ki lin

Cute Spirit Companion-Themed Asks
  • Angel: What reason did you get into spirit companionship?
  • Dragon: What pantheons or mythologies do you work with most closely?
  • Djinn: What is your favorite talent for an entity to have?
  • Elf: What element of magick do you specialize in?
  • Faerie: What is your funniest spiritual story?
  • Goblin: Do you dabble in the dark arts?
  • Ifrit: What is your favorite type of magick work?
  • Ki-Lin: Which spirit guide is the closest to you?
  • Mermaid: What is your favorite spiritual piece of jewelry or item?
  • Naiad: Have you ever astral traveled?
  • Ogre: What was your scariest paranormal experience?
  • Pegasus: Have you ever projected in your sleep?
  • Siren: Do you believe in/have you ever witnessed romance with an entity?
  • Titan: If you could have the ability of a mythological being, what would it be?
  • Unicorn: What was your wildest spiritual dream or vision?
  • Vampire: Are you an empath?