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A Drive
Sing For Me
Now It’s Perfect
What You Need

I Can’t Believe You’re Mine

Filming with Kian
Errands with Kian
You’re Just So Beautiful
He Has Something To Tell You

Bobby Catching Kian Checking You Out
The College Jock
FaceTime Calls with Kian
Afternoons with Kian
My Boyfriend Does My Makeup
My Boyfriend Does My Makeup Part 2

A concept:
Dates with Kian
Afternoons with Kian
Mornings with Kian and Harrison

New York

Valentine’s Day with Kian
Dating Kian Lawley Would Include…
“Making A Scene”
We All Need A Friend Like Harrison
Kian’s Playlist


Late Nights
she’s still out to get me

Kian Lawley Smut shot


“Bye y'all, love you!” Kian blows a kiss at the camera and shuts it off. Right on cue for you to walk into his bedroom, looking for the adaptor of your phone, which Kian’s been borrowing the past week. Because Trevor friend his and your best friend doesn’t want to get out of his house to buy a new one.

“Hey Y/N, whatcha looking for?” Kian looks up at you and gives you that dazzling smile.

You grit your teeth, no way you are giving in to his charms now. You’ve been resisting your best friend’s charms for over 5 years now, today will not be any different. “I need my charger Kee, my phone is as good as dead.” You reply to him, poking around on his desk for your charger.

Totally forgetting the fact that all you wear is your PJ bottoms and a rather low cut, loose fitting tank top. Written on is ‘you make my heart smile’. Kian bought it for you when you need a pick me up and you’ve been using it as sleepwear ever since.

Kian reaches beside his bed and held your charger up to you. You step forward to grab it, but Kian pulls his hand back last second, making you fall down on the bed. Sprawled half over Kian, that is.

“You are not getting it back without payment.” Kian cooes.

You sit up and send him a dead glare. “Kee, it is my property!” You tell him strictly. “Now it is my hostage, you better pay up, angelcakes.” Kian uses your special nickname that makes you fluster every time he says it. You slap his arm and try to reach for the charger. Kian stretches and drops the charger behind his bed. “YOU FUCKING ASSBUTT.” You screech, trying to lay a slap on him for punishment sake.
“Now now, no panic, I can move my bed and grab it for you, but first you need to pay me.” Kian taunts. “What do you need from me Kee?” You ask, exasperated.

“I need your lips, on mine.” He replies.  

You look at him, partly pissed, partly impatient and partly jittery. Kian is just your best friend, nothing else, right?

“Kee, stop fucking around!”

Kian shakes his head, sitting up. “I am not fucking around. I need you to kiss me.” He says, leaning closer to you. He’s taller than you, quite a bit, and you hate every inch of it. You cross your arms, under your chest, pushing up your breasts without being very much aware of it.
Kian practically drools all over your boobs, which you are very much aware of.
“Dafuq is up with you today, Kian?” You move your arms up to cover your breasts. Kian pouts at you for a single moment and then runs a hand through his hair. He gives you a taxating look, as if he is thinking up which of his excuses you are most likely to fall for. It is a face you know well and the outcome is also rather familiar.

“Kian, stop thinking, just hand me the truth.” You interrupt his train of thought.

He knows he can’t deceive you by now. He sighs softly. “Okay, I’ll give you the truth, but I don’t want you to laugh or protest or anything.” He says. You nod and gaze at him, rather impatiently.

“I think I like you….”

Kian does everything to avoid your eyes, but you reach out to grab his chin, making him look you in the eyes. “Kee, what did you just say?” You ask. “I think I like you.” The confidence comes back to his voice. “Y-you do?” You half expect it to be a joke.

“Yes, I do, I mean, look at you, you’re a dream! You always look after me and you make me happy when I am down. You’re an A+ cook and you are the brightest sun to shine in our life. In my life. Ugh I am so dumb for hiding this from you, but I was kind of sure it was just a dumb brief thing because I am sexually frustrated, but it is not, I am slowly but surely getting totally hooked on you. The outfit did totally give me the final push though.” Kian rambles on and on.

You see no other solution than to pull Kian down to you and press your lips to his. He balks at first, freezing against you, but you persist and slowly Kian softens up and kisses you back.

His hands rest on your legs, fingers arching into the checkered fabric of your pj bottoms. You run one of your into his soft hair and cup his jawline with the other. His lips mold against yours in such a way that makes you swear that you should have kissed him much much sooner. Because darned it feels so good.
Soon one of Kians hands cups your face as well and his tongue runs over your lips. By this time you have melded so much that you just open your lips and allow Kian’s tongue into your mouth. You moan a little at the sensation and your tongue wrestles with Kian’s. He moans a little bit too.

Kian lays down, pulling you on top of him. You allow him and the kiss does not break. It only gets deeper and Kian’s hands run down your back. He greedily grabs your ass, making you moan to his lips.

The kiss breaks and Kian smirks up at you.

“Wana get out of that shirt?” He teases. ”Hmmm, I think you are wearing more clothes than me.” You reply. Very much not a yes and very much not a no. Just a statement. Kian groans. “So do you want me to put my shirt off first?” He tries to move things along, but you are far from certain, so you hold off.

“I first want my charger back Kee.I gave you what you want, now give me what I want~!”

You sit up, on top of his, your pelvis pressed against him, his erection is rather obvious and pressed up against your privates.

“Kee, you dirty perv!” You call out, poking him on the chest. “I can’t help it, you’re just that good to me.” Kian’s hands stroke up and down your upper legs and he gives you that well known dazzling smile. “Ugh, Kee, you are not fair!” You let your flat hand come down on his chest, knocking the wind out of him. Kian coughs a little and the dazzling smile fades from his lips. “Why am I not fair?” He asks.

“Because I’ve loved you from the first stages of our friendship. You know, the days that we didn’t live together and you were still uncomfortable with being half naked around me, because I am a girl. I’ve loved you all these damn years and you pick up on the vibe like five weeks ago and now all of a sudden it is okay. Have you any idea how long I have bottled up my feelings for you. And what the fuck, I can’t let it all pour out because you can’t control your dick!” You rant.

Kian gapes at you as if he’s lost his wits.

“Don’t look at me like that Kian!” You bring your hand down on his chest again, less hard this time, but it brings him back to reality all the same.

“I never knew, babe, I am sorry.” He sits up and looks at you as if he sees you for the first time. “My god, I must have put you through hell. I am putting you through hell as we speak. Oh my god. How do I even repent?”

You silence Kian’s rambling with a kiss.

Kian kisses back ever so eagerly, his hands skitting over your legs and side. He grabs at tugs at your top. You return the action and start tugging his shirt upwards. Kian smirks to your lips and runs his fingers over your sides, under your top. You moan a little, the feeling of Kians soft fingers on your skin riling you up.

You pull Kian’s shirt over his head and Kian removed your top. He marvels at your breasts for a while and gently wanders his fingers over your soft flesh. You shiver and avoid his eyes. “You’ve never been so shy before, not even when JC and I did that weird dick dare. This is a little odd, but cute at the same time.” He says sweetly. You feel your cheeks heat up and close your eyes.
Kian chuckles lightly and leans in to kiss along your neck. Your moan rather loudly and claw at his back, creating red scratchmarks on his skin. Kian gasps against your skin before latching on, creating a dark hickey.

“Kee, are you barking mad, everyone will see!”

“I want everyone to see, little angel, that you are mine.” Kian growled to your skin, moving only a little to suck another hickey onto your skin. You moan loudly and let him so as he pleases this time around. Because he wants people to know you are his.


Kian’s lips wander lower along your neck and over your collarbone, up the other side of your neck and he bites at your earlobe. His tongue twirls around the back of your earring and your breath comes in shivering pants.
Kian smirks and his lips wander lower again, over the soft flesh of your breasts. You moan loudly as he latches onto a nipple and gently starts to suckle. You run your hands through his hair and cling to him, your breath running short.
He leaves you not time to catch it when he switches nipple and plays with it with his teeth.

His hand strays into your pj bottom to greedily grab at your ass.

Your turn to wander your lips, over Kian’s neck and to his adam’s apple. He moans ever so loudly and arches his back when you latch on and suck lewdly. You leave bite marks in the nape of his neck and drink in the sounds he makes.

Kian flips you over and presses you down amongst the sheets. He moves himself between your legs and kisses you again. You trail your hands tenderly down his back to his ass, grabbing at it just as greedily as he did.

Kian becomes impatient. His boner is straining against the cloth of his jeans. “Oh fuck I am so pent up, can we please… Move along.” He whispers.

You open his jeans and he tugs it off. You stroke him through the cloth of his boxers, making him out a mangled moan. His hips buck forward and his hand slips into your panties to gingerly stroke at your folds.

You moan loudly and allow Kian to take off your pj bottoms and panties.

“I want you so bad.” Kian whispers, pulling down his boxers.

Your eyes dart to his cock and you lick your lips. “I want you too Kian.” You whisper. “But safe, Kian, condom.” Kian chuckles and moves off to reach into the drawer of his nightstand and grab a condom.

You open the wrapper and put it on for him.

You both loudly moan when Kian slowly slides into you. Every so slowly, ever so tenderly. “Oh fuck, you feel better than I have ever imagined.” Kian gasps. “You do too Kee, you do too.”

Kian is incredibly wound up, as proves. He cums after only three minutes, his hips stuttering as he spends his seed inside the condom. “Oh my god, I am so ashamed right now!” He mumbles softly. “Don’t worry about it Kee, we can do it again after dinner and tonight after Game of Thrones.” you whisper softly, kissing him on the nose.

