A Long List of Completely Wasted Kingdom Hearts URLs.

So as we all know, is wasted on someone who 3 years ago wanted to make a journal of there Kingdom Hearts experience, posted about once, and never was seen again. They stole the most beautiful URL that most in the fandom would kill for. But, did you know there is some other lovely canon Kingdom Hearts URLs, unused, that you should envy? Here we go:

Did you want a catchy kingdom hearts URL? LOL NO:

How about a game title:


Your favorite main character?:,,,

Well, there has to be at least ONE good organization member URL… Right?:,,,,,, is password protected.. alrighty.


Bonus round for The World Ends With You Fandom!:

theworldendswithyou which somehow redirects to which ALSO DOESN’T WORK

I mean, it would be one thing if these were all just great properly taken URLs but REALLY

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