kian doe


Jc: “You’re going to tell her. If not you, then me.”
Kian: “Jc! Why are yo-”
Jc: “You’ve been wanting (y/n) for so long. Why haven’t you done anything about it?!”
Kian: “I don’t know. I’m just-”
Jc: “You know what?”
Kian: “What are you doing?”
Jc: “Siri, call (y/n).”
Siri: “Calling (y/n).”
Kian: “Dude, no! Stop! What are you doing?!”
Jc: “It’s ringing. Leave it.”
Kian: “Hang up! Now!”
Jc: “I’m driving. I’m not going to-”
Jc: “(y/n)! Hey!”
Kian: “Oh, my fucking God.”
“Hi, Jc! What’s up?”
Jc: “We need to talk, (y/n).”
“Is everything okay?”
Kian: “No! Stop!”
“Kian? What’s going on?”
Jc: “He has something to tell you.”
“Okay? What is it, Kian?”
Kian: “Nothing, (y/n).”
“I’m confused.”
Jc: “He likes you.”
Kian: “Oh, fuck.”
“You do, Kian?”
Kian: “I.. uh..”
Jc: “Are you doing anything tonight, (y/n)?”
“No, not that I know of. Why?”
Jc: “Kian wants to take you out.”
“He does?”
Kian: “Oh, my God.”
Jc: “Tell her, Kian.”
Kian: “I can’t believe this.”
“Why don’t Kian and I talk about this later? Just me and him?”
Kian: “Yes, please.”
“On our date. I’ll be ready at 7. See you!”
Jc: “Holy shit!”
Kian: “What the fuck just happened?!”
Jc: “Oh, my God.”
Kian: “Jc, I’m going to fucking kill you.”

‘Fun’ /K.L/

Soooooo basically earlier today I was sitting in class bored out of my mind and decided to right something. If you guys would like to see a fully developed imagine version of this let me know and I will work on it. Anyways, enjoy this product that came from my boredom:)


Taking a sit on the kitchen counter top, I close my eyes while swinging my legs slightly feeling light. I know for a fact that I’m going to regret drinking in the morning.

“You like him, don’t you?” I hear from behind me. I looked back seeing Kian behind me, a bottle of liquor in hand.

“I don’t know, he’s a nice guy.” I say in honesty.

“Sure he’s a nice guy.” He says, not knowing how to respond I just nod. “But, nice guys are boring as shit.” He response making my eyes go wide.

“He is not boring, he just took shots with me and he can sing. t he is for sure not boring.” I snap at him feeling angry that Kian would talk like that about his friend. Kian just smirks making me give him a questionable look.

“He’s been to so many parties and this is his first time drinking.”

“So?” I shoot back.

“So, he’s trying to impress you because he knows he’s boring.” He takes another swig from the bottle. I let out a sigh. Kain stands beside me leaning against the counter with his bare arm resting on the white counter top with the bottle still in his other hand.

“Well, he did a good job.”  I simply  say looking down at my hands fidgeting with my fingers.

“A good job at what?” Kian ask tilting his head to the side.

“Impressing me.” I say and mentally giving myself a high five, wanting to know if talking about another guy bothers him and it does.

Kian stands up straight placing the bottle on the counter.

“Alright then,” He looks at me straight in the eyes. “Answer me this real quick.” He says and I nod feeling nervousness build up in my stomach.

“Do you like nice guys?” He looks at me dead in the eyes crossing his tattoo covered arms over his chest, making me almost laugh at his ridiculous question. Obviously I like nice guys why would he ask that.

“Boring boys that only do what their mom tells them to do, the nice boys that don’t take risk and lie to make themselves  seem more exciting than they actually are.” He finishes.

I open my mouth to answer but I’m interrupted

“Or do you like guys like me?” Kian says walking towards me, stopping so he’s standing between my legs.

His face is so close to mine that I can feel his minty breath on my lips. I close my eyes feeling this odd feeling in the pit of my stomach and to avoid giving in to those pretty brown eyes behind his dark rimmed glasses that he only wears for the style of it.

“Alive, fun, daring risk takers that aren’t afraid to live a little and adventures at any given time. He whispers. Feeling unable to speak or barely breath at this point’ He moves his lips to my ear, still whispering, “I know you don’t want him baby doll, you don’t  get butterflies when he touches you, not like the once you get when I do.” He states as he touches my bare thigh.

God damnit Kian, why you gotta do this to me.

“He won’t make you feel excited and nervous at the same time like I can.” He finishes off.

My whole body goes numb, unable to move or speak. Why is he doing this to me?

He begins to leave soft kisses along my jawline making me lean my head back. My breath hitches as he gently kisses right under my ear at the edge of my jawline. I let out a breath I didn’t even know I was holding.

“Oh baby he’s not your type.” He whispers again.

“So answer my question now.” he demands. I open my eyes and look into his, I regain my strength and ask him.

“What are guys like you considered?”

Kian chuckles  huskilly, “Fun.”


His fingers trace my jawline before he places his hand on my cheek, his other still on my thigh moving it up and down a bit.