Kian Lawley/Jc Caylen | “But I love you”

Count of words: 635

Warnings:not really.

A/N: I hope you like it. Please let me know if you want a part two on this one ♥

Part Two  Part Three




Kian lawley imagine where you’re dating but he’s been distant and you and Jc get drunk one day and hook up while he’s gone and have to deal with the feelings of both of them wanting you but you choose Kian

I know something was wrong since the moment he walked into our shared apartment that day. I didn’t know what it was but I knew something was bothering him and I was right. Something was bothering him and that’s why he distanced himself from everyone and everything. That’s what Kian does. He ducks away when things get tough only to come back stronger and better than ever. But this time the longer he was like that the more worried I got.

Kian was not only distant. He was going out all day everyday leaving me alone inside an empty apartment. And when he was home he either stayed on the couch the whole time or in the kitchen, hardly ever speaking to me. Day by day passed by without even knowing if he stepped into our room at all. And this week he said he would travel back home. So, that’s exactly why I said “hell yeah” when Jc suggested we watch a movie and get wasted. That is probably the stupidest decision I ever made.

So here we were. Me and Jc, on the couch, watching Frozen and drinking beer. “Seriously Anna?!?!You are that stupid?!?! That guy is clearly a little brat,” I said to the cartoon charachter while Jc could not hold his laughter inside anymore. “You she can’t hear you!?!” He said while laughing making me do the same and then punching his arm. “I do. But I thought I should warn her,” I said holding my belly from this very tiring excersise I just did. “You’re crazy! Now I see why Kian loves you.” He said and we continiued watching the movie.

After finishing Frozen we desided to binge watch supernatural. “I think we should take a shot for every time Dean says ‘son of a bitch’.” Jc suggested and I agreed with no hesitation. “We will be wasted way sooner than expected.” I said and laughed. So, we did that. We took a shot everytime Dean said 'son of a bitch’. That was the second stupidest decision I made that night.

As the morning came, I was found under the covers of my cozy bed. Naked. With Jc right nect to me. It didn’t take long for me to freak out from the events of the previous night. Jc’s hands were still around my waist holding me close to his naked body while I was trying to escape. “Well, godmorning to you too.” He said in a deep sleepy voice before kissing my neck. “Jc, what the fuck happened last night??” I asked already knowing the answer. “Well, we got drunk and hooked up.” He said, adjusting himself in his now sitting position. “Why you’re saying it like it is not a big deal? Are you insane? J, I’m dating your best friend!” I basically yelled at his face. “I know, but I can treat you so much better!” He said looking at me with sad eyes. “No, no, no, no, no! This cannot be real! I cannot do this to Kian!” I said almost in tears from the intense feeling of pain I got from the idea of Kian finding out. “Get out.” I said calmly. “What?” Jc said confused. “GET OUT! You get dressed and leave this apartment and we never speak of this again!” I replied and got up throwing a pair of pj’s on. “But, Y/N, I love you!” He said and looked down. I ignored him walking out of the room and into the kitchen.

“I’m sorry,” he said when he walked into the kitchen. “I took advantage of you Y/N. But I do love you!” he continued. “Then leave and never mention this again. Please.” I said tears in my eyes. He just nodded and as he was about to walk out of the apartment Kian came inside.


Jc: “You’re going to tell her. If not you, then me.”
Kian: “Jc! Why are yo-”
Jc: “You’ve been wanting (y/n) for so long. Why haven’t you done anything about it?!”
Kian: “I don’t know. I’m just-”
Jc: “You know what?”
Kian: “What are you doing?”
Jc: “Siri, call (y/n).”
Siri: “Calling (y/n).”
Kian: “Dude, no! Stop! What are you doing?!”
Jc: “It’s ringing. Leave it.”
Kian: “Hang up! Now!”
Jc: “I’m driving. I’m not going to-”
Jc: “(y/n)! Hey!”
Kian: “Oh, my fucking God.”
“Hi, Jc! What’s up?”
Jc: “We need to talk, (y/n).”
“Is everything okay?”
Kian: “No! Stop!”
“Kian? What’s going on?”
Jc: “He has something to tell you.”
“Okay? What is it, Kian?”
Kian: “Nothing, (y/n).”
“I’m confused.”
Jc: “He likes you.”
Kian: “Oh, fuck.”
“You do, Kian?”
Kian: “I.. uh..”
Jc: “Are you doing anything tonight, (y/n)?”
“No, not that I know of. Why?”
Jc: “Kian wants to take you out.”
“He does?”
Kian: “Oh, my God.”
Jc: “Tell her, Kian.”
Kian: “I can’t believe this.”
“Why don’t Kian and I talk about this later? Just me and him?”
Kian: “Yes, please.”
“On our date. I’ll be ready at 7. See you!”
Jc: “Holy shit!”
Kian: “What the fuck just happened?!”
Jc: “Oh, my God.”
Kian: “Jc, I’m going to fucking kill you.”

“We need our best friend time.” (Sammy Wilk Imagine)

Requested by anonymous: “can you please do a Sammy imagine where you’re really good friends with Kian Lawley and Sammy and basically everyone but you knows Kian has a huge crush on you and one day you ditch Sammy to go to Kians and when Sammy finds out you’re there he gets super angry and fed up then fights Kian”


I didn’t know if you wanted Sammy to have a crush on (Y/N) or not, but I wrote it to where they were just friends.


“(Y/N), come on. We haven’t hung out in ages. You really can’t come over?” Sammy text.

“I don’t know. I can try, but I’m not making any promises.” You replied.

“I’ll take that! I really miss you. I miss hanging out with you. Just you and I. It feels like we haven’t been with just each other in so long. It always seems like Kian is hanging out with you all the time and tagging along to all our hangouts.” Sammy said. He and Kian didn’t really get along that well. You and Kian had been hanging out a lot lately, but you didn’t think much of it. You just thought it was just friendly.

“Awe, c’mon. Its just a friendship between he and I. There’s no harm there.” You said.

“Kian will tell a different story. He definitely likes you.” Sammy said.

“No he doesn’t, stop.” You said.

“Whateverrrrr. Anyway, I’ll see you Saturday?” He asked.

“Yeah, I’ll be over.” You said. You put your phone on the charger and got ready for bed.

* * *

It was Saturday afternoon and you were just lounging around when you got a text message. You checked your phone and saw that the text was from Kian.

“Hey, Jc and I are having a party tonight, you should come over.” He said.

“Yes!” You typed. You stared at your phone screen before hitting send. “Shit, I’m supposed to go over to Sammy’s today.” You thought to yourself. 

“Hey Sam, bad news. I can’t come over. My mom just text me saying my aunt is coming over and she needs me to help her clean. Sorry. :(” You text him.

“Awe man. :( Maybe next weekend?” He asked.

“Yes, next weekend sounds good. :)” You replied.

“Yes! I’ll be there.” You replied to Kian.

“Awesome. See you later then. :)” He replied.

You felt bad canceling on Sam, but you really wanted to go out and party. You hadn’t been to a party in months, and you loved hanging out with Kian. You went ahead and started to get ready. It took you about an hour, and just as you finished, Kian text you asking where you were.

“Just about to head over.” You replied. You sprayed on some perfume, slipped on your shoes, threw your phone in your purse, grabbed your keys and headed out. 

Kian and Jc lived only a few neighborhoods away, so it didn’t take very long for you to get there. There were already a bunch of people there, so you parked down the street a bit. You walked down to their house and walked in. You walked around and found Kian in the kitchen, sitting up on the counter.

“Hey! You’re here!” He said as he hugged you.

“I told you I was on the way.” You laughed.

“I was getting impatient waiting for you to get here.” He said. He hopped off the counter and gave you a tighter hug.

You hung out with Kian for most of the night. You and him were just enjoying yourselves. You were dancing, taking pictures, posting snapchats, and just having a good time.


I was so bored sitting at home by myself. I didn’t really have anything planned, but at least if I had (Y/N) here, I could have someone to talk to. Oh well.

I took to snapchat to entertain myself. I scrolled through the recent updates. No one that I really cared to see. Until (Y/N) popped up. I watched her story. Her breakfast this morning. Her “ootd.”

“Really? She gets that dressed up to go help her mom clean?” I asked myself. I watched more of her story and saw that she was at a party. “If she wanted to party, she could’ve just said so. Why didn’t she just tell me instead of lying?” I asked. I saw the next snap, which answered my question.

She was with Kian.

“Fucking hell.” I said. I slipped my shoes on and drove to Kian’s. I was so mad, my hands were shaking, my palms were sweaty. When I got there, I stormed through the house and found her and Kian in the kitchen.

“Sammy, what are you doing here?” (Y/N) asked.

“I’m fucking over this. Can’t you find someone else’s girl to try to steal?” I asked Kian.

“Um, excuse me?” Kian asked.

“Don’t play dumb. I know you like (Y/N). Fucking everyone knows. But she’s mine. Go steal someone else’s girl.” I repeated.

“Look, it’s not my fault she wants to hang out with me more than she does you.” Kian said. And that’s when I swung.

I don’t remember much of the fight, but I do know that Kian and I both got messed up pretty badly. I blacked out once we got good into the fight, and when I finally came to, I was back home in my bed.

“Oh, is sleeping beauty awake?” I heard a voice say. I forced myself to sit up and saw (Y/N) sitting in the chair across the room from me.

