I haven’t posted a single thing for a while now, I’m not really in the mood of tumblr I guess. Nevertheless, my dear Khristinna sent me a lovely letter out of the blue and it seemed like the perfect occasion to make a new post. I won’t go into details but in her letter she wrote that, whereas she knew about those guys which arranged a WTJ swap with me and then disappeared,  she wanted to solve that situation; therefore she sent me two pages of her own WTJ: “make a sudden destructive, unpredictable movement with the journal” as the favorite page to give away, and “wrap something with this page” page. This one contained that super cute (and yummy!) chocholate shaped charm, lovely, isn’t it? I just have to decide whether to use it for a necklace or for a bracelet :)

She also sent me that nice drawing of herself, stating that her drawing skills are poor. A point on which I have to disagree. I love this kind of drawings, I myself always draw cartoony/chibi little people because are my favorite and I honestly think that the drawing is absolutely nice. Not to mention that you could have scribbled any one thing and I would have liked it anyway just because you took some of your time to made something just for me :’)

Right now I’m looking for a place in the WTJ to stick the pages, I’m so close to complete it I aready miss it! Anyway I’ll be probably making a conclusive video when I’m done, if someone’s interested :) Umh, that’s all for now, just another BIG thank you to Khris once again <3 Te quiero sis.

Today I also received an unexpected letter from my dear friend Khris. Besides the lovely -as usual- letter, she sent me two Emily The Strange bookmarks, and a funny one she made herself :D

It was such a pleasant surprise c: now it’s time for me to prepare an equally nice letter to send back to her!

Today is a special day. As you might have guessed from the drawing, it’s my lovely friend/spanish-little-sister Khris’s birthday. I’d really like to be there in Spain with her today to make her a giant cake, and tiny cute cupcakes and partying together. But since it’s a little bit hard because we’re miles apart, that’s my way to celebrate it :] Also, my present it’s at the post office so she’ll hopefully receive it soon (I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it on time for today though :[ )

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING! I love you sooo much <3

An anonymous asked me about 5 times who my crushes are, so here you go:

Tumblr Crushes:

Hope you’re happier now, anon :)


Yesterday I received the sweetest christmas card of all, from my friend Khristinna ♥.

It might sound weird but I’ve never received a christmas card before, it’s not much of a tradition here to send them, so I loved it even more for that reason.

Thank you very much darling, I love you a lot ♥

(oh and ps: you should receive something soon, too :D)

khristinna replied to your photo: So, this is the first attempt of painting…

You’re like those artists than don’t see how beautiful are their pieces and how talented are themselves! You, woman, stop thinking like that and just practice and see how the beauty of your stuff increases more and more! ;)

You know I love you, right? <3

I surely will practice, my darling, but I can’t assure you I’ll stop moaning about my works :D

I won’t be on tumblr tomorrow so i’m just gonna leave it here now xD

Esto es un otro dibujo tonto para tì, Khris ahah. Estoy segura que será así, pero: diviertéte en Seattle, hermanita :)

Te echaré de menos <3 Yo estaré aquí cuando volverás! Te quiero muchooo.

ps: Espero que mi español es comprensible >n<

I’ve got my desk full of spring flowers. I picked them all from the ground; they were practically kissing my door. A dragonfly’s hoard, you’d say. The smell is slight but the colour’s intense. They paint the morning with soft pink and warm cherry, as the sunlight greets my bare neck between the sheets. They calm my skin’s desolation for winter’s leaving. They match the freckles and the holes, and inspire fresh March little poems.