kian cipriano


I thought that this film would make my stomach hurt because of unlimited laughter but boy, I was wrong. It is funny but not to the extent of what I imagined. This disappointment though is not an indication that it is not a great movie.

It is what I could say a STUNNING FILM. Why, you may ask? Because you could never tell what the next lines or scenes would be. It’s like, I’m guessing what is going to happen next, and I’m quite confident about it and boom, the movie just proven me wrong. The punchlines were hilarious. Every sequence was given detail.

I must commend the acting skills of Ms. Eugene Domingo in this film. Undoubtedly, her acting prowess was brilliantly displayed in this film. Her every lines were delivered excellently. I was reminiscing that scene where Mila cried for her son, who might have (not quite sure on this) fallen from the stairs, and geesh, I was captivated. I felt the emotion and when I came to my senses, “I asked myself, isn’t that supposed to be a comic scene?" 

Next would be Kian Cipriano, when I first saw his name on the poster, I was like, "Seriously, he can act?” Again, this is one of the things that startled me because he actually can and he was great too. His facial expressions were not overly expressed, just right, let me say perfect for the scenes. All-in-all, he wowed me in this film.

Then there came JM de Guzman, he is effortless. He registers well on camera, and he played his role smoothly. Though, there were times that I could see that he was on the brink of laughter but it was ok.

Last but definitely not the least would be Cai Cortez. At first I was kind of pissed as to why she doesn’t have an actual speaking line in the script. I remembered murmuring, “Sayang naman kung puro tawa at iyak lang ang dialogue niya..” but the film slapped me in the face saying “Hindi na niya kailangan ng script, at magaling pa din siya kahit na wala nun!” The script may not contain her lines, but the facial expressions, and the gestures and her over-all portrayal of the production assistant made her one good actress. Her character was important after all, and the actress was just right for that important job.

I was caught off guard in the ending but nevertheless, I enjoyed the thrill. I would rate this film, 5 out 5 stars. This is one of the MUST-WATCH film for this year’s Cinemalaya!