“(Y/N)? What are you doing here? I thought you could’ve been mad at me.” I said.

“Well, I am upset with you, but not at the moment. I needed to make sure you were okay.” She said.

“How’s Kian?” I asked.

“He’s okay. A few cuts and bruises on his face, scrapes on his back from the sidewalk. But other than that, he’s okay.” She explained.

“Look, I’m really sorry. For the way I acted.” I said. “I was just upset that you lied to me about where you were going.”

“This is exactly why I didn’t tell you. I knew that you would freak out like this.” She said. “We’re not dating, so I don’t understand the problem with me hanging out with Kian.”

“Because, you’re my best friend. You’re like a sister to me. And it’s my job to protect you from every guy that you cross paths with.” He said.

“Sammy, I can take care of myself. Kian isn’t a bad guy.” She said.

“I know. I was just tired of not being able to see you. We need our best friend time. And I was tired of not getting it.” I said.

“Okay, that I understand. And I apologize for lying to you about where I was. And I promise we will spend more time together.” She said.

“That’s all I want.” I said.

“Glad we can come to a compromise.” She said. “Well, I guess I better get going. It’s been a long night. I’m going home. Good night Sammy.”

“Good night (Y/N).” I said as she walked out of my room.

I was glad that she wasn’t mad at me and I hope that tonight’s festivities wouldn’t make things weird between her and I, or her and Kian.

You Are Special (Requested)

     You are slowly woken up by someone shaking you. You open your eyes and you see a huge screen in front of you with credits rolling. You realize you are in a movie theater. So you look up and you see Kian. He smiles at you. You yawn. The. He tells you, “Babe, you fell asleep on me throughout the movie.”

       You see that your body is completely on top of Kian’s, snuggled up. You don’t want to move an inch. You can smell Kian’s intoxicating cologne. "You were just so comfy.“

     Then Kian gives you a kiss on the forehead. But you want more. So you tilt your head up so Kian can reach your lips. Then you close your eyes you feel your lips meet his.

    You guys keeping kissing until you are interrupted by the lights turning on and that’s the cue for you guys to leave. So you get up even though you don’t want to, and you and Kian walk out, hand in hand.

    As you both walk outside, you can’t help but yawn again. Then Kian says, “You’re still tired huh? Come on.” Then he slightly bends over, signaling you to get on his back.

    You think he’s over exaggerating. “No its okay. I’m not that tired.”

    But he keeps insisting. “No, really, hop on.”

    You don’t bother arguing anymore. You jump on and wrap your arms around his neck as he holds you up with his arms around the back of your legs. As Kian begins walking to the car, you snuggle your head on Kian’s shoulder. It feels so nice, so close to him. When Kian finally gets to the car, he doesn’t let your feet touch the floor once. He opens the passenger door and turns around and he sits you down. Then he closes the door behind him and he walks over to the driver’s side. He gives you one long kiss before he puts the car in drive and takes off to his house.

    On the way, Kian gets a call. Because he’s driving, he asks you to answer it. You do, and you hear on the other side, “Hey (Y/N), it’s Jc. Can you tell Kian that he got invited to a party tonight and that all the guys are here.”

    You cover the phone with your hand and you repeat what Jc told you. Then Kian says, “Tell him I’ll pass.”

     Before you do, you ask Kian, “Why don’t you want to go?” You’ve never seen Kian as the type of person to pass up a party. He always wants to do something.

    We get invited to those parties all the time. And their invitation only. And I’m here with you. I don’t want to leave you tonight.”

    You love and hate when Kian does this. You love how he spends so much time with you, but you hate how he gives up so much. You feel that you aren’t that special to be giving up so much of his life. But you are not going to argue, so you tell Jc what Kian said and hang up the phone.

    Then Kian takes a quick glance at you. He sees you face and says, “Hey, what’s wrong?”

    You tell him the most common lie there is. “Nothing.” You say that even though you know it’s not going to hold.

    ”What? Did you not want to spend the rest of the night with me?”

    ”No, it’s not that.” Here it comes. “It’s that I feel like you give up too much for me.”

    That’s when Kian pulls over to the side of the road. He puts the car in park and looks at you. “What do you mean?” He laughs as he says this, thinking this is not a big of a deal.

    “Kian, I feel like I’m not good enough for you. Your famous. You have a huge job and you are always busy. And me? I just work at a coffee shop, not really being anyone. I feel as though that I don’t deserve you.” You can’t look at Kian directly in the eye anymore because you know you are starting to cry.

    But then you look up when you hear Kian opening the car door. Then he says, “Come out here with me.”

    You do what he says without question. You go over to the other side of the car and then Kian opens the door to the back seat. Then he gets in as he lays down, taking up the whole back. You ask, “What are you doing?”

    He pats his lap as he says, “Come lay down.”

    You aren’t following right away “Why?”

    He sighs from your stubbornness. “(Y/N), just come lay down on me.”

    You know you are going to go nowhere if you keep asking questions, so you do as he says. When you get it, you close the car door and then you lay completely over Kian. You lean your back towards the seat, and then Kian wraps his arms around you. Your head is on his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat.

    At first, neither of you say anything. Kian just rubs his hand up and down your arm, comforting you. It feels nice. You get lost in the intense warmth of his body. After some time, you finally say, “Why are we just here?”

    Then Kian says, “What? Don’t you like cuddling?”

    You know that Kian knows that that’s not what you’re talking about. “Not that, I meant that why are we here together right now?”

    “Because I wanted you to know that you are special. You think that you are just some nobody, but you are someone more than that.”

    You start to feel a ball in your throat as you guys start talking about this again. “Kian-”

    “No. I don’t like you thinking like that. You may not do what I do, but you are someone. You are a star to me.”

    The tears still come, but not of sorrow. Instead, they are tears of feeling wanted. You put your hand on Kian’s cheek and look up at him for the first time since you and Kian have been laying back there. Then you say, “I just felt like I was bringing you down.”

    He does not look away from your eyes when he says, “You don’t bring me down. Actually, you bring me up. You make me so happy, and, I just cancel things because I don’t want to spend one moment away from you. When I’m with you, I feel like there’s nothing I can’t do. Because being with you seems like the greatest accomplishment of my life.”

     You don’t say anything after that. Kian is just so sweet to you, you kiss him without a second thought. You catch him by surprise, but then he kisses you back as he puts one hand around your waist.

    You two didn’t want to leave each other’s sides that night, so the both of you fell asleep right there in the back of his car.

Kiss me again.

 Request: Put these two together:

Can you do a Kian Lawley imagine where your a youtuber and he goes on tour but you can’t come with him because you have to film so he gets really sad and watches your videos for comfort but Jc gets you tickets to surprise him so you wait in line and a bunch of fan girls start to notice you so you tell them the plan and they be quiet so then you go up to Kian and ask for a stage kiss but when he sees its you he kisses you in front of EVERYONE and people record and stuff (lots of fluff) THANK YOU


Warnings: Major Kian feels.

authors note: Really enjoyed writing this, hope you like it :) Please request.

I always get asked, “what’s the best and worst thing about being a YouTuber?” The best is a hard question. If I had to choose just one it would have to be meeting my amazing fans but the worst.The worst is times when I hard to work and wasn’t able to see kian JC Conor sam rickey and Trevor do what they love doing.

Kian begged me to go on tour with him and as much as I wanted to me really couldn’t.I had loads of meeting lots of videos to make my big announcement and being 4 months pregnant really didn’t help.I had the smallest of bumps, but every time I looked in the mirror I couldn’t help but smile.Although we were young and wasn't 100 percent ready to be parents, we wanted this.Kian would always kiss my tiny bump and insisted we took a picture every few weeks to see if I was getting bigger.

“Are you sure you and the little one will be okay?”Kian asked for about the thousandth time.I couldn’t help but smile at how worried he was.He was cute when he was worried.

“Duuudddeee she will be fine if she needs you she will call right y/n,” JC said as he put his arm around kian almost dragging him out the door.

“Right,”I said giving Kian a quick kiss.

“Love you both”Kian shouted as JC dragged him to the car.

“Love you” I yelled back.Kian would be away for the next 4 weeks, I was already counting down the days until he was home just 28 to go.

*Kians pov*

Leaving y/n was the hardest.With her carrying our baby, It was even harder.I was really excited to be a dad I know I was really young, but everything happens for a reason right?Y/n was the one so why shouldn’t we start a family.Making the family was the best bit if you get my drift. It was 3 weeks into the tour and I really couldn’t get her off my mind.I missed everything about her from her smile to the way she snorts a little when she laughs too hard.The best thing about her being a youtube was at times like this when I really missed her I could just sit and watch her videos And that’s what I did.It was around 3 am the rest of the boys were asleep and I was sat in bed watching y/ns videos.I couldn’t help but laugh when she had whip cream all over her face she really was the worst at challenges.Watching her videos gave me some sort of comfort.I didn’t know what else to do.I clicked on another and another before I knew it I heard Jcs alarm go off.

“Ugh, what time is it”I heard JC faintly I was too absorbed in my watching my beautiful girlfriend.God, I missed her.

*y/n pov*

 I stretched out my arms and grabbed my phone to see I had a message off JC.I quickly opened it to see a picture of kian curled up watching one of my videos with the caption has been awake all night watching your videos dudddeee we need to do something.I couldn’t help but laugh at kians cuteness, but I couldn’t lie I had been doing the same.Watching one of kians videos helped me sleep it really helped me relax.Before I could text JC back he rang me.

