Disyerto (Desert)

I hope you somewhat enjoyed viewing these selfies (and the whole desert postings). Haha. This set includes two of my colleagues.

Silly, but I didn’t realize (out of excitement) that we were shooting against the sun, like it was almost directly behind us (or in front?)! The phone’s live preview wasn’t that much visible due to ambient/outdoor light so we just basically jumped and fired. Had we known (yes, we didn’t really notice the sun lol), we would have composed them better. Never mind.

There. Some parts of the the huge, huge Saudi Arabian desert. Till next time!


Camel eats biscuit.

A camel standing at the corner of an intersection in Khurais, Saudi Arabia which we stopped by. It approached our vehicle and as my habit, I take pictures of nearby camels while inside the car. My companions suggested that I feed it and there was a left over Belvita biscuit nearby and I gave it which the camel immediately took. It was a bit scary –it might bite my fingers. Or hand.