ki rin

Heeeeey…., you guys remember Vocaloid ?

Of course you do!

So…, remember the song “Kokoro Kiseki” ?

A little dated, but how could you forget.


Remember Danganronpa ?

Sure thing!

…Remember Keebo ?

  • cute nicknames to call Jindosh:
  • - Mr Vape Thumb
  • - Jindouche™
  • - KJ
  • - daddy long legs
  • - easy Kirin
  • - victorian waluigi
  • - murder engineer
  • - whiskers of mystery
  • - Karen Clockworks
  • - evil twig
  • - big K
  • - science man take me to the science land
  • - Ki-raw me-rin
Almost like hitting a pan with a wooden spoon.


“Maki-chan.” It was maybe the fourth or fifth time Rin said her name. Maki didn’t answer. It wasn’t that she didn’t care; Rin didn’t sound in danger and she wanted to finish the book she was reading. She had ten pages to go and thought that her girlfriend could wait a little longer.

“Maki-chan.” Rin repeated, getting close to her. Maki could see her peeking and fidgeting. She rolled her eyes and started reading the same page all over again.

“Ma-ki-chan!” Rin said, sitting next to her. Jumping next to her. Maki avoided eye contact. Eye contact meant wanting to engage a conversation and she just wanted to finish the book before the day ended.

“Maki-chan!” Rin said, rubbing her face against Maki’s arm, making the ‘a’ from the ‘chan’ sound longer, making her sound cuter. Maki moved. Rin kept getting closer. She was just like a cat.

“Maki-chan!” Rin said, this time making the ‘i’ sound longer. Maki sighed. Rin kept on trying to hug her. Maki kept on trying to avoid her.

“Maki-chan, Maki-chan, Maki-chan!” Rin started burying her head on Maki’s neck and Maki tried not to laugh. She hated when Rin tickled her. She knew she was weak to it. Maki started holding the book with just one hand and and tried to make her go away by placing her other hand over Rin’s face, pushing her back.

“Maki-chan! Maki-chan!” Rin said, and when she pulled Maki’s cheek she lost it.

“What?!” She screamed. Rin stared at her.

“I love you.”

#002 - Enthusiasm

“You are too eager to loose the bow, Inari.”

Her name is punctuated by a sharp rap of the bamboo rod against the backs of her knees, and it’s all she can do not to cry out. Tears sting her eyes, not at the pain, but in resentment of the target across the courtyard. The ground around it is dotted with arrows.

“Akodo-san says the arrow knows the way.” The Lion has been a guest for a month; an old friend of her family’s. There is the faintest hint of a whine in her voice, and it earns her a rod across the legs again. She winces, but is silent.

“That is not our way, and neither is Akodo your teacher. He is not even Ki-Rin!”

Her father’s tone is harsh, and it reminds her of Tomei. Reluctantly, she lifts the longbow and nocks her twentieth arrow.

“Yes, Otosan.”


OKAY i might just have my shipping goggles on here (perhaps) but within this same conversation, this comes along after; 

Haru: … I’m heading home first

Rin: ah.. come on, wait up!

Gou: Onii-chan, tonight we are having “su•ki•ya•ki” !!

Rin: ….you **

And OKay so as many of you know the word for like/love in Japanese is ‘suki’ which is the same as the beginning of ‘sukiyaki’(a kind of hotpot)…and I don’t know, but Gou goes out of her way to emphasise this word pretty heavily, and then we have little RinRin getting pretty damn flustered as he chases after Haru… and it just made me think she’s doing it on purpose xD

But anyway, please don’t take my word for it since I’m just reading bits and pieces at the moment and haven’t read the whole manga yet for context

**Japanese used here is ‘aitsu’ or あいつ which is an informal version of ‘you’ which can be considered rude and often holds some kind of…contempt. (Rin is referring to Gou)