He stares into my eyes for a bit before his hands drop to his side and he backs away with a smirk on his lips. A furrow my eyebrows at the loss of contact.

“I’ll let you think about it.: He says before he turns around and walks down the stairs into the basement.

“What the fuck?” I say to myself  running my fingers through my hair.


Kian and reader friends, reader in love with Kian, Kian has no idea, jc tells him. 💕💕

“Hey y/n! What’s up!” JC welcomes me into the house and gives me a hug. “We’re going to film one of our Kian and JC challenges later, so you can watch if you want, we won’t make you do any of the painful stuff.” He laughs and leads me into the living room where everyone was hanging out. “Hey guys” I smiled as I walked into the room. I sat on the couch next to Corey and watched as the guys got ready to film their video. Kian looked up at me and smiled that amazing smile at me. “I’m so in love with him.” I thought to myself. I feel like an idiot sometimes because I’m so in love with him. He’s my best friend, and I could never tell him and risk losing him. It’s not worth it.

“Y/n!” Jc called and I looked up leaving my thoughts behind “yeah? Sorry I was in deep thought.” My cheeks flushed red “we’re going to start our video, do you have want to hold the camera for us?” Kian asked with a puzzled look on his face, clearly trying to figure out what had my head in the clouds. “Yeah of course!” I answered smiling and took the camera from them, it was on a stabilizer which was good cause I am terrible at standing still. JC smiled at me sympathetically, he’s known for awhile that I’m in love with Kian, he’s always there to listen when I need to vent.

We finished filming the video and piled on the couch to watch a movie. Somehow we let Kian pick which movie we watched, so tangled started playing on the tv. I know all of the words to the movie and songs and so does everyone else so it was basically a sing along version of the movie. I was the only girl so I’m the only one who would sing for Rapunzel and Kian’s the only one who would actually sing during the movie so we ended up singing the duets together which was fun. Corey looked up after “I see the light” and teased us “Damn the way your voices go together you guys could be a couple and release disney duets all the time.” Kian laughed and I shook my head, it’s a good thing it was dark because my face was bright red. JC leaned over and squeezed my arm and mouthed “I’m sorry.” No one else knows except him. I excused myself and went to the bathroom

“You idiot.” I smacked Corey “what’d I do?” I pulled him into the kitchen “You honestly can’t tell she’s in love with him?” “Shit dude I didn’t know. Does Kian know?” I shook my head before I answered “No! And you don’t know either. She doesn’t want anyone to know.” “Who’s in love with who?” Kian popped up behind us. “Uhh” I stammered “Corey’s in love with you daddy” I said quickly “no seriously who are you talking about?” Kian asked again. “Um. Well I’m not supposed to say anything.” I shrugged. “Well I know you just told Corey so tell me!” Kian persisted. “Okay okay, but you have to be nice. I will literally hurt you if you break her heart.” “JC what are you talking about break whose heart?” Kian was so confused now. “Y/n dude. You don’t see the way she looks at you?” “I honestly had no idea..” he whispered. After a minute he smiled at darted upstairs towards the bathroom door.

I paused before I knocked on the door, she’d be in there for ten minutes, Corey’s joke must have upset her, he’s such an idiot. I’m such an idiot. I’ve been sitting here silently crushing on my best friend too scared to do anything, and she felt the same way the entire time. I could hear her crying softly on the other side of the door. I knocked quietly. “Just a second” she shuffled around. “Y/n, it’s just me, Can I come in?” I asked quietly. A few seconds later the door opened and I could see her face was still wet from crying. “I’m gonna kill him.” I whispered as I pulled her to me. I kissed the top of her head and held her tight. For some reason she started crying even harder. “Don’t cry y/n, please.” I whispered into her hair. She looked up at me, her big (your eye color) eyes stared at mine. I brushed the hair off her face and leaned down and kissed her. I picked her up and hugged her tight. I’ve wanted to do that for months.

Kian kissed me. I was in shock. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs and arms around him. I was so scared to tell him how I felt, but he kissed me, so he has to feel the same right? I looked up at him and smiled. He kissed my forehead. “I should have kissed you months ago. I want this to be real. Y/n I’ve wanted to kiss you for so long, more than that though I want you to be my girlfriend. I want this to be real. I want you.” He blushed and looked at me waiting for me to reply, I smiled and wrapped my arms around him tighter “I want that too Kian.” I buried my face in his shoulder, I can’t believe this is happening. “Babe, you want to go make Corey feel bad?” Kian smiled at me. I shook my head and laughed as he grabbed my hand and led me downstairs. He pulled me into the living room, I was still kind of crying and pointed at Corey “you’re an ass dude you made her cry!” Corey stood up and ran to give me a hug and Kian stepped in front of him “I should kick your ass for making my girlfriend cry like that.” Kian smiled and waited for their reaction. JC and Corey screamed which made Bobby come running downstairs “what’s going on!?!” He shouted over their voices looking from Kian to Corey to me to JC. Kian just smiled and leaned down and kissed me again which made everyone scream again. I laughed at their reaction, these people are truly my best friends. “It’s about time.” Bobby punched Kian. “You’ve only wanted to do that for how long now?” He teased him. “Shut up” Kian said as his face turned bright red. I pulled him into a hug, I can’t remember the last time I was this happy.

