruel, vicious illness. The fact that eating disorders cause so much pain and suffering to those who are diagnosed with them is a huge part of the reason why pro ana blogs, and the people who run them, infuriate me to such a degree; they spend their time wishing for a potentially fatal disease, and pretending they suffer from anorexia, because to them the illness is nothing more than a diet, an “easy” way to lose weight quickly, and risking the safety of vulnerable people by encouraging other people to starve themselves, whilst those who are genuinely suffering from the illness would give up their disease in a heartbeat if only that were possible. I really appreciate your support for this blog and I, along with the rest of the anti pro ana community, endeavor to continue to report toxic pro ana blogs in order to remove as much damaging pro ana content from tumblr, and slowly make it a safer environment for all its vulnerable users. Sending love to you sweet, please take care of yourself. x

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no crying :( you can get through anything. that sounds cliche but you’ll find a way somehow through every bump in life. you can do it!!

!! thank u friend. sometimes i just get so overwhelmed by all these bills i gotta pay and and then i start to think about my job and life and guh i just get really upset but !!! things aren’t over until they’re ok right?