“DUUUDDDDEEEE” He almost screamed down the phone.

“Yeah” I, said still sleepy.

“You seriously need to get out here we can’t take any more of kian moping around”

“I know, but I don’t even have tickets,”I said I wanted to go, but I really couldn’t.

“Everything’s sorted cars picking you up in half an hour he will have tickets you will have to Que with fans and you will be in the crowd and after the show you can see him”JC voice was quite and fast.

“Wait what does kian know?”I asked trying to take in what he just told me.

“No” And with that JC put the phone down.I couldn’t believe it.I quickly jumped in the shower and got changed.I put on a really nice dress that showed my tiny bump.

Beofre I had time to put on any makeup or do my hair the driver was here.I quickly jumped in the car I had a 3-hour car ride well make it 4 hours with all the pee breaks so I did my hair and ake up in the car.I put on just basic make up the way kian liked it and I let my hair flow naturally.I even had a little nap.When we adrived at the venue the driver passed me my tickets and I joined the fans in the que.It was only 30 minutes till the doors open so I couldn’t wait.

“WAITS THAT Y/N”I hurd one fan shout then the next thing I knew everyone was looking and rushing up to me.

“GUY GUYS quite pleeasseee Im surprising Kian I haven’t seen him for 3 weeks and really miss him,”I told them and in return got loads of awwwwwws.The fans were brilliant I took some quick pictures with them and they even helped me get into the venue saftly.

As I took my seat in the 3rd row my stomach was in flips and not just because of the little human inside me.The background music soon stopped.The guys came running on stage.My eyes filled up I just metered away from my boyfriend and wanted nothing more than to go and hug him, but I couldn’t I had to stay quite for the fans it was there show and I didn’t want to reuine it.I was so proud of all of the boys I couldn’t belive how far they had come.

“Right everyone we have a little surprise for Kian” Ricky shouted, the crowd went wild.Kians face looked confused he was so cute when he was confused.

“We all know that kian hasn’t been able to see him a girlfriend for 3 weeks because of the tour and I even found him this morning sleep curled up watching y/ns videos”Sam laughed as the picture showed on the screen behind them.Jc hopped and walked towards me.

“Guys stop I really love her okay”Kian laughed not noticing that I had stood up and started walking towards the stage.The fans all awed at Kians remark.I quickly grabbed Jcs mic as he helped me up the steps.

“I love you too”Kian head spun rpund to me.His face lit up like a kid in a candy shop.He stood their to hand over his mouth tears brimming in his eyes.“Y/n” He said softly.I waqlked over to him as fast as I could.I stood there inchs away from him.Tears streamed down my face. 

“KISS KISS KISS”The whole place erupted with chants.Kians lips soon attached to mine the kiss was deep and meaning full.I kissed back straight away.His hands wrapped around my body bringing  me closer to him.The whole place was lit up with flashes of camreas but I didn’t mind.I was with Kian and couldnt be happier.

Long Distance

Request: For an imagine I was thinking maybe Kian has a really good friend named Loren and he and her talk about everything together and they can only FaceTime and text because they live so far apart and Jc and the guys make fun of Kian and tease him whenever he’s on the FaceTime with her and one day Kian had a plan to ask her out and Jc helped him out with planning it and Kian asks her out when she was in the middle of class

A/N: I changed it a little so that it made more sense but I hope it’s what you wanted! Sorry for any mistakes, I wrote it when I was in the car on my phone so there may be typos .


K - ‘But Lorennnn, I’m not tired’ Kian moaned, the screen frozen on his sad puppy dog expression
L - 'Kian it’s 1:30am for me remember, we are in different time zones. I’m going to sleep so unless you just want to watch me snoring I suggest you hang up’
K - 'Ok, I will sing you a lullaby and I promise I will hang up once you are asleep. Or maybe after a bit so I can hear you snore’
L - 'no way, good night Kian’
K - 'fine, goodnight princess’ Kian said sadly, hanging up their FaceTime call.

Loren and Kian had been best friends ever since they were 10 when Loren’s family moved to California and they became neighbours. At first, Kian was the definition of an annoying little brat. He would keep Loren up until the early hours of the morning, throwing things at her bedroom window and over their garden fence. Overtime, Loren became accustomed to Kian’s torment and the things that he did that once annoyed her were now the things that she loved most about him. When Loren was 16 she was head over heels for Kian, but of course, seeing as they were best friends, she kept quiet and as Kian’s youtube career grew, her love for him dwindled out since she knew that he would never feel the same way. Even through Kian’s popularity, girlfriends and moving to LA, Kian and Loren still talked everyday and face-timed most nights. 

Currently, Loren was living in Massachusetts studying at Harvard medical school for a three year course that was finally coming to an end. She was moving back to California in the next week and couldn’t be happier to see all her friends and family again. Although she was most excited to see Kian in person again, she was also the most nervous because talking over a computer or phone screen was definitely not the same as being able to reach out and touch him, smell his cologne and hear his breathing when they hugged. It was always the little things that Loren treasured most. 

Back in LA, Kian was preparing for Loren’s homecoming. He was busy planning a day for him and Loren to catch up and relax in their favourite places. They were going to have breakfast in their favourite bakery, Toast, and then spend most of the day chilling in Santa Monica on the beach and pier, eating ice cream and playing in the sea, Loren’s favourite things to do. 

K - ‘Jc, are you home on Tuesday evening?’ Kian shouted from his bedroom through to Jc in the kitchen.

J - ‘I think so, but I can go to Dom’s if you want me out of the house, why?’

K - ‘Loren is staying round and we will probably end up in the living room watching movies so I don’t want you blasting your shitty music throughout the apartment’

J - ‘My music isn’t shitty but yeah of course, I can get out, I don’t want to hear you two getting at it’

K - ‘Jc, no, we are just friends so there will be no ‘getting at it’ you fucker’

J - ‘‘Just friends’ my ass, you haven’t stopped talking about her all week’ Jc said, walking into Kian’s room where he was laying on the bed.

K - ‘I’m just excited she’s coming home, I haven’t seen her since last christmas’

J - ‘You do love her though, you’re just to scared to say it, I know you kian’

K - ‘we’ve been friends for over 10 years, I don’t want to ruin that’

J - ‘I hear you two every evening on FaceTime, she loves you too you know’

K - ‘Yeah but just as friends’

J - ‘Kian ‘friends’ don’t FaceTime every day for over two hours at a time, offer to fly across the country for each other when they are upset and go quiet very time you talk about another girl. I heard how she changed the conversation every time you talked about Andrea.’

K - ‘shit man, do you really think she feels the same way?’

J  - ‘Kian I know she does, you’ve just gotta have the balls to ask her’

Kian and Jc spent the next few hours talking about how and when Kian should ask Loren. Kian practically had all the ideas but Jc just confirmed that they were good and made sure he didn’t get too cheesy with it. 

Monday, The day of Loren’s return:

2 hours of delay were not good for Loren’s nerves and her impatient nature. Not only did she have to suffer 5 hours on a plane alone, she had to wait an extra 2 hours with nothing to do except think about what she was going to say to everyone that she hadn’t seen in three years. Would they still have stuff to talk about? Will everyone of forgotten her? Sure, she made sure to keep up with everyone on social media and tried to keep in contact with as many people as she could but it was hard considering everyone was so busy all the time. 

Luckily Lorens flight was early in the morning so she was able to sleep for most of the journey, however that meant that when she got off the plane, she was looking as if she had just been dragged through a hedge multiple times before being dumped into a dryer and been put on a fast spin cycle. Getting through security took a lot longer than she anticipated since LAX was packed full of unorganised families going on holiday with screaming children and grumpy teens. 

After exiting the airport, Loren scanned the street looking for a recognisable face. Through the hundreds of taxis and ubers, Loren spotted her ride, a space grey range rover. Sitting in the front seat was a sleeping Kian and next to him was a big bouquet of flowers. Loren crept up to the window, knocking on it loudly to wake him up, causing Kian to shoot up. At first he was confused but he quickly realised where he was and what was happening.


L - ‘yeah you really looked like you missed me, you fell asleep you little bitch’

K - ‘remember its only 6am here, I’ve been up all night waiting for you to get home’

L - ‘aww Kian you didn’t have to do that, I could have gotten an uber!’

K - ‘No I wanted to! I couldn’t wait to see you!’

Kian and Loren spent the drive home catching up on what had happened since they has seen each other last. Loren then spent the rest of the day with her family since she was going to spend Tuesday with Kian, just the two of them.

The next day:

L - ‘Kian let me chose the music! This is rubbish!’

K - ‘Nope, I’m driving so I get to chose what we listen to!’

L - ‘But your music taste is awful, let me listen to Justin Bieber!’

K - ‘I can’t believe you still love him after all these years, I thought I got away from him when you left’

L - ‘Well, now I’m back and so is Justin, just let me have his new song and then we can listen to your shit’

K - ‘Fine but only one song’ Kian said defeatedly, putting on ‘cold water’

Kian and Loren were currently driving to Santa Monica, both happily full after their breakfast at toast. It was 112 degrees so they had the windows down and the music on full blast. As much as Kian made a fuss, he was singing along to Cold water and knew all the words, causing Loren to laugh and film him for snapchat. 

The day was perfect and everything Loren could have asked for. They spent most of the time laying on the beach, sunbathing, eating ice cream and playing in the sea, just like old times. 