Kian Lawley Smut shot


“Bye y'all, love you!” Kian blows a kiss at the camera and shuts it off. Right on cue for you to walk into his bedroom, looking for the adaptor of your phone, which Kian’s been borrowing the past week. Because Trevor friend his and your best friend doesn’t want to get out of his house to buy a new one.

“Hey Y/N, whatcha looking for?” Kian looks up at you and gives you that dazzling smile.

You grit your teeth, no way you are giving in to his charms now. You’ve been resisting your best friend’s charms for over 5 years now, today will not be any different. “I need my charger Kee, my phone is as good as dead.” You reply to him, poking around on his desk for your charger.

Totally forgetting the fact that all you wear is your PJ bottoms and a rather low cut, loose fitting tank top. Written on is ‘you make my heart smile’. Kian bought it for you when you need a pick me up and you’ve been using it as sleepwear ever since.

Kian reaches beside his bed and held your charger up to you. You step forward to grab it, but Kian pulls his hand back last second, making you fall down on the bed. Sprawled half over Kian, that is.

“You are not getting it back without payment.” Kian cooes.

You sit up and send him a dead glare. “Kee, it is my property!” You tell him strictly. “Now it is my hostage, you better pay up, angelcakes.” Kian uses your special nickname that makes you fluster every time he says it. You slap his arm and try to reach for the charger. Kian stretches and drops the charger behind his bed. “YOU FUCKING ASSBUTT.” You screech, trying to lay a slap on him for punishment sake.
“Now now, no panic, I can move my bed and grab it for you, but first you need to pay me.” Kian taunts. “What do you need from me Kee?” You ask, exasperated.

“I need your lips, on mine.” He replies.  

You look at him, partly pissed, partly impatient and partly jittery. Kian is just your best friend, nothing else, right?

“Kee, stop fucking around!”

Kian shakes his head, sitting up. “I am not fucking around. I need you to kiss me.” He says, leaning closer to you. He’s taller than you, quite a bit, and you hate every inch of it. You cross your arms, under your chest, pushing up your breasts without being very much aware of it.
Kian practically drools all over your boobs, which you are very much aware of.
“Dafuq is up with you today, Kian?” You move your arms up to cover your breasts. Kian pouts at you for a single moment and then runs a hand through his hair. He gives you a taxating look, as if he is thinking up which of his excuses you are most likely to fall for. It is a face you know well and the outcome is also rather familiar.

“Kian, stop thinking, just hand me the truth.” You interrupt his train of thought.

He knows he can’t deceive you by now. He sighs softly. “Okay, I’ll give you the truth, but I don’t want you to laugh or protest or anything.” He says. You nod and gaze at him, rather impatiently.

“I think I like you….”

Kian does everything to avoid your eyes, but you reach out to grab his chin, making him look you in the eyes. “Kee, what did you just say?” You ask. “I think I like you.” The confidence comes back to his voice. “Y-you do?” You half expect it to be a joke.

“Yes, I do, I mean, look at you, you’re a dream! You always look after me and you make me happy when I am down. You’re an A+ cook and you are the brightest sun to shine in our life. In my life. Ugh I am so dumb for hiding this from you, but I was kind of sure it was just a dumb brief thing because I am sexually frustrated, but it is not, I am slowly but surely getting totally hooked on you. The outfit did totally give me the final push though.” Kian rambles on and on.

You see no other solution than to pull Kian down to you and press your lips to his. He balks at first, freezing against you, but you persist and slowly Kian softens up and kisses you back.

His hands rest on your legs, fingers arching into the checkered fabric of your pj bottoms. You run one of your into his soft hair and cup his jawline with the other. His lips mold against yours in such a way that makes you swear that you should have kissed him much much sooner. Because darned it feels so good.
Soon one of Kians hands cups your face as well and his tongue runs over your lips. By this time you have melded so much that you just open your lips and allow Kian’s tongue into your mouth. You moan a little at the sensation and your tongue wrestles with Kian’s. He moans a little bit too.

Kian lays down, pulling you on top of him. You allow him and the kiss does not break. It only gets deeper and Kian’s hands run down your back. He greedily grabs your ass, making you moan to his lips.

The kiss breaks and Kian smirks up at you.

“Wana get out of that shirt?” He teases. ”Hmmm, I think you are wearing more clothes than me.” You reply. Very much not a yes and very much not a no. Just a statement. Kian groans. “So do you want me to put my shirt off first?” He tries to move things along, but you are far from certain, so you hold off.

“I first want my charger back Kee.I gave you what you want, now give me what I want~!”

You sit up, on top of his, your pelvis pressed against him, his erection is rather obvious and pressed up against your privates.

