Khrona Warden Headcanons

Just to throw a couple more out there before I pass out for the night. It was a lot of fun coming up with these with @bee-wrecker

- In terms of appearance Khrona is immaculate. Her hair is entirely flat, sleek, and flawless. Not a hair out of place. Any hair that disobeys is plucked from her head.
- When she freezes time and concentrates on making her changes her eyes turn black. Her irises change into a single ring of white. Think of a circle light reflecting into a camera lens. She also doesn’t wear glasses.
- Other than Wilford, Khrona has issues with Antisepticeye. He doesn’t stand still. She’s not able to properly assess whether he even needs adjusting, if he can’t stand still! If she tries taking his picture he either messes up her camera, or the picture comes out entirely blurred.
- One part about Wilford she particularly despises is that mustache. It’s never where it should be when he’s talking, there’s usually one or two hairs out of place. The color alone doesn’t make sense! Worst of all, her editing ability has no effect on it. Something Wilford takes great pleasure in rubbing in.
- Darkiplier is so used to Khrona’s fine tuning things, that he hardly registers it anymore. The only exceptions being when she needs to make an adjustment on him. She will not hesitate to walk up to him and re-adjust his suit. Only because he needs her does he tolerate those intrusions.

Khrona Warden

Pencils down we’ve got our winner!

Let the Dark!Side of Kat forever be named Khrona Warden! (Here on my blog anyways ^^)

Manipulator of time, she could if pressed hard enough, possibly trap someone within the image she takes. Therefore she would have a prisoner. Therefore making her in charge of their fate. Much the same as a Warden is in charge of their prisons.

Big thank you to @itsdynamo1998 for the first name suggestion and @bee-wrecker for thinking of the second part.

I thought of going with something that both names would start with a ‘K’ but that would have been playing TOO much off of Wilford.

Now that this girl…*receives a slight glare from Khrona*…..I mean, lady, has a name. I can definitely have some fun with her! We’ve got more Headcanons to come too~