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Your First Date:

Jc: Your first date with Jc would be penny boarding around the town. He would wanna show you everything that there would be to see. Time would o bye and the sun would be going down. The sunset would be pink, orange, and purple. The city would have the lights lit up all over. Finally he would take you for out for ice cream and take you back home.

Kian: Your date with Kian would be the cheesy classic. Dinner and a Movie. He would take you out to your favorite restaurant. Then take you out to a movie. It would most likely be a comedy so you could both enjoy the movie and he would get you candy, a large popcorn and a large drink. Showing you thank he would get you anything you wanted, of course having extra of everything.

Sam: Your date with Sam would be going over to his place for swimming and a late lunch. He would order pizza and blast his and your favorite music. You would swim for hours and not care if you were shriveled up like a prune. You were just having fun. With out a care in the world.

Ricky: Your date with Ricky would be roller skating. You weren’t very good at it but thats why he decided to take you roller skating, so he could teach you. You thought you looked ridiculous but he didn’t care because he was able to spend time with you. He held you up when you were trying to skate and when you finally got the hang of it, he still never let you go.

Trevor: Your date with Trevor would be at a six flags during fright fest. You both loved rides so you would be riding non-stop. Then when the monsters were out you both stayed close to each other. And with your luck the monsters always chose you to go after. When you guys were finally at a safe spot you both played a few games and Trevor won you a giant teddy bear.

Connor: Your date with Connor would be getting StarBucks then TacoBell. He would take back to his place and then you both would just talk and hang out while both on your laptops. You would both be on Tumblr, showing each other funny photos or post and adorable cat photos.