Don’t think I ever posted this here, though I know I wanted to…

So, um, TFs in Mythology! Saw this awesome harpie pic of Pharma by this chick (don’t remember Tumblr, but I think their user is Krimsony on DA) and fell instantly in love with his design. I was then inspired to doodle up a whole bunch more of TFs and create a whole myth-verse fanfiction plot (not written, yet…)

I’ll post up more doodles once I get them finished. Hope you like these ones in mean time!!

(Pharma: Harpie; Tarn: mortal; Soundwave: Jinn; Tracks; sphynx; First Aid: water nymph; Starscream: succubus; Tailgate: faun; Cyclonus: centaur)



-Full and Cropped version

Well, TFcon is over… and I never did finish this piece in time for the contest entry. I really need to stop procrastinating like that….

In either case, because I did work on it so hard right up until the end, it deserved to be completed and thus, shared. Though I have a couple things I’m not happy with, overall, I think it came out nicely. ^ ^

TFcon is over now, and though it was nice, I definitely wish there had been more going on. At least, considering this is the fandom’s 30th yr active and all…. Ah well….

Anyhow I tried cosplaying this year and decided to put my baby through it as well. Both our firsts! So, instead of writing or drawing for the past month and almost a half, I spent all my time trying to hand-sew this piece (sewing machine inexplicably not functional. And it’s brand new too…):

….I need more practice… At least, my sweet lil’ boo was a good sport about the costume!

Anyone whose been on my deviantart account has probably heard of me opening commissions, but I thought I’d throw this up here on tumblr and try my luck.

As a single mom with my first child, I’m hoping to garner some more income so I can stay at home with my baby for the first couple years of her life instead of going back to work in a few months’ time. If you’d like to help me out with that goal or know of someone who wants to make a commission, please feel free to make an order or share this post!

Rules: I’ll do virtually anything, except extreme fetishes such as vore and guro. No ratings applied! Paypal payments only.

I also can do proof-reading/editing services for any fanfic writings; $2.50 per page.

Thank you for all your help! ^ ^


Forgot to post the last few days, but I did all my doodles on time!

Day 11- In swimwear/at the beach (Swift doesn’t do beaches rly)
Day 12- Wearing a Kigurumi of your favourite animal (fox!)
Day 13- During their favourite season (Stroke loves summer, Swift likes fall, but their favourite is the inbetween, the transitioning of seasons)
Day 14- With a/their weapon of choice (Mimicry Manifold! Negate Blade!)