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  • AU MEMES -

#1 - long distance relationship with caspar

 #2 - Being Dan’s Girlfriend

#3 - Best friends and flat mates with Sam and Jack

#4 - Zoe is your best friend and Joe is your boyfriend

#5 - being best friends with Troye and Tyler

#6 - being a youtuber and Alfies girlfriend

#7 - going on an adventure with your boyfriend Jack and your best friends

#8 - living with o2l

#9 - dating Finn and being best friends with Jack

#10 - long distance relationship with Marcus

#11 - vidcon for the first time with your best friends

#12 - being Troye’s twin sister and Caspar’s Girlfriend

#13 - long distance relationship with Kian

#14 - Being bestfriends with Zoe and Louise

#15 -  Being Joe’s Girlfriend and Alfie’s sister

#16 - Caspar meeting your family for the first time

#17 -  being Louis Cole’s girlfriend and travelling with him

#18 - being Tom and Carries sister and playing Elphaba in Wicked

#19 - Being Jack and Finns younger sister and attending NYU

#20 -  Being bestfriends with Dan and Phil

#21 - Telling Joe you’re pregnant

#22 - Louis teaching you to pennyboard

#23 - You and Joe like each other but are to scared to tell the other

#24 - Being best friends with Tanya and Jim

#25 - Being Phil’s younger sister and dating Dan

#26 - Childhood friends with Zoe and Joe and watching all your old home videos

#27 - Kian dating famous singer (y/n)

#28 - Being Jacks girlfriend and Louise’s best friend

#29 - Secretly making youtube videos whilst being bestfriends with the youtube crew

#30 - Living with Connor

#31 - Being Jim’s sister and Joe’s girlfriend

#32 - Being Tyler’s twin

#33 - Announcing yours and Louis relationship

#34 - Being Jacks girlfriend and travelling the world with him

#35 - Roommates with Caspar and Joe

#37 - In a relationship with Patty

#38 - Deans sister and dating Jack

#39 - Bestfriends with Joe

#40 - Dan dating a daily vlogger


flower crowns

his favourite gif of you when filming a video 

he announces your relationship by tweeting a picture of you 

He surprises you after you get home from travelling for ages 

he tweets a picture of you sleeping 

seeing eachother after a long time apart

(y/n) crying 

 he tweets a picture of you when youre on holiday together 

fans favourite picture of you

he tweets a picture of you on your laptop (and your reply)

fans favourite picture of you (kiandrea edition)

your siblings with another youtuber

how your bestfriend reacts when he comes to them asking for you back after your rough break up 

family photo 


the fans favorite photo of the two of you

he sees you drunk for the first time 

vacation together 

his favourite gif of you laughing 

cute picture of you and your kid 

cute picture of him and your kid 

phone contact picture

the instrument you play 

how the two of you spend rainy days

he takes a picture of you and your pet

lazy days

a fan tweets after meeting you 

your favorite git of you two

holding hands 

you dye your hair 

first kiss

break up

your a model 

first date location

he tweets a picture of you skating

your celebrity bestfriend (male) 

your celebrity bestfriend (female)

the picture he tweets on your birthday

his and yours’ favorite band 

his favourite summer outfit on you

sleeping together

 he tweets a picture of you and your boy bestfriend 

his favorite tattoo on you 

he tweets a picture of you and your sister

your youtube bestfriend (Female) 

your youtube bestfriend (male) 


you’re a photographer

how he cheers you up

you and your best friend 

the movie you watch together

your a dancer

your favorite gif of him

at the beach

  •  Imagines - 

#1- Caspar getting jealous


Concert Anxiety - S.M.
Daycare - S.M.
Baby Stress - N.G.
Hate - H.G.
Breastfeeding - C.D.

Where You Meet
Your Favorite Photo of Him
His Favorite Outfit on You
His Favorite Picture of You (Mahogany Lox Edition)
What He Tweets When You Break Up
His Favorite Photo of the Two of You (Kiandrea Edition)
Little Black Dress He Buys You
Winter Outfit He Likes Best on You
Hair Color He Likes Best on You
Cute Picture Mahogany Takes of You Two
Cupcakes You Make Together at Christmas
His Favorite Picture of You (Bethany Mota Edition)
He Takes a Picture of You and Your Daughter
Christmas Couple Photo You Take Together
His Favorite Gif of You Together (Zalfie Edition)