(Kian’s POV)

She was even more beautiful than I remember. The way she threw her head back when she laughed and the suns reflection in her eyes were all things that I never noticed on FaceTime. I was so happy she was home and yet so nervous for tonight. Jc kept texting me to reassure me that everything was set up but I knew he would probably mess something up. Loren was currently asleep next to me, her hair covered in sand and her skin glowing from the sun. I wish I could have stayed in that moment forever but the sun was setting and the wind was picking up so we decided to call it a day.

The whole drive home I struggled to cover my nerves. Loren happily chatted away about god knows what but allI could could think about was what if Loren said no? What if Jc was wrong and all she saw me as was a god friend? I didn’t want to lose her but the risk was worth it. To be able to call her my own would be the best thing in the world.

(Loren’s POV)

Kian was tensing and un-tensing his jaw repeatedly for the whole ride home. He also didn’t seem to be talking as much as he normally does. What if he didn’t like me anymore? Maybe we have both changed too much? So many thoughts were running through my mind that I didn’t even realise when we had pulled up to his apartment.

Kian led me to his apartment, pushing me forward gently with his hand on the small of my back. For some reason, he was making me go first and laughed when I tried to get back. For all I knew he could have set up some sort of prank, it wouldn’t surprise me.

I tentatively opened the door, half expecting to be covered in water or slime but what I saw was something so unexpected that I froze in place. Kian’s apartment was covered in black and white balloons, and there was a chair placed right in the centre. I almost didn’t see Wishbone who was running around, camouflaged in the balloons, excited to see me. Kian led me over to the chair, telling me to sit down, and I did. 

K - ‘Loren, we have been best friends for as long as I can remember and ever since the day I met you, I knew that I wanted to make you happy. So, Loren, will you do the honour of being my girlfriend?’

 I tried my hardest to keep myself from exploding with happiness but it was near on impossible

L - ‘Kian!!!! Are you being serious?! Yes of course I will!’

Kian let out a breath that i hadn’t even realised he had been holding in. He picked me off of the seat and gave me the sloppiest kiss I could imagine.

The sound of a ukulele filled the room and Jc came running out of his bedroom, dressed in a poncho and a stick on moustache. 

K - ‘Jc what the fuck?!’ Kian said through heavy laughter. Likewise, I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe. for the first time, I was able to look at Kian as my boyfriend, even though I had already loved him for 10 years, I knew that I would be loving him for many more. 


Ok so this took a LOT longer than expected and tbh, I don’t know how I feel about it. I don’t know if its because I had a break writing it while I was on holiday or because it was longer but I lost the feel for it I guess. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed it none the less and hopefully I will see you soon!



Making it Work (Requested)


    You sit in the house of O2l, waiting for Kian and the rest of the boys to come home. You are suppose to spend the day with Kian, and you are waiting for him to get back from a meeting.

    You are just watching T.V. when you hear their car park in front. Then all the boys come barging in, screaming and cheering. Going crazy. So, you being curious, ask, “What’s going on!?”

    Then Kian comes and hugs you tightly. You hug him back, still not knowing what’s going on. Then Kian looks at you and says, “We have a big announcement!”

    You now seem excited just because everyone else is. “What is it?”

    “Babe, O2l is going on tour!”

    Excitement and thrill fills your body. This time you hug Kian as you jump on him and wrap your legs around his waist. You celebrate with the boys for a little while longer until everyone else calms down. 

    Now you are sitting with Kian by the pool, with both of your feet in the water. “So,” you say, “Tell me all about this tour!”

    Kian smiles. “Well, the six of us are going all over the U.S. to perform in our own shows. We’re going to have a tour bus and everything.”

    “I’m so happy for you. Um… how long is it going to be for?”

    Kian looks down. “About a month.” You know that Kian knows that you won’t be able to go with him. “I know babe, that you can’t just leave your job to come with me. It’s okay.”

    Your happiness calms down a little bit now that you guys got to this subject you knew you were going to talk about sooner or later. “It’s for a whole month. Yes, I know I can’t just leave my art studio to go, but I want to so bad.”

    Then Kian scoots closer and puts his arm around you as he holds your hand with the other. “No. You are not going to stop your career just for me. I’m gonna go for a month as you continue with what you do here. I know it’s going to be hard, but we can still make this relationship work. I will not go a day without texting, or snapchat, or skype you. I will talk to you as much as I can.”

    That makes you feel warm and calm inside. Kian is so caring and always looks for the best in situations. He never seems to let you down. “It’s not going to be the same.”

    “Yeah, but just imagine that moment when I come back and you see me again.”

    You get butterflies in your stomach just thinking about it. “Okay. So when do you guys leave?”

    “Next month.”

    “Okay. We are going to make this month amazing.” Then you touch your lips to Kian as it’s kind of hard for him because he’s trying to not smile to kiss you back.


    You walk to the back room of your studio to get more paint for a project you are working on. You then walk back to your project. As you are opening the black paint, you hear a beep from your laptop. You set the paint down and wipe your hands. Then you walk over to your laptop to see a skype call icon pop up. You automatically know who it’s from. You turn off your music that’s playing and you answer the call. All you see is an empty hotel room.

    Then, everyone from O2L pops up from the screen and you jump a little. Kian is in the middle and screams, “Hi babe!” The rest of the guys are waving at you.

    You wave back and say, “Hey babe. And Connor. And Ricky. And Jc. And Sam. And Trevor.”

    Then Kian looks back to them and says, “Okay guys. You can go back to your rooms now.” Then they all say goodbye and walk out the door. Now it’s just you and Kian. Then he says, “Did we scare you?”

    As your heart is now beating normal, you say, “Yes! You almost gave me a heart attack!”

    He laughs. “Aww. I’m sorry. I just love you too much.”

    You just talked to Kian yesterday, right before he left on the tour bus. “So where are you right now?”

    “Right now, we are in San Francisco. Our last show before I get to come home to you (Y/N).”

    That makes you smile as wide as you can. “I miss you and your kisses so much right now. It’s killing me.”

    “I miss you too. It’s just for a few more days babe. We can wait.”

    “I don’t know if I can wait that long.” You make a pouty face. 

    He makes one back as he says, “Yes you can. You know why?”

    “Why?” You put your hand on the screen, and Kian does the same. As close as you can get to be touching him right now.

    “Because you are strong and you are patient. Great things come to those who wait.” Then he leans in slowly and kisses the screen, as if kissing you.

It's Real (Requested)

Hey, the request said ANYTHING. I was not going to let a freebe go to waste Enjoy. And I know I’m a little late on this topic, but I thought this would be a good idea. You’ll understand in the end. 

    “What are you looking at babe?” you ask Kian.

    He is holding what looks like an old box. “Jordyn, it’s Jumanji! From that movie!”

    You laugh. “What, are you going to buy that hoping the game comes to life and we end up with a lion in the house?” You tease him.

    Hey slightly elbows you. “Haha, very funny. Who knows, it might even make us have a hunter in our house too! I’m getting this.”

    “Really babe? This is a thrift shop. No matter how cheap it is, I’m pretty sure you are not going to get your money’s worth.”

    “You know what?” Then he puts the game down and starts tickling you like crazy. You try pushing his arms away as you laugh, but he’s too strong. “I’m getting this not matter what you say!” Then he stops as you calm down.

    So Kian does end up buying it. It was cheap, but that’s not a good sign. He excited to play it, and you want to play it too, wanting to tease Kian even more when nothing happens.

    When you both get back to the O2L house, Kian calls all the boys. As Kian waits for them, he sits down on the floor and starts opening the game. You sit next to him, just watching him like he’s a little kid again.

    Jc and Connor finally come. “Where’s Ricky?” you ask, noticing that there’s a boy missing.

    As Jc sits across from you, he says, “He had plans with Andrew. Is that Jumanji?”

    “Yeah, Kian wants for a lion to magically appear!” You say, mocking Kian.

    Everyone except Kian laughs. Then he says, “No, I just want to play this game.” Then he says in a lower voice, “But a lion would be cool.”

    So Connor sits as well, everyone agreeing to play. The game looks just like the one in the movie. It surprisingly looks like it’s in good condition. Everyone here has seen the movie so many times, that none of you look at the instructions. Then four of the pieces stick onto the board on their own. Kian looks at you, waiting for your reaction. You are as surprised as him, but you say, “Oh come on. They could be magnets.”

    Then he admits, “Fine. They could. Or it could be the magic of the game. I’ll go first.” Then he grabs the dice and rolls. It’s a 6. Then his piece suspensefully moves that number of spaces. Then words start appearing in the purple glass ball in the middle as everyone leans forward to read it. Kian reads it out loud. “Wherever there is a door, there is eight legs over all. If you are not scared. you won’t fall..”

    “What the hell does that mean?” Jc asks.

    “Eight legs on a door?"questioned Connor.

    Even though you think this game is is a hoax, you try to solve the riddle. It comes quickly. You tell everyone, "It’s a spider on every door guys.”

    Kian get excited. “Okay guys, we can’t open any doors now. Or else there will be a spider on the other side.”

    You laugh. “Kian, this isn’t real.”

    Jc backs you up. “Yeah Kian. I don’t know why you believe this game.”

    He still doesn’t change his mind. “Fine. Then go check the door.” You can’t tell whether Kian actually believes, or he’s just messing with you guys.

    To prove Kian, you get up and say, “Fine. I’ll go open the front door.” Then you walk to it. You open it without hesitation. Nothing on the other side. “See.” You tell him. Then as you start to walk to the back door, which is clear, you say, “And nothing on the back-”

    You are stunned so much that you almost fall back. Something flies onto the door and sticks on. It’s a spider. But it’s not small. It’s almost the size of the door. It’s hairy and gross. You almost want to throw up. “Oh my God!” Is all that comes out of your mouth.

