kiall loran


Kaye, I just thought that maybe you’d like to see this, though I’m pretty sure you already know it happened. But I mean… Simon… he ships Kiall. And Demi basically said that she wouldn’t be in a serious relationship with him anyway. Cause you know… dating someone for a year would be absolutely ridiculous.

I’m sorry, but I can’t stop laughing at how idiotic Demi is being in this. That was such a dumb thing to say and it made her seem a bit like a control freak. I don’t think Diall is going to happen, and if it does, she will absolutely break it off.

There’s still total hope for Kiall :D

(Also, to people who may possibly see this, I think Demi is an okay person, but totaly wrong for Niall. Sorry not sorry if I offended you. It’s just the way it is and should be. And if you have anything rude to say, hit me with your best shot.)