“Kee, you dirty perv!” You call out, poking him on the chest. “I can’t help it, you’re just that good to me.” Kian’s hands stroke up and down your upper legs and he gives you that well known dazzling smile. “Ugh, Kee, you are not fair!” You let your flat hand come down on his chest, knocking the wind out of him. Kian coughs a little and the dazzling smile fades from his lips. “Why am I not fair?” He asks.

“Because I’ve loved you from the first stages of our friendship. You know, the days that we didn’t live together and you were still uncomfortable with being half naked around me, because I am a girl. I’ve loved you all these damn years and you pick up on the vibe like five weeks ago and now all of a sudden it is okay. Have you any idea how long I have bottled up my feelings for you. And what the fuck, I can’t let it all pour out because you can’t control your dick!” You rant.

Kian gapes at you as if he’s lost his wits.

“Don’t look at me like that Kian!” You bring your hand down on his chest again, less hard this time, but it brings him back to reality all the same.

“I never knew, babe, I am sorry.” He sits up and looks at you as if he sees you for the first time. “My god, I must have put you through hell. I am putting you through hell as we speak. Oh my god. How do I even repent?”

You silence Kian’s rambling with a kiss.

Kian kisses back ever so eagerly, his hands skitting over your legs and side. He grabs at tugs at your top. You return the action and start tugging his shirt upwards. Kian smirks to your lips and runs his fingers over your sides, under your top. You moan a little, the feeling of Kians soft fingers on your skin riling you up.

You pull Kian’s shirt over his head and Kian removed your top. He marvels at your breasts for a while and gently wanders his fingers over your soft flesh. You shiver and avoid his eyes. “You’ve never been so shy before, not even when JC and I did that weird dick dare. This is a little odd, but cute at the same time.” He says sweetly. You feel your cheeks heat up and close your eyes.
Kian chuckles lightly and leans in to kiss along your neck. Your moan rather loudly and claw at his back, creating red scratchmarks on his skin. Kian gasps against your skin before latching on, creating a dark hickey.

“Kee, are you barking mad, everyone will see!”

“I want everyone to see, little angel, that you are mine.” Kian growled to your skin, moving only a little to suck another hickey onto your skin. You moan loudly and let him so as he pleases this time around. Because he wants people to know you are his.


Kian’s lips wander lower along your neck and over your collarbone, up the other side of your neck and he bites at your earlobe. His tongue twirls around the back of your earring and your breath comes in shivering pants.
Kian smirks and his lips wander lower again, over the soft flesh of your breasts. You moan loudly as he latches onto a nipple and gently starts to suckle. You run your hands through his hair and cling to him, your breath running short.
He leaves you not time to catch it when he switches nipple and plays with it with his teeth.

His hand strays into your pj bottom to greedily grab at your ass.

Your turn to wander your lips, over Kian’s neck and to his adam’s apple. He moans ever so loudly and arches his back when you latch on and suck lewdly. You leave bite marks in the nape of his neck and drink in the sounds he makes.

Kian flips you over and presses you down amongst the sheets. He moves himself between your legs and kisses you again. You trail your hands tenderly down his back to his ass, grabbing at it just as greedily as he did.

Kian becomes impatient. His boner is straining against the cloth of his jeans. “Oh fuck I am so pent up, can we please… Move along.” He whispers.

You open his jeans and he tugs it off. You stroke him through the cloth of his boxers, making him out a mangled moan. His hips buck forward and his hand slips into your panties to gingerly stroke at your folds.

You moan loudly and allow Kian to take off your pj bottoms and panties.

“I want you so bad.” Kian whispers, pulling down his boxers.

Your eyes dart to his cock and you lick your lips. “I want you too Kian.” You whisper. “But safe, Kian, condom.” Kian chuckles and moves off to reach into the drawer of his nightstand and grab a condom.

You open the wrapper and put it on for him.

You both loudly moan when Kian slowly slides into you. Every so slowly, ever so tenderly. “Oh fuck, you feel better than I have ever imagined.” Kian gasps. “You do too Kee, you do too.”

Kian is incredibly wound up, as proves. He cums after only three minutes, his hips stuttering as he spends his seed inside the condom. “Oh my god, I am so ashamed right now!” He mumbles softly. “Don’t worry about it Kee, we can do it again after dinner and tonight after Game of Thrones.” you whisper softly, kissing him on the nose.

Kian Lawley/Jc Caylen | “But I love you”

Count of words: 635

Warnings:not really.

A/N: I hope you like it. Please let me know if you want a part two on this one ♥

Part Two  Part Three




Kian lawley imagine where you’re dating but he’s been distant and you and Jc get drunk one day and hook up while he’s gone and have to deal with the feelings of both of them wanting you but you choose Kian

I know something was wrong since the moment he walked into our shared apartment that day. I didn’t know what it was but I knew something was bothering him and I was right. Something was bothering him and that’s why he distanced himself from everyone and everything. That’s what Kian does. He ducks away when things get tough only to come back stronger and better than ever. But this time the longer he was like that the more worried I got.