    It’s real.

    The game is real.

So, in memory of Robin Williams, I decided to put this little imagine together. He will be surely missed.

And, this is not the end of this imagine. I have way more to do with this. But this one will be super long, so I am going to split it into parts. After I finish all the requested imagines I have, the first I will do is make a part 2 to this! 

Bringing You Up (Requested)

 This one is honestly one of my favorites :)


You and your boyfriend, Lucas, have barely even talked throughout your lunch date. Times have been hard with him lately. Today, he got mad at you for spending too much time on the internet. Even though he knows you are the internet a lot because you make Youtube videos and it takes up time, he still gets mad. He tells you that you don’t spend enough time with him. “We never have anything to talk about anymore,” You tell him. 

    “It seems like you don’t have anything to talk about anymore since you are always talking to your ‘internet friends.’”

    This is the last time you are ever going to take it. “That’s always your excuse. That I’m always talking to someone else! When we got together, you knew I had a Youtube career! I thought you excepted it!”

    That’s when Lucas stands up, “Okay, well maybe I didn’t! Maybe I thought it was just a phase and that you would soon realize that you would have to move on and get a real job!!”

    You didn’t know you had a deal breaker until he said that. “Making Youtube videos is a real job! You just don’t understand! I can’t be with someone who won’t accept who I am! Goodbye Lucas.” Then you walk out of the restaurant, and you drive to the people who have supported you the most throughout your life, O2L.


    “He just didn’t understand what it means to be a Youtuber. So I broke up with him,” you tell the guys as they all sit around you in their living room.

    Kian, sitting next to you, gives you a hug and says, “You did the right thing.”

    Then Jc stands up and says, “Why don’t we all take you out, to get your mind off and to forget about him.” Once he says that, you get a little excited. The boys always know what to do in the worst situations. That’s why they’re your best friends. 

    You think about it for a moment. Then you tell them, “That sounds like fun. What should we do?”

    “Wait, guys, I still need to film my video for O2L! I haven’t started yet,” Sam interrupts.

    You start to think that you guys won’t be able to do anything after all, but then Connor says, “Okay, we’ll help you first. Our theme this week is food, right? I have the best idea.” 

    Connor suggest that you all should do the messy trivia challenge. Everyone agrees, especially you. So everyone helps take all the food from the fridge and takes it out to the back. Sam sets up his camera and everyone introduces themselves. You already know this is going to be fun because it takes you guys so long just to get the intro in without anyone interrupting anything.

     The video gets funnier and funnier as each person takes turns asking the others questions. Some of them ask the most ridiculous questions, though. Jc asked questions like,  ”How many hairs do I have on my right arm?” You of course tried to answer, but instead you got a face full of spoiled yogurt.

    So you decided to play along. It’s your turn to ask questions. So you go one by one. So far, each boy has gotten every single question wrong. Now it’s Jc’s turn, but it’s also your turn to get revenge. So you ask him, “What time did I go to sleep last night?!” You say this as you hold a jar of relish over his head.

    Then he screams, “What?! How am I suppose to know that?! I don’t know!? Midnight!?” The funny thing is, you don’t know that answer either. Then you take the lid off and let it all fall over Jc. 

    He pulls of the blindfold and yells, “Oh my God! What is that! Eww! (Y/N)!” You are laughing so hard. Then Jc grabs the bottle of ketchup and starts squirting it all over you. Then Kian joins in and smashes an old hamburger in Jc’s face. That triggers everyone else to join.

    Now you guys don’t even care about the game or the video. You guys are just throwing food at each other, laughing your asses off. A few you guys slip on the food here and there, including you. But you still continue to throw food until there’s no more left. It’s about late evening already and you guys finally get tired and stop. Then Ricky suggests, “I’m tired. And hungry. Can we go out to eat something?”

    Then Trevor asks, “Out like this?” 

    That gives you an idea. “I know how to clean up quickly.” Then you push Jc into the pool. You follow after, and jump in with. When you come back up to the surface, you see that the rest of guys are now jumping in. You guys then spend the next few minutes just messing around. Splashing each other, playing chicken, and just goofing off.  

     When you guys calm down, Ricky says, “Okay, now I’m really hungry.” Then you guys all get out of the pool, dry off a little, and decide to walk to a close-by Chipotle. Even walking over there is a blast with the guys. You piggy back ride on Kian for a little and even give Trevor one as you guys act crazy, not caring who sees. 

     When you guys get to the restaurant, you guys can’t stop being loud. Not one moment of silence was made throughout the dinner. That just made you even happier. You have not stopped smiling once. At the end of the dinner, you stomach hurts not only because you stuffed your face, but because you have been laughing a lot. Then Sam says, “Guys, let’s not end the night yet! Let’s go to the beach! Like right now!”

    No one argues, especially not you. You guys pay for the meal and quickly leave. You guys make your way to the beach, where it’s almost empty. You guys decide to buy a football and play during the sunset. 

    It was the most amazing game of football you have ever played. Every single time you got a hold of the ball, Connor, on your team, would grab a hold of you and put you over his shoulder as he would run away with you and the ball. It wasn’t really a game of football, it was better. Trevor sometimes would just grab the ball and dance, and it was the most funniest thing in the world.

    After that, you guys decided to build a bonfire right there on the beach. As Jc, Kian, Trevor, Connor, and Sam built it, you and Ricky went to the store to pick up marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. 

    So all of your sit down around the bonfire, making s’mores, just talking and laughing, passing the night away. Trevor sings a few songs, so does Ricky, Kian just sits there making funny noises, Jc and Connor dance silly, and you sit snuggled up to Sam, laughing so hard. 

    After you guys settle down a little, Connor tells you, “See, I told you we could cheer you up.”

    You suddenly realize that you had just broken up with Lucas earlier. “Oh my God. He hasn’t even crossed my mind once. I was having too much fun.”

    “We just wanted to help.” Sam says as he blows at his marshmallow which burnt. 

    “Thank you guys so much. I knew I could depend on you guys to make me feel better. You guys always know what to do.” You shed a small tear of joy.

    Then Trevor runs over to your side and hugs you. “Aww! (Y/N)! Once a Youtube friend, always a Youtube friend. We always stick together.”


     You wake up the next morning, still on the beach. You smile, remembering everything from the night before. You are the first one to wake up, but then you go back to sleep next to Jc, never wanting to leave anytime soon.

Sibling Bonding (Kian Lawley)

    “Kian, I’m so bored,” you whine to your brother as you lay on your bed.

    Kian is on his laptop, doing his own thing. He looks up from his screen and asks, “What do you want me to do about it?”

    “Entertain me. Dance for me or something.”

    Kian chuckles. “Yeah, like that will keep you from being bored. Just call your boyfriend or play candy crush or whatever teenage girls do now a days.”

    You laugh at his ridiculous assumption. “That’s what you think we do? One, I don’t have a boyfriend, and two, I hate that stupid game. No, let’s do something that’s actually fun.”

    “Like what?”

    You think for a moment, but nothing comes to your head.

    “Okay little sister. Looks like I’m the one with the brains again.” He moves his laptop off his lap. “Why don’t we mess with mom and dad?”

    You love the idea instantly. You love this side of Kian. The teenage rebel side. You thought he lost it when he moved out into a house with his friends, but you are glad he still has it now that he’s visiting. “Ooo. Keep talking.”

    “Okay, but first, we need to go buy some things.”

    You turn your head, sort of mimicking a dog, because you don’t know what his plans are.

    “Come on,” he says, motioning you to get up with him. You follow him to the living room, where your parents are. “Mom, dad, me and (Y/N) are craving sweets, so we are going to go get some candy at the corner store.” He finds his set of keys where the rest are, hung up by the door.

    “Okay honey, just be careful,” your mom answers, not glancing away from the book she is reading.

    Then you both say goodbye and make your way to Kian’s car. When you both are in, you ask Kian, “Are we really going to buy candy?”

    Kian smiles as he starts up the car. “Come on sis’, you know me. Am I the brother who would just go out to get some candy?”

    You smile with him and don’t say anything as you knows he’s right. Then he pulls out of the driveway.

    To your surprise, Kian does drive to the corner store. “I thought you said we weren’t going to buy candy,” you assume.

    “No,” he explains. “I said we weren’t coming to the corner store to buy candy. I didn’t say we weren’t coming still. Now let’s go. We have things to do.”

    You get out of the car after Kian and into the store. You follow behind him to where the drinks are in the fridge. You watch as Kian scans the drinks, and then reaches in to grab two Redbulls. He hands one to you. “We came to buy Redbull?” you imply.

    “No you stupid,” he teases as he pushes your shoulder. “These are to get us hyper and give us energy for what we are going to do later. Now come help me to get the rest of the stuff.”

    Again, you trail Kian. This time, he goes over to the the food section. He grabs a carton of eggs. Then you follow him to get paper cups, rubber bands, and a bottle of ketchup. Wow, you didn’t even know this convenience store had so much. “Why did you buy ketchup? Don’t we have some at home?” you ask as you both walk up to the register.

    “Yeah, but I need to buy this one because if I use the one we have at home, mom will get suspicious,” Kian answers. Then he pays for everything. 

    You both get back to the car. Kian puts the bag in the back seat, but takes out the two Redbulls. “Drink up,” he announces as he snaps his can open and takes a huge sip.

