kiadan alenko

written by mrsalenko, art by me 


summer | mass effect | shenko, talibrations, thane

Kaidan sinks into the chair at the mess table. “I’m tired.”

“Me too,” replies Garrus.

“As am I,” chimes Thane.

“Shepard kept me up late last night,” Kaidan says, trying not to preen.

“That’s nothing!” Garrus scoffs. “Tali’s been running me ragged for weeks now.”

Thane laughs huskily. “Ah, to be young. In my prime I would not have complained. Irikah and I spent many a long summer lost in each other.”

“Oh there’s no complaints here,” Kaidan says smugly. “I never hear any complaints.”

“Tali says I’m the best boyfriends she’s ever had,” Garrus cuts in.

“Aren’t you the only boyfriend she’s ever had?”

“Shut up.”

“Anyway,” Kaidan continues, smirking. “You should have heard Shepard last night, she and I-”

“Kaidan Alenko, what are you running your mouth off about?”

Kaidan freezes when Shepard’s voice cuts in just behind him.

Fear runs ice cold through his veins.

She scoffs and pulls up a chair, straddling it as she nurses a beer.

“You feel asleep as soon as you were done last night after fifteen minutes. I had to poke you just to get you to move to your side of the bed. You mumbled something about beer and were dead to the world.”

Kaidan’s face reddens as Garrus snickers.

“I was tired, OK? Hard missions lately.”

She glares when Garrus snorts. “And you. I have it on good authority that last night Tali made you watch the whole Fleet and Flotilla trilogy back to back and you cried more than once.”

It’s Kaidan’s turn to snicker then.

Thane clears his throat. “Siha, I-”

She slams the beer down on the table. “Oh ho, you’re not getting off easy. Thane Krios, you should be ashamed of yourself, letting them goad you into sex talk.”

“I wasn’t-”

“Ah, ah!” she tuts, pointing a finger at him. “Nope. Keep your gossiping off my ship, ladies. I hear it again and I’ll make to record my next talk with Tali and broadcast it to the whole Citadel.”

Kaidan mutely shakes his head as she storms away.

“So how about those Cunucks, eh?”

The two aliens blink at him.