Kian was not only distant. He was going out all day everyday leaving me alone inside an empty apartment. And when he was home he either stayed on the couch the whole time or in the kitchen, hardly ever speaking to me. Day by day passed by without even knowing if he stepped into our room at all. And this week he said he would travel back home. So, that’s exactly why I said “hell yeah” when Jc suggested we watch a movie and get wasted. That is probably the stupidest decision I ever made.

So here we were. Me and Jc, on the couch, watching Frozen and drinking beer. “Seriously Anna?!?!You are that stupid?!?! That guy is clearly a little brat,” I said to the cartoon charachter while Jc could not hold his laughter inside anymore. “You she can’t hear you!?!” He said while laughing making me do the same and then punching his arm. “I do. But I thought I should warn her,” I said holding my belly from this very tiring excersise I just did. “You’re crazy! Now I see why Kian loves you.” He said and we continiued watching the movie.

After finishing Frozen we desided to binge watch supernatural. “I think we should take a shot for every time Dean says ‘son of a bitch’.” Jc suggested and I agreed with no hesitation. “We will be wasted way sooner than expected.” I said and laughed. So, we did that. We took a shot everytime Dean said 'son of a bitch’. That was the second stupidest decision I made that night.

As the morning came, I was found under the covers of my cozy bed. Naked. With Jc right nect to me. It didn’t take long for me to freak out from the events of the previous night. Jc’s hands were still around my waist holding me close to his naked body while I was trying to escape. “Well, godmorning to you too.” He said in a deep sleepy voice before kissing my neck. “Jc, what the fuck happened last night??” I asked already knowing the answer. “Well, we got drunk and hooked up.” He said, adjusting himself in his now sitting position. “Why you’re saying it like it is not a big deal? Are you insane? J, I’m dating your best friend!” I basically yelled at his face. “I know, but I can treat you so much better!” He said looking at me with sad eyes. “No, no, no, no, no! This cannot be real! I cannot do this to Kian!” I said almost in tears from the intense feeling of pain I got from the idea of Kian finding out. “Get out.” I said calmly. “What?” Jc said confused. “GET OUT! You get dressed and leave this apartment and we never speak of this again!” I replied and got up throwing a pair of pj’s on. “But, Y/N, I love you!” He said and looked down. I ignored him walking out of the room and into the kitchen.

“I’m sorry,” he said when he walked into the kitchen. “I took advantage of you Y/N. But I do love you!” he continued. “Then leave and never mention this again. Please.” I said tears in my eyes. He just nodded and as he was about to walk out of the apartment Kian came inside.

Long Distance

Request: For an imagine I was thinking maybe Kian has a really good friend named Loren and he and her talk about everything together and they can only FaceTime and text because they live so far apart and Jc and the guys make fun of Kian and tease him whenever he’s on the FaceTime with her and one day Kian had a plan to ask her out and Jc helped him out with planning it and Kian asks her out when she was in the middle of class

A/N: I changed it a little so that it made more sense but I hope it’s what you wanted! Sorry for any mistakes, I wrote it when I was in the car on my phone so there may be typos .


K - ‘But Lorennnn, I’m not tired’ Kian moaned, the screen frozen on his sad puppy dog expression
L - 'Kian it’s 1:30am for me remember, we are in different time zones. I’m going to sleep so unless you just want to watch me snoring I suggest you hang up’
K - 'Ok, I will sing you a lullaby and I promise I will hang up once you are asleep. Or maybe after a bit so I can hear you snore’
L - 'no way, good night Kian’
K - 'fine, goodnight princess’ Kian said sadly, hanging up their FaceTime call.

Loren and Kian had been best friends ever since they were 10 when Loren’s family moved to California and they became neighbours. At first, Kian was the definition of an annoying little brat. He would keep Loren up until the early hours of the morning, throwing things at her bedroom window and over their garden fence. Overtime, Loren became accustomed to Kian’s torment and the things that he did that once annoyed her were now the things that she loved most about him. When Loren was 16 she was head over heels for Kian, but of course, seeing as they were best friends, she kept quiet and as Kian’s youtube career grew, her love for him dwindled out since she knew that he would never feel the same way. Even through Kian’s popularity, girlfriends and moving to LA, Kian and Loren still talked everyday and face-timed most nights. 

Currently, Loren was living in Massachusetts studying at Harvard medical school for a three year course that was finally coming to an end. She was moving back to California in the next week and couldn’t be happier to see all her friends and family again. Although she was most excited to see Kian in person again, she was also the most nervous because talking over a computer or phone screen was definitely not the same as being able to reach out and touch him, smell his cologne and hear his breathing when they hugged. It was always the little things that Loren treasured most. 

Back in LA, Kian was preparing for Loren’s homecoming. He was busy planning a day for him and Loren to catch up and relax in their favourite places. They were going to have breakfast in their favourite bakery, Toast, and then spend most of the day chilling in Santa Monica on the beach and pier, eating ice cream and playing in the sea, Loren’s favourite things to do. 