    You then open your own, and take in as much as you can. It tasted good. Like cherry. You can also taste all the sugar and caffeine in it that makes it work. You quickly feel a chill run up your spine. Kian notices, and laughs. “They’re strong,” he says.

    “I’ve noticed,” you reply after you take another sip now that you are use to it. “I still don’t understand why we need this.”

    “Look at it like alcohol. Once you have enough, that’s when things start to become more fun.”

     Now you know what he’s trying to get at. He wants to get all hyper and awake for whatever he has planned. You don’t ask anymore questions as you and Kian finish your drinks.

    Once done, Kian starts up the car again as he says, “Do you feel it yet?”

    Other than that chill you had, you feel the same. “Nope,” you note.

    “Don’t worry. You will soon.”


     Now both of you are back at the house. Before Kian gets out of the car he warns you, “Just don’t tell mom we bought any of this. It’s all candy. Okay?”

    “You got it brother,” you agree.

    Then you both get out of the car and roam into the house. As soon as you and Kian walk through the door, Kian pulls you by the arm as he jogs past the living, saying behind him, “We’re back! We bought a bunch of candy so we are going to go upstairs and eat it!”

     Kian pulls you into your room where you both were earlier. Then, he throws the grocery bag on the floor and suddenly tackles you on the bed. He falls on top of you. You screamed like a little girl, but then burst out in laughter. Now Kian is trying to pin your arms down, but you try resist. Then you able to overpower him and flip to where Kian is now on the bottom. “Dammit sis! When did you get so strong!?” Kian laughs.

    You are about to say something back when Kian opens up his arms, and hugs you, tight. But now it’s more like a body hold than a hug. You fall back on the bed, and Kian has you locked to where you can’t move. “Kian!” You shout.

    “Say uncle!” He commands.

    Dammit. You don’t want to call it, but you can’t do anything. He has all your limbs pinned so you can break free. And now, Kian is tightening his hold. This reminds you of the old days. “Uncle! Uncle!” You cave, but Kian keeps on tightening. “I said uncle!” And then he finally relaxes.

    You turn around and punch Kian in the shoulder.

    “Hey, what did I do to you?!” He jokes.

    Then you punch him again even harder. “You gave me a Redbull, that’s what!”

    “Okay okay!” He nags as he rubs his shoulder as he smiles. “Let’s get started.” Then he gets up from the bed. He strolls over to the bag and first ouls out the paper cups. Then he goes over to the desk in the corner and takes out a Sharpie. And finally, he gets his camera from his bag. He sits next to you one the bed, turns on the camera, and points it to the both of you. Then he speaks to it. “What’s up you guys. It’s Kian. And I’m her visiting my family! Me and my sister just went to the store to buy a few things to prank our parents.” Then he shows the cup and pen up to his face. “So let’s go!”

    Then Kian hands you the camera as he instructs, “Here, shoot me really quick.” He stands up from the bed, then begins to write something on the cup. When he finishes, he shows the cup up the lens as he says, “We are going to put this on the kitchen counter and see what happens.”

    Through the camera read what it says on the cup. Do not open unless you plan to kill it. You try your best not to laugh so it won’t show up on the camera. Then you point out, “Mom’s gonna flip!”

    “Yeah she will,” he adds. “Now let’s see how this goes. Come on!” Then Kian grabs the camera from you. “Okay, go out first to see where Mom and Dad are.”

    You nod in agreement, and then leave the room. You slowly, but not obviously, walk downstairs. When you get to the bottom of the stairs, you peek your head around the corner. They’re on the couch. You see your dad watching television and your mom is reading a book. Without them even noticing, you go back up the stairs. Kian is waiting by the doorway. “They are in the living room,” you confirm.

    “Good. Okay. Now I’m going to go into the kitchen and put the cup there. And you take my camera and find a good place to set it.”

    So you and Kian both go down the stairs and go into the kitchen without passing the living room. Kian then places the cup on the kitchen counter and you find the perfect spot on top of a cabinet that has a good view of where the cup is. “Okay,” Kian whispers, “Now go sit on the stairs. I’m gonna call mom.”

    You follow his orders as you go up only a few steps and sit to where you can still spot the kitchen.

    Then Kian calls from the kitchen, “Hey Mom! I can’t find the mustard!” He gives you thumbs up as he waits for your guys’ mom.

    She finally comes in saying, “Well I don’t think we ran out. It should be in the fridge.” Then she opens the fridge to begin looking.

    “Hold on, let me go get my phone,” Kian lies, then walks out. He comes over to where you are, now just watching your mom. Your mom ends up finding the mustard. When she turns around to set it on the counter, she notices the cup. She leans in forward to read what’s on it, then suddenly scoops back.

    “Kian! Kian!” She hollers.

    So then Kian waits for a moment before he goes back into the kitchen. “What’s up?”

    “What’s in that cup?!” She asks as she points.

    You notice that he tries not to break a smile as he replies, “Oh, I think (Y/N) said she caught something earlier.”

    This just gets better and better. You are trying not to laugh to loud to be heard.

    “Why is it under the cup?! Why didn’t she kill it?!”

    “I don’t know. I think she said it was a huge spider. Let me check.”

    Then your mom freaks out even more. “No wait! Kian don’t-”

    But Kian doesn’t listen. He picks up the cup and quickly puts the face of the cup up to your mom. She screams even more as she scoots back as far as she can until her back hits the wall.

    Kian bursts out laughing. “Just kidding. There’s nothing in here!” He bends over and puts his hands over his knees because he can’t stop laughing. His laughter is so contagious that you now let it all out.

    “Kian!” She now sounds a little mad. “You scared me to death!”

    You know Kian would say something, but he still hasn’t calmed down. Your mom shakes her head and goes back to the living room.

    Kian comes running towards the stairs after he retrieves his camera and you both go back up. Now inside your room, you both let out the last of your laughs and high five each other. “That was good!” You tell him.

    “I know!” He agrees. “Mom was so scared!”

    Now you feel all jumpy and hyper. The Redbull has really kicked in now. “Okay, let’s do the next prank!”

    “Yeah! Okay,” he says as he grabs the rubber bands. Then he points the camera back to him. “Okay guys, now, (Y/N) is going to go put one of these around the spray thingy on the sink so when someone, dad, turns on the sink, he’s going to be in for a surprise!”

    Genius, you think. You don’t where Kian gets these small pranks, but you love them. So Kian keeps the camera on as he hands you a rubber band. This time, you go first down the stairs and into the kitchen. When you look back, Kian is waiting on the stairs where you were before with the camera. So then you walk up to the sink and wrap the rubber band around tightly onto the spray thing you can’t think the name of. You turn to make sure Kian is still recording, then you yell, “Hey dad! Can you come in here really quick?!”

    In a few seconds he comes through the doorway asking, “What’s the matter sweetie?”

    You stay standing by the sink as you say, “I tried turning the sink on but water wouldn’t come out.”

    “What?” Then he walks up right in front of the sink. “Are you sure-” He turn the handle up and water starts to spray over his chest. As you giggle, your dad tries to block the water with his hand. “What the-” He looks at you. “Why is it doing that?” Then he turns it back off.

    You shrug your shoulders as you try to keep your cool.

    He studies the sink, and then finds it. “Wait,” he reaches for the rubber band and unwraps it. “This was the problem.”

    “Oh! That makes sense. No wonder,” you act, hoping it holds.

    “Were you up to this?”

    “No, of course not,” you argue.

    Your father stays staring at your for a second, debating whether you’re lying. Then he just lets it go and walks away.

    You scurry back to Kian as you both get back to the room once more. You can’t help but jump up and down as you cheer, “That was hilarious! Dad almost got mad at me!”

    Kian starts to laugh as well. “I know!” Kian puts the camera up to his face and you get in the view. “That was funny. Okay, now we have one more prank, but we are going to save that one for when it gets dark. See you on the other side.” Then he puts his hand over the lens and turns it off.

    You feel too hyped and pumped to even sit down. “Until it gets dark?!”

    “You’ll see why soon,” he explains. “And that’s another reason we drank those Rebulls. So we can stay awake until then.”

    “Well what are we going to do in the meantime?”

    “I have a pretty good idea.”


    From six in the afternoon to three in the morning, you and Kian spent that time bonding. First, just catching up with each other since the last time you have seen him. Kian told you about his lead role in movie. You feel so proud for him. Then you guys decided to take a bunch of stupid and funny and random pictures together to remember this day. After that, you and Kian just sat down on the floor together, talking about the future. At this moment, you have never felt closer to your brother.

    Kian checks his phone and then says, “It’s time.”

    “Let’s do it,” you announce.

    “Okay, so we are going to sneak into the kitchen and then I’ll tell you what we are going to do from there.” Then he gets up from the floor with the ketchup bottle and the carton of egss in his hand. Then you both quietly walk out of the room, taking baby steps down the stairs in the dark.

    When you both are in the kitchen, Kian turns on the light and then finds a place to set the camera. Then he mumbles into it, “Okay, now, me and (Y/N) are going to trick my parents into thinking that we stabbed each other.” Then he steps back.

    Your mouth opens wide by what he says. Now the prank seems so cruel. But it also seems fun. You decide to go along with it. “They are going to kills us,” you caution.

    “Yeah, well,” he doesn’t finish. So Kian grabs two knifes from the cabinets and hands one to you. “Okay, so spread ketchup all over the knife, your hands, and across a line on your chest.”

