Khris P Chef’s up some special recipe goodies in the kitchen for the hood …watch and learn

YES end of March 


Casino Royale feat UGLY FRANK- Khris P 
[Watch in HD]

I put my tape out in May and it did better than I expected. I was constantly told tho that this was the stand out track and was always brought up by people every time they told me they heard it. It was a good feelin because when we made it we knew it would be a jammer. So it was only right to make this video…so here it is. Thanks to everyone.



No Limit-Khris P [Watch In HD]

Khris P, Cash Up, What it is?, Bout It Bout It in the slum garage with the Vandals. Sorry about the wait on things. “YES” is coming like dem porno stars.

Shot by Chevy ChaSSe of SLR

Khmer Tay and Vince Staples over a beat by Khris P Kream.  “Never” slowly tramps around the musical scene, with Kream forcefully pushing genres together.  He puts up strings, this is a rock song.  He puts up stretched flutes and chimes, this is a hippy tribute.  He puts up large drums, this is mature rap.  Kream’s ability to highlight key components of a few genres make this track alive in its own sonic time and space.  Loop and timing just right, Kream gives Staples and Tay their own unique part of the musical pie.

The occasional blips in the instrumental give this the raw aspirations that Staples and Tay tap into.  This track is back to the basics give-and-go from instrumental to vocals.  But here, “the basics” are from a few different genres, each reference stimulating the adjacent one(s).  We get reminded of many eras in music, pulling the histories of many classics together under one track.  

Staples’ super slow, classic riding, lick shots out the window type of music brings us to the grimey We$t.  Tay makes it rain, right out of the hood no contract, giving us strugglin darkness.  The two lyricists stick to the bounce left behind by Kream’s polygenre bop, measuring their contributions to the many eras riding alongside Kream’s timeless imagination.  




Khris P - YES


     Khris P first caught my attention when I heard his Octopus Jones Sushi beat tape in early 2011, which demonstrated a wide range of instrumental styles to great effect. However, within the first two minutes of his new project entitled ‘YES' he decidedly lays rest to his former moniker, "Rest in peace, Octopus Jones. Fuck that. I used that shit just to get on 2dopeboyz.” Khris P utilizes the same knack for delving into different sounds that he displayed on ‘Sushi’, but here it sounds more cohesive and unified.

     The trap music influence is especially apparent in Kream Team’s superb drum production. Hi-hat rolls and deep bass kicks are heard throughout. In fact, the production as a whole is what really stands out. There are beats on here that would sound at right at home on a Curren$y, ASAP, or Kendrick project, yet they all feel unique and work well within the confines of this album. Soul samples, woozy synths, trap drums, and the more experimental moments all compliment each other quite well rather than coming off as disjointed or unfocused.

     It should also be noted that YES marks Khris’ first full-lenth journey into rapping. Which is, understandably, where some of the weaker moments are most noticeable. Khris P is a very good rapper who is still working out the kinks when it comes to understanding how to best use his voice and all of its different qualities. One subject that seems to come up a lot in Khris’ raps is his desire to “make it” or “blow up” and the ambitious bar he sets for himself so that he can one day soon realize those dreams. He conveys a sense of urgency in his goals without it feeling like it’s a burden; he has fun with it. On “Respect” he raps, "so if I keep this up, might end up with a deal / countin’ money, flashin’, stuntin’, and just ignorant as hell." Other common themes on the album include, but are not limited to, being awesome, girls, flossing, partying, working hard and plotting for the future.

     YES is a successful and intriguing debut from a talented rapper/producer who clearly has many tricks up his sleeve. I can’t wait to hear what’s next.

Highlight: the second half of “Faucet (Vortex)”.

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