K - ‘Jc, are you home on Tuesday evening?’ Kian shouted from his bedroom through to Jc in the kitchen.

J - ‘I think so, but I can go to Dom’s if you want me out of the house, why?’

K - ‘Loren is staying round and we will probably end up in the living room watching movies so I don’t want you blasting your shitty music throughout the apartment’

J - ‘My music isn’t shitty but yeah of course, I can get out, I don’t want to hear you two getting at it’

K - ‘Jc, no, we are just friends so there will be no ‘getting at it’ you fucker’

J - ‘‘Just friends’ my ass, you haven’t stopped talking about her all week’ Jc said, walking into Kian’s room where he was laying on the bed.

K - ‘I’m just excited she’s coming home, I haven’t seen her since last christmas’

J - ‘You do love her though, you’re just to scared to say it, I know you kian’

K - ‘we’ve been friends for over 10 years, I don’t want to ruin that’

J - ‘I hear you two every evening on FaceTime, she loves you too you know’

K - ‘Yeah but just as friends’

J - ‘Kian ‘friends’ don’t FaceTime every day for over two hours at a time, offer to fly across the country for each other when they are upset and go quiet very time you talk about another girl. I heard how she changed the conversation every time you talked about Andrea.’

K - ‘shit man, do you really think she feels the same way?’

J  - ‘Kian I know she does, you’ve just gotta have the balls to ask her’

Kian and Jc spent the next few hours talking about how and when Kian should ask Loren. Kian practically had all the ideas but Jc just confirmed that they were good and made sure he didn’t get too cheesy with it. 

Monday, The day of Loren’s return:

2 hours of delay were not good for Loren’s nerves and her impatient nature. Not only did she have to suffer 5 hours on a plane alone, she had to wait an extra 2 hours with nothing to do except think about what she was going to say to everyone that she hadn’t seen in three years. Would they still have stuff to talk about? Will everyone of forgotten her? Sure, she made sure to keep up with everyone on social media and tried to keep in contact with as many people as she could but it was hard considering everyone was so busy all the time. 

Luckily Lorens flight was early in the morning so she was able to sleep for most of the journey, however that meant that when she got off the plane, she was looking as if she had just been dragged through a hedge multiple times before being dumped into a dryer and been put on a fast spin cycle. Getting through security took a lot longer than she anticipated since LAX was packed full of unorganised families going on holiday with screaming children and grumpy teens. 

After exiting the airport, Loren scanned the street looking for a recognisable face. Through the hundreds of taxis and ubers, Loren spotted her ride, a space grey range rover. Sitting in the front seat was a sleeping Kian and next to him was a big bouquet of flowers. Loren crept up to the window, knocking on it loudly to wake him up, causing Kian to shoot up. At first he was confused but he quickly realised where he was and what was happening.


L - ‘yeah you really looked like you missed me, you fell asleep you little bitch’

K - ‘remember its only 6am here, I’ve been up all night waiting for you to get home’

L - ‘aww Kian you didn’t have to do that, I could have gotten an uber!’

K - ‘No I wanted to! I couldn’t wait to see you!’

Kian and Loren spent the drive home catching up on what had happened since they has seen each other last. Loren then spent the rest of the day with her family since she was going to spend Tuesday with Kian, just the two of them.

The next day:

L - ‘Kian let me chose the music! This is rubbish!’

K - ‘Nope, I’m driving so I get to chose what we listen to!’

L - ‘But your music taste is awful, let me listen to Justin Bieber!’

K - ‘I can’t believe you still love him after all these years, I thought I got away from him when you left’

L - ‘Well, now I’m back and so is Justin, just let me have his new song and then we can listen to your shit’

K - ‘Fine but only one song’ Kian said defeatedly, putting on ‘cold water’

Kian and Loren were currently driving to Santa Monica, both happily full after their breakfast at toast. It was 112 degrees so they had the windows down and the music on full blast. As much as Kian made a fuss, he was singing along to Cold water and knew all the words, causing Loren to laugh and film him for snapchat. 

The day was perfect and everything Loren could have asked for. They spent most of the time laying on the beach, sunbathing, eating ice cream and playing in the sea, just like old times. 

(Kian’s POV)

She was even more beautiful than I remember. The way she threw her head back when she laughed and the suns reflection in her eyes were all things that I never noticed on FaceTime. I was so happy she was home and yet so nervous for tonight. Jc kept texting me to reassure me that everything was set up but I knew he would probably mess something up. Loren was currently asleep next to me, her hair covered in sand and her skin glowing from the sun. I wish I could have stayed in that moment forever but the sun was setting and the wind was picking up so we decided to call it a day.

The whole drive home I struggled to cover my nerves. Loren happily chatted away about god knows what but allI could could think about was what if Loren said no? What if Jc was wrong and all she saw me as was a god friend? I didn’t want to lose her but the risk was worth it. To be able to call her my own would be the best thing in the world.

(Loren’s POV)

Kian was tensing and un-tensing his jaw repeatedly for the whole ride home. He also didn’t seem to be talking as much as he normally does. What if he didn’t like me anymore? Maybe we have both changed too much? So many thoughts were running through my mind that I didn’t even realise when we had pulled up to his apartment.