    “Alright.” So you wait for Kian to open the bottle. He squeezes a line of ketchup onto his own knife and starts to spread around. You take the bottle and do the same.

    After some time, you and Kian and now finished. Ketchup is all over the both of you, and Kian even thought of putting some on the floor. “Okay,” he whispers. “Ready?”

    You nod to him with a smile.

    “See you on the other side.” Then he starts to howl, “Mom! Dad! Help!” He waits a few seconds and repeats, “Mom! Dad!”

    “Help!” You add.

    Not too long after that do you and Kian hear a door open and the pitter-patter of footsteps. You make sure to stand with the knife in your hand and the other around your “wound.”

    Your parents run in, and their eyes go wide. They stop in the doorway. “KIAN! (Y/N)! WHAT HAPPENED?!” Your dad frantically yells.

    “(Y/N) and I were fighting. And then things got out of hand,” Kian answers as he tries to sound out of breath.

    “OUT OF HAND?!” Your mom questions.

    “Kian started it,” you blame as you cringe, pretending that you can feel pain.

    Then your mom and dad stay speechless. They just keep looking.

    “Mommy, it’s hurts,” you whine.


    And that’s where you and Kian can’t hold it anymore. You both simultaneously burst out in laughter. Your mom and dad are confused now. “It’s just ketchup!” Kian admits in between his laughter. Then he licks his knife to prove it.

    “Oh my God,” your mom snickers. She puts her hand up to her forehead and shakes her head.

    “Really Kian?” Your dad scoffs.

    You would say sorry, but your uncontrollable laughter doesn’t let you.

    “You know what, I’m really tired right now. I’ll deal with you two tomorrow. But be ready for an earful.” Your mom hisses. Then she walks out with your dad behind her. Now you feel a little bad, but it was worth it. The look on your parents face was priceless.

    When the leave, you and Kian high five each other. “It worked!” Kian cheers.

    “Yeah, but we are probably going to be grounded tomorrow,” you protest.

    “Yeah, but you know me. I’m never in the house for too long. I’ll find a way. And if I have anything to do with it, you won’t stay for long either.” Then he quickly runs to the table where he set the eggs. He opens the carton and takes out a few. Then he steps back and throws one to you. It hits you on your head, probably where he was aiming. It splatters all over your head

    “What was that for?!” You ask.

    “I knew we were going to get dirty, so why not?!”

    “But I’m not going to take a shower this late!”

    He laughs. “Me either! That’s why we are going to a pool after this.”

    “But all the pools are already closed.”


    That makes you smile. So then you join in by grabbing a few eggs yourself. That’s when the food fight starts.

    Eggs go flying everywhere. Kian even grabbed the ketchup bottle to cover you even more and you got the rest of the eggs in the fridge and almost all of them hit Kian. At the end, you feel so sticky and slimy at the same time. But you have to admit it was so much fun. You miss these days when Kian still lived here. You forgot how fun he is.

    Now Kian grabs his keys from the hook and tells you, “Let’s go to the pool now. I want to rinse myself off.”

    You giggle and without hesitation, you follow him to his car. Now you don’t really care how in trouble you get with your parents. It was worth this fun day you spent bonding with your brother before he leaves again.

How He Asks (Requested)


    Knock Knock! You whine, as you are woken up by a knock on your front door, but you don’t want to get up. Someone keeps on knocking, though, so you force yourself to get out of bed. Before you walk to the door, you look at your phone and you see that’s it’s six in the morning. Whoever is at the door better have a good reason for being there so early.

    You make your way to the front and you open the door. You see your good friends, Ricky and Kian. Right away, they seem suspicious because they both have the same body posture: They both are standing straight with their hands clasps together in front of them. They also both have very big smiles on their faces. Kian says, “Good Morning Ms.(Y/L/N).” He says it in such a formal voice.

    You can barely have your eyes open from all the light that is coming from outside. You tell the both of them, “What the hell are you guys doing here so early?”

    They don’t move one bit. “We are here to bring you an important message from sir Connor Franta.” Kian says in the exact same tone as Ricky.

    You don’t really feel in the mood for their little games. “What are you guys talking about?”

    So then Ricky says, “You are to be dolled up and ready by 9 a.m. sharp. We will back by then to escort you.”

    “Good day.” Kian says before they both turn around and march in sync, back to their car.

     You yell at them, “Why do I have to get ready?!” But they don’t say anything. They just get in the car and leave. You go back inside and close the door. Then you debate whether you should actually listen to Kian and Ricky. They said they were going to come back. After some thinking, you cave in.

    So you make good use of the next three hours. You shower and then you blow dryed your hair. You decided to curl it. Then you picked out a really nice outfit. A red tank top with some jean shorts and a pair of boots. You even had time to paint your nails. As you got ready, you thought of what could possibly be happening. They said that Connor sent them to give you that message. Why would your friend Connor want you to be ready so early? 

    Then, you hear a knock at your door again. You check the time, and sure enough, it is exactly nine. You grab your small purse and make you way to the door. When you open it, Kian and Ricky are there again, in the exact same position as earlier. Kian says, “(Y/N), you look ravishing.”

    “Yeah yeah yeah,” you tell them.

    Ricky then puts his arm out and says, “Shall we?” and Kian does the same motion.

    You sigh as you voluntarily follow, even though you have no idea what’s going on. So you wrap your arms around theirs, and they formally begin to walk to the car. Kian opens the door for you as you get it. Then you guys are off and on the road. A few minutes into the drive you ask, “Okay, so where are you guys taking me?”

    Kian, the one in the passenger seat, says, “I’m sorry madam, but that information is confidential.”

    You are getting really tired of them not telling you anything and their voices and the way they talk is getting annoying as well.

    More time passes, and you still have no clue where you are going. It just looks like Ricky is just driving all over town, not really going anywhere. You try asking again, but you get the same answer.

    It’s been three hours now. You are so tired of this. Ricky has literally driven all over town twice already. But then he comes up to a familiar street. “Wait, are you guys taking me back to my house?” you ask.

    Still silence, but you are right. Now you guys are parked in your driveway. “Madam, we have arrived.” Ricky says.

    As you get out of the car, you notice that there’s something different about your front lawn. There are rose petals covering the grass part of your lawn. They are all over except for one part of the grass which leads to the door in a line. Ricky and Kian go up it first, both of them waiting at the door. They are now looking at you, waiting for you to walk to the door as well.

    So you do. As you walk to the door, you ask, “Really guys, what’s going on?” So then you stop at the door.

    Before Kian opens the door, he says, “Just follow the rose petals.”

    When he opens the door, you are speechless. Your entire living room is different. There are balloons all over the ceiling. And there’s boxes of chocolate all over your furniture. There’s also so many candles that the scent is so strong. And stuffed animals all over the floor. And flowers. Lots of them. It’s like a someone’s relationship Tumblr page threw up all over your living room. And finally, there is a line of rose petals that lead to the door that opens to the backyard. You wonder if Connor did all this in those three hours that you were gone. If so, why? This looks very romantic for someone who you are just friends with. For a slight moment, you think that maybe Connor is trying to be romantic. And then you think of how you feel about that. You have never thought of Connor of more than a friend. But now that you do, you realize that you do indeed have a small amount of feelings for the boy. But you don’t want to jump to conclusions so quickly, so you remember Kian’s advice, and follow the petals.

    You open the back door, and Connor’s there. Way at the end of your yard, on the other side of the pool, with a huge poster put up. It reads, Open the bottle. Connor smiles as he sees you, and you can’t help but smile back. You are starting to think that you are right.

    But you are confused. You yell to him, “What bottle?!”

    Connor doesn’t talk. He just points to the pool. You look down at it, and of course, you see a small bottle floating on the edge of the water. So you kneel down and pick it up. You dry it off a little and you take the corkscrew off. You take out the little paper inside as you notice there is sand in it too. So you unroll the piece of paper. Then you read it: Will you go on a date with me? 

    You are left speechless. You were certainly correct. You look up from the note, back to Connor. He has his hands in his pockets, just smiling at you. But not just any smile. The one he does with his mouth slightly open and his eyes slightly squinting. It makes you melt inside. You still can’t believe he did all this just to ask you out on a date. You then realize that you are just standing around, so you quickly run around one side of the pool, towards Connor. You run as fast as you can you and you throw yourself at him. Connor catches you as he picks you up off the floor. The moment feels so magical. Your foot even does that thing where you kick it up. He spins you around as you both laugh. Then he puts you down. He still has his hands on your waist as he looks you in the eyes. Then he says, “So?”

    You finally are able to says something and you say, “Sir Connor Franta, yes, I will.”

    That makes Connor’s smile even wider. Then you are surprised at what he does next. He grabs and dips you upwards, your body weight leaning on his arms. You giggle, but then stops as Connor leans in for a kiss. You get over the fact that you and Connor have been friends. Because, now, you both realize you are more than that. When he pulls back, you say, “You are so cheesy, you know that?” 

    Connor laughs.

     Then Connor picks you back up as you both hear clapping. You both turn to the door as you see Kian and Ricky there. Then Kian says, “Yeah yeah yeah, happy ending! We drove around in circles for three frickin hours! When do we get paid?!”

     Then you turn your head over to your left when you hear, “And what about the camera man?!” It’s Jc, in the corner with a camera. You didn’t notice him until now. He was there the whole time, recording the beautiful moment. You didn’t know he was watching the whole time, and now you feel a little embarrassed. You bury your face into Connor’s shoulder as you both laugh.