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♛ : Opinion on outer beauty

Def’s definitely got an APPRECIATION… for people’s looks? Like she can’t really deny that it’s a THING and also that she LIKES… PEOPLE WHO LOOK GOOD. She also hasn’t quite made the connection that she’s got kinda weird tastes like, she genuinely thinks Khy’s pretty handsome, what with his giant nose and one eye and perpetually looking kinda queasy? In general she tends to find a few features on someone that she ends up really liking, regardless of how attractive they might be overall.

She doesn’t really care for people who are vain… people who know they’re pretty and are confident rather than over-the-top about it are people she kind of admires, on the other hand? And it rarely comes up but cause it seems a decent place, she’s pretty sure she isn’t attractive? Growing up as a raen in a hellsguard village was bad enough but since coming south she’s realized she doesn’t really look a lot like most Raen, either…. so she’s not hitting either race’s standards.

I prefer sunrises over sunsets not because they’re more beautiful but because they wake you up every morning to tell you it’s a new day and they give me some sort of hope that today will be better than yesterday like the sweet nothings you whisper in my ear when you think I’m asleep at 3am but the sunset reminds me of everything that I’ve lost in an instant and the sky doesn’t get brighter it gets gloomy and dark and suddenly I don’t want to be awake anymore, I don’t want to see that place I was once stuck at, I never want to have the feeling of dying painted across the sky again.
—  Khy

More Four Swords Link group madness! From Katsucon 2015 -

All photo credits go to Iruma Shibuya Photography.

as Red Link,
as Vio
Hazelwitch Cosplay
as Blue
as Green
KHY Cosplay
as Shadow


i’ve been waiting to draw this for weeks now

*don’t delete the text! 

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