Kian led me to his apartment, pushing me forward gently with his hand on the small of my back. For some reason, he was making me go first and laughed when I tried to get back. For all I knew he could have set up some sort of prank, it wouldn’t surprise me.

I tentatively opened the door, half expecting to be covered in water or slime but what I saw was something so unexpected that I froze in place. Kian’s apartment was covered in black and white balloons, and there was a chair placed right in the centre. I almost didn’t see Wishbone who was running around, camouflaged in the balloons, excited to see me. Kian led me over to the chair, telling me to sit down, and I did. 

K - ‘Loren, we have been best friends for as long as I can remember and ever since the day I met you, I knew that I wanted to make you happy. So, Loren, will you do the honour of being my girlfriend?’

 I tried my hardest to keep myself from exploding with happiness but it was near on impossible

L - ‘Kian!!!! Are you being serious?! Yes of course I will!’

Kian let out a breath that i hadn’t even realised he had been holding in. He picked me off of the seat and gave me the sloppiest kiss I could imagine.

The sound of a ukulele filled the room and Jc came running out of his bedroom, dressed in a poncho and a stick on moustache. 

K - ‘Jc what the fuck?!’ Kian said through heavy laughter. Likewise, I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe. for the first time, I was able to look at Kian as my boyfriend, even though I had already loved him for 10 years, I knew that I would be loving him for many more. 


Ok so this took a LOT longer than expected and tbh, I don’t know how I feel about it. I don’t know if its because I had a break writing it while I was on holiday or because it was longer but I lost the feel for it I guess. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed it none the less and hopefully I will see you soon!



It Starts Here (Part 6) (You Decide)

    “Umm.. I feel more comfortable going with Sam.”

    Then Sam puts his arm around you and smiles. “Yeah, I think you’ve had enough of getting out of your comfort zone for now.”

    “Oh come on,” Kian continues to argue. “It’s just to the house and then straight to laser tag.”

    “It’s okay Kian. Just take Jc.”

    You turn to Jc and he glances to you guys when he hears his name. So then he walks over. “What’s up?”

    “Can you go with Kian to go get his wallet back at the house?”

    “Aw, you forgot your wallet? Awesome dude, just awesome.” He says it so sarcastically in that voice Kian and he always does.

    You can tell that Kian is trying not to look annoyed. He glances at you, but caves in. “Okay, let’s go Jc.” Then they start walking back to the other car.

    Sam keeps his arm around your shoulder as you start to walk to the other car. Ricky gets in the driver seat, Connor sits in the passenger seat, and it’s you and Sam in the back row, along with Trevor (third wheel).


    Along the way, they boys conversed about what they did while you and Kian were “messing up” the office. They spray painted all the chalk boards. They egged the computers. They even sprayed silly string inside all of the teacher’s desks.

    Now Ricky pulls up to a laser tag arena you don’t seem familiar with. He finds a really good parking space and you all get out of the vehicle.

    On the short stroll to the front door, Connor suggests, “We’ll just go inside and wait for Kian and Jc.”

    “Wait, they’re here,” Trevor points out. You look to where he is looking, and sure enough, Kian’s car is pulling up.”

    “Awesome. We can get started on a game then,” Sam says.

    So then you guys decide to wait just outside the door for them. Kian and Jc find a parking space quickly and are now meeting you guys.

    “Hey,” Jc says.

    “You guys got here pretty early,” Connor tells them.

    “Yeah,” Kian answers. “It turns out that I didn’t forget my wallet. I just left it in the car.” You know for sure that he’s lying.

    “Okay then.” Sam buys it. “Well let’s go shoot some people.” Then Sam leads you by the hand to the inside of the arena. You squeeze his hand back, mentally reminding yourself who your boyfriend is.

    Once inside, you see how this all works. All the lights are dimmed out so the neon lights shine better. There’s a ticket booth you have to go through to get a time for your match. You guys are in the lobby right now, but there’s doors all around that lead to different arenas. And right now, it’s packed. The line is lengthy and there’s people constantly coming in and out of matches.

    But that doesn’t stop you guys. You guys are going to do what you came for. And just being here makes you excited to play. You try to let that feeling push away the feeling of guilt you still have. So you guys get in line and wait to get a time.

    The line moved up rather quick, so you guys only waited for about fifteen minutes. Connor is the one to get the ticket. He puts all you guys as a team and he pays for everyone. Now Kian’s wallet doesn’t seem so relevent. Connor is received the ticket. “I paid for this one,” he tells everyone, holding the paper up, “But whoever gets the least points pays the next one.”

    “Watch it be you,” Ricky jokes.

    Everyone laughs. “Ha ha, very funny. Anyways, out match is at 9:00. It’s 8:55 right now. So it’s starts in five minutes. It’s in arena D. So let’s get over there.”

    You guys find the arena and people are already starting to come out of it. Some stay outside to look at the score board. But the number on top of the door changes. “Okay, that’s our number,” Connor points out. So he goes first into the dark doorway. You and Sam follow behind along with the rest of the boys.

    Then you all enter another dim room, but there’s laser guns mounted along the walls and there’s an instructor. “Welcome” the instructor greets. “You guys will be red, so put on your vests and guns from this wall.” She motions to the wall on her right, opposite to the wall that has all the blue guns.

    You follow her orders and head to the wall. You watch as the boys already start to put the gear on. The thing is, you’ve never played laser tag.

    Sam notices that you aren’t following. “Babe, you’ve never played laser tag before?”

    You shake your head as you give him a guilty smile.

    “It’s okay. I’ll show you.” Sam first finishes strapping up his own vest. Then he pick another one up. “Here.” He holds it open. So you turn your back to him and slide your arms through the arm holes. Sam turns you around. He stand really close to you as he starts to buckle up the straps. He doesn’t look at what he’s doing though. He just stays gazing at you. His teeth show through his smile and a smile forms on your face as well. “All done.”

    Then he starts to lean in closer. You know what he’s about to do, so you start to lean in closer as well. You lips get closer and closer. They are about to touch, but then Sam moves something in between his lips and yours. It’s a laser gun.

    Sam chuckles when you almost kiss it. “You’re going to need this too.”

    “Sam!” You laugh.

    You decide to back down and wait until next time. And good thing for that too because that’s when the opposing team walks in. It’s a mixed group of teenage girls and guys. The instructor welcomes them and gives them the same directions she gave your group. So then they start to strap on their blue colored theme vests and guns.

    You turn your attention back to Sam when he says, “Don’t worry. I know we’ll kick their ass. Here.” He hand you your gun. “When they turn them on, there will be a laser so you can aim. Just press this button to shoot. After a few shots, you will need to reload. Just point it to the floor and it will do it. Ready?”

    Your confidence boosts up. You are going to try have fun instead about worry about other things. “Ready,” you comfirm.

    “Okay,” the instructor announces and everyone turns their attention to her. Then she starts to go on and on about the rules and regulations. No physically touching the other team, no jumping off the balconies of the floors, no yelling too much. Basically common sense. “So, now that everyone is ready, you can walk in through this tunnel. As soon as the alarm sounds, the game will begin. Good luck.”

    The other team decided to go in first. You hear Jc whisper behind you, “We got this in the bag.” They don’t look that intimidating. They just look like they want to have fun like you guys.

    After the last one walks in, you guys start to enter the dark tunnel. Sam still holds your hand as you walk through. On the other side of the tunnel is a very impressive arena. Neon lights everywhere, two floors, and obstacles scattered around. Your adrenalin starts to pump.

    “Okay guys, we split up into twos and three. Aim for the chest, that’s the easiest. Let’s kill this game.” Then he tells you, “Come on, follow me.” Sam runs in a different direction than the guys.

    He ends up finding a remote location where no one else has hidden yet. You duck with him. Then he whispers, “I was able to see where some of our opponents are hidden. Any minute now the alarm will sound. When it does, we stay covered right here and shoot. Later on we will go to the top floor.” He smiles even more. “You excited?”

    “Yeah I am. This is going to be fun. But after this-”

    That’s when a really loud alarm goes off. It startles you at first, but then you realize that the game is starting. “Tell me later!” Then Sam wastes no time. He stand up over a panel you two are using as a block and he starts to aim. You look at him and he already got like two people when you follow your eyes to where he’s aiming. Their vests light up bright until they respond back again.

    Now it’s your turn. You stand next to Sam. You look for the opposite color. You find one and you aim. You miss the first time and the player turns. He aims for you. You don’t move out of the way quick enough and you’re hit. Your vests lights up and you feel a little dissapointed.

    “Don’t worry babe! It’s only one shot!” He yells over all the gun noises.

    You let it pass and you aim again. This time, you get a hit. The opponent notices and moves to safety. You smirk to yourself. You feel good about that one. You aim again.

    But then, more blue figures start to appear. They are all getting closer.

    “Sam!” You yell, almost sounding serious because you are so getting into the game.

    “I have a plan!: Sam moves closer so you can hear him better. "I’m going to run. They are most likely going to go after me. I might get hit a few times, but we might get more points as you shoot them from behind! You ready?!”

    “Wait, what!?”

    “Go!” Then Sam takes off.

    You didn’t agree to this plan, but you try to follow. The other team sees Sam run and they actaully do follow. So you aim at the ones running. You miss a few but get a few more. You duck every other second so you don’t get as hit as much. Then they run off after Sam to the second floor. You feel good about how well you did.

    Now you stay behind and try to aim at anyone that runs by. But then, you feel a pull on your waist. In less than a second, you are turned around and a body presses against you. Then the person presses his lips against yours.

    You don’t even need to pull away to know who it is. The taste of his lips are familiar. It’s Kian.

    1. Your uncontrollable feelings take over and you move your lips in sync with his.

    2. You push him off and the palm of your hand comes in